AEW Worlds End Results – 12/30/23 (World Title Match, Continental Classic Finals, more!)

AEW Worlds End Results
December 30, 2023
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
in Long Island, NY
Results by: Alex Kahrs of

ZERO HOUR Quick Results:
  • Willow Nightingale def. Kris Statlander
  • 20-Man Battle Royale: Killswitch wins a TNT Title opportunity anytime, anywhere
  • FTW Championship Match (FTW Rules): Hook def. Wheeler Yuta to retain

AEW ends 2023 with a bang with its final pay-per-view of the year, Worlds End!

We get an opening package highlighting the upcoming card and focused on our main event as MJF defends the AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe!

At ringside, Brody King makes his way to the ring as we get ready for our opening contest! Out next is Jay Lethal, followed by RUSH and Jay White to round out the first of the teams. The first man out for their opponents is Claudio Castagnoli, followed by Mark Briscoe to a big pop from the crowd. Daniel Garcia heads out next, but is stopped from doing a little dance on the stage by the arrival of Bryan Danielson to his own big pop from the crowd…and this match gets underway!

All Star Eight Man Tag Team Match: Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Mark Briscoe, & Daniel Garcia vs. Jay White, Brody King, RUSH, & Jay Lethal

We start off with Claudio and RUSH, and a shoving contest turns into a trade of strikes with Castagnoli getting the upper hand…but RUSH sends him into the ropes for a German suplex! Claudio wallops him when he’s back up, but gets sent out of the ring. Claudio back in now, and they shove each other before tags are made to Lethal and Briscoe.

They circle the canvas before Lethal takes Mark down with a dropkick, sending him into the corner…but Briscoe fights back! Lethal catches him and goes for a figure four leglock, but Briscoe turns it into a nearfall! Trade of strikes between the two men now leads Lethal into the corner, where Jay tags in…er, Jay (White that is). Tag made by Briscoe to Danielson, and he and Switchblade lock up before Bryan gets taken to the corner…only to turn it around on Jay with a LeBelle Lock before White gets to the ropes to break the hold.

Jay ends up taking Bryan to the corner after this, laying into Danielson with some hard chops before Bryan turns it around…and hits a running dropkick into Jay in the corner! Now it’s Bryan with some chops, along with some hard kicks sending Switchblade down to the canvas. Danielson sets him up on the top turnbuckle, before bringing White down with a hurricanrana!

Bryan continues the offense until Garcia tags himself in…only for Brody to tag in as well! Garcia goes off on King, trying to build up momentum until Brody cuts him off with a big side slam! Brody brings Garcia to the outside, mocking Menard at commentary as he continues to wear down Daniel before bringing him back in the ring. Tag made to RUSH now as the leader of LFI lays into Garcia some more, before tagging in Lethal to keep the attack going.

The tags keep coming as Jay White gets involved now, laying a boot into Garcia before getting a set of nearfalls. White continues the attack here, but Daniel is slowly fighting back to his feet even after taking a big scoop slam from Switchblade, who keeps Garcia from making the tag with a strike to the back!

Garcia sent back to the opposite corner now, trying to chop his way out of a bad situation…and a tag is made to Briscoe! Mark unleashes a flurry on the Jays, sending Lethal out of the ring before taking White down with a flying forearm! Chaos ensues as the other members of his team cut off those at ringside, as Briscoe heads to the apron for an elbow drop on RUSH! Briscoe heads to the top turnbuckle for an elbow drop on White, followed by a fisherman’s buster for the cover…BUT SWITCHBLADE KICKS OUT!

Briscoe fights out of a Blade Runner attempt but is sent out of the ring, where Brody takes him down before Mark is sent back in for a nearfall from Jay White! Tag made to Lethal who continues the attack, before White comes back in…and so does Brody, but things quickly change when Claudio gets the tag back in!

Claudio sends Brody to the corner for a rapid series of European uppercuts, but King stops a suplex attempt…only for Claudio to take Brody down hard. So hard in fact that it temporarily cuts out the feed here at Kahrs HQ! When the feed comes back, we see RUSH in the ring having taken down Claudio, before rolling back out!

Claudio catches Brody with a Big Swing right into a dropkick from Danielson! Chaos ensues again before Briscoe hits a Froggy Bow…only for RUSH to take control! Blade Runner from White on Danielson(?) but Claudio takes him out with an uppercut! Brody ends up standing tall before Garcia takes him out with a suplex…and counters a Lethal Injection to get the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Mark Briscoe, & Daniel Garcia

The four men celebrate in the ring as Lethal regroups on the ramp with Dutt.

