From The Desk of Mr. V #5
March 5, 2009
By: Anthony J. Valvo of

Hello my scholars once again and welcome to my fifth installment of intelligence, ranting, grades, and detentions. As I type this all out, today is like the day David Stephens found out that Christian debuted on ECW last month. Yes, my friends, today is the day that I check the computer most frequently. It is not the WWE Draft (which is close), but the 2009 NHL Trading Deadline. And as David was happy about Christian, my Pittsburgh Penguins got a good one in Bill Guerin. I heard all we had to give up was a 3rd or 5th round pick for this future hall of fame player. Ok, maybe not the hall of fame status, but great, GREAT trading session for our GM Ray Shero. First getting Kunitz (very underrated) and now Guerin is a Pittsburgh Penguin. All this and the only notable player we lost was Ryan Whitney, I can live with that. Ok, enough hockey talk, I am not only WrestleView’s certified teacher that does his work in the Keystone State, but I am also a columnist for professional wrestling. Many detentions are in order (for my TNA fans, it won?t be a TNA bashing too much this week), a non-wrestler is in the eternal detention list now, since I decided to take Manu off there because I forgot about him for the most part. Gold Stars are plenty and best matches were solid. Also, we are 31 days until the WWE’s greatest spectacle, WrestleMania!! Now, at your seats, and for gosh sake’s, NO TALKING WHILE I TEACH!! Class is in session and you got the best teacher to give you a few new rules (some wrestling and maybe one that is not)


10) If you go to a serious and heartfelt ceremony, such as the WWE Hall of Fame, treat everyone with respect (including the inductees).

I have to thank Sean Hurley (I know TWO columnists that are from Pittsburgh, who thought) for addressing this on his column ?The Sharp Shooter?. Students, your assignment this week is to check his column out. He wrote a real nice piece on courtesy in the WWE Hall of Fame (I read it and hope this was a summery, Sean). I hope and pray that the fans that attend this great class that features talents such as Steve Austin, Ricky Steamboat, The Funks, and others should show the proper respect that these guys gave all of us over the decades of this profession. I do not want to hear one fan say ?What?? every time Austin pauses in his speech. To some people, like Bruno Sammartino and Mr. T think the Hall of Fame is a joke, but not me. It was amazing to watch it on DVD the past couple years and I want to hear what these legends say without being interrupted by a select few fans. So, in a way I want to say to the fans that are going to see this event live in Texas one thing, and it is this. Treat the ceremony as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not like a daily Wal-Mart run. I went to the 1994 All-Star everything. I treated it like any baseball fan who came to see everyone who was not a member of the ?94 Pirates (our all-star that year was Carlos Garcia, where is he now?). It was one of the best experiences I ever went to. I came very close to going to the 2006 Game in Pittsburgh, just to live it again. All the stars, the festivities, and the legends and future legends. However, I passed it up. The Reason class? The birth of my daughter. And it fell on the day of another wrestling columnist legend, Joe Baiamonte (although he is a much older gentleman). I am sorry for this rant, students. I always learned that when you go to a nice setting, you treat everyone with respect, no matter what. Don?t heckle or make fun of a wrestler because they ?need a moment to maintain composure?. Relax, enjoy, and have fun with this experience. When will the next time the Hall of Fame be in Texas? We won?t know, but it is more like to be there than in the Northeast, that is for sure.

11) Listen to your students (or fans) once in a while. You may learn something about your product.

