Safe to say, I got a few things to talk about.. No witty banter, let’s get to the meat and potatoes, here.

Ok, for starters, someone explain to me the logic of having the self-proclaimed millionaire, and overall egotistical maniac Layfield’s win of the intercontinental title this past week. I’m not sitting here and saying this because of the fact that I am a huge Punk fan, but the facts are the facts, Layfield had not had shot one at the IC title, then all of a sudden, out of the blue, he gets one, and wins clean? It makes no sense to me, and it’s an absolutely perfect showing of how bias and politically motivated WWE can be, when it wants to be.

Oh, and one other thing, the term “Grand Slam champion” is about as worthwhile as TNA using the term triple crown champion when discussing AJ Styles, since Kurt made that feat moot with his all or nothing deal when he won all the titles in one match. So, the use of this term is nothing more than a blatant attempt by WWE to bolster a egomaniac’s opinion of himself.

Now, I know the readers of this column who got a problem with me are gonna cop an attitude when I say this, but let’s be honest here, you have some time between now and Wrestlemania, you could have had one or two matches prior to JBL beating Punk for the belt. Who knows? We’ll never know. One thing is for certain though, with JBL as intercontinental champion, and Shelton already in money in the bank, there BETTER damn well be an intercontinental championship match at Wrestlemania 25.

Before I go back to WWE, I gotta respond and talk briefly about this new notion of having CCW almunus Danny Bonaduce wrestle at TNA’s Lockdown PPV in Philly. I’m gonna respond in one sentence, an open sentence to the administration of Total Non Stop Action Wrestling, and specifically, to its founder, Jeff Jarrett.

Does the name, David Arquette, mean anything to you?

Having celebrities wrestle at pay per views is not just dangerous, it’s stupid, and it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt. Lockdown is supposed to be this ‘BIG’ pay per view with all the matches in the cage, and you need to overshadow that by having this Partridge family member enter the cage, and, to use his words, “bleed all over the cage”, for the benefit of the fans? I know Philly fans are blood thirsty, and probably would enjoy seeing Bonaduce wallowing in a pool of his own blood & vomit, but let’s be frank here, isn’t this an indirect shot at your own talent roster that you have to garner publicity by bringing in this ass clown?

Sorry Jericho.

I will feel the same way, I swear it, if Mickey Rourke gets physically involved in Houston. I don’t care if he won 100 awards for the movie, he doesn’t need to get in to this world, and neither does Danny Bonaduce. Stay behind a microphone, where your talents actually work, because when you step through the ropes, it’s a totally different ball game, and, speaking for myself only, I don’t want you corrupting it.

Let me go back to WWE for a bit now. I realize Ric Flair is going to be on and off television from now till the end of time due to his ability on the stick, and I got no problem with that. However, there had better not be any attempts to put Flair back in the ring. I know that talents never really truly retire, and eventually come back for a match or two here and there, but when you get the send off like Ric Flair got, he needs to honor that send off, and stay out of the physical aspect of the business, and continue what he is doing. I got zero issue if he’s gonna be involved in this Jericho storyline in Houston in some run in capacity, but if he wrestles again, I will have a serious problem to illustrate about that.

Is it me, or has the brand extension silently gone in to obscurity? Vickie Guerrero is running both shows, which annoys me to no end, although I understand exaclty why, we’ve got Raw and Smackdown guys going from show to show on a regular basis, the ECW roster continues to dwindle week by week, and there’s no continuity as to who will appear on which show from one show to the next. What bothers me the most is, talents that could use the rub on other shows, such as a Tyson Kidd, Jack Swagger, or the soon to be returning Evan Bourne aren’t given much of an opportunity to showcase their skills on the other shows while languishing on Sci-Fi’s attempt at recreating ECW.

I know the Orton vs. Triple H feud needed to go to the levels it did last week. I’m not sure if I like how it went, but I am very happy to have found out that Orton’s real life wife was not a part of the segment. If they go down this road, and take families in to it, well, what can I say? But, if so, don’t put the real life family member in to the script. Use an actor, in some way, shape, or form. I know it’s a total contradiction when it comes to the McMahons, but I think in that case, there has to be an exception to the rule. I was happy to find out that Orton’s wife Samantha had nothing to do with the segment that was done this past monday.