Video Package: Miro has an issue with Andrade El Idolo, and looks to destroy him at AEW Worlds End!

Back at ringside, Miro makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is Andrade El Idolo alongside his manager CJ Perry, the subject of Miro’s issue with El Idolo before this match gets underway!

Andrade El Idolo vs. Miro

Miro goes on the attack immediately, stomping away at Andrade to get the upper hand. Miro continues the attack with some elbow strikes before sending El Idolo into the corner, only for Andrade to turn things around and send the Redeemer to the outside! Andrade finally gets to take his ring jacket off and heads to the ropes for a dive…only to get cut off by Miro! Andrade fights back as Miro comes into the ring, going for a figure four leglock that gets broken out of by the Redeemer.

Miro sends El Idolo down hard, staring his opponent down before turning his attention to Perry at ringside talking her down. Miro heads back to El Idolo for a submission hold before sending him into the ropes for more damage. Andrade fights back with a jawbreaker before hitting the ropes…only to get caught in mid-air by the Redeemer, who slams him down hard!

Miro sends El Idolo to the outside, driving him into the barricade and then the announce table before rolling into the ring to break the ref’s count. He rolls right back out, looking for a suplex on Andrade…who shoves him clear over the table instead! Now it’s El Idolo in control, sending Miro into the table overhang before sending him into the steel steps to keep the Redeemer down!

Andrade heads to the top turnbuckle but is intercepted by Miro, who looks for a superplex and connects, sending El Idolo crashing into the canvas! Ref begins a standing count as both men slowly make their way back to their feet, quickly turning into an exchange of strikes. Miro ends up taking El Idolo off his feet before hitting a standing elbow drop.

Andrade fights back once again, hitting a dragon screw that sends Miro into the ropes before hitting a diving cross body and a running elbow strike! El Idolo fires up, but Miro rolls out of the ring to safety…but not for long, as Andrade hits a springboard moonsault! El Idolo sends Miro into the steps before giving CJ a hug and sends Miro back into the ring…diving moonsault press is avoided, but Andrade hits a second one for a nearfall instead!

Miro catches Andrade by surprise with a big strike and gets the cover…BUT EL IDOLO KICKS OUT!

But Miro says it’s “GAME OVER” before locking in that camel clutch on Andrade! El Idolo is struggling to get out, but he is also fading…but manages to get an arm free to grab the bottom rope, forcing the break! Miro yells at CJ before turning his attention back to Andrade…who catches him with another dragon screw into the ropes! El Idolo hits a back elbow on the Redeemer for the cover…BUT IT’S MIRO WHO KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Andrade goes for the figure four leglock again, this time locking it in! Miro refuses to give up as he tries to fight out of it…but Andrade bridges it! Only for Miro to turn over and counter the pressure! Andrade manages to turn it back over again, getting the hold cinched in as he bridges again…but as Miro grabs the ref to argue, CJ pulls Andrade’s arms out from underneath him!

El Idolo can’t believe this betrayal, and this gets him dropped down hard as Miro goes for the cover for a nearfall…before locking in Game Over once more! It’s all over now as Andrade taps out!

Winner via submission: Miro

Video Package: Riho looks to win the AEW Women’s World Championship, but has a Timeless champion to overcome as she faces Toni Storm at Worlds End!

Back at ringside, Riho makes her way to the ring for our next match! Out next is “Timeless” Toni Storm, before this AEW Women’s World Championship bout gets underway!

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Toni Storm (c) defends against Riho

Champion and challenger stare each other down to start before locking up , but Storm sends Riho to the ropes with a pat on her head. This riles Riho up as she unleashes a flurry of offense on the champ…before Storm slams her down for a nearfall! Riho goes back on the attack now, catching the champ by surprise before hitting a running bulldog on Storm. Toni fights back to her feet, sending Riho into the corner before the challenger evades her…sending the champ out with a roundhouse kick!

Luther intervenes, catching the challenger in mid-air before handing her off to Storm to get back into the match. The champ gets the upper hand before Riho catches her with a small package for a nearfall, but the champ responds with one of her own! Storm keeps on the attack getting another nearfall, before transitioning to a chinlock…but Riho manages to catch the champ by surprise with another nearfall in the process!

Storm fires right back now, walking across the back of the challenger to keep the power game in her favor before sending Riho into the ropes and following with a big scoop slam for the cover…BUT RIHO KICKS OUT!

