AEW Collision and Rampage Results – 4/27/24 (Special start time, former NXT Tag Team debuts)

AEW Collision and Rampage Results
April 27, 2024
Daily’s Place in Jacksonsville, Florida
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We have begin with a recap of AEW Dynasty. We now go live to the venue with Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness welcoming us to the show as Swerve Strickland’s music hits. The new world champion makes his way out with Prince Nana.

Prince Nana introduces Swerve as the man standing in front of us one hell of a wrestler as is none other than Swerve Strickland. We get big thank you Swerve chants. He grabs a mic and says what a week its been in AEW. He says we have a new TBS champion…Adam Cole can walk…we have Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay that took the house down. Swerve then talks about Jack Perry taking out Tony Khan, a guy who put all his faith in him. Swerve then talks about the Bucks hitting the TK driver on Tony Khan. Swerve says that he has done some bad things in AEW, but its a b—- move with what the Bucks and Perry did to Tony Khan. He says that the most important thing that happened this week was that he went into Dynasty and beat Samoa Joe. He says that the best in the world is who ever is holding the champion around his waste. He says that winning came with some sacrifices. He then went to his daughter who says she doesn’t really know who he is. Swerve then talks about all the events with his kids he missed. He then says what he can do it make up for lost time about making sure this was all worth it. Swerve then says he will have an open challenge and put the title on the line and says Jacksonville, its the Dynasty era with whose house…Claudio Castagnoli’s music hits as he makes his way out to the entrance area. Claudio makes his way to the ring and stares down the champ as he circles around him. Claudio grabs the mic and looks Swerve in the eyes and tell him he is on. Swerve then says he will see Claudio in whose house…Claudio then tells Swerve, the title will be his. It was then announced that Tony Khan has made the match official.

We go to the commentary table with Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness recapping The Elite and Jack Perry taking out Tony Khan towards the end of Dynamite. Tony Schiavone says that Tony Khan has severe neck and head injuries. Doctors have said that Khan can’t run the company on the road, but will have to run the company remotely. Nigel asks if the EVP’s will run the company on the road.

The music of Bang Bang Gang hits as the Unified World Trios champions make their way out to the ring as we get ready for out first match of the night.

The music of Top Flight is up next as Bobby Cruise introduces the team, along with Action Andretti. The challengers make their way to the ring.

AEW Unified World Trios Championship Match: Bang Bang Gang (Jay White, Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) defends against Top Flight (Darius Martin and Dante Martin) and Action Andretti

The bell rings as we are underway. Dante and White will start things off tonight. Both men lock up as White takes down Dante. Dante hits White with big chops in the corner. White tries to fight it off, but Dante continues to chop Dante. White takes down Dante, but as he gets up, White hits Dante with chops. Colten Gunn is tagged in and then Austin is tagged in, taking down Dante with a big knee lift. Austin tags in White and hits Dante in the mid-section and then chops him. Colten is tagged in and suplexes Dante and covers him for just a two count. Dante rolls to the floor and then comes back in and takes out White on the floor. Darius is tagged in and takes out Austin as Action Andretti comes in and leaps over the top, takes out Colten and White on the floor…We go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: White and Darius are back in the ring as White works on Darius and tags in Colten who works on Darius in the corner. Darius is on the floor as he gets triple teamed by the tag champs. White chops Darius as The Gunns are on the opposite side of the barricade. Darius hits the ring, but is grabbed by White…

Back from picture in picture, The Gunns prevent the tag, taking out Action and Dante. White then chops Darius, who fights back, but White hits him with a big chop. The Gunns are in, but Darius tags in Action Andretti taking down The Gunns and White, using the ropes as a spring board. Action kicks Colten with a kick and then takes down Austin with a Spanish Fly and covers him for only a two count! White and The Gunns are on the floor as Dante leaps over the ropes and takes out The Gunns and White on the floor. Colten pulls Dante to the floor. Colten distracts the ref as Action is up on the top turnbuckle. The Gunns causes Action to fall. White takes out Dante and then drops Darius. White then grabs Action, who kicks White with a pump kick, thrust kick and then drop kick! Action then gets caught with a bladerunner as White covers him to retain the titles.


We go to a video recap of The Young Bucks winning the AEW World Tag Team Titles at Dynasty with the help of Jack Perry.

