WWE Raw & ECW House Show Results – 3/8/09
Location: Savannah, Georgia

toonamil sent this report in:

Just got back from a RAW/ECW Event in Savannah, GA. Here’s the results:

-I didn’t arrive until the second match, but someone told me that Morrison/Miz defeated Cryme Tyme.

-Goldust won against William Regal with a bulldog. Lots of USA chants.

-Melina/Kelly Kelly took on Maryse/Beth Phoenix. Rosa Mendes interfered in the match, tripping Melina. Though, Melina got the cover on Maryse with her split leg drop.

-Finlay defeated Tyson Kidd after Hornswoggle hit a tadpole splash and Finlay hit the Celtic Cross. Finlay was way over while Kidd barely got anything when coming out. After the match, a bunch of kids entered the ring and danced with Finlay and Hornswoggle.


-Tiffany came out, followed by Teddy Long. Long made a match between Jack Swagger and Christian for the ECW Championship. Swagger defeated Christian with a school boy pin. Christian got a good response of the crowd.

-The main event was a 6-man tag between Ted Dibiase/Chris Jericho/Edge against John Cena/Rey Mysterio/Kofi Kingston. Ted Dibiase came out first, then Jericho. But during Jericho’s entrance, there was audio problems. The music stopped right when he came out and they tried to fix it. Jericho antagonized the fans to buy them some time. They couldn’t fix it in time, so Edge walked out with no music. Cena, Kingston and Mysterio all came out at the same time without music, running to the ring and getting the heels out of the ring.

The match ended when, in a really cool spot, Mysterio hit a 619 on all three heels at the same time. After Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise on Dibiase and Mysterio hit a seated senton on Edge, Cena finished Jericho off with the Attitude Adjustment (or F-U) to win the match for his team. All three celebrated in the ring (with the music working again).

All in all, really good show. I hope they come back to the area for TV next time.

Biggest Pops:
1. John Cena/Mysterio
2. Finlay
3. Christian

Biggest Heel Heat:
1. Jericho
2. Edge
3. Jack Swagger