Storm changes into a single leg crab, the challenger struggling as she inches toward the ropes to break that hold. Storm heads to the apron, getting an assist from Luther to send Riho into the ring post! The challenger is laid out on the outside as the ref gets the count going, finally rolling in around eight before Storm goes back on the attack…and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf on Riho!

The challenger once again struggles as she inches to the ropes…only for Luther to pull the rope away to stop it! The ref argues with Luther, forcing Storm to lose her concentration as she breaks the hold to deal with the situation!

Luther gets ejected from ringside as Riho fights back now, sending the champ into the ropes for a tiger feint kick! Diving cross body from the challenger, before sending Storm down for a cover…BUT THE CHAMP KICKS OUT!

Storm rolls out of the ring, where Riho catches her with a dive through the ropes before sending the champ back into the ring for a dragon suplex! High stack by Riho, but the Timeless one kicks out once again!

Storm dodges a running knee strike, but the challenger evades a hip attack…only for Storm to catch her with the Storm Zero for the cover! ONLY IT’S RIHO WHO KICKS OUT THIS TIME!

Riho counters the champion into a set of nearfalls in the process, only for Storm to evade a moonsault before hitting a DDT for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Toni Storm

Toni celebrates as Mariah May comes to the ring with a bucket, giving her a shower of rose petals for the occasion.

We go backstage where Dante Martin addresses his return before a challenge is made for the AEW International Championship, which sees him going up against Orange Cassidy this Wednesday on Dynamite!

Back at ringside, Swerve Strickland makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is Dustin Rhodes, filling in for Keith Lee who was not medically cleared to compete tonight…and Swerve gets the jump on Rhodes before this match gets underway!

Swerve Strickland vs. Dustin Rhodes

The bell hasn’t rung yet as Swerve sends Dustin into the barricade repeatedly, followed by driving him into the steel steps and hitting a boot to the skull. Nana pulls out a cinder block from under the ring apron, setting Dustin’s foot up on it as Strickland climbs up onto the apron…before jumping off, stomping Rhodes’s foot against the cinder block!

Officials and medics run down the ramp to check on Dustin as Swerve goes to the corner, sitting on the turnbuckle to chants of “Swerve’s House” from the crowd. Staff help Dustin to his feet and walk him up the ramp…but the Natural turns his attention back to Strickland as he looks to go through with the match after all! Dustin slides into the ring as the ref checks if Dustin actually wants to do this, leading to a conversation between the ref, Dustin, and one of the doctors before Swerve chimes in saying this is a waste of time.

Dustin says to ring the bell and the bell does ring!

Swerve runs full speed at Rhodes with a knee strike, going right back on the attack before stomping Dustin’s head. Strickland goes after the ankle now, keeping Dustin grounded as the Natural heads to the corner to recover…but Swerve goes back after him instead, hitting a dropkick on his knee for added damage!

Strickland sends Dustin up on the nearest turnbuckle, where Rhodes tries to fight back with some right hands before knocking Swerve off with a headbutt…and hits a diving cross body for a nearfall! Dustin fights back with some strikes now, but Swerve gets him right back to a corner…only to take a boot from Dustin, who hits a Destroyer out of nowhere and a powerslam for the cover…EXCEPT THAT SWERVE KICKS OUT!

Dustin sets Swerve up in the corner as Nana tries to intervene…and that lets Dustin hit the Unnatural Kick right to Strickland’s little swerves! Cross Rhodes connects as Dustin gets the cover…BUT SWERVE KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Strickland goes after the leg again with a single leg crab, pulling Dustin away to cinch in a stretch muffler before stomping the side of Rhodes’s head! Dustin struggles as Swerve lays in more damage before the Natural manages to grab the rope to break the hold.

Dustin fights back to his feet with a slap to Swerve’s face, yelling at Strickland who drops Rhodes to a knee…and gets a double bird salute as he spits in Swerve’s face! Swerve responds to this with a House Call and heads to the corner…where he hits another one for good measure!

Swerve has a wicked grin on his face as he goes after Dustin’s arm now…nearly snapping it out of place with the Killshot! Swerve back up top now, sizing Dustin up for a Swerve Stomp and the cover…getting the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Swerve Strickland

Swerve regroups on the ramp, talking about not wasting his time again as Nana celebrates alongside him.

Video Package: A tag title match has had to make some massive redirects, and now we get an eight-man tag tonight at AEW Worlds End!