Back in the arena, we get the music of Saturday night’s alright for fighting as Rey Fenix will be in action next after the commercial break.


Back from the break, we get a vignette with House of Black saying that the match at Dynasty went exactly how it was supposed to with Adam Copeland. Malakai says they accept the Cope open.

The music of Rey Fenix hits as he gets a standing ovation from the fans in Daily’s Place. Fenix last competed in AEW back in October of last year. Alex Abrahantes is with him.

The music of Beast Mortos is up next as he comes out and makes it to the ring.

Rey Fenix vs. The Beast Mortos

The bell rings as the Beast nails Rey with big chops as Fenix fights back. Mortos fights back and sends Fenix to the mat. Fenix then comes off the ropes with a big cross body, but is caught by Mortos…Mortos then powerslams Fenix, who then rolls to the floor. Mortos then runs and spins through the ropes, taking down Fenix. Mortos is back in the ring as Fenix rolls back in. Fenix kicks Mortos, but he comes back and spikes Fenix, sending him face first to the mat. Mortos then nails a huge lariat on Fenix as he attempted to get up. Mortos covers Fenix, who kicks out at two! Mortos grabs the leg of Fenix and then twists it as Fenix had a hip injury last year. Mortos twists the legs of Fenix as he fights to get to the ropes. Fenix rolls over to the ropes to break the hold and then rolls to the floor. Mortos goes to the outside and then slaps Fenix in the face. Mortos then grabs the mask of Fenix and then breaks the count, going into the ring. Mortos then goes back to the floor and sends Fenix into the ring post. Mortos rolls Fenix into the ring and covers hims for only a two count. Mortos then attempts to rip the mask of Fenix off. Fenix tries to fight back, but Mortos comes back with a kick and then grabs the leg of Fenix and wraps it around the bottom rope…we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Mortos grabs the mask of Fenix again and attempts to take it off…Mortos and Fenix are on the ring apron, as Mortos sends Fenix face first on the steel steps. Mortos then sends Fenix into the barricade and again is trying to tear off his mask…Fenix and Mortos make it back in the ring as Mortos works on Fenix with kicks…


Back from the full commercial break, Mortos picks up Fenix, who fights out of it, but is nailed with a big headbutt by Mortos. Fenix tries to fight back…he comes back and kicks Mortos with a big kick and covers him for only a one count! We get lets go Fenix chants from the fans. Rey then kicks Mortos in the jaw. Fenix attempts to pick up Mortos, but can’t…Mortos falls back as Fenix covers him for only a two count. Fenix leaps and walks on the head of Mortos! Fenix then leaps again, but is caught with a big headbutt in the mid-section! Both men are down as the ref begins the ten count…Fenix sends Mortos to the floor. Fenix is up and leaps off the top turnbuckle landing on Mortos on the floor! Rey rolls Mortos back in the ring. Fenix leaps off the ropes and is caught by Mortos who slams Rey hard to the mat. Rey recovers and hits the ropes and spins around, but Mortos catches him and slams him hard to the mat…Mortos covers Fenix, who kicks out at two! Mortos charges at Rey, who hits him with several thrust kicks. Fenix then walks the ropes and kicks Mortos in the back of the head, followed by another thrust kick…Rey goes to the top and hits Mortos with a huge frog splash…Rey covers Mortos – 1 – 2 – NO! MORTOS KICKS OUT! Mortos then grabs Fenix who rolls him up and gets the pin! Rey then escapes through the crowd as the fans love it!


We go to a video package hyping up the parking lot fight later tonight on Rampage between Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor.

We go backstage with Orange Cassidy being interviewed by Arkady Aura about Trent. He says that he is afraid of what Trent and Chuck are going to do to each other. Kris Statlander comes in and says that Chuck needs them.

Rush’s music hits next as he makes his way to the ring. Martin Stone is already in the ring.

Rush vs. Martin Stone

The bell rings as we are underway…we get Rush chants from the fans. Rush quickly takes down Stone with a running knee. Stone hits the floor as Rush sends him into the barricade. Rush then hits Stone with big knees to the face. Rush then grabs a chair and tosses it into the ring. Rush then grabs a tv cable from under the ring and whips Stone with cables…Stone is sent back in the ring…Rush chops Stone and hits him with a running elbow shot. Stone is down and as he gets up, Rush nails him with a big right hand. Rush then follows up with a huge running drop kick to Stone who is down in the corner….Rush pulls Stone and covers him to get the win.


