AEW WrestleDream Results – 10/1/23 (Six titles on the line, Danielson vs. Zabre, Jr. and more!)

AEW WrestleDream Results
October 1, 2023
Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, WA
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

WrestleDream Zero Hour Quick Results:

  • Athena, Keith Lee, Satoshi Kojima and Billie Starkz def. Lee Moriarty, Mercedes Martinez, Diamante and Shane Taylor
  • Claudio Castagnoli def. Josh Barnett
  • Luchasaurus def. Nick Wayne
  • AEW World Trios Championship Match: The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn (c) def. TDMK (Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls and Bad Dude Tito) to retain

The spirit of Inokism is upon us in the Climate Pledge Arena tonight as we kick off AEW WrestleDream!

Pyro kicks us off as The Righteous make their way to the ring for our opening contest! Out next is MJF, the ROH World Tag Team Champion saying there are Devil worshipers in Seattle before addressing what happened on Dynamite.

He insists he had nothing to do with the attack on Jay White, and that some schmuck stole his mask from his locker room. Max runs down The Righteous promising that he will defend the titles so that Cole will have one when he’s ready to go again, and the champ heads down the ring so this match gets underway!

ROH World Tag Team Championship Handicap Match: MJF (c) defends against The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch)

MJF spends the early part of the match playing up to the crowd, asking them if they’re ready for a body slam. When he finally gets into it he starts holding his own against Dutch, but the big man takes him down before tagging in Vincent, who wears down the champ with a flurry of offense that only gets him a nearfall. The tags are exchanged more frequently as The Righteous try to take advantage of Max’s situation…until they try getting chairs to lay him out, leading to a distracted ref and a handful of junk courtesy of MJF!

Vincent eventually recovers as he goes on the high flying attack mode…but Max narrow evades! Vincent with a tag to Dutch now as MJF fires up, laying into the challengers! Max slams Dutch’s head into the turnbuckle before focusing on Vincent with mounted punches and a bite on the head, and then evading Dutch who slams into Vincent!

Max sets up for a body slam, and connects with a big one on Dutch to the thrill of the crowd! Both men are slow to their feet, but MJF looks thrilled as he grabs Vincent…sending him headfirst into the rump of his fellow Righteous! Max follows up with a Kangaroo Kick sending Vincent out of the ring, before hitting the Heat Seeking Missile on Dutch for the cover…getting his feet up on the ropes for leverage to get the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and still ROH World Tag Team Champions: MJF & Adam Cole

Video Package: Eddie Kingston and Katsuyori Shibata have a lot of respect for each other and the spirit of strong style, leading to this double title match!

Back at ringside, Katsuyori Shibata makes his way to the ring for our next contest before the champion Eddie Kingston heads out and this match gets underway quick!

ROH World Championship and NJPW Strong Openweight Championship Match: Eddie Kingston (c) defends both titles against Katsuyori Shibata

The action is hot and heavy from the word “go” as both men lay into each other with hard strikes, until Shibata gets a cover for a nearfall! Shibata quickly transitions into an armbar attempt, but Eddie fights it off until he gets the ropes for a break. Shibata brings the champ up to his feet, but Kingston fights out of a waistlock…only for Shibata to go into a knee bar, followed by an ankle lock!

The champ struggles as Shibata applies a grapevine…but Eddie gets to the ropes once again! Shibata still going after the legs as he goes for a figure-four leglock. Kingston tries to fight out of it until Shibata gets it applied, and the champ briefly falls to his back as a nearfall is counted. Kingston eventually gets to the ropes once again, but Shibata follows up with another dangerous hold as the champ looks to be at a big disadvantage now!

Shibata transitions into a bow and arrow before transitioning into a side headlock…until Kingston catches him with a back suplex to break free of the hold! Shibata in the corner as Kingston lays into him with some chops before laying him down to the canvas! Irish whip by Kingston gets reversed as Shibata hits a big kick followed by forearm shivers…and it all comes to a head as Shibata hits a dropkick!

Shibata pulls him into the center for a cover, but only gets a nearfall. Shibata hits some more kicks on Kingston, who follows with some chops before both men exchange strikes…leading to them falling to their knees! They’re back up now as Kingston hits an exploder suplex, but Shibata trips him up in response!

The back and forth continues until Shibata locks in an octopus hold tight, eventually pulling him to the canvas…and Kingston is fading! The ref checks on Kingston raising his arm…and Kingston gets it on the rope to force the break!

Shibata brings the champ to his feet for some more strikes, but is met with a spinning backfist from Kingston…only to hit a big kick to the head! Both men slow to their feet once more, going at it to see who has the most fighting spirit…until Eddie nails Shibata with the backfist! BUT SHIBATA KICKS OUT AT ONE! Northern Lights Bomb by the champ…AND SHIBATA KICKS OUT AT TWO!

Another spinning backfist…and a powerbomb! This does the trick as Eddie gets the pin and the win to retain both belts tonight!