Back at ringside, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for our next match followed by Sammy Guevara. Out next are Darby Allin and Sting, the latter gearing up for his retirement match at Revolution…but tonight, he and his three compatriots are focused on the challenge ahead as the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Ricky Starks and Big Bill, head to the ring next! Their partners from the Don Callis Family come out next as Powerhouse Hobbs and Konosuke Takeshita head to the ring, before this eight-man tag match gets underway!

Eight Man Tag Team Action: Sting, Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Darby Allin vs. Ricky Starks, Big Bill, Konosuke Takeshita & Powerhouse Hobbs

We start off with Guevara and Takeshita, with Sammy shouting down Takeshita who sends him into the corner. The two go back and forth now with Sammy getting a cross body and a nearfall before Jericho tags in, and the two take Takeshita down before posing. Konosuke back to his feet trading strikes with Jericho now, before sending the Ocho down hard with a clothesline!

Tag made to Starks, who flips Jericho off as Hobbs tags himself in. Powerhouse showing off the power he’s known for as he takes Jericho down with a shoulder tackle, and then getting him in the corner before Big Bill tags in to stay on the attack. Jericho manages to fight back before making a tag to Darby, who drops in on Bill with a diving dropkick before Takeshita tags in! Nearfall for each man follows this, before Allin gets caught into a rolling German suplex…but Darby counters out of it! Dropkick to Takeshita followed by a Code Red for the cover…but Takeshita kicks out!

Don intercepts before Darby can go for a Coffin Drop, and Takeshita spins him around for an avalanche helicopter Blue Thunder Bomb, driving Darby down into the canvas! Tag made to Hobbs who lays into Darby in the corner. Tag to Bill now, who continues the attack with some hard right hands followed by a massive corner splash and a tag back to Hobbs!

Hobbs and Bill work together, swinging Darby up high nearly tossing him out of the ring in the process! Starks tags in now, charging at Darby in the corner…but nobody’s home! Starks bounces back, but Darby hits a jawbreaker before Hobbs runs in for an assist. Tag made to Takeshita now who lays into Darby some more…but the tag gets made to Sting, who cleans house until Bill tries to intervene, only to be hung up on the top rope by the Icon!

Bill manages to bounce back from this with an attack before Starks tag in, walking the ropes before hitting the Icon down hard. Sting makes the tag to Guevara now and Sammy fights Ricky before hitting a big cutter from the ropes…but Bill gets involved now! Jericho tags in but the tag champ mounts up on him with some punches!

Hobbs tags in now and the damage continues as Hobbs drops him hard…but Darby gets in and hits a splash sending Jericho into Hobbs! Darby sizes the big man up but Takeshita catches him from behind! Guevara comes in now, but Takeshita drops him and Darby with a suplex!

Sting rushes in now, dropping Takeshita as he looks for the Scorpion Deathlock…but this gets stopped when Callis tries to get after him with a baseball bat! Jericho catches Hobbs with a Walls of Jericho and Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock…but Starks intervenes!

And so does Big Bill! Darby runs in, sending the big man out of the ring before nailing him with a dive through the ropes! Sammy heads into the ring looking for a dive…but Ricky gets him with a spear and the cover! BUT SAMMY KICKS OUT!

Ricky goes for it again but Guevara fights out before hitting GTH on Starks! Sammy up top now, sizing Starks up for a shooting star press that gets him the pin and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Sting, Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Darby Allin

Moments later, Sting gets a show of appreciation from the Long Island crowd for his storied career, even getting to embrace superfan Vlad in the front row.

Video Package: Julia Hart defends the TBS Championship against Abadon at Worlds End!

Back at ringside, Abadon makes their way to the ring for our next match as the House Rule chosen by the challenger is revealed…and biting is legal! Out next is the TBS Champion herself as Julia Hart heads to the ring before this match gets underway!

AEW TBS Championship Match: Julia Hart (c) defends against Abadon

The champion and challenger stare each other down to start things off, with Julia doing her best to evade Abadon to chants of “this is spooky” from the crowd…and Abadon takes the champion down! Julia in the corner as Abadon lays in the attack some more, sending the champ down for a nearfall!

Julia starts to fight back until the challenger turns it right back around…only for the champ to catch Abadon for the cover! BUT THE CHALLENGER KICKS OUT!