After the match, Rush continues the beatdown on Stone and hits him with a huge running drop kick that rocks the head of Stone who rolls to the floor.


Back from the break, we go to a recap of Anna Jay choking out Mariah May, followed by Serena Deeb.

We go backstage with Arkady Aura talking to Deeb who says that the message she is trying to send is that Toni Storm is a great champion and that she (Deeb) is undefeated. Deeb says that is now or never. She says that its time for her to become the AEW Women’s World Champion and that this is not a movie, but real life.

The music of the Women’s World Champion is up next as she comes out with Luther and Mariah May. Storm hits the ring.

Anna Jay’s music is up next as she makes her way out and heads to the ring. It was noted that Anna has picked up 59 wins in AEW.

AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm vs. Anna Jay

The bell rings as both women lock up. The hold is broken as both women lock up again. Storm then has Anna in a headlock. Anna breaks out of the hold and puts Storm in a headlock and takes down Storm, who breaks the hold. As both women are up, Storm kicks Anna in the mid-section…Anna recovers and takes down Storm with a hip attack…Storm is up and leaps and drops Anna to the mat. Storm grabs Anna and then drops her with a hip attack. Mariah May mocks Anna on the apron. Storm charges at Anna, who moves out of the way and hits Mariah May with a hip attack. Storm checks on May and then rolls in the ring, only to be dropped by a neck breaker by Anna…we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Storm recovers and kicks Anna and then puts a big boot to her face. Anna comes back and hits Storm with chops and then puts a knee to the throat of Storm in the corner. Anna then uses the second rope to choke Storm. Anna then hits Storm with a big right hand. Storm fire back with a big chop as Anna then hits Storm with a series of forearms to the face…

Back From Picture-In-Picture: Storm drops Anna with a backstabber and then picks her up and drops her with a DDT…the champ covers Anna who kicks out at two! Anna recovers and then drops the champ face first…Anna covers Storm who kicks out at two! Storm then picks up Anna and slam her down. Storm covers Anna, but she kicks out at two! Anna then grabs Storm and drops her face first and then applies the queenslayer on Storm in the center of the ring! Storm fights out of it and then drops Anna back first to the mat! Anna crawls to the corner as Storm nails her with a hip attack and then a storm zero to get the pin.


We get a backstage shot of the cars that are set up for the parking lot fight for tonight’s Rampage. Orange Cassidy comes in and hand Chuck Taylor a dog. He tells Orange that he wants to do this on his own.


Back from the break, The Grizzled Young Veterans are out first. The former NXT tag team make their way to the ring.

The Acclaimed’s music hits as they make their way out with Billy Gunn. We get a rap from Max Caster who says in his rap that The Acclaimed will send the Vets back to the Impact Zone.

Former NXT Tag Team The Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The Acclaimed

The bell rings as we get underway…Zack Gibson and Caster start things off. Both men lock up as Caster puts Drake in a headlock. Gibson gets out of the hold and tags in James Drake. Anthony Bowens is tagged as he and Drake go at it. Gibson is tagged in as he hits Bowens in the back who fires back with a suplex on Gibson. Bowens tags in Caster as he and Bowens double team Gibson. Gibson sends Bowens to the floor and then tags in Drake who uses Gibson as a launching pad to send The Acclaimed to the floor, as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: the Vets do to the floor as Gibson drops Caster on the apron. Gibson tosses Caster back in the ring and tags in Drake who hits Caster with a big flying elbow. Caster tries to make the tag, but is cut off by Drake who drags him to the center of the ring and puts him in a headlock. Caster fights out of it as both men are down.


Back from the full break, The vets double team Caster. Gibson grabs Caster to the floor as Drake leaps over the ropes and takes out Caster. Caster is back in the ring as Gibson has Caster in a headlock. Caster fights to try to make the tag. Drake is tagged in a cuts of Caster and the Vets double team Caster who rolls to Bowens to make the tag! Bowens takes down both Vets, sending Gibson to the floor. Caster makes a blind tag as The Acclaimed double team Drake. Caster scoops of Drake and drops him…Bowens hits Drake with a scissor me timber…Caster covers Drake who kicks out at two! Caster gets distracted as Gibson is in the corner…Drake hits a running drop kick on Caster. They toss Caster over the ropes who lands hard on the lights on the ramp area. Bowens is in and fights off both men. Gibson locks up Bowens and Drake hits him hard off the top rope…Drake covers Bowens who kicks out at two! The Vets trash talk Billy Gunn…Caster is back up and tags in Bowens who slams Drake…Caster comes off the top and hits Drake with a mic drop to get the pin.