I haven’t commented on the Don West angle that went down a couple of weeks ago on Impact. I know I’m skipping around, but hey, it’s the way I do things. I gotta admit. West made it sound really good. He sounded legitimately pissed. Most heel announcers end up being comedians on the microphone, with maybe one exception that I can think of, so if Don West can take it to the level of angered heel, it may be something that just may work out well for TNA. It did seem to me that Tenay was legitimately angered by the segment as well, which personally, I loved, because although Tenay is very good at what he does, he exudes the aura of being a prick. I know I got nothing to base it on but speculation, and that’s precisely what it is. Speculation.

I saw the video of the recent confrontation between HBK and the Phenom. If that doesn’t show you how damn good both of these men are, then what the hell will?

John Cena is in love with Vickie Guerrero? Forgive me, but this whole angle of having Vickie involved in love trysts is just sickening to me. I know Cena was kidding, and I know what the other aspects are, but come on, it’s getting repulsive to endure. My wife said this best, and I quote it to you now.

“She looks like she has fangs.”

Count Dracula, eat your heart out. Literally. With a side of beef.

I know by reading spoilers who are involved in Money In the Bank. When they are all officially entered, I will write a preview column for that match.

I was fortunate enough through a stroke of luck to win tickets to the Seventh Anniversary Show for Ring of Honor on 3/21 in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Headlined by the ROH World title match in the return tour of current NOAH GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion KENTA challenging ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness, I am very intrigued and interested to see how Ring of Honor has evolved in the past year. I have not attended a live ROH show since the 6YA show at the Grand Ballroom of the Manhattan Center, which happened to be the last show ROH ran in the upper venue of the storied building.

The other matches on the card thus far are equally as intriguing. NO DQ match with Steen & Generico defending the World tag straps against Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards, the American Wolves. I had originally picked Edwards as nothing more than a NOAH gaijin jobber, so to see him get this much of a rub in Ring of Honor is a complete surprise to me, and I am very interested to see how the Wolves fare in this title contest. It’ll be my first time seeing them team, but it’s not even close to my first time seeing Richards, and he was good back in the day, so I can only imagine how good he’s gotten now with more experience under his belt.

This match confuses me. Jay Briscoe faces off with D’Lo Brown. If I was down with the Brown, I’d be in Japan prepping for the Global tag league, a chance to regain the GHC tag titles, which by far and away is D’Lo’s prime achievement in his career. To come back to the states to face Jay at the Hammerstein is a payday, don’t get me wrong, but I question it. It’ll be fun to see D’Lo live, but I wonder if this is the best option for him with the tag league in NOAH so close afterwards.

Jerry Lynn vs. NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion “Lighting” Mike Quackenbush. Lynn’s name is story enough. The intrigue here for me is Quack. He has been bantered about as an amazing talent, and this will be my first chance to see him live. I am excited to get this opportunity.

Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens vs. Kenny King & Rhett Titus. First, Strong & Stevens one year ago were killing each other in a 3 way match with Necro over the FIP title. Now, they’re teaming up. That in itself, is something to see. Rhett Titus’ gimmick is also something I am not so sure I want to see live, but it should be very interesting to see how my 15 year old son responds to it. That should provide a tremendous amount of comedic material for the evening’s festivities.

Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries & Tyler Black are all also supposed to be on hand. So, one thing is for certain. I’ll get a good show. Obviously, once it’s done, you’ll see the review and thoughts here at the Palace.

Speaking of the Palace, in the forthcoming future, not too far away, the Palace will undergo a name change. Why? Simple. When one experiences something that changes his life, one must evolve and adapt. Shortly, a life changing experience will begin for me, and soon afterwards, the column’s name will be changed to represent that change. What’s the new name? Stay tuned to find out.

Ok, for now, I think I’m done. If I come up with some more rants, I’ll add them after this is published.

Thank you for reading.

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