Both competitors back to their feet now before locking up…with the champ getting the upper hand with a takedown! Hart stays on the attack, wearing Abadon down before sending them out of the ring. Julia gives chase, sending the challenger into the apron and following with a snap suplex sending Abadon to the floor!

Julia heads back to the ring as the count begins, but Abadon slowly makes their way to the ring to break the count…only to be knocked back down by the champ! Abadon is now back in the ring but Julia stays in control, sending the challenger into the ropes taking advantage of no rope breaks in this House Rules match. The champ finally lets up as she looks for her next attack, but Abadon manages to fight back…until Julia grabs their arms, driving the knee into the back!

And the challenger fights back with a big bite! And again! Taking advantage of the allowed rule here as they get back into it, sending Julia to the corner before hitting a running knee strike! Cover by Abadon here, but the champ kicks out!

Abadon heads to the corner but is intercepted by Hart, who connects with a superplex for the cover…only for Abadon to kick out this time!

Julia blindsides the challenger with a lariat from the ropes, before locking in the Hartless! Abadon can’t use the ropes to escape, but instead they get the champ on her shoulders for a nearfall! Julia gets dropped down by the challenger now, who hits a running knee for the cover…BUT JULIA KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Abadon heads up the turnbuckle where they get intercepted by Julia…only for the challenger to take a bite out of her to send her away! But Skye Blue comes out from under the ring to knock her off the turnbuckle! Abadon doesn’t take kindly to this, going under the ring to pull Skye out for retribution! Knee strike by Abadon lays out Blue…but Julia catches them from behind, before sending the challenger into the steel steps!

The champ slams Abadon’s head against the steps repeatedly for extra damage before Hart sends them back into the ring. Julia goes up top, hitting a big moonsault with a knee drop of sorts to get the pin and the win to retain!

Winner via pinfall and still TBS Champion: Julia Hart

Skye Blue heads into the ring to raise Julia’s arm in victory as we go to…

Video Package: A look back at the beef between Adam Copeland and Christian Cage, leading to former best friends colliding in a No DQ match for the TNT Championship at Worlds End!

Back at ringside, Adam Copeland makes his way to the ring for our next match! Out next is the TNT Championship, but he is cut off by an enraged Adam Copeland on the stage! In the midst of all this fighting, the match gets underway!

AEW TNT Championship No Disqualification Match: Christian Cage (c) defends against Adam Copeland

It’s all Copeland now as he brings Cage to ringside, sending the champ into the barricade and then into the announce table. He finally brings Cage back into the ring amidst chants of “TLC” from the crowd!

Cage tries to escape Copeland’s wrath, making his way up through the crowd…only for the Rated R Superstar to catch him, sending him into a guardrail before climbing up for a massive dive to the champ! The action slowly makes its way back to ringside as Copeland stays on the attack on the trip down, Cage still trying to get away from the challenger as they get to ringside…only for Copeland to come leaping off the barricade to take the champ down!

Cage is sent back into the ring as Copeland follows him, going back on the attack in the corner before mounting up for a series of punches. He backs off for a spear, but Cage sends him to the outside! Cage slams Copeland’s head against the steel steps and follows up with a stomp on his neck before bringing him back in the ring for the cover…BUT ADAM KICKS OUT!

Copeland is in a bad way as Cage leaves the ring, grabbing a kendo stick before going back in the ring to crack it against the back of the Rated R Superstar! He follows up with another one, wearing the challenger down as he berates him on the ropes. Copeland falls down to the canvas where Cage drives the stick into his neck before going for the cover…BUT THE CHALLENGER KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Cage continues the attack as he asks Nick Wayne to grab a pair of chairs, using one to wallop Copeland before setting it up across his back to pose…and then for a modified Boston crab! Copeland finally fights out of it, but the champ goes right back at it before Nick gives Cage a steel rod…but Copeland drops him down before he can use it!

And now he’s got the kendo stick, whacking away at the champ in retaliation! Copeland follows up with a crossface, the champ looking like he might be fading…until he gets the rod! But Adam grabs it from him, using it to add eve more damage until Cage pulls himself out of the hold using the ropes.

Copeland goes looking for a new weapon under the ring…and his weapon of choice is a ladder! The crowd chant “TLC” as Copeland slides the ladder in before setting it up in the corner. Copeland grabs Cage, hoisting him into the ladder in the process! Cage manages to grab a kendo stick and uses it to fight back now, before taking Adam down with a reverse DDT.