Back from the break, we have a video package from two weeks ago with Katsuyori Shibata being taken out by Shane Taylor promotions. We then go backstage with Shibata being interviewed by Arkady Aura about his FTW Title Match coming up. He pulls his phone and says he will take down the learning tree at Dynamite. Daniel Garcia comes in and offers to fight Shane Taylor promotions with Shibata on Rampage.

Claudio Castagnoli’s music hits as the challenger is out first for our world title match. The music of the champion Swerve Strickland hits next as Prince Nana is out, followed by the champion.

Bobby Cruise does the introduction as we have a 60 minute time-limit.

AEW World Championship Match: Swerve Strickland defends against Black Pool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli

The bell rings as we are underway! Both me lock up as Claudio sends the champ to the corner. We get a clean break. Swerve grabs the leg of Claudio, but he takes down Swerve and puts him in a headlock. Swerve breaks the hold as we go into a test of strength. Claudio takes down Swerve as we get two one counts on the champion and then a two count. Both men hang onto each other as we get a series of two counts by the champion and challenger. Claudio attempts to stomp on the hand of Swerve, but he moves his hand out of the way. Both men do a little slap of the hands as a show of respect. As both men run the ropes, Claudio catches Swerve and connects with a back breaker. Swerve is on the ramp as Claudio follows. Both men are fighting on the ramp area. Swerve sends Claudio back in the ring. Swerve is up on the top rope and comes down and lands on Claudio. Swerve then drops Claudio with a reverse neck breaker. Swerve then connects again with a reverse neck breaker, using the middle rope. Claudio drops to the floor and then makes it up on the apron, only to be met by Swerve. Both men go back and forth with forearm shots. Claudio then pulls down on the neck of Swerve, but he kicks Claudio in the chest…Swerve is up on the apron…Claudio drops to the floor and picks up Swerve and tosses him into the stage area. Claudio then runs and hits Swerve with a big forearm as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Claudio chops Swerve and then hits him with big forearms. Claudio then has Swerve against the apron and hits him with big blows to the chest. Both men are back in the ring as Claudio picks up Swerve and drops him to the mat. Claudio puts Swerve in a headlock…Swerve fights back, but Claudio applies the headlocks again. Swerve tries to fight back…

Back from picture-in-picture: Swerve sends Claudio over the ropes. As Claudio is up on the apron, Swerve kicks Claudio…Swerve then hits Claudio with pump kick and sends Claudio back in the ring. Swerve then hits Claudio in the back of the head with a big elbow. Swerve then drops Claudio with a flatliner and covers him for only a two count! Swerve is fired up! Swerve hits Claudio with a big back hand chop. Swerve picks up Claudio, who comes back with a big uppercut on the champ…Swerve fights back and drops him on the mat. Claudio rolls to the floor. Swerve also rolls to the floor…Swerve charges at Claudio, but leaps on the stage and then connects on Claudio with a big moonsault from the top of the stage area. Claudio rolls back in the ring. Swerve is up on the top rope and lands on Claudio with a big 450! Swerve covers Claudio, but he kicks out at two! We get this is awesome chants! Claudio grabs the leg of Swerve and then stomps him in the mid-section. Swerve is up and is angry. Both men exchange uppercuts and forearms! Swerve then fires back with spin kicks…Claudio then nails Swerve as both men go down! Swerve picks up Claudio and slams him down! Swerve is up on the top rope. Swerve comes down with a huge stomp and covers Claudio – 1 – 2 – NO! CLAUDIO KICKS OUT! Swerve goes for the house call, but Claudio catches him for the giant swing! Claudio spins the champion multiple times and then applies a sharpshooter! Swerve tries to make it to the bottom rope…Claudio then grabs Swerve and applies the crossface in the center of the ring! Swerve rolls up Claudio for only a two count! Claudio then nails Swerve with big elbows to the head…Claudio then takes Swerve down with a big lariat! Claudio covers Swerve, who kicks out at two! Claudio picks up Swerve, who then spikes Claudio with a big DDT! Swerve is up and makes his way up to the top rope. Swerve comes down with a big stomp, but Claudio catches him and slams him down! Claudio covers Swerve – 1 – 2 – NO, THE CHAMP KICKS OUT! Claudio then hits Swerve with big uppercuts! Swerve then grabs Claudio and covers him for only a two count! Swerve then hits Claudio with a pump kick, but it has no affect…Swerve then connects with a big stomp, followed by a house call…Swerve covers Claudio to retain!