Winner via pinfall and still ROH World Champion and NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion: Eddie Kingston

We get a show of respect between the two competitors after this closely-contested match!

Video Package: On a night about showing respect, Julia Hart has none for Kris Statlander as she looks to challenge for the TBS Championship!

Back at ringside, Julia Hart is accompanied by Brody King as she makes her way to the ring for our next match. Next out is the TBS Champion herself as Kris Statlander heads to the ring, and soon this match gets underway!

TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander (c) defends against Julia Hart

We get a staredown between both women before they lock up, with Statlander taking her challenger to the corner for some hard strikes, only for Hart to evade a knee strike to escape the ring. Statlander takes her back in, taking a kick before hitting her with a shoulder tackle and gets a nearfall shortly after. Statlander stomps away at Hart who rolls the champ up for a nearfall of her own, before hitting some kicks and a hurricanrana to the corner!

Statlander responds with a suplex that brings the momentum in her favor as Julia rolls out of the ring…and pulls the champ out when Statlander comes to the apron! Statlander lifts Julia up on her shoulders before climbing the steps…only for Brody to stare her down, leading to Hart getting out!

Julia keeps on the attack until she brings the champ back into the ring for a cover and a nearfall, following up by slamming Statlander against the canvas repeatedly. Hart with the knees to the ribs of the champ, followed by a senton for another nearfall! Hart follows up with an abdominal stretch to wear Statlander down, but the champ manages to escape hitting Julia with a hip toss.

Both women take to exchanging strikes now, until Statlander hits a powerslam on the challenger…who gets to the corner, only to get struck down hard by a knee strike from Statlander! Blue Thunder Bomb and the cover…BUT JULIA KICKS OUT!

Statlander goes for a Sunday Night Fever but gets run around by Hart before falling onto the ropes, where Brody confronts her with some harsh words as Hart escapes the ring…coming back in ready to hit the champ with the mist, but Statlander drops her with a driver instead for the cover…BUT JULIA KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Kris heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up top before Julia intercepts…sending Statlander down as she stays on the turnbuckle! Kris gets taken down again as Julia goes up for a moonsault press and the cover…BUT STATLANDER GETS A LEG ON THE ROPE! Julia goes for the Hartless, but the champ eventually fights out of it before hitting a tombstone piledriver and the Sunday Night Fever for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still TBS Champion: Kris Statlander

Video Package: Four teams ready to earn their shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship tonight at WrestleDream!

Back at ringside, The Gunns make their way to the ring for a big Four-Way Tag Team match for a future shot at the AEW World Tag team Championship. out next are the Lucha Bros, followed by Hook and Orange Cassidy and finally, the Young Bucks! We get a quick note about Rey Fenix defending the AEW International Championship against Nick Jackson on Wednesday, but tonight is all about tag action as this match gets underway!

Winners earn a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros vs. The Gunns vs. Orange Cassidy & Hook

Speaking of Nick and Rey, they start this match off circling the canvas before locking up, exchanging holds until Nick starts wearing Fenix down…only for Fenix to stop him! They keep at it until laying each other out with kicks leads to Fenix feeling it in his shoulder…and Orange making a blind tag from Nick!

Cassidy looks to slow this match down…waaaay down as he goes after Fenix, who picks it back up until the shoulder turns out to be too much. Tag made to Penta now, but the Gunns look like vultures as they go after Fenix, sending him into the barricade before bringing Penta back in to make a tag…and Cassidy makes Colten pay for that as he catches him by surprise! Austin makes a tag in and…goes for the cover on Colten!?

The ref is not having any of that as the Bucks get involved, hitting the Gunns with superkicks and wearing down Cassidy. Eventually Matt makes the tag to be the legal man and takes Colten out…but Hook reaches out for a tag, and the tag is made! Hook is on fire as he lays into Matt with some punches, but Matt responds with a Northern Lights suplex!

This leads to both men exchanging these trying to go for a locomotion until Cassidy comes in for a pair of them on the Bucks! Hook ends up getting an exploder on Matt until Austin tags in, and we nearly get a chain of suplexes before it gets broken up. Double team by the Gunns stops when Penta gets in…but gets laid out by Colten before he can drop Austin with the Fear Factor! Hook sent to the corner as the Gunns keep on the attack.

Austin hits a big right hand on Hook but only a nearfall, tagging Colten in as they keep Hook away from making a tag. Colten with a big right hand of his own for a cover, but Hook manages to kick out! Side headlock by Colten as Hook fights back to his feet, reaching for a tag to Cassidy…who gets pulled off the apron by Austin! Austin follows by keeping the Bucks away from the tag, but Penta manages to get it at the end!

Penta goes after the Gunns hard here, laying into both men with a flurry of offense before hitting the Made In Japan on Colten for the cover…BUT AUSTIN MAKES THE SAVE!