I say this to the dictator of professional wrestling, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Last week I wanted to address this, but I did not know how to say it. I did not want to just be someone that teases someone for no reason, but to have a point. I just want to say this to my students. Did you listen to the reactions that Christian receives every Tuesday on ECW? I mean, everything about him give him an immediate pop. He has been in solid matches every week and his mini-segments with Finlay were pretty good. I really liked his first interaction with Swagger, it was good. This helps build a nice rivalry. If Vince has a brain in his head (and I know he does if he controls the most successful sports entertainment business), he would build this up to, say a WrestleMania match. Let’s face it, I was upset that the ECW brand did not get much time on this last year. My opinion? Since Christian is over with the fans in both WWE and TNA, have him in a triple threat match with Swagger and Finlay? I am sure I will get drilled by the students that e-mail me at, but hear me out on this. Don?t throw the lunch room pizza at me. Swagger could perhaps be the future of the company. He has no reason to doubt this teacher, as well as the many fans of the WWE. With Finlay, he is over with the kids because of Hornswoggle. Also, Finaly can work a solid fifteen minute match, as he did with Swagger earlier this year. Put these three in a serious, legitamite fifteen minute match, it could be a strong contest. They all have different styles, why not do it Vince? Oh yeah, Christian will NEVER get over, according to Vince. Vince, I think you are a smart man to realize this known-to-be-fact here. If Christian comes out, gets great reactions to the entire arena in which you have your shows, put the guy over!! Would be nice to see him feud with Edge when he goes to Smackdown, I am just saying. Now, a wrestler that after month Vince finally ?got it?, Vladimir Kozlov. This guy has a great amateur wrestling background, but unlike Swagger, he does not fit the push that he is getting. If it was during the 80s and Hulk Hogan needed an opponent, then Kozlov would have been great because of the whole ?Angry? foreigner gimmick. But this is 2009, and the gimmick you have this guy doing will never work in the WWE. He is a decent wrestler, but he does not deserve to win squash matches and pinning main event talent. He needs a lot more work, and soon. I think he actually is getting up there in age, which makes this bad for Kozlov. So, Vince thinks that at one point during this grand push he is a main event talent. He says to give the fans what he wants, but when ?we? say Vlad sucks, Vince has Kozlov pin the Undertaker. Interesting, I know where they are going to get to this (with HBK maybe gloating that he did something that Taker did not do, beat Vlad), but I am just confused with this huge push that he got. Either way, earlier I read on this great website that Vince is growing sour on Vladimir Koslov, ya think? It took him a few months to realize that (probably a side effect of Randy Orton’s boot). I don?t even think he got serious heat either f rom the fans, just a ?blah? reaction. I don?t ask for him to be released, just package him to being at his potential, not as this main event star.

12) Don?t pay $45 million dollars over 2 years to sign a guy that caused trouble in every place he was a part of.

If students that are reading this are not baseball, or sports fans, take your study hall period???now.

After the 2008 baseball season, the Los Angeles Dodgers offered outfielder Manny Ramirez this much money on Rule #12 over a 2 year period. Let’s see his stats here: 527 Home Runs, 1,725 RBIs, a lifetime average of over .310, etc? He got hot with the Dodgers after he tried to implode the Boston Red Sox clubhouse (as he did previously with the Cleveland Indians). The Red Sox did the right thing by letting this arrogant, middle-aged slugger leave their team. They got, in whom I believe is the most underrated player in baseball in the trade, stealing Jason Bay f rom my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. Don?t ask me anything about that trade, I think it was bogus that we got Brandon Moss and Andy LaRoache. Ok, so the Dodgers give him this much money. Any average person on planet Earth would take that offer. No-Brainer, right? Wrong! The greedy punk (and his co-conspirator Scott Boras, another guy I want to punch in the mouth) wants a FIVE YEAR DEAL ON A 36 YEAR OLD MAN!!!! I loved how no team in baseball would give him that stupid offer (not even the Washington Wild Things). After this grueling process, the Dodgers could have signed some adequate players like Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu for half that price. But the Dodger were too stubborn, Manny cried more money, and finally (on March 4th), they got the deal done. Whew?.this made the Brett Favre drama a cartoon you find on Nicktoons. I am glad it is over, really I am. I was tired of this f rom the get go. I hoped Manny would have went to Japan and ended his career in exile like Jagr did playing his final years in Russia, but no wish granted there. Instead, we are going to hear if they overpaid or underpaid for him and when this timebomb will finally explode. Honestly, I hope it does, and does soon. In conclusion, Manny needs to blowup on Joe Torre and the Dodgers need to finish dead last this year to make me happy about this. I was actually hoping they would have signed Jeff Kent and we could have had another implosion like we saw with Mr. Kent and Barry Bonds a few years ago.

Students who do not like baseball???..the bell rung, study hall is over. Get back in class and to those that have girlfriends, no kissing in the hallways!!

This week, I am issuing DEMERITS for the following with no explanation:

Anyone behind the scenes of TNA for letting your X Division talent go because ?you can?t find a storyline for them?

Los Angeles Dodgers

Freddy Prinze Jr. (now I can hate more of his movies again)

Dixie Carter

Daniel Snyder


Kizarny – because I can

Vince Russo and Dutch Mantel – for ruining a few careers in TNA

Manny – because he is being Manny

Vince McMahon – for overlooking how great Christian has been for your company last month.

Hulk Hogan – for wanting money to attend the festivities to the Hall of Fame, instead of being a normal wrestling great and just doing it for nothing.

