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Is there any truth to the legend that the Undertaker had to threaten Shawn Michaels with grievous bodily harm to ensure that he would drop the WWF Title to Stone Cold Steve Austin?

It is a true story. Undertaker told the story years ago on the show “Off the Record.”

I was watching an old match from WCW Halloween Havoc 1998 in which one of the matches was Scott Hall vs. Kevin Nash. I remember seeing a visibly drunken Scott Hall, with cup in hand, make his way down the ring, and I recall that I guess that was a point when his alcoholism was getting out of control. Long story short, was the “Drunken Scott Hall” (I don’t know how else to say it) storyline kayfabe or was it Scott Hall’s personal problems spilling into the spotlight and WCW did nothing to truly prevent it?
Brian B.

A mixture of both. It was WCW using Hall’s well known personal problem and putting it into his TV character, which many found to be quite distasteful.

After Koko B. Ware’s Hall of Fame announcement on Raw this past Monday, Jerry Lawler was very excited that the Honky Tonk Man was inducting the bird man. Have Lawler and HTM buried the hatchet? Last I heard they were feuding.
-Roland Cohagan

It is true that the two had an online feud, based upon things Honky Tonk Man said on his website. It wouldn’t surprise me if the two have buried the hatchet, they are first cousins after all.

I was wandering if you knew of any other divas that might be participating in the battle royal? I had suspicions of Lita coming back.

Sunny is the only former diva confirmed for the match. Trish Stratus and Wendy Richter have also been talked about as coming back. Stratus is nearly confirmed, and Richter was leaning towards doing the appearance. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Lita.

What ever happen to X-Pac? And do you think he’ll ever be brought back to the WWE?

Over the past year, Sean Waltman has been wrestling for both the NWA and AAA. As far as coming back to the WWE, never say never. It wouldn’t surprise me if it did happen.

Why did Tazz stop wrestling and only announces now?

Tazz simply retired from active wrestling because of several mounting injuries. He could still do it once in a while, as was seen when he wrestled at One Night Stand a few years back, but he enjoys commentating quite a bit and would rather do that now than risk injuring himself further by wrestling full time.

Hi Ryan
Im Graham from Fife in Scotland and what i would like to know his why did the Undertakers tattoo on his throat start getting blanked out on pictures of him? One minute you could see the tattoo quite easily then the next WWE blocked it out completely. The tattoo i speak of is the one across his throat which reads his wife’s name. I would be grateful if you could answer this thanks.

Undertaker’s “Sara” tattoo was a wedding gift to his wife. The two have since separated and Undertaker is in the process of getting the tattoo removed by lazer. That is why they blur it out now.

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