Austin pulls his brother to the ropes for a tag, only for Matt to get a tag in himself as chaos ensues between everyone not named Rey Fenix (who has seemingly been taken out of the match due to his shoulder). We’re eventually left with Hook and Austin in the ring, with Hook going for Redrum! Nothing doing there until Cassidy hits the Orange Punch, and Hook locks in Redrum…only for Nick to get the tag!

Nick with a 450 on both men, covering Hook…but Cassidy breaks the pin! Penta gets in on the action now as he sets Hook up, only for Nick Jackson to tag back in…and we get a Superkick Party from the Bucks until Penta fights back! Only the Bucks respond with a BTE Trigger on Penta for the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall and earning a future shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks

Video Package: Swerve Strickland has riled up the Hangman going into this grudge match at WrestleDream, as he faces a very focused Adam Page to try and prove Seattle is still Swerve’s House!

Back at ringside, Hangman Adam Page makes his way to the ring for our next contest! Mogul Embassy head out to the stage next as Swerve Strickland walks down the ramp with an intense focus on his face before getting a match, asking whose house this is as Seattle responds “SWERVE’S HOUSE” before this match gets underway!

Swerve Strickland vs. Hangman Page

Crowd very much in Swerve’s corner as we start things off, both men finally locking up. Swerve takes Page to the ropes before stepping away. The two go at it again until Swerve takes Page down with a shoulder tackle, but the Hangman is back in it as he hits a kick on Swerve to some boos from the crowd.

Page finally manages to get some momentum on his side, laying a beatdown on Swerve in the crowd before asking Seattle whose house this is to some more jeers from the crowd…something that helps Swerve out as he catches Page with a headscissors and a dropkick! Swerve is turning things around to the delight of the crowd as he hits a neckbreaker on the former World Champion…but Page fights out of a second one!

Page escapes a suplex attempt and reverses a tilt-a-whirl into a fall away slam as the crowd once again shows their displeasure…something that continues as Page continues to be in control, hitting a powerbomb on Swerve on both the apron and the barricade on the outside! Page climbs up top and hits a moonsault on Swerve, bringing him back into the ring for a pop-up Liger Bomb…BUT SWERVE KICKS OUT!

Swerve rolls out of the ring for a breather as Page tries to collect himself. Page starts going back on the attack once more, until Swerve gets a kick to the gut on him…only for Hangman to slam his injured hand onto the steel steps! Page sends Swerve back into the ring and climbs up top for a big lariat…but only gets a nearfall!

Swerve starts turning things around now, hitting a neckbreaker and a brainbuster for the cover…BUT NOW IT’S PAGE WHO KICKS OUT!

Swerve stays on the attack however, laying Page out before climbing up top…only for Page to intercept, going after the hand once more! It’s a fight on the turnbuckle now, one that Page looks eager to win as he sets up a superplex…but Swerve fights back with some right hands before nailing the Hangman to the canvas with a double foot stomp!

Swerve quickly follows up with the House Call and the cover…BUT PAGE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

We end up on the apron now as Page narrowly avoids another stomp…but Swerve blocks Dead Eye before pulling the Hangman into the ring post! Onto the steel steps now are these men, as Page blocks a piledriver attempt to counter with a Dead Eye right onto the steps!

Both men are down as the ref begins the count, Page slowly getting to his feet as the count gets to 8 before Page rolls Swerve back into the ring. Swerve tries to fight back as Page looks for a Buckshot Lariat…eventually catching the leg and going into a trading of strikes! Page goes after the hand once more, setting him up for the Buckshot–NO! Drop toehold by Swerve, and he’s going for the arm! He pulls the arm back and stomps on it, a distinct snap sound indicating some really bad news!

The medics check on Page in light of this, but Swerve intervenes with a Swerve Stomp on Page right onto the hardest part of the ring! Page rolls back into the ring as Swerve goes back up top…and hits a 450 on the arm of Page for a cover! Page kicks out, but Swerve transitions to a cross arm breaker! He’s moving in to get it fully cinched in, but Page gets his foot on the rope to force a break.

Swerve is adamant about taking out Adam Page, looking for a JML Driver…but Page counters for a nearfall! Page with a lariat and a Dead Eye–NO! Swerve with an armbar, but Page escapes and hammers down on the hand of Swerve! Both men are down but it’s Swerve who is back up…going up top for a Swerve Stomp! NO! Page gets away, and hits a Buckshot Lariat…but he’s hurt bad!

Page crawls over for a cover…but Nana gets Swerve’s foot on the rope to stop it! The ref yells at Nana for what he’s done, ejecting Nana from ringside as Page confronts him at ringside. Page goes back to the ring for a Buckshot Lariat as Nana deals with the ref…and Swerve nails Page with Nana’s crown! Nana backs away as Swerve covers…BUT PAGE KICKS OUT!

Swerve with a House Call on the fallen Page, and another for good measure! JML Driver and the cover gets Swerve the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland

Video Package: We get a look at the situation between Wheeler Yuta and Ricky Starks this past week leading to tonight’s match at WrestleDream!

