AEW Collision and Battle of the Belts X Results – 4/13/24

AEW Collision and Battle of the Belts X Results
April 13, 2024
Truist Arena in Highland Heights, KY
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go right to the intro, as Saturday night is alright for fighting!

Inside the arena the pyro goes off as Tony Schiavone as Daddy Magic and Tony Schiavone are at ringside near the crowd. Nigel is on assignment. They start with the recap of Jon Moxley winning the IWGP World Championship in Chicago on Friday night. Mox is set for Wednesday’s Dynamite.

We go to Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli backstage talking about Claudio winning the IWGP Title…Claudio talks about the Don Callis motivational speech. Danielson says Callis doesn’t appear to have much faith in Claudio and Danielson. Claudio then says people all around the world see how successful BCC…Claudio says its the work behind the cameras that nobody sees…Danielson says hurting BCC won’t fly tonight and that violence is their speciality…it will be seen tonight, Wednesday and at Dynasty.

The lights go out as we get ready for first match of the night. The lights partially come up at the stage area, as the House of Black make their way out to the ring. Bobby Cruise is the ring announcer again this week.

The music for Top Flight hits next as Dante Martin, Matt Sydal and Action Andretti come out and head to the ring. The commentary team say that Darrius is getting his pilot license, which is why he is not here tonight.

House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews) vs. Dante Martin, Action Andretti and Matt Sydal

The bell rings as Buddy and Action start off. Buddy grabs the arm Action and twists it. Action reverses it, as Buddy tries to counter the hold. Action grabs the wrist of Buddy, but he takes down Action and puts him in a headlock. Action breaks the hold and comes back with a big dropkick on Buddy. He gets up and tosses Action out of the ring. Matt Sydal is tagged in and takes down Malakai who was tagged in. Dante and Action are in as Black drops Dante…Action pushes Black as he tags in Brody King, who takes down Action and then hits a double clothesline on Dante and Matt. Brody chops Action across the chest. Action attempts a spring board, but is caught as Buddy Matthews distracts the ref so Black could kick Action. King sends Action to the outside and then tosses him back in the ring. Buddy is in the ring and nails Action with a huge running pump kick. Buddy covers Action for just a two count. Buddy keeps Action from getting a tag, but Action makes his way to tag Matt Sydal who takes down Matthews…Malakai is tagged in, but he is met with a big kick from Sydal. Black and Matthews double Sydal as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Buddy tags in King who goes to the floor and grabs Sydal, tossing him into the barricade. The crowd barks as he picks up Sydal and then chops him hard before sending him back in the ring. King picks up Sydal and scoops him up and slams him down. King tags in Black who runs and kicks Sydal in the back of the head. Black has Sydal down on the mat in a headlock. Black picks up Sydal and tags in Buddy, who drops Sydal…

Back from picture-in-picture: Matthews strikes the back of Sydal…Sydal is up and drops Buddy, who rolls to the floor. Both men are down as the ref begins the ten count. Sydal is crawling…Dante is tagged in! Black is tagged in! Dante takes flight and hits Black with a crossbody. Dante goes to the top rope, but he tumbles as King distracts him. Black is up, but Dante kicks him and then covers him, but Black kicks out at two! Dante tags in Action who picks up Black, but its countered with a knee…Action dives through the ropes, taking out Matthews on the outside…Action then hits Black with a big moonsault on the floor…Brody King is tagged in…as HOB triple team Action, its stopped by Dante and Sydal…Black kicks Sydal in the back of the head…King drops Action, but Dante comes off the top to stop the pin attempt by King on Action. We get this awesome chants…King is triple teamed…as Black and Matthews are on the outside…King recovers and takes out Sydal…King hits Sydal with a big cannonball in the corner and pulls him to the center of ring for the pin.


(The action in this match was all over the place at times…it was hard to keep up with every detail).

Lexi Nair is backstage with Storm, May and Luther…they trash talk AZM. Storm says she will give AZM a beating…


Back from the break, we get a recap of an argument between Chris Jericho and Hook. Jericho finds Taz backstage and talks with him and says he wants to explain what is right with Hook. Jericho says Hook won’t return calls…Taz says he will try to talk to Hook, but he is his own man. Wednesday Taz will hold a meeting between Jericho and Hook.

The music of Katsuyori Shibata hits as he makes his way out to the ring.

Lee Moriarty is out next with Shane Taylor and Anthony Ogogo.

Lee Moriarty vs. Katsuyori Shibata

The bell rings as we get a test of strength. Ogogo joins commentary for this match. Shibata takes down Lee and tries to cover Lee who kicks out at two. Lee kicks Shibata and then then takes him down and puts Shiabata in a headlock. Shibata gets out of the hold as Shibata grabs the arm of Lee who reverses the hold…Shibata grabs the leg Lee as then attempts a leg lock…Shibata has the ankle of Lee locked up. Lee makes his way to the ropes to break the hold. Shibata attempts to grabs the leg of Lee as he rolls to the floor. Shibata follows as Ogogo leaves the commentary table and punches Shibata as the ref was distracted by Shane Taylor. Lee rolls in the ring as Shibata is on the floor. The ref begins the ten count as Shibata tries to get up…Shibata is able to roll in the ring as Lee covers Shibata for only a two count…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Lee has Shibata in an arm lock. Lee covers Shibata who kicks out at two. Shibata hits Lee with a right hand, but Lee fires back sending Shibata to the mat and then the floor. Shibata is holding his side, where he was punched by Ogogo…

Sling TV gives me a full commercial break at this point in the match.

Back from the full break, Shibata rolls back in the ring. Lee chops Shiabata who is fired up…the chops on Shibata have no affect. Shibata has Lee in the corner and then hits Lee with big rights, jabs and chops as Lee falls to the mat. Shibata then hits a big running drop kick on Lee in the corner. Shibata delivers a big snap suplex on Lee and then makes a pin attempt, but Lee kicks out! Shibata has Lee locked up as Lee makes his way to the ropes to break the hold. Shibata picks up Lee and drops him to the mat. Lee then fires back with knee lift on Shibata, who kicks Lee with a huge pump kick. Lee attempts a suplex on Shibata, but he reveres its, slaps Lee and then kicks him hard and covers him to get the win.


After the match, Shane Taylor hits the ring and takes out Shibata. Hook’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. Hook takes out Lee and then Shane stares down Hook…Shane walks away, as these two will meet later tonight on Battle of the Belts X with Hook putting the FTW Title on the line.

We go to a video package with Athena defending the ROH Women’s World Title at ROH Supercard of Honor…then Billie Starkz winning the ROH Women’s TV Title.

Lexy Nair is backstage with Athena and Billie Stark who is the new ROH Women’s TV Champion. Athena says she is the best champion in wrestling and she will make an example out of Red Velvet at Battle of the Belts later tonight.


Back from the break, Lexy Nair is with the Undisputed Kingdom. Lexy asks about Wardlow giving the group success…Roderick Strong interrupts her and says the credit should go to him and later tonight he will defeat Rocky Romero on the show called a Beating Of A Lifetime…

Daniel Garcia’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring.

Angelico is out next as he makes his way to the ring.

Daniel Garica vs. Angelico

The bell rings and we are underway…Both men lock up as Angelico has Garcia locked up, but Garcia breaks the hold and takes down Angelico. Garcia snaps down Angelico and attempts to pin him, but he kicks out a two. As Angelico is up, Garcia drops him with a leg sweep. Garcia sends Angelico to the ropes…Angelico fires back and hits Garcia and then drops him and kicks him in the side of the leg. Angelico has Garcia in the corner and puts a boot to the face. Angelico picks up Garcia and drops him. Garicia is up and then grabs the legs of Angelico and applies a figure-four leg lock…Angelico reverses it, but then Garcia turns it back around. Angelico and Garcia rolls to the ropes to break the hold…we get some foot fighting before both men are up…Angelico kicks Garcia in the back of the knee and then gets nailed with a big right hand by Angelico…Garcia fires back and takes down Angelico…Garcia suplexes Angelico. Garcia hits Angelico with a big forearm shot…Garcia then pounds away on Angelico…Garcia slaps Angelico and takes him down with a belly to back suplex…Garcia locks the leg of Angelico and pulls on the leg as Angelico quickly taps out!


We go to the video package from Dynamite with Kazuchika Okada calling out PAC as FTR came in to make the save, but were taken out by the Bucks.

We go backstage with PAC who thanks Okada for hitting him over the head with a big lump of steel…PAC says he has a headache to remind everyone who he is…he says is not flavor of the month. PAC tells Okada he is crap and that is he better. PAC says next Sunday he is going to relish the opportunity in front of the entire world…

Toni Storm’s music hits as she makes her way out with Mariah May and Luther. AZM is out next with Anna Jay.

AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Match: “Timeless” Toni Storm (c) vs. Stardom’s AZM

The bell rings as we are underway. Both women lock up. Storm hits AZM who falls to the mat…Storm laughs…both women lock up again as AZM nails Storm who laughs it off. AZM fakes a punch and stomps on the foot of Storm. AZM takes down Storm with a leg sweep and as Storm tries to get up, she drop kicks Storm. AZM puts the boot to face of Storm and stomps on her head and then double stomps on her gut. AZM is in the ropes and Storm is up and takes out AZM who drops to the floor. Jay and May are fighting on the floor and fight to the back. AZM then sends Storm to shoulder first to the steel steps. AZM then kicks Storm in the face as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Storm in back in the ring as AZM chops her in the chest. AZM goes to grab Storm, but Storm uses the ropes to take down AZM…Storm recovers and sends AZM to the mat. Storm picks up AZM by the hair and tosses her across the ring. AZM is down as Storm kicks her in the back of the head. Storm picks up AZM and drops her on her back. Storm covers her, but AZM kicks out at two! Storm has AZM in a headlock as the ref checks on her. AZM gets a foot to the bottom rope to break the hold. Storm stomps on AZM and then picks her up…

Back from Picture-In-Picture: Storm slaps AZM who tries to come back, but its not enough. Both women exchange blows. AZM connects with a spin kick to the head of Storm…AZM then hits another spin kicks on Storm…AZM charges at Storm but then grabs her and suplexes her…AZM is up on the top rope…AZM comes down with a shotgun drop kick to the side of the head of Storm…AZM covers Storm for only a two count…Storm recovers and picks up AZM and drops her hard…Storm covers AZM, but she kicks out at two! AZM then rolls up Storm who kicks out at two! Storm then delivers a German Suplex on AZM…Storm then hits AZM with a hip attack, followed by a Storm Zero for the pin.


After the match, Mariah May is back out with champagne and Toni hugs May, who then falls to her feet. Both women head to the back as Luther follows.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Red Velvet about her match…Velvet says he is high profile and lets stir up the pot…Red says she will show everyone why it was a mistake to come into her house.


Back from the break, Mark Briscoe backstage says House of Black tries to strike fear into men…Mark says they need to be very afraid at Dynasty.

We go to the stage area with Tony Schiavone introducing Thunder Rosa. Rosa is out…Tony says Rosa never lost the Women’s Title and has a chance to redeem herself. She thanks the fans in the arena and then thanks the fans watching on TNT and TBS…she says she is here for a reason and does not need Deonna Purrazzo’s help. Rosa says she did things on her own…US citizenship, a social worker…She says AEW is where the best wrestle. She says Toni Storm has gone crazy. Rosa says her body could not carry her body and it had to heel. Rosa says that this Sunday she will win the title at Dynasty. Rosa says he will carry more than the title…She says that she will do it for the people…She says then says she will win the title for the women in the lock room and for respect as this is where the best wrestle. Rosa says you can’t kick what is already dead as she smears her face paint…Rosa says he will drag Storm’s soul to hell…

We go backstage with Deonna Purrazzo saying if Rosa doesn’t want her help she won’t help her. Deonna says she can make excuses why she is not champion…Deonna says next week she will get Mariah May and break her arm.

Tony Schiavone back at the commentary table says that Tony Khan has made the AEW World Tag Title Match, a ladder match.


Back from the break, Kyle Fletcher and Will Hobbs are backstage…Kyle says that Bryan Danielson will be a cake walk for Will Ospreay after tonight…Hobbs says tonight there will be fines…

Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli make their way out first. and make their way to the ring.

Powerhouse Hobbs is out next…followed by Kyle Fletcher. Both men make their way to the ring.

Blackpool Combat Club’s Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Don Callis Family’s Powerhouse Hobbs and Kyle Fletcher

We get a brawl as the bell rings. The action spills to the floor as Bryan takes out Kyle with a huge running knee. Claudio and Hobbs brawl up on the stage area…Claudio takes out Hobbs and he and Bryan double team Fletcher on the floor. Danielson and Claudio double team Hobbs on the floor…Danielson sends Fletcher over the barricade…Hobbs and Claudio are in the ring, exchanging blows. Claudio picks up Hobbs and slams him down. Claudio stomps on the gut of Hobbs. Claudio tries to pick up Hobbs who blocks it…Claudio is able to get Hobbs on the top rope as Danielson is tagged in and hits Hobbs with a big knee…Danielson has Hobbs’ leg. Claudio is tagged in…Hobbs rolls to the corner and tags in Fletcher who works on Claudio…Claudio fires back with a big elbow and then nails Fletcher with big right hands. Fletcher sends Claudio to the floor…Hobbs is off the apron distracting the ref as Fletcher takes down Claudio…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Fletcher rolls to the floor and tosses Claudio back in the ring. Fletcher has Claudio in the corner and hits him with shoulder blocks. Hobbs is tagged in. Hobbs hits Claudio and then has him in a headlock. Claudio tries to fight his way to make a tag, but Hobbs sends Danielson to the floor.

Sling TV gives me a full commercial break at this point in the match.

Back from the full break, Claudio and Fletcher are down. Fletcher is o the back of Claudio as Claudio tries to get to the corner. Fletcher applies a headlock on Claudio. The ref checks on Claudio. Claudio able to pick up Fletcher and drops him…Claudio makes the tag! Danielson is in and takes down Fletcher and sends Hobbs to the floor! Danielson kicks Fletcher who goes down! Danielson then kicks Fletcher in the chest as I lost count…Danielson then kicks Hobbs. Danielson leaps over the ropes as Hobbs catches Danielson on the outside, but Danielson gets out of the hold and sends Hobbs into the ring post and then hits him with a running knee. Fletcher then takes down Danielson, only to be taken out by Claudio. Claudio sends Hobbs into the barricade and then sends him over the barricade with big uppercut. Fletcher and Claudio are fighting on the floor in the audience area…as we go to another picture in picture break.

Picture-In-Picture: Danielson and Fletcher are in the ring. Fletcher picks up Danielson and drops him. Fletcher covers Danielson for only a two count! Fletcher mocks the fans as Danielson is down in the corner. Danielson rolls to the floor. Fletcher rolls out and chops Danielson and then mocks the fans again. Fletcher hits Danielson with another chop and jaws at Claudio. Danielson is back in the ring and rakes the eyes of Danielson. Fletcher then goes to the floor and pulls the mat, exposing the hard floor. Hobbs then pulls it as it had fallen back. Fletcher picks up Danielson, who then reverses it with a back body drop on Fletcher. Hobbs picks up Fletcher who makes it back in the ring. Fletcher has Danielson on the top rope. Both men are up on top! Danielson prevents a superplex and sends Fletcher onto the turnbuckle. Danielson is up as Hobbs grabs him. Claudio is in as both men fight, sending each other to the floor. Danielson then sends Fletcher to the mat with a huge suplex and cover Fletcher for a two…Danielson then locks in the LeBelle lock, but Hobbs comes in to break the hold. Hobbs is tagged in and picks up Danielson as Hobbs and Fletcher collide. Danielson tags in Claudio as he goes after Hobbs. Fletcher is in, but Claudio takes him out with big forearms. Claudio sends Fletcher to the floor…Hobbs staggers in the ring as Claudio picks up Hobbs for the big swing! Claudio applies a sharpshooter on Hobbs! Fletcher is back in and kicks Claudio who has the hold locked in! Danielson comes down and drops Fletcher…Claudio then hits Fletcher with a huge uppercut…Hobbs takes out Claudio as all four men are down…we get this is awesome chants.

All four men are back up with Fletcher and Danielson exchanging chops, with Hobbs and Claudio exchanging blows…Claudio picks up Hobbs and drops him with a big Death Valley Driver! Claudio covers Hobbs who kicks out at two! Claudio charges at Hobbs, but he doesn’t go down. Claudio then takes down Hobbs with a huge lariat…Claudio covers Hobbs who kicks out! Fletcher trips Claudio as Hobbs picks up Claudio and drops him with the world strongest slam. Hobbs covers Claudio, but Bryan breaks it up. Hobbs grabs a chair, but the ref takes it from him as Bryan kicks Hobbs, but Fletcher dives to the outside taking out Danielson. Fletcher and Hobbs clear the announce table. Claudio is on top of the table and takes out Fletcher and then sends him into the ring and drops him face first! Claudio covers Fletcher for the win!


After the match Konosuke Takeshita hits the ring, taking out BCC…Takeshita then drops Danielson with a big brain buster on the ramp way…for a moment I lost part of the feed, so this is all I got from this segment. Sorry everyone.

We are back as Battle of the Belts starts…Doc Sampson, Claudio and the refs are tending to Danielson on the ramp way.

We go backstage to Lexy Nair with Hook and Shibata. Lexy asks Hook about the match…Shibata, using his phone to speak English for him, says he will have Hook’s back tonight. Hook says he has the match on his own tonight.

Shane Taylor is out first with Anthony Ogogo. Hook’s music hits as the champion makes his way to the ring.

FTW Championship Match: Hook (c) defends against Shane Taylor

The bell rings and we are underway. Shane swings at Hook who ducks and jabs away on Shane. Hook tries to picks up Shane, but he can’t. Shane charges at Hook, who pulls the ropes, sending Shane to the floor. Hook nails Shane with big right hands and then knees to the gut of Shane, as the action continues on the floor. Hooks sends Shane back in the ring. Hook then jabs Hook and sends him down with a chop. The ref checks on Hook. Shane has Hook in the corner and chops him hard across the chest as Hook goes down. Shane picks up Hook and then chops him hard in the chest. Shane continues to work on Hook, who fights back with big jabs to the gut. Hook tries to pick up Shane, but can’t. Shane nails Hook and then headbutts him as Hook goes down. Shane picks up Hook and then chops him hard. Hook is down as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: The action is on the outside as Shane sends Hook into the steel steps. Shane then puts Hook on a chair and nails him with a big knee! Shane picks up Hook and slams him on the barricade. Shane then picks up Hook and rolls him back in the ring…

Back from picture in picture, Shane Taylor hits a big leg drop on Hook on the ring apron. Taylor picks up Hook and nails him in the chin. The ref checks on Hook. Taylor then nails Hook with repeated shots to the jaw. The ref checks on Hook who says he can continue. Taylor picks up Hook and sends him chest first into the top turnbuckle. Taylor charges at Hook who moves out of the way…Hook fires back and tries to takes down Taylor…Hook picks up Taylor and slams him! Hook does it again and covers Taylor for only a two count! Hook charges at Taylor, who picks up Hook and chokeslams Hook. Taylor then comes off the second rope, landing on Hook. Shane covers Hook – 1 – 2 – NO! HOOK KICKS OUT! Hook then is up and applies the Redrum on Taylor as Taylor tries to get out of the hold but Hook still holds on! Taylor falls to the mat as Hook is down, but Hook applies the redrum again as Taylor is out. The ref calls for the bell as the match is over.


We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Rocky Romero who asks Romero about Best Friends. Romero says he has no idea. Romero says he will defeat Roderick Strong. Kyle O’Reilly then comes in wishing Romero luck tonight.


Back from the break, the Undisputed Kingdom are out first. Wardlow and the ROH Tag Champs come down to the ring with Roderick Strong.

Rocky Romero’s music is up next as he makes he is way out and to the ring.

AEW International Championship Eliminator: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Rocky Romero

The bell rings as we are underway! Both men lock up as Strong has Romero now in an arm lock. Strong then takes down Romero with a side headlock. Romero reverses it, but Strong sends Romero down. Romero is up as Strong grabs Romero who then grabs the arm of Strong, but he fights back with a huge chop. Romero then sends Strong to the mat…Romero chops Strong, who then fires back with another chop. Both men exchange blows…Strong picks up Romero and hits him with a big backbreaker. Romero is up and fires back on Strong and puts a big boot to the face of Strong. Romero then hits Strong with a big running dropkick. Romero hits Strong with an uppercut, but Strong fires back with a chop. Strong goes to the outside as Romero hits Strong with a big shotgun dropkick, as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Both men are back in the ring, as Romero sends Strong down with a big right hand. Both men are on the apron…Strong pushes Romero into the ring post back first. Romero falls to the floor as Strong drops him on the barricade before sending him back in the ring. Romero is in the corner. Strong puts a big boot to the neck of Romero. Strong picks up Romero as he fights back with big chops, but its not enough as Strong picks him up for a big backbreaker. Strong then grabs the arms of Romero, who is back on his feet. Strong picks up Romero and slams him hard on the mat. Strong covers Romero, who kicks out at two…

Back from picture-in-picture: Strong has the arms of Romero locked up, who gets back on his feet and fires back at Strong with kicks to the chest. Romero then chops Strong and then hits Strong in the face with a big foot. Strong rolls to the floor…Strong makes his way back in as Romero drops Strong with a sliced bread. Romero covers Strong for only a two count. Strong recovers and chops Romero and then drop kicks him down. Strong covers Romero for just a two count! Romero then DDT’s Strong and covers him, but Strong kicks out at two! Both men are now on the top rope…Romero hits a sliced bread on Strong from the top rope! Romero is on the apron and heads to the top rope…Strong is up as Romero sends him down…Romero comes down, but is caught with a big knee to the face as Strong covers Romero for the win.


After the match Kyle O’Reilly comes in to check on Romero as Wardlow wipes out Romero, while Strong celebrates. O’Reilly goes after Wardlow, but Strong takes him out from behind.

We backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Serena Deeb. Deeb says the professor is at the Battle of Belts. Deeb says the Professor is sitting at number 3 in the rankings. Deeb then challenges Yuka Sakazaki to a match next week on Collision.


Back from the break, its time for our main event with Lexy Nair as the ring announcer for the match.

The ROH Women’s World Champion is out first with Billie Starkz. The graphic showed 49-0 for Athena, has held the title for 490 days.

Red Velvet’s music hits next as she makes her way out to the ring.

ROH Women’s World Championship Match: Athena (c) defends against Red Velvet

We get the handshake before the bell rings. Both women lock up to start the match. Athena has Red in the corner as the ref calls for the break. We get a clean break. Red locks up the arm of Athena who turns it into a headlock. Athena then puts Velvet in a headlock…hold is broken as Velvet takes down Athena and then puts Athena in a headlock…hold gets broken as Velvet hits Athena with a kick. Athena goes to the floor as Velvet then puts Athena on the apron. Athen picks up Velvet and drops her face first on the turnbuckle and then drops her on the apron as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Both women are back in the ring as Athena hits Velvet with a big running lariat in the corner. Velvet recovers and fires back, but Athena is too much for her and drops her to the mat. Athena kicks Velvet in the back and then picks her up by her hair. Athena kicks Velvet in the chest…Velvet fights back, but Athena then picks up Velvet for a big spinebuster.

Its at this point in the match, Sling TV gives me a full commercial break.

Back from the full commercial break, Velvet drops Athena and then nails the champ with double knees to the back of the head. Velvet covers Athena for just a two count. Athena picks up Velvet and slams her back first and then picks up Velvet again, but Velvet counters and rolls up Athena for only a two count! Athena then picks up Velvet and slams her down. Athena covers Velvet, but Velvet kicks out at two! Athena is up on the top rope as Velvet follows and sends Athena to the mat…Velvet then hits Athena with a big spin kick and then DDT’s Athena! Velvet covers Athena who kicks out at two! Velvet climbs to the top rope as Athena rolls to the floor. Velvet dives from the second rope as Athena catches Velvet and slams her hard on the floor! Athena then sends Velvet back down with a big pump kick. Athena picks up Velvet by the hair and sends her into the LED boards. Athena rolls Velvet back in the ring…Velvet rolls up Athena who kicks out at two! Athena then drops Velvet and comes down off the top rope with the O-Face! Athena covers Velvet to retain!


After the match, Billie Starkz and Athena pick up Velvet who nails Athena, but the numbers are too much. Queen Aminata’s music hits as she comes down to makes the save taking out Starkz with a headbutt and then Athena with a running air raid slam. The Queen picks up Velvet as the show goes off the air.