Cage sets the ladder up before climbing it, but Copeland intercepts him where they trade strikes before the Rated R Superstar goes for a superplex…but to no avail! Cage fights back, hitting a sunset flip powerbomb that sends the challenger down hard into the canvas! Cage with the cover…BUT IT LEADS TO COPELAND WITH THE KICKOUT!

Cage rolls out of the ring, as Nick assists him in getting a table out from under the ring. They set the table up before Cage hops up on the apron, where he gets Copeland to his feet…but Copeland fights off a suplex attempt, hitting the ropes for a spear! But Nick pulls Cage out of the way!

Copeland stops short before going after the champ with a chair, hitting him hard before bringing Cage back in for an Impaler DDT onto the chair! Copeland sets Cage up on the chair now, grabbing another one as he looks for a Conchairto on his old friend…but Wayne pulls the chair out of his hands! Copeland’s distraction leads to him getting hit from behind by the champ, and rolled up for a nearfall!

Cage sets a table up in the corner now before looking for a spear…but Copeland leapfrogs him! Adam throws a couple chairs at the champ before connecting with a spear of his own, sending Cage through the table before going for the cover! BUT SHAYNA WAYNE PULLS THE REF OUT TO BREAK THE COUNT UP!

Copeland goes after her on the outside, but Nick blindsides him with the TNT Championship before hitting a Wayne’s World off the apron! Nick sends the challenger back into the ring where Cage hits a Killswitch before getting the cover…BUT COPELAND KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!

Cage rolls out of the ring, as he and Nick reach in under the stairs…pulling out a lighter and some lighter fluid! Cage douses the table in the lighter fluid before sliding back into the ring, as Nick sets the table ablaze…only for Copeland to hit a spear on Cage! Copeland fights off Nick as the fire goes out on the table…but the challenger adds more fuel for the potential fire, lighting it back up before sending Nick through it with a powerbomb!

Copeland goes back in the ring where Cage goes to attack him with the TNT Championship…but takes a low blow! Copeland hits a Killswitch on Cage, and gets the pin and the win to become the new TNT Champion!

Winner via pinfall and new TNT Champion: Adam Copeland

Copeland celebrates with the title but not for long, as Killswitch (fka Luchasaurus) blindsides him! Killswitch takes the new champ to task as he sets up a steel chair before launching Copeland into the chair with a big chokeslam…and showing that he’s got his contract for the title shot ready to go!

Cage rushes into the ring, demanding Killswitch give him the contract for the title shot instead. After some hesitation, Cage whispers something into his ear…something that gets Killswitch to give up the contract! Killswitch leaves the ring as Cage demands this match get started…and the bell rings!

TNT Championship: Adam Copeland (c) defends against Christian Cage

And all it takes here is a single spear from Cage, who covers Copeland to get the pin and the win and reclaim the title!

Winner via pinfall and new TNT Champion: Christian Cage

Cage regroups with his crew on the ramp as Copeland is left alone in the ring, wondering what just happened as medics check on him.

Video Package: The history between Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston, and the highlights of the Continental Classic leading to our final match here at Worlds End!

Back at ringside, Eddie Kingston makes his way to the ring for our Continental Classic Tournament Final! Out next is Jon Moxley, heading through the crowd toward ringside before this match gets underway!

AEW Continental Classic Tournament Final: Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston

Both men circle the canvas, the crowd firmly behind Kingston as the competitors go at it. Kingston with a couple strikes on Mox, who backs away to take a break before locking up. Kingston with a waistlock before Mox breaks away from it, and the action heads to the ropes where the break is forced.

Mox goes after Kingston now as they get back to their feet, but Eddie catches him with a jab. The two lock up again until Kingston backs out, and we reach a standstill here. Test of strength between Mox and Kingston now, with neither man giving an inch…before Mox hits a takedown and a kick for good measure!

Kingston back to his feet, getting some shots of his own in on Mox before they start having words for each other…and those words turn to chops, followed by a side headlock from Kingston. Mox hits the ropes, but can’t take Eddie down here. We go back to a trade of strikes between Mox and Kingston, until Eddie hits an enziguri that sends Mox to the apron…followed by a dive through the ropes, sending both men to the floor outside!

Mox gets sent back into the ring as Eddie goes in, only to be taken down with a suplex before sending Kingston out of the ring…and goes outside to hit a Paradigm Shift driving Eddie’s head into the floor! Ref checks on Eddie as Mox heads back into the ring, and the count begins before Eddie gets back in the ring.