After the match, Swerve puts his hand out for a handshake. Both men shake hands as the show goes off the air.

We roll right into Rampage with a shot of the EverBank Stadium. Now we go to the parking lot…Daddy Magic joins commentary.

Parking Lot Fight: Trent Beretta vs. Chuck Taylor

Trent makes his way as Chuck was already waiting. Both men exchange punches. Chuck sends Trent into a car. Chuck has a trash can lid, but Trent kicks Chuck and picks him up and slams him the hood of the car. Trent then picks up the trash can lid and hits Chuck in the head. Trent opens up the hack of a car and grabs a trash can and slams in on the head of chuck as he is busted open. Chuck picks up Trent and slams him on the hood of a car. Both men are up on the top of a truck. Trent sends Chuck into a drywall sheet on the back bed of the truck. Chuck is bleeding heavily from the forehead. Trent hits Chuck with a trash can lid. Trent picks up Chuck and sets him up on the roof of a car. Trent then leaps from one car to another and hits Chuck with a big flying elbow, as we go to picture in picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Chuck is on the ground and Trent works on the busted open forehead of Chuck…

Back from Picture-In-Picture: Chuck sends a big flat screen tv at Trent…Chucks then sends Trent’s head into the tailgate of a truck and breaks drywall over the back of Trent. Chuck then picks up a dust pan and hits Trent with it. Chuck then hits Trent with a trash can on the shoulder. Chuck is up on the bed of a truck, but Trent then slam Chuck on light tubes on trash containers! Trent is also busted open. Chuck then picks up Trent and powerbombs him through a windshield of a car! Chuck covers Trent who kicks out at two! Both men are on the roof the car. Then exchange blows as both men are heavily bleeding. Both men are on their feet…Trent low blows Chuck and then piledrives him on the roof of the car! Trent has Chuck in a headlock as he passes out. the ref calls for the match to end.


After the match, Trent picks up a plumbers wrench and hits Chuck in the ankle. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander come in…Trent tells Orange it is his fault, as he leaves. Orange and Kris check on Chuck as we go to a commercial break, but not before a backstage shot of Don Callis looking at a monitor.


Back from the break we have a backstage interview as Arkady Aura talks to Kyle O’Reilly…he says that Saturday, May 11 AEW will be in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. He says that he is coming back to compete against the best where the best wrestle.

The music of Thunder Rosa hits as she makes her way out to the ring. The music of Deonna Purrazzo hits next as she come down to the ring.

Thunder Rosa vs. Deonna Purrazzo

The bell rings as Rosa trash talks Deonna, who then hits Rosa in the face. Deonna and Rosa lock up. Deonna kicks Rosa in the mid-section. Rosa then fires back with a huge punch on Purrazzo who drops to the mat. Rosa has Deonna in a headlock. Deonna fires back and drops Rosa! Deonna grabs the left arm of Rosa and kicks it. Deonna uses the bottom rope to tie up Rosa. Purrazzo charges at Rosa and kicks her. Rosa recovers and sends Deonna headfirst to the turnbuckle. Rosa comes off the ropes only to be caught by Deonna. Deonna rolls to the floor…Rosa then takes down Deonna, but she fires back with a big pump kick to the face of Rosa as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Deonna works on Rosa and then sends her back into the ring. Deonna covers Rosa, who kicks out at two! Deonna grabs Rosa and locks up her arms. Rosa fight back, but Deonna connects her knees to the back of Rosa. Rosa has Deonna in the corner and hits her with elbow shots…Deonna comes back and takes down Rosa. Deonna works on the arm of Rosa, using the ropes. Rosa is down in the corner…


