Report: Update on WrestleMania 40 situation with Roman/Rock/Rhodes

Fightful Select has reported new information regarding the uncertainty behind the WrestleMania 40 situation between Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and The Rock.

Addressing the possibility that the situation may be an “elaborate work,” the report states that many involved parties were unaware as of last Friday, noting further that as of last week the creative direction is pointed toward Rhodes facing Seth Rollins.

Other reports have indicated that several in creative were made aware of Rock/Reigns match the day of the Royal Rumble, with merchandise already produced to promote it.

Some sources have claimed that Rhodes expressed concerns to WWE about the potential reaction to his being pulled from the intended WrestleMania match but still “somberly” went through with the segment as seen on SmackDown.

There is a belief that the moment of Rock whispering something into Cody’s ear had something to do with their fathers, with the Fightful Select report reiterating the two have a great relationship.

WWE has, per the report, been closely monitoring reactions with future options being discussed following the response to the SmackDown segment.