Bryan Danielson reportedly part of AEW disciplinary committee behind CM Punk termination

A report from Fightful Select has revealed that CM Punk’s termination from AEW in September was led by a disciplinary committee that included Bryan Danielson.

According to sources with AEW, Danielson was incorporated into the three-person committee due to his reputation as an “appropriate moral compass who exemplifies objectivity,” assuming the de facto head position during its proceedings.

The report goes on to list AEW General Counsel Chris Peck and an unnamed attorney from outside the company as the other members of the committee.

In addition, the report states that Danielson served as the “voice” of the group, explaining to AEW talent that the choice to fire Punk was a complex and difficult one, according to members of the roster, and reportedly came after consideration of both his own friendship with Punk and the contributions Punk brought to the company.

This report comes off the heels of a statement made by Danielson on social media, echoing what sources indicate was said directly at the meeting announcing Punk’s termination:

Sources within AEW also informed Fightful that Punk is “probably aware” of Danielson’s role in the committee, given the number of Punk’s affiliates who were present at the roster meeting.