Mike Knox – another ?because I can?

Billy Mays (Mr. Mighty Putty) – for just annoying me with commercials this week.

Vince (the Shamwow Guy) – see Billy Mays.

Vickie Edge (she has to take the male’s last name I think) – for reminding me of Roseanne Barr when she says EXCUSE ME!!!

HHH’s legs – c?mon, even my grandma runs faster than that.


Don West – LET ME FINISH!!!!! I am just glad he turned on Tenay and that he is not going to be announcing for TNA Impact for at least another week.

Three Fans who attacked Chris Jericho at a house show – Perhaps I will start calling the ‘stooges? and not fans.

Scott Boras – Let’s hope he will never be an agent for, say the Big Show. I can see it now ?Give this old, slow, can only do four moves wrestler 4 million over 2 years or we walk!!? If my students see him, I will give you extra credit for punching him and e-mailing me a photo.

Mr. V’s Honor Roll for the week of February 23rd – February 27th, 2009

Wow, this was another solid week of wrestling for all the fans out there. But after watching each match twice (even three times), I came across three matches that really gave us some extra effort.

Distinguished Honor Roll – Christian vs. Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship on ECW 2/24.

This match was so good, even TNA fans (and a few even admitted this) thought this could be the television match of the year. The first half hour of ECW made me almost fall asleep. If it was not for Crelly and others in the ECW chat room on this great website, then I would have missed this match and regretted this until my dying day. I did not have one bad thing to write in my gradebook for this match. So many ground moves, mat tactics, suplexes, jumps, kicks, and more. All this on a match that many consider ?WWE developmental?. The counters were many, but perfect. The flow of the match was not too fast, not too slow. It was a great moving pace for a wrestling match. I was really impressed with a few moves in this match, which I replayed on YouTube over and over again. One was the way Swagger took the DDT by Christian, perfect. Also, the suplexes in Swagger’s arsenal, they were executed properly. They need to finish this rivalry at Wrestlemania in a few weeks. I think this would be a grand stage for closure in this rivalry, I think the fans deserve it. Honestly, there was never a better story told in the ring this year. The build up of Christian, the momentum of both superstars, and an amazing conclusion where we may have thought Christian had it won (if you did not read the spoilers), only to get the power bomb f rom Swagger. A great match for the 1.3 million people that saw this.

High Honor Roll – CM Punk vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison for a spot in Money in the Bank on Raw 2/23.

Man, I remember when I hated the Miz. I always thought of Morrison as the next HBK and he put on a great show this past week. CM Punk was very good. These three put on a very nice opening match for the fans at Nashville who attended Raw recently. I listed CM Punk’s punches were good to start, the MizMo (credit: David Stephens) team chemistry, and Morrison’s kick on CM Punk towards the end of the match as brilliant. I did not like in this match (not the wrestler’s fault) that right after a nice air attack, they went right to commercial. I find that bothersome at times, but WWE got bills to pay I guess. **Note to WWE: quit it with the Burger King commercials. Unless Jerry Lawler will ever do one, then I am not interested in your product, thank you**. This match did tell a good story, but two things came across my minds as to why it was not the best match of the week. The first was there was not a real rivalry with these guys. In a way, MizMo is rivals with Dreamer, Finlay, Colons, etc. However, I don?t think they were in a big feud with CM Punk. Second, at times the moves were not clean. At least with Christian/Swagger, all the moves were sold very well. Though I think Morrison sells moves better than anyone in the business now, Miz was off a bit and Punk was just slightly off. But all in all, a nice MITB qualifier. I probably won?t say too much about next week qualifiers, but who knows.

Honor Roll – The Miz and John Morrison vs. Primo and Carlio for the Tag Team Championship on Smackdown 2/27

Give John Morrison and the Miz a TON of credit here. They were on two shows this past week, and worked both matches very well. The team work by both teams were legendary, which is especially typical for Miz and Morrison. Primo is still improving with his skills, and I think it helps him being in a team with his older brother for this. The build up was very good heading to this match. Remember that the Colons lost the girls, tried an evil and comical scheme to win them back, only to have it backfire at the staged restaurant. Ah yes, humiliations galore! Anyway, the match was pretty even, with both teams never really having the upper hand in the match. The move of this match had to be when Carlito leaped over his brother, over the top rope, and landing on both Miz and Morrison. There were some nice old-school moves in this match as well, which was a nice surprise, given these guys backgrounds. The crowd really got into this match, and I am sure it helped the performers in that ring hit their spots cleaner and more efficient. I expected this match to be good, but the efforts by these four made this match ?honor roll? worthy. Again, another amazing job by the team of Miz and Morrison, even though they came up empty-handed in the win column this past week.