Back at ringside, Wheeler Yuta makes his way to the ring for our next contest. This is quickly followed by Ricky Starks, showing off down the ramp before this match gets underway!

Ricky Starks vs. Wheeler Yuta

We start off with an exchange of holds between both men, a good technical showing that sees both men back up on their feet only for Yuta to wrench the arm of Starks. Starks shoves Yuta to the ropes for a break, which leads to a shoving contest between them. They come to blows after this, going at each other in the corner before Yuta lays into Starks.

Starks in the corner as Yuta hits a chop, but Starks is able to get the upper hand as he gets some hard shots in. Yuta eventually drops to the canvas as Starks stomps at the head, before taunting him. Starks sends Yuta into the corner now as he hits a set of rights and lefts, eventually getting the upper hand as he climbs the ropes. He mocks Mox as he drops onto Yuta, followed by a front suplex for a nearfall.

Starks stays on top of things with a couple pinning combinations, a nearfall resulting from each as he continues to show off. Yuta in the corner, sends Starks away only to take a kick to the face…but Yuta gets an enziguri! Yuta up top now, big elbow strike as he makes the cover…BUT STARKS KICKS OUT!

Yuta starts to turn things around on Starks, working the arm as we see Big Bill making his way out to the ringside area…and this helps Starks get back into things as he gets a nearfall! Starks stays on top of things however, sending Yuta back down for the cover…BUT YUTA KICKS OUT AGAIN!

This frustrates Starks something fierce as he lays into Yuta with the hammer elbows…and this fires Yuta up as he starts fighting back! But Starks gets him right back, heading to the ropes…only for Yuta to shove him onto Big Bill on the outside! Yuta sets up as the ref gets distracted, allowing Big Bill to go after Wheeler…who manages to fight him off!

Yuta back in the ring, hammering away on Starks with some elbows before getting a seatbelt cover, but only gets a nearfall! Starks is fired up again, laying into Yuta before hitting the Roshambo for the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ricky Starks

Video Package: Bryan Danielson is ready to wrap up his in-ring career, but not before facing Zack Sabre Jr. in a match that initially meant to happen at the first Forbidden Door event!

Back at ringside, Zack Sabre Jr. makes his way to the ring for our next contest. Out next is Bryan Danielson to a huge reaction from the crowd in Seattle. Out next is Bryan Danielson, and this match gets underway!

Bryan Danielson vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.

The two men circle the canvas before trying to see who can get the upper hand, which ends with Danielson getting a single leg takedown on Sabre. The chain wrestling continues with ZSJ getting out of an arm wringer by Danielson, locking one in on him instead. Danielson turns it around before hitting a suplex!

They exchange holds again until Sabre hits an octopus hold, which gets reversed by Bryan, and the exchange ends with a leglock that both men try to get the better of. ZSJ now has Danielson’s leg trapped, but Bryan tries to fight out of it. Sabre eventually gets the upper hand as he mounts up on Danielson, who turns it around until a double crab hold ends in a stalemate…except ZSJ is the one standing!

Both men are back up now and go back at it, until Sabre gets a single leg crab that he turns into a Romero Special! Danielson struggling as he escapes, turning Sabre around before putting the NJPW World TV Champion in the same hold! But Sabre escapes, going after the previously injured hand! This allows Sabre to escape to the corner as both men get to their feet before locking up again.

Action ends up on the ropes as Sabre steps away before hitting an uppercut on Danielson, who responds with an uppercut of his own! Sabre eggs him on and Danielson hits another one, to which Sabre gives one back leading to them trading blows! Sabre tells him to use his right arm and Danielson obliges, which turns out to be an issue as he’s hurt now…and Sabre takes advantage as he stomps down on the fallen Dragon’s arm!

Sabre is in control now as he goes right back after the arm, eventually focusing on the fingers as he bends them back nearly snapping them! Sabre continues with some hard kicks to Danielson on the ropes, before hitting an uppercut…but Danielson manages to turn things around and now it’s him in control with some kicks!

Sabre heads to the corner but takes some more kicks followed by a dragon screw…and a second one that takes a lot out of Sabre! Danielson goes for a third, but Sabre catches him by the neck instead! Both men in the corner now as Danielson puts ZSJ into the tree of woe for some hard kicks across the body!

Danielson sets Sabre back up on the turnbuckle as he hammers away with some elbows…only for Sabre to catch his arm onto the shoulder to stop it! Sabre goes after the hand again, but Danielson fights back before hitting an avalanche butterfly suplex! Danielson with the cover…BUT SABRE KICKS OUT!

Danielson goes back to work on a submission hold until Sabre gets to the ropes for a break…and Bryan responds with some hard kicks! Sabre tries to escape them but takes a really hard one that drops him to the canvas! Danielson sets Sabre up for some hard kicks to the head before looking for the Busaiku Knee…but Sabre counters! Exchange of pinning combos leads to nearfalls for both men!