Back From Picture-In-Picture: Rosa hits Deonna with a big running drop kick. Rosa then connects with another big running drop kick on Deonna and covers her for only a two count! Deonna comes back and kicks Rosa who drops to the mat. Deonna covers Rosa, but she kicks out at two. Deonna picks up Rosa, who gets out of the hold and double stomps Deonna and covers her for only a two count! Rosa is up on the top turnbuckle…Rosa comes down but is caught by Deonna who puts on the armbar…Rosa gets out of the hold. Deonna picks up Rosa, but Rosa rolls up Deonna for only a two count! As Deonna locks in the armbar, she rolls up Deonna and gets the pin.


After the match, Deonna attacks Rosa and sends her into the steel rails. Deonna picks up Rosa and slaps her. Rosa then slaps Rosa and both women are fighting on the stage area. Security come out to break it up as the fans boo.

We get a video package with Will Ospreay winning the casino gauntlet match on Dynamite.

Arkady Aura is backstage with the Undisputed Kingdom. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett tell Tony Khan to get better. Roderick Strong then says the world can sing the praises of Ospreay, but it won’t matter…Strong calls himself the messiah of the back breaker.

The music of Big Bill hits and makes his way out to the ring. Trever Blackwell is in the ring.

Big Bill vs. Trevor Blackwell

Big Bill takes out Blackwell as Chris Jericho is shown backstage watching the match. Bill then says watch me Chris and picks up Blackwell and slams him down. Bill covers Blackwell, but allows only one count. Bill then slams down Blackwell and says to watch him and wants Jericho to teach him. Bill picks up Blackwell and chokeslams him. Bill puts the boot on the chest of Blackwell and gets the pin.



Back from the break, the music of Katsuyori Shibata is up as he makes his way to the ring. Daniel Garcia’s music hits next as he makeshis way out to the ring.

Katsuyori Shibata and Daniel Garcia vs. Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty

The bell rings as Shibata and Garcia send Taylor and Moriarty to the floor! Shibata sends suplexes Moriarty as Garcia sends Taylor into the barricade. Anthony Ogogo is on commentary for this match. The action now is back in the ring as Taylor tags in Moriarty. Shibata grabs the legs of Moriarty, but he fires back…Moriarty hits Shibata with a knee…Shibata tags in Garcia as he drops Moriarty with a twist and shout. Garcia chops Moriarty. Taylor then grabs Garcia as the ref is distracted and drops Garcia on the floor! Garcia is sent back in the ring…Taylor is tagged in…Garcia fires back on Taylor, but Taylor fires back with big chops and then a huge right hand! Taylor covers Garcia who kicks out at two, as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Moriarty is tagged in. He uses the ropes to choke Garcia. Moriarty grabs Garcia, but he fights back, but its not enough as Moriarty drops him to the mat. Taylor is tagged in and picks up Garcia and drops him face first on the top turnbuckle. Garcia rolls to the floor as Taylor follows. Taylor sends Garcia into the barricade and then jaws with a fan at ringside. Taylor picks up Garcia and rolls him into the ring. Moriarty is tagged in and has Garcia’s arm locked up. Taylor is tagged in. He picks up Garcia and slam him down.

Back From Picture-In-Picture: Taylor is up on the second rope and misses the big splash. Taylor tags in Moriarty and then kicks the left hand of Garcia. Garcia fights back and drops Moriarty on the mat! Garcia tags in Shibata…Moriarty tags in Taylor. Garcia hits Moriarty with big rights in the corner as Shibata hits Taylor with big rights as well. Shibata hits Taylor with a big kick in the face. Shibata then chops Taylor as Garcia dances…Garcia then connects with a big running knee on Taylor. Both Garcia and Shibata suplex Taylor. Moriarty is tagged in and chops Shibata, but it has not affect on him. Taylor is in and hits Shibata as Moriarty picks up Shibata and slams him down. Moriarty covers Shibata for only a two count! Moriarty holds Shibata as Taylor charges, but Shibata gets his foot up. Shibata kicks Taylor as Garcia picks him and slams him down…Shibata kicks Taylor and covers him to get the win!


Both men celebrate as we get a rundown of Wednesday’s Dynamite. Daniel Garcia dances in the ring…he then goes to the stage area to high five the fans as the show goes off the air.