Honorable Mention goes to: HHH/Orton storyline, Edge/Cena storyline, JBL vs. HBK on 2/23, Beer Money Inc. vs. Rock and Rave on 2/26, X Division 4 way title match (Shelly/Sabin/Creed/Lethal) on 2/26, and Shelton vs. Chavo on 2/27

Worst Match of the Week – Mike Knox vs. Jamie Noble on Raw 2/23

This is another sad story for Jamie Noble. I know Noble is a pretty solid wrestler, but he deserves better. What in the world was the WWE thinking about this match? What is the purpose? To show how ?monstrous? Mike Knox is? Again, I know Jamie Noble in 29 seconds went f rom babbling about how good he will be in Wrestlemania to almost getting paralyzed by Mike Knox. I am sure we all hope to see Noble soon after suffering this useless stinger at the hands of the Brawny paper towel man. With ROH getting a TV deal and how over Jamie Noble was when he was there, why won?t (other than money) Noble ask for his release so he can utilize his talents more for a company that will treat him well. Nothing much to say, another poor squash loss for the Pitbull. Honestly, the only squash matches that are awesome are ones involving Umaga. Or Umanga, however you say it. Oh yeah, and Mike Knox will never be big in the WWE. I got my reasons for this, but I will keep them to myself or else this column will take me three days to write.

Dishonorable Mention: Cena/Chavo on 2/23, DJ Gabriel/Mark Henry on 2/24, Cena/Big Show on 2/27, mentioning the empty arena match too many times on Impact, Booker T getting assaulted storyline (I think he deserves better), and the lack of The Great Khali in the WWE (how am I going to get my favorite theme song played on TV now)


This is a perfect opportunity to get more points, as soon I will be adding Ring of Honor into this war when they appear in TV. After some solid wrestling and solid segments, the edge this week went to Monday Night Raw. RAW had about the same in wrestling quality as did the other three shows. However, what blew these three shows away was the storylines. We had Cena demanding rematches (bonus for making fun of Michael Cole), HHH/Orton chase, and Jericho blindsiding Ricky Steamboat. Smackdown gets 2nd for their wrestling quality, and the fact that there was only one segment involving a rivalry, with it being Cena and Edge. I actually thought Impact was not bad; just think they can do much more on a two hour show than to build up the mischief of the Main Event Mafia. Like I said, give your X guys 45 minutes of show, and it would be great. ECW was a solid show also, but no segments other than the build-up of the return of Evan Bourne. Surprisingly, more fans voted for TNA Impact as the best show, so one point for TNA this week. Congrats.

Students, you can be a part of the Weekly TV Wars by e-mailing me what you believed was the best show of the week. I give out 2 points for the best show, 1 point for 2nd best show, and 1 point for reader’s choice.

Best Show: Monday Night Raw (2 points)
Runner-Up: Friday Night Smackdown (1 point)
Students? Choice: TNA Impact! (1 point)

Overall Standings

1)Friday Night Smackdown??12 points
2)Monday Night Raw?????9 points
3)ECW???????????5 points
4)TNA Impact????????1 point


Remember how I mentioned that I watch each show twice? I will explain it once more. I watch the four shows once for the wrestling and storylines, and once (without watching the match) for how clear and concise the announcers are during the match and their opinions on segments, so without further delay, there are the grades for the eight announcers whom we hear f rom during each show.


Michael Cole: C- (Overall Grade: C)
Jerry Lawler: C+ (Overall Grade: C+)

It was hot and cold with these two this past week. Cole and Lawler did very well the first hour of the program, but things slipped the surface the second half. Mainly I think because the two matches at the end were not all that very entertaining. They both did well exchanging words with each other, as well as introducing us to the respective wrestler. I liked how they called the match at times, but it just sounded so repetitive. Cole during the opening match said ?every man for himself?. I heard this about five time, it does get annoying. Lawler in the opening segment said that Vickie is the NEW GM of RAW, but Cole had to say ?interim? after that. The segment commentary was on time, but the wrestling commentary was not too good. I caught many errors during the JBL/HBK match. Cole says ?JBL capitalized on HBK?. Well, what did he capitalize on? Found out that it was a kick (woohoo).

