John Cena wants to be ‘physically active until I can’t’

In an interview with PEOPLE, John Cena talked about his change in fitness goals over the years.

The former WWE Champion says he wants to focus on a long-term plan to stay fit at this stage in his life:

At 47 now, my goal is to be physically active until I can’t. I put a number in my head of like, I’d like to be physically active into my late 80s or 90s.

Cena also talked about his impending WWE retirement, and the impact it may have on his fitness outlook.

I know my WWE journey is coming to an end, but fitness was a part of my life long before the WWE journey started. Fitness will be a part of my life, hopefully as long as my heart’s beating. So the WWE has been a great chapter in my life — it’s year 23 for me — and the sun’s setting on that chapter in the book, but fitness will never not be a part of my life.

Cena returned to WWE at WrestleMania XL in a confrontation with The Rock during the main event between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns, teaming with Awesome Truth the next night on RAW to face The Judgment Day.