The action ends up back in the corner as Danielson goes for a kick, but Sabre escapes…only for Danielson to go for a Cattle Mutilation! Sabre escapes, but this just goes into another exchange of counters until Sabre gets the arm, bending it back! Danielson starts fighting back once more, and now there’s a figure-four leglock that sees both men trying to get the advantage!

Both men go at it as Sabre tries to taunt Danielson…who spits in the face of Sabre, leading to some slaps that ends with Sabre being laid down! This leads to both men kicking each other until the hold is broken the hard way, before they end up back on their feet. They exchange strikes once again, with Sabre starting to get the upper hand…but Danielson fights back with some back elbows!

Sabre eventually gets the backslide for a nearfall…before immediately kicking the arm of Danielson out from under him! Sabre locks in a nasty submission hold on Danielson, who refuses to give up even with both arms locked in tight! Bryan has to fight as hard as he can to get to the ropes to finally break the hold!

Sabre is back on his feet as he hits some hard kicks on Danielson, before he drops to the canvas. Sabre sees his opportunity as he stomps on the arm and lays into him with more kicks…before Danielson fights back! Danielson getting some more kicks into the head of Sabre…who locks in an armbar! Danielson turns it around but Sabre has the armbar in once more, and Danielson has to get a shoulder capture suplex to break out of it! Busaiku Knee for the cover…BUT SABRE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Only for Danielson to connect with another Busaiku Knee! This one does it for the Dragon as he gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Bryan Danielson

Danielson extends his hand as a sign of respect, but Sabre refuses the handshake as he leaves the ring, leaving Danielson to celebrate with the ref in the ring.

Video Package: Things have been heating up for months as Don Callis has assembled a Family to take on Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, and Kota Ibushi!

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring first for our next contest! Out next is Kenny Omega, looking like he’s ready to put this situation to rest against Don Callis. Next to make his way to the ring is Kota Ibushi, looking for revenge after the attack by the Don Callis Family earlier in the week in Tokyo. Speaking of, the Family make their way to the ring next before this grudge trios match gets underway!

Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho & Kota Ibushi vs. Konosuke Takeshita, Sammy Guevara & Will Ospreay

Staredown between both team as we finally see the match start with Omega and Ospreay in something of a rematch from Forbidden Door. They lock up before trading holds, a certain intensity in their actions as Omega takes Ospreay down, but Ospreay turns it around! Eventually, Omega avoids an attack from Ospreay…and Guevara tags himself in!

The crowd is NOT about Sammy as they boo him, and Sammy shows off as he gets one over on Guevara, who brags in the corner before going back after Omega. Kenny with a side headlock followed by a shoulder tackle, but Guevara turns it around and drops him with a dropkick before kipping up! Guevara taunts Jericho, only to be taken down with punches by Omega who wrings Sammy’s arm as Chris tags in.

Jericho goes after Sammy with chops and sends him to the ropes, only for Guevara to tag Ospreay in. Will rips into Jericho as Sammy has some fun at commentary, but soon Omega tags in to get some revenge on Ospreay…only for chaos to ensue as all six men get in the ring for a fight! Omega, Ibushi, and Jericho clear the ring before hitting dives on the Family!

Omega and Ospreay back in the ring now, with the Aerial Assassin taking Omega down before tagging in Takeshita. This leads to an exchange of strikes between him and Omega, who takes a hard clothesline by Takeshita. Konosuke going after the face of Omega until Ibushi rushes in to break things up, the two men staring each other down before Ibushi heads to the apron. Tag to Ospreay now, as Will goes after Kenny with some uppercuts. Omega responds with a driver, but the moonsault falls short as Will fight back!

Ospreay doubles Kenny over before locking in an abdominal stretch…with a little help from his friends! Ref admonishes him for it as they let go…but they go right back at it until the ref catches him again, this time kicking Will’s hand away to break the illegal hold!

Takeshita holds Omega back for more damage from Ospreay, until Omega escapes and looks for a tag from Ibushi…who gets pulled off the apron by Guevara! Ospreay with a Blue Thunder Bomb and the cover…BUT OMEGA KICKS OUT!

Tag made to Guevara who hits a 450 for a cover, but Ibushi rushes in to break the pin! He gets sent out of the ring before Guevara and Omega go at it, with Omega taking Guevara down before finally tagging in Jericho! Jericho fires up as he goes to work on Guevara, hitting him with an elbow and a bulldog!

Jericho with an abdominal stretch of his own, and Omega and Ibushi help out as a sign of retribution from earlier! Things get broken up before Ibushi makes the tag, and they take down Guevara before Jericho and Ibushi pose! Ibushi back on the attack now before covering Guevara for a nearfall, and now Omega comes int as the Golden Lovers reunite in the ring for a double-team on Guevara to the delight of the crowd.