Kingston is met with a set of kicks from Mox, but Eddie fights back to his feet before sending Mox to the corner with some chops…only for Jon to pull at his face to send him away! Jon follows up with a piledriver and a cover…BUT EDDIE MANAGES TO KICK OUT!

Mox looks to switch it into an STF, but Kingston takes a bite out of Mox to get out of the hold! Eddie back on his feet as he and Mox go back at it trading blows…and a chop takes Mox to his knees, prompting him to ask for a moment to regroup! Mox back to his feet now, and we’re right back where we started as they trade chops once again…with Mox sent reeling to the ropes!

Another exchange now before Mox hits the ropes, but Eddie stops him trying to knock him down before hitting an exploder suplex on Mox! Mox is firing up…but feels the effects of the earlier attack, giving Eddie a chance to take him down!

Mox heads to the corner, but is cut off by Kingston who hits a series of chops before Jon escapes…but Kingston follows right behind him! This continues across a third turnbuckle before Eddie drops Mox with a DDT…only for Mox to hit a cutter!

Kingston with a Hurriken in response! And Mox with a King Kong lariat right back at him! Mox takes Kingston down but only gets a nearfall…and Eddie goes for a Bulldog Choke on Mox! He transitions to a hammer and elbow, staring down Danielson who is at commentary before locking in another Bulldog Choke…which gets reversed by Mox!

Mox has a Bulldog Choke in on Kingston, who gets his back to the canvas to try and fight out of the hold. Kingston is fading as the ref checks on him…but he keeps his arm up showing he’s got fight left in him! Mox has the choke still locked in, but Eddie makes it to the ropes to force a break.

Eddie heads to the corner as Mox charges at him, only to be dropped down as Kingston goes for the cover…BUT MOX KICKS OUT!

Northern Lights Bomb by Eddie who covers Mox again…BUT AGAIN, MOX KICKS OUT!

Eddie keeps on the attack until Mox hits a lariat to lay Kingston down to the canvas, but Mox looks just as hurt as the standing count begins. Both men slowly get to their knees as they trade strikes again, before Eddie falls to his back on the canvas. Mox back on his feet, taunting Eddie before both men are back up and firing off strikes…until Eddie hits a Hurriken! Cover by Kingston…and he gets the pin and the win!

Winner via pinfall and inaugural Continental Crown Winner: Eddie Kingston

Kingston is given the two titles he’s put on the line throughout the tournament, before being presented with the AEW Continental Championship by the ref to celebrate his Triple Crown victory! The crowd chant “you deserve it” as Mox gets back to his feet…and gives his old friend a hug before leaving the ring to let Kingston get his moment to shine.

Video Package: Things have been reaching a fever pitch between Samoa Joe and MJF, who has the looming threat of a Devil over his shoulder as he defends the AEW World Championship tonight at Worlds End!

Back at ringside, Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring for our main event! Up next we get a video hyping up MJF, a group of Long Islanders declaring him “our scumbag” before the champion makes his way out, getting a huge pop from his hometown crowd in the process!

But before we get ring introductions, Adam Cole’s music hits as the now-former ROH Tag Champion makes his way down to the ring on crutches. Cole offers the champ some words of encouragement as we get our ring introductions for the challenger and the champion…and our main event gets underway!

AEW World Championship Match: MJF (c) defends against Samoa Joe

The two men circle the canvas before MJF does a strut, and then they lock up…and Joe shoves Max toward the corner! MJF backs into the ropes to stop him, getting a thumb in his eye to turn things around. But not for long, as Joe slams him down hard into the canvas!

Joe sends him back to the corner before laying in some hard stomps, wearing the champ down as the crowd shows their feelings for the challenger…who just smirks before hitting an elbow drop on MJF! Joe goes after the injured shoulder now as MJF fights back to his feet, hitting a chop to ward off the challenger…who drops MJF down with a big boot and an elbow drop!

Joe keeps on the attack until the champ rolls him up for a nearfall, turning the tide in his favor as he looks for a Kangaroo Kick…only for Joe to hit a monkey flip sending him to the ropes! MJF hangs on, looking to skin the cat to get back in…but gets knocked off by the challenger with a dropkick instead!

Joe follows up with a big dive through the ropes, keeping the champ down on the floor outside! Joe brings the champ back into the ring, keeping on top of things before going for the cover…BUT MJF KICKS OUT!

Joe doesn’t quite let up after this however, taking the champ down with suplexes before going for another cover…but again, the champ kicks out!

