Pro’s from the Palace (#299)

Ok, let’s see if I got this straight.

Edge is the FIRST man eliminated in the opening match, the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. He proceeds to lose his effing mind, attack Kofi Kingston en route to the World title elimination chamber match, insert himself in to the match, and win the World title.

I gotta admit, WWE did one out of left field tonight. I never, in my wildest ideas, expected this.

However, now the real questions begin.

Does Edge become a dual branded champion? Is he now the official World Champion because he won Raw’s title while still on Smackdown? Does he migrate to Raw and leave the protection of his wife for the scurge and political backwash that is the Raw locker room?

Or do we have the beginnings of some assemblance of an attempt to either A) separate the titles at Wrestlemania, or B) unite the titles at Wrestlemania?

Think about this for a second as the MAIN EVENT… Title for title.

WWE Champion Triple H vs. World Champion Edge vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton.

Make it an elimination match. Two falls. First fall wins one title. The second fall wins the second title.

Do you think WWE is that creative? I don’t. But it’s an idea, isn’t it?

What’s more than likely going to happen is we’re going to see Edge bring the belt to Smackdown, and we’ll get a triple threat match of some type between Edge, Cena, and potentially Orton, or we’ll get Triple H vs. Orton for the WWE title.

Edge vs. Cena for the World title, and Triple H vs. Orton for the WWE title. That’s probably going to be it. Raw vs. Smackdown on both sides of the coin. One thing can be said for both of those matches. They’re dripping with history, and all four men have been on the stage before, and can compete at this level.

The WWE title has changed hands now twice in two months, actually, three times in three months. Jeff Hardy at Armageddon. Edge at the Royal Rumble, and Triple H now at No Way Out. Has the title lost that much prestige that it has to be handed around like a hot potato?

I actually have to give WWE some props here with this idea of bringing Edge the World title, because truth be told, there really isn’t anyone on the status of world championship style contention that can compete in a Wrestlemania main event. I don’t think Jericho would have been available, because of the potential movie storyline they had, and now with the possibility of Jericho wrestling either Flair or Austin, that leaves him out. Mysterio is possible, but I am assuming they’ll do some sort of midcard deal with him, or insert him in money in the bank, and then after that, the roster thins, terribly.

I believe they could have gone with Orton vs. Cena again, but that has been done recently, and I am guessing they wanted to go somewhere a little bit different. I know they made a big stink when Orton took on Batista before the Animal got hurt, so Triple H vs. Orton one on one would definitely get the juices flowing again, since, if memory serves, this would be their first championship match since No Mercy. And that one, even with it being Trips’ 3rd match of the night, was damn impressive.

One thing is definitely for certain.

WWE will be very interesting to watch this week.

Other thoughts from the pay per view. No, I didn’t watch it, but if you thought I was gonna sit here and say nothing after those results, well, come on, you’d be insane, because that’s not doing your job.

Someone at WWE dropped the ball. Christian needed to return tonight. The fact that he returned one week before the pay per view totally took the air out of this match between Finlay and Swagger, and I feel really bad for the fighting Irishman. Swagger, this is paying the dues, and he’ll deal with it as the time comes. Finlay should not have gotten this type of treatment by WWE, and it shows you in one way or another how terribly pathetic WWE thinks ECW truly is, whether it has the positive talent we’re all anxious to see in the future or not. Hell, if you don’t think that WWE poo poos ECW in every way possible, look back to last year’s Wrestlemania. An eight second championship match?? End of story.

HBK vs. JBL was the most predictable match out of this one. I could have seen some sort of screwy ending to Orton vs. Shane, but this was a no brainer. HBK needs to be free to do what he does at the big stage, especially in his home state. It’s been an awfully long time, but I am suspecting Raw vs. Smackdown at Mania, as the Showstoppa will be the next victim to the streak. But that’s just speculation, and a few reports I’ve read. One thing is for sure, at this age, they both can still go, and it would be a classic.

It sounds like Orton got his ass kicked as well as Shane, which is what we all expected. What happens here is anyone’s guess, but it would be nice to see the Chairman return, and give a HEEL a living hell for a while. Whether or not it happens is anyone’s guess, but that’s the most likely evolution of this story, perhaps to an eventual Orton vs. Vince deal, if they want to really go insane, but that’d be after Mania, for sure. One thing is definite, I am doubting seriously that this is over by any stretch.

Out of all the men in the world title chamber match to take out, why Kingston? He’s a former intercontinental and world tag champion. Hasn’t he earned the shot to compete? Knox hasn’t done jack outside of picking on the little people like Rey Rey. I don’t know, it’s just me babbling, but I don’t like Knox at all. What’s gonna bother me too, is I doubt they’ll do anything with this. They could give Kingston a nasty little mean streak here, but I doubt they will, and I think that’s a mistake. Kofi’s character can evolve out of the events that occurred here, and he won’t, and I think that’s a mistake.

Why couldn’t we have a title match for the IC title or the tag titles? It’s obvious they’ve been building a deal between the Colons and the Miz & Morrison, why no title match on the pay per view? Why no reprise of the match from Smackdown involving the Bellas? Why no Punk vs. Regal again for the IC strap to end that thing once and for all? You could have done some extra stuff for this pay per view, even with the hour you’d give to the Chambers. I hate the fact that all these titles exist in WWE and none of them get the time they deserve.

That’s all for now. I got nothing else, and besides, I gotta jet. Drop me a line.

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