Omega and Ibushi go after the Family on the outside as Jericho hits the Lionsault for a nearfall, and the Golden Lovers double-team Guevara again before Jericho goes after Guevara…only to be taken for a ride with a German suplex by Takeshita!

This eventually gets followed up with one on Ibushi, and Omega gets worn down as Takeshita and Ospreay go after Jericho…who narrowly evades disaster! Jericho sends Takeshita out before Ospreay goes after him…only for Omega to get involved, eventually hitting a bit dive onto Ospreay and Takeshita on the outside!

Guevara gets the edge on Jericho back in the ring, before climbing the turnbuckle for a shooting star press on the outside onto Omega! Guevara goes up top but gets caught with a Codebreaker as Jericho makes the cover…BUT OSPREAY BREAKS THE PIN!

Omega rushes in, and the two men trade blows until Omega catches Ospreay with a snap dragon suplex…only for Guevara to catch him with a cutter! Ospreay with a powerbomb on Ibushi as he tries to come back in, and Takeshita with a Power Drive Knee on Omega before they turn their attention to Jericho!

Guevara gets an assist as he hits a Codebreaker on Jericho for the cover…BUT THE OCHO KICKS OUT!

Jericho is fired up, but not for long as the Family wear him down…until Ibushi rises back to his feet with a look on his face that spells disaster for the Family! Ibushi takes Ospreay down first, absorbs punches from Guevara before laying him out, and then it comes down to a display of strong style between Ibushi and Takeshita…who turns Ibushi over with a lariat! Except that Ibushi responds with a lariat of his own!

Ospreay has had enough as he hits a knee on Ibushi, but he and Omega fight back. Chaos ensues once again between all six men, until Omega goes for a One-Winged Angel…only for Ospreay to send him outside with a hurricanrana, and then a Sky Twister Press on the outside! In the midst of the chaos, Guevara rolls Jericho up but only gets a nearfall!

Jericho goes for a Judas Effect, but Ospreay pushes Sammy aside and takes the proverbial bullet! The fight between Jericho and Guevara ends up in the corner, as Jericho hits a hurricanrana before making the cover…but Ospreay distracted the ref long enough for Sammy to kick out!

Ospreay rushes into the ring with his title but the ref stops him as Jericho counters a GTH into a Walls of Jericho…but with the ref distracted, Callis rushes in with a screwdriver to the head of Jericho! Takeshita and Ospreay hold Omega and Ibushi back as Guevara gets the pin and the win for the Don Callis Family!

Winners via pinfall: Konosuke Takeshita, Sammy Guevara & Will Ospreay

Video Package: A year after their previous classic, FTR and Aussie Open look to follow up with another banger with the AEW World Tag Team Championship on the line!

Back at ringside, Aussie Open make their way to the ring for our next match before the AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR come down, and this big title match is quickly underway!

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (c) (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler defends against Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis)

We start off with Dax and Fletcher as they lock up, Fletcher sending Harwood to the corner before stepping away for a clean break. Dax turns it around on Fletcher as he takes him down to the canvas, side headlock cinched in until Fletcher reverses it…and then takes Dax down with a shoulder tackle!

Fletcher and Harwood back at it with an exchange of holds until Dax can make the tag. Cash goes after Fletcher who tries to escape, but Dax sends him back in as Wheeler takes him down with a back body drop! Tag to Dax who keeps o the attack…until Davis gets the tag! Davis with a chop on Harwood to the corner, but Dax strikes back and they go chop for chop. Davis eventually sends him down with a fall forward slam and a standing senton, attacking Wheeler on the apron before going back to work on Harwood.

Davis doesn’t let up as he sends Dax to the corner, making a tag to Fletcher who ends up taking chops from Harwood followed by a snap suplex and a leg drop. Dax covers and gets a nearfall. Tag made to Wheeler, and FTR lay into Fletcher with some hard chops! Davis gets involved, but Aussie Open get mounted up by FTR…before sending them spine to spine!

Action spills to the outside, where Aussie Open follow up with another one to really wear the champs down. Davis sends Wheeler back in the ring as Fletcher goes on the attack, before tagging Davis in. Wheeler starts to fight back but Davis turns it right back around on him! Davis has Wheeler up on the ropes as he drives his knee into the back of Cash’s head, and then tags in Fletcher who steps away…only for Wheeler to start fighting back!

Wheeler hangs Davis up on the top rope but is taken down by Fletcher, who goes back at Cash until the champ sends Fletcher out! Fletcher gets sent back into the ring by Davis, who makes the tag and a double-team on Wheeler for a nearfall! Fletcher tags back in as the challengers try to keep Wheeler away from a tag…eventually sending Dax off the apron!

Only for Wheeler to send Fletcher onto the turnbuckle! Up top so they are, as Wheeler drives Fletcher into the canvas with a huge back suplex! Wheeler is struggling for a tag as Dax is once again sent off the apron, but Cash still fights enough to kick out of a cover by Fletcher.

