WWE Raw/ECW House Show Results – 3/13/09
Location: Odessa, Texas

Thomas sent this report in:

Raw/ECW Live event in Odessa, Tx March 13, 2009

Kofi Kingston, Mickie James, and Melina defeated Santino, Beth Phoenix, and Rosa Mendes
*Melina got the pin on Rosa with her splits on the face pin

Mike Knox defeated Hacksaw Charlie Haas
*Good match with a lot of heat on Knox

Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Defeated Shad and JTG
*Funny start to this one as a women at ringside hit Dibiase with a beer in the back and got him fired way up

Finley defeated Mark Henry in a Belfast Brawl
*Hornswoggle got involved when he hit Henry with a kindo stick, with his attention at Hornswoggle, Finley hit Henry with the Shillelagh

Jack Swagger defeated Christian
*Match resembled the televised title match from a couple a weeks ago, Swagger won with a hand full of tights. Before it started, Teddy Long came out and told Swagger the sign at ring side was where its at,(see signs at bottom of report.)

CM Punk defeated William Regal
*Nothing too excited except a sign in the crowd that stated, “Regal is the reason we should bomb England”

Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho and Kane
*Funny note on this match, Rey hit a double 619 and then Shawn hit Jericho with Sweet Chin Music, then covered Jericho while Kane was being covered by Rey. They both got the three although Jericho was the legal man

Biggest Pops:
Shawn Michaels
Rey Mysterio
CM Punk
Kofi Kingston

Most Heat:
Jericho(far and away)
Rhodes and Dibiase

Best Signs:
*Mike Knox, go back to your cave
*Regal is the reason we should bomb England
*Fozzy’s itunes downloads: (Graph that declined until a point the fan dropped about 10 connected papers with the graph falling dramatically) Jericho grabbed the sign and security had to pull him away, apparently he didn’t take it to well
*Jack should be selling popcorn up there.(Arrow pointing to the stands)