Vader digestive heart failure

Vader congestive┬áheart failure – has two years to live

Leon Allen White, known to wrestling fans as Vader, was told by two cardiologists that he has congestive heart failure and has two years to live. Vader has announced on his official Twitter account that his heart is worn out from football and wrestling and has two year remaining. Vader is 61 years of age.

Vader started his career in the AWA, followed by New Japan, then WCW, where he held the WCW World Heavyweight championship on three different occasions. Vader left WCW in 1995 and returned to New Japan for a brief tenure before joining the WWE in 1996. Vader then joined All Japan in 1998.


  1. It’s time… it’s time… it’s Vader’s time… to go into the WWE Hall of Fame!

    According to his Facebook, Mick Foley is really pushing Vader’s addition in the HoF next year. Here’s hoping they actually do it! Vader is a legendary figure in the wrestling business. It’s time to give the man the respect he deserves.

  2. With a diagnosis like that I can’t see many reputable promoters being willing to let him wrestle, since that could be the proverbial coffin nail, unfortunately there’s plenty of disreputable promoters out there too and like you I really hope Vader doesn’t put anyone in the position of having to decide between refusing him and potentially ending him.

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