Tag to Davis now, who stomps the head of Wheeler…only to take an uppercut by the champ! Fletcher tags in, pulling Wheeler away…but Wheeler knocks him back and gets the tag!

Dax rushes in, going after Davis and then Fletcher…who reverses an Irish whip! They exchange strikes and Dax nearly wins, but Davis is right back in. Davis knocked down by Dax, who drops Fletcher with a lariat before going after Davis with some lariats…finally dropping Davis down hard!

Dax catches Fletcher for a German suplex twice over, evading Davis long enough to hit a third one on the challenger. Dax looks for a top rope attack but has to resort to another German suplex to wear Fletcher down…and a diving headbutt hits nothing as Fletcher tags in Davis! Double team here and a cover by Davis…BUT DAX KICKS OUT!

Tag made to Fletcher once more as they double team Dax again, but Davis gets pulled out by Wheeler as Dax turns it around on Fletcher with a Liger Bomb for the cover…but that too only gets a nearfall! Cash is on the apron and gets a tag as Dax gets knocked down by Fletcher before they drop Wheeler down hard! Cover by Fletcher but once again, Wheeler kicks out in the nick of time!

Both teams end up on the turnbuckles but it’s FTR who hit a suplex and a big splash for a cover…BUT FLETCHER DROPS ONTO THEM TO BREAK UP THE PIN!

Both teams are on their knees now, fighting back to their feet before Aussie Open lay out the champs! Tag to Davis as the Open hit a double lariat…but no Coriolis! Roll up by Wheeler, but Davis kicks out!

Dax is sent out of the ring as Aussie Open nail Wheeler with the Shatter Machine! Coriolis! Cover by Davis again…BUT DAX BREAKS THE PIN!

Tag made to Fletcher as they look to go after Wheeler on the apron…but the champs turn it around, hitting Davis with a spike piledriver on the apron instead! Fletcher drops them both to the outside before sending Wheeler back in the ring, climbing up top…only to be dropped with a Super Shatter Machine that give FTR the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: FTR

Video Package: Things have been very heated between Christian Cage and Darby Allin leading to this main event as Cage defends the TNT Championship!

Back at ringside, Christian Cage comes to the stage with Luchasaurus, only for Cage to send his beast to the back before heading down the ramp for our main event! Out next is Darby Allin, with Nick Wayne standing beside him before they hug it out with Darby heading down the ramp as Nick heads to the back. Darby takes a skateboard ride down before hitting ringside, slamming his board against the steps before hopping into the ring! We get ring introductions for the challenger and the champion before this match gets underway!

TNT Championship (2 Out of 3 Falls Match): Christian Cage (c) defends against Darby Allin

Darby stares down the champion as we start things off, and Cage is seemingly unenthused with dealing with Darby or the crowd in Seattle before finally locking up. Darby gets out of a bad situation before they lock up again, with Darby having the edge this time. Darby eggs Christian on as he shows his technical skills here, taking the champ down for a nearfall.

Things get a little heated here as Cage slowly gets to his feet, turning the next hold around on Darby before shouting abuse at the crowd. Darby turns it around into an arm wringer but Cage turns out of it…only to get taken to the canvas as Darby gets another nearfall. Darby continues to stay in control of the situation, but the champ soon turns it around and shows off to the chagrin of the crowd.

Cage with a chop but Darby looks for a sunset flip…but no Aloha Christian as Cage blocks it! Darby catches the champ by surprise by pulling his turtleneck over his head before rolling him up, scoring a flash pin to take the first fall!

Darby Allin 1 – Christian Cage 0

Cage takes a breather on the outside, staring down Nick Wayne’s mother before entering the ring…and rushes at Darby, eventually getting a nearfall. Cage looks frustrated after that first fall going to Darby, and he goes on the attack with some stomps. Cage follows with a rake across the face of the challenger, before twisting Darby’s head for added damage…but Darby fights back to his feet!

Darby sends the champ to the ropes, but Cage responds by hanging him up on the top rope! Diving headbutt misses as Darby gets a Code Red…BUT CAGE KICKS OUT! O’Connor roll gets a nearfall, and Darby gets two more close calls before Cage sends him out through the ropes to slow things down!

Cage heads to the outside as he goes back on the attack, sending Darby into the barricade and then into the ring…but he seems more focused on Nick Wayne’s mother at ringside than getting back in the match. They have a bit of a chat…until she throws a drink at the champ! Cage is incensed but has no time to catch Darby diving onto him!

Darby sends him back into the ring as he looks for a Coffin Drop, but Cage escapes…only to take a Coffin Drop on the outside by the challenger! Cage back in the ring as Darby goes for another Coffin Drop…right onto the knees of the champ!

Darby on the apron as Cage hits the ropes, sending Darby flying onto the announce desk! Cage walks over to Nick’s mother but instead grabs the steel steps, setting them up at ringside before going after Darby who is back in the ring…grabbing the challenger, only for Darby to escape! Cage on the apron as Darby is in the ring….and Cage gets a thumb to the eye of the challenger! Suplex attempt by Cage to the outside…and the challenger falls to the floor! Cage heads outside, hitting a suplex onto the steps!

