WWE reportedly suing Texas Attorney General over release of bidding contract

Wrestlenomics has reported that WWE filed a complaint on February 16 against the Texas Attorney General to prevent the release of an agreement between the company and the City of San Antonio.

WWE claims the agreement, a bidding contract for Royal Rumble 2023, is a trade secret containing proprietary information that fits an exemption in the state’s public information law.

This is the latest development in the ongoing situation, which saw city officials being granted an exemption from the Attorney General’s office in April 2023, only for the decision to be revised last month due to WWE failing to provide “specific factual evidence demonstrating the information at issue is confidential” under state law.

Wrestlenomics has noted that these records were eligible for public records request because the Alamodome, the venue from which Royal Rumble 2023 emanated, is owned and operated by the city government.