The action heads to the apron as the two men go at it, with Joe looking for a muscle buster…before driving the champ down onto the apron with massive impact! MJF looks out as Joe sends him back into the ring for the cover…BUT THE CHAMP STILL HAS FIGHT LEFT IN HIM, AS HE KICKS OUT ONCE AGAIN!

MJF ends up in the corner as Joe continues the attack, before Max starts to fight back from the turnbuckle. He leapfrogs the challenger before hitting a rolling elbow…and drives Joe’s face into the turnbuckle repeatedly! Max starts mounting him up for punches in the corner now, before taking a bite out of the challenger’s head! The ref admonishes him for it as MJF steps back, looking for another Kangaroo Kick…but Joe stops him with a boot!

Joe’s up on the turnbuckle now, but the champ fights back to set Joe up on his shoulders…only to drop under the weight of the challenger instead! MJF heads to the corner, stopping Joe from an attack before hitting a double stomp on the arm of the challenger! Heat Seeker from the champ now as he goes for the cover…BUT NOW IT’S JOE WHO KICKS OUT!

Joe heads to the apron as Max looks for another Heat Seeker, but Joe fights out of it…only for the champ to go after his arm for Salt of the Earth! MJF manages to get it locked in with Joe’s athletic tape, but Joe rolls out to reverse it before locking in an armbar of his own on the champ!

MJF is struggling as he inches toward the ropes, reaching for the ropes before finally getting it to break the hold! Joe stares the champ down as Cole tries to cheer MJF on from ringside…but Joe is back on his feet, and he brings the champ back up as well. Max tries to fight out but gets caught with a choke until MJF sends him into the corner, dropping the ref in the process!

Max smiles at the chance to take a shortcut, but Joe kicks him…only to get a low blow from the top turnbuckle by the champ! MJF has him up on his shoulders for a fireman carry slam, driving the challenger into the canvas! MJF crawls over for a cover as the ref finally comes to, before making the count…BUT JOE MANAGES TO KICK OUT ALL THE SAME!

Max calls to Cole to give him the ring…but this lets Joe cinch in a rear naked choke! MJF fights it back for a nearfall before Joe gets the choke locked in tight! MJF is scrambling as he looks for a way to escape!

The ref checks his arm, lifting it up once…and twice…and the arm drops a third time onto the leg of Joe! The ref seems confused for a split second, but calls for the bell!

Winner via submission and new AEW World Champion: Samoa Joe

Joe is presented with the belt before celebrating briefly, only to go up the ramp as a shocked crowd can’t seem to figure out how to react. The ref and Cole check on MJF now, with the now-former champ looking dejected as Cole tries to reassure him after the end of this match. The crowd are showing their disdain for how things went as MJF finally gets to his feet, only for the Devil’s masked men to show up at ringside!

Cole looks ready to fight alongside MJF as the men rush into the ring! Cole tries to stop them from attacking MJF, and MJF is trying to save his best friend until the lights cut out….and when they come back on, Cole is sitting in the chair instead!

The masked men unveil themselves…and it’s Roderick Strong, The Kingdom, and Wardlow! The men go after MJF allowing Wardlow to hit a massive powerbomb as Cole pulls out the Devil’s mask! He lays it on the chest of the fallen MJF, standing as tall as he can alongside his henchmen as the final AEW PPV event of 2023 comes to a close.

AEW Worlds End Quick Results:

  • All Star Eight Man Tag Team Match: Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Mark Briscoe, & Daniel Garcia def. Jay White, Brody King, RUSH, & Jay Lethal
  • Miro def. Andrade El Idolo
  • AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Toni Storm def. Riho to retain
  • Swerve Strickland def. Dustin Rhodes
  • Eight Man Tag Team Action: Sting, Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara & Darby Allin def. Ricky Starks, Big Bill, Konosuke Takeshita & Powerhouse Hobbs
  • AEW TBS Championship Match: Julia Hart def. Abadon to retain
  • AEW TNT Championship No Disqualification Match: Adam Copeland def. Christian Cage to win the title
  • AEW TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage def. Adam Copeland to win the title
  • AEW Continental Classic Tournament Final: Eddie Kingston def. Jon Moxley to become a Triple Crown Champion
  • AEW World Championship Match: Samoa Joe def. MJF to win the title

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So there you have it…the final PPV of the year for AEW, and what a show it was at Worlds End! Thanks for reading, have a lovely New Year, and we’ll see you on Wednesday for the fallout from Worlds End on the first Dynamite of 2024!