They’re back on the apron as Cage eventually hits a big slam off the apron, driving Darby into the edge of the steel steps! Medics check on Darby as Cage demands the ref start the count…and the ref reaches the ten count, giving Cage the second fall in this match!

Darby Allin 1 – Christian Cage 1

The ref aids the medic in checking on Darby as Cage tries to force the issue, eventually undoing the ring apron while a stretcher is being brought down to ringside. Medical team looking to assist Darby onto the stretcher as Cage continues to tear the ring down, either for more damage or to help the ring crew out. Either way, Darby is set upon the stretcher as the medical team rolls him away, starting up the ramp while Cage exposes the wooden boards of the ring…and then climbs up the turnbuckle for a frog splash onto Darby!

Cage brings Darby back to his feet, rolling him back into the ring as the ref asks if Darby can still compete…and Cage hits the Killswitch on Darby onto the wooden boards! Cage with the cover…BUT DARBY KICKS OUT!

Cage heads to the corner, looking for a spear but Darby evades…only to get locked into the Scorpion Deathlock! Darby is struggling as he reaches for the ropes, but Cage pulls him into the center! Darby is in pain but he manages to get to the ropes to break the hold!

Cage looks to go back on the attack, only for Darby to attack him from behind with an eye rake…before sending him into the boards with a Scorpion Death Drop! He follows with a Coffin Drop and the cover…BUT CAGE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Cage gest back into it, fighting Darby on turnbuckle before hitting a nasty sunset powerbomb! Darby slow to his feet as Cage sets up for a spear…but hits the ref instead as Darby gets out of the way! With the ref down, Cage is able to hit a low blow on the challenger…and then heads to the timekeeper table for the TNT Championship!

Cage has bad intentions but not for long as Nick Wayne intervenes, stealing the title away from Cage before forcing the champ to chase him back into the ring…where he’s met by Nick Wayne and Darby! Darby tells Nick to do what he must…and he does, nailing DARBY with the TNT Championship!

Nick escapes the ring as his mother yells at him, and Cage turns Darby to his back to make the cover as the ref slowly makes the count…giving Cage the final fall to win the match and retain the TNT Championship!

Darby Allin 1 – Christian Cage 2

Winner and still TNT Champion: Christian Cage

Cage decides to celebrate by setting Darby up for Nick to yell at and beat down. This continues at the delight of the champion when suddenly the crowd goes wild for Sting who walks down the ramp, taking down Nick Wayne and Christian Cage! Luchasaurus comes to intervene but is held off by Sting until we end up with a 3-on-1 beatdown on the Icon!

Cage leaves the ring to grab a couple chairs, bringing them into the ring as he looks to hit a Conchairto on the legend…until the lights cut out! We get a video showcasing “Our Feature Presentation” as someone is seen driving down the roads of Seattle, before the lights come back on…


“Metalingus” blares throughout the Climate Pledge Arena as any sort of edge the TNT Champion had tonight suddenly slips through his fingers. A ghost of his past walks down the ramp, staring Cage down as he enters the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. The man asks for the chair from Cage, who hands his old friend the weapon…and he has a moment to think about it, before NAILING NICK WITH THE CHAIR!

He goes after Luchasaurus next as Cage escapes the wrath of his old compatriot, as we have signaled the arrival of Adam Copeland to AEW! Copeland’s music hits as Cage raises his title in the air from the safety of the ramp. Copeland, Sting, and Darby stare each other down before Darby extends a hand of friendship that Copeland accepts.

Eventually, the Icon offers a sign of respect himself as he and Copeland shake hands, leaving the champ and his crew to head up the ramp as this PPV event comes to a close!

Quick Results:

  • ROH World Tag Team Championship Handicap Match: MJF (c) def. The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch) so he and Adam Cole can retain
  • ROH World Championship and NJPW Strong Openweight Championship Match: Eddie Kingston (c) def. Katsuyori Shibata to retain both belts
  • TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander (c) def. Julia Hart to retain
  • Winners earn a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks def. Lucha Bros, The Gunns, and Orange Cassidy & Hook
  • Swerve Strickland def. Hangman Page
  • Ricky Starks def. Wheeler Yuta
  • Bryan Danielson def. Zack Sabre, Jr.
  • Konosuke Takeshita, Sammy Guevara & Will Ospreay def. Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho & Kota Ibushi
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: FTR (c) (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler def. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) to retain
  • TNT Championship (2 Out of 3 Falls Match): Christian Cage (c) def. Darby Allin 2 falls to 1 to retain

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That will do it for tonight’s inaugural AEW WrestleDream PPV event! I hope you had as much fun as I did watching things play out tonight, and we’ll see you on Wednesday for the fallout on Dynamite!