WWE reportedly ‘optimistic’ for potential match between CM Punk and Steve Austin

Fightful Select has reported that a potential match between CM Punk and Steve Austin has been discussed within WWE.

The report states that several higher-ups in the company are pushing for the match to take place, with many being “hopeful and even optimistic” that the match will happen at some point.

The idea is believed to have already been discussed with Punk, with the “ideal scenario” being for him and Austin to meet in person and discuss ideas as a next step, per sources.

In an interview with Forbes earlier this year, Austin gave Punk praise and addressed the idea that he was an influence on Punk’s career:

Great promo guy, great worker, he’s got his own thing going and we’re just friends. So I think I remember there’s a picture of myself and him from Chicago, my favorite town to work in, my favorite building. And I guess he had come down to where we were all hanging out.

Maybe he looked up to me back in the day, but I don’t know if I so much mentored him because I think he paid his own dues. He learned it the way he did and he got over on his own merits. The fact that maybe I could have been somewhat of an influence would be flattering if that were the case. But he’s made his own career.

Source: F4WOnline

Speculation of a ‘dream match’ between the two has been on and off since both men were featured in promotional marketing for WWE ’13, which culminated in on-screen animosity between the two during a sit-down interview in 2012: