Report: Injury update on Rhea Ripley

Two reports have come in with an update on Rhea Ripley after a sustained injury forced her to drop the Women’s World Championship on WWE RAW this past Monday.

Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that the injury was a sprained AC joint, sustained during a brawl between Ripley and Liv Morgan on the 4/8 edition of RAW when the champion was thrown into a wall.

It was stated that such an injury takes anywhere from four to six weeks to regain mobility, and up to three months to be recovered enough to “be back ready to go.”

PWInsider has also confirmed that a chair shot from Morgan, despite being the subject of analysis and speculation on social media, was not the cause of the injury.

Per the report, the full recovery time has not been confirmed internally and will depend on whether or not surgery is needed in addition to physical therapy.

Ending her reign at 380 days upon vacating the title, Ripley issued a warning to whoever the new champ may be that she was “coming back for blood.”

The target of that warning could be determined as early as next week, as a new Women’s World Champion is set to be crowned on the 4/22 edition of RAW.