Lawler actually did a nice job analyzing the match during replays, as a color commentator should do. However, I am sick and tired of hearing about Santino Marella’s unibrow (or lack thereof) and frosted highlights. Please, call the match and ignore Santino, Lawler. So, overall I think Michael Cole needs to work on entertaining the viewer a bit more, like he has been doing recently. He needs to be clearer in calling the match, and please mention the moves of the wrestlers. Lawler kept the viewer entertained, but his value was diminished when he lost track of doing some effective commentary in a match.


Todd Grisham: B (Overall Grade: B)
Matt Striker: A (Overall Grade: A)

I just think what would happen if TNA had these two instead of Tenay and West? Who knows, but as of now, this is still the best announce team in professional wrestling. Let’s start with Todd. I was actually impressed with the play-by-play this week f rom him. He called the match well, asked legitimate questions to Matt Striker, and actually kept the viewer’s interest. My favorite line of the week actually was something he said. When asked to Striker what the chances are for DJ Gabriel to beat Mark Henry, Striker used many analogies. Then comes the funny part. When Todd said ?or when he out announces Matt Striker, I lost it a bit?. It is refreshing to see these two joke around with each other a bit and not one of them be offensive. He made smooth transitions, showed great interactions with Striker, and hyped the main event at a good level. The only beef I got with him is the line ?Matt, let me ask you something?? Todd, change it up! Some of his lines were a bit cheesy for the viewer’s liking, and I thought he could have cut some of that out. Other than that, a nice performance by Todd Grisham this week.

Matt Striker was at his best once again. If anyone out there wants to debate me on this, please let me know. I just like how he sells the moves, predicting what the wrestlers are feeling. He keeps me entertained of the fact that he gives us some ?did you know? material. I knew about Mark Henry’s impressive 953 lb. squat in high school, but I don?t think many others knew that. He also talked about the many title changes that have happened in Nashville over the course of pro wrestling history. That is marvelous! He talks different moves, analyzes to perfection, and I did not find one bad thing about him with his commentary. But please, Mr. Striker I request of you one thing. This is f rom one certified teacher to another; don?t do the Joey Lawrence ?Whoa? thing again! I was ashamed when you said that, as well as the many people in a teachers? union. But still, He was honest and fair about every wrestler that entered the ring this past week, and don?t be surprised if one day he will do some color commentary on RAW, because I don?t see him doing this stuff on ECW for longer than 2010.

Friday Night Smackdown

Jim Ross – C+ (Overall Grade: B)
Tazz – C (Overall Grade: B-)

It seems like after I got a nasty e-mail f rom a fan in regards to an A+ ranking by JR a couple weeks ago, this fan proved me wrong. What happened to the Jim Ross of weeks past? Has the BBQ sauce been tainted? If so, recall it immediately. This was like Bizarro Cole here this week. When Cole was awful in the 2nd hour, JR was really bad the 1st hour. He rarely called a move in the tag team match between the brothers Colon and MizMo. He reminded us that the Bellas are actually twins. Really? I thought they were just a dang halogram. Ugh? I don?t think one can call a good match with Kozlov, so I will let that pass. He did get better as the matches progressed. I grew really tired of the Cena/Big Show match, but for some reason, JR made it very entertaining for the viewer. Another problem was the overhype of HBK/Kozlov. They are going to have a match, we get it. Just don?t hype it ten times on a two hour show. Other than those errors that I mentioned, he was not a bad announcer this week. He called the matches at times, and he did his best at entertaining the viewer. He interacted with Tazz well, but were moments in which they were not on the same page. For that, I do blame it a bit more on the play-by-play. I think there was something missing again this past week. Maybe things will get better by next week, or Todd Grisham may be the best on play-by-play. Who knows, Tenay is starting to be better recently.

Tazz was alright, not great, but not bad. Why was he hyping Kozlov so much during the match. He made the Undertaker sound like the Great Khali. He did the color on the opening match very well, but too much fluff. With fluff, I mean he rambled about things that were not needed to be heard of during the match. He frequently messed his lines up when it was his turn, and that is not a good thing, given that your show is on tape delay. He tried to spit out words at times, but nothing was coming out. The good with Tazz this week was how he reviewed each match. He called the moves real well, sold them to the viewer real well, and kept me entertained. The Edge not touching Cena call was spot on and his commentary in the main event was good. I just wish for some reason he just stayed consistent instead of being over-excited. I know it is your job to show enthusiasm in your product, but just don?t overdo it.

On a side note for this week only, I give an A+ to MVP when he was calling the Shelton/Chavo match. I could listen to him be a color commentator in the future. He was very, very good in that little segment with JR and Tazz

TNA Impact!

Mike Tenay – B (Overall Grade: C+)
Don West – F (Overall Grade: F)

What an amazing week for this announce team, huh? Mike Tenay was really, really bad with the Main Even Mafia hype. All this hype makes me wonder if there is even a Frontline anymore. Last time I seen the Frontline, Rhino was wearing a Detroit Lions jersey worried about Sting and Angle. He hyped so much during the matches that he forgot how to call a match in the first hour of Impact. When confronted of being neutral about Don West’s future, he just in the camera with the ?o, shucks? look. I did not like that. What I did like about this segment will be with the Don West paragraph. Why did he get a B you ask? Well, because after the Don West Meltdown and possible heel turn, Tenay called every match by the book. What I meant was every time a wrestler did a move, Tenay actually called it by the exact name. That much I liked. It actually made the second knockouts match entertaining to watch. Tenay called the simple moves, called the harder moves, and kept me interested in Impact the rest of the night. I told all of you what would happen if Don West was not working with him, and that I hope answered all your questions. That last hour of Impact made Mike Tenay really soar into the high marks of this gradebook.

What can I say about Don West. Other than Vickie’s EXCUSE ME!!!, I think LET ME FINISH was about the same in the ?awful? category. You could tell it was staged, and I like how a couple websites out there tried to trick my students as to saying that this was a ?real? deal. Anyway, he was out there in the two matches that he did color for. He looked really bad when announcing the tour dates. When it was his time to shine when Tenay interviewed the Main Event Mafia, he was terrible. He sounded like one of those robotic voices on your computer. That is all I can say. Remember in grade school when you teacher just failed you and she could not explain why? Happened to me once in elementary school. After listening to Don West this past week, I understand why I failed. Because I did nothing but run my mouth off at things that did not pertain to the lesson.

So, I do have one replacement option for Don West. It is B.G. James. On this youtube clip, he does an awesome impression of Don West. I am sure many of you seen it, but I thought it was outrageously amusing.

GOLD STAR TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Gold Stars are plenty once again this week. So many great things are about to receive the ultimate award, which is a VIRTUAL GOLD STAR, complements of Mr. V, your WrestleView teacher. Gloat all you want about these stars, students! Put them on your folder, or facebook pages. So, the Gold Stars this week go to:

My Pittsburgh Penguins for acquiring exactly what we needed. Let the playoff beard grow long this year.

Daniel Browne for his wonder column dealing with HHH on ?For Queen and Country?. Check it out, it is worth it students.

Joe Baiamonte gets one because I can give him one.

David Stephens for plugging my column once again on ?That’s a Wrap?

Christian for giving us the best wrestling we have seen on ECW since Vince made the ECW name a joke.

Miz and Morrison to go along with their Tag Titles, Slammy Awards, and Dirty Awards. I am in fact ?Jealous?.

Ricky Steamboat for being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. If anyone deserves this award, it is him. Hey, anyone see Shane Douglas for that brief second on this introduction video? If not, check it again because it was literally one second.

MVP for his impressive segment on Smackdown.

John Cena for mocking Michael Cole.

Crelly in the chatroom for always reminding me of Roger f rom American Dad.

Sean Hurley for mentioning me in the forth installment on the Sharp Shooter. I agree that a Hall of Fame should be treated like a classroom lecture.

To all my readers that continue to support me. To all the e-mailers such as John, Osaid, Austen, and Suzanne (you know who you are)

To a couple good friends of mine in Beaver County Pennsylvania, Travis and TJ. Again, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.

To my first time readers, thank you.

Before we leave the classroom this week, I have two announcements:

1)Mr. V has an official facebook. If you want on it, send me an e-mail and I will add you into my dozens of friends.

2)Fantasy Baseball is around the corner, e-mail me if you would like to join the likes of Hunter Golden (the ?real? baseball mogul) and others.

Once again my scholars, if you liked the article or hated the article or if you want to debate me on sports or professional wrestling, or actually if you have a question regarding teaching, let me know about it by e-mailing me at If you all have the time to write me an e-mail, I think it is fair that I give everyone a genuine response, as many people can tell you. Until next week students, look both ways when you cross the street and get ready for your bus to be called. Thanks everyone!! You are…DISMISSED!