That’s a Wrap #1

That’s A Wrap #1
Week of Feb. 2/2 – 2/8 2009
By: David Stephens of

Welcome! For those who don?t know me I am your weekly ECW Recapper here on the site. I also am responsible for the ?WrestleView Road Trip? series that I put up whenever I venture forth to an Indy show.

This column is going to be your one click stop for all of the best moments from the previous week. I?ll pull out my favorite headlines; give you the quick results, ratings, and some other nuggets of information. This is your concise solution to staying on top of the wrestling world. If you want to read someone’s opinion on the best feud or the ramifications of a Jeff Hardy title reign, you are in the wrong place. The web is full of columns like those, and I?m just as tired of them as you are. Let’s go see what’s rumbling on the newswire this week, shall we?

What’s in the News?

– WWE #1 among Male Demographic [All Broadcast Friday Nights, All Cable Monday Nights, and All of ECW]Just imagine if Wrestling wasn?t a male dominated sport in terms of management and viewership. What if a woman ran a wrestling promotion?!? Oh wait, that explains Dixie Carter’s TNA?

– Chavo Guerrero moved from ECW to Smackdown
For those confused, yes in fact Chavo still has a job.

– Hogan’s CCW is now airing in the UK
Presenting the UK with a slew of ?Celebrities? that they will be even more unfamiliar with than us Americans were.

– To fit the ?PG? Demographic, WWE has done away with the ?Bra & Panties? Match
That’s just depressing.

– AC/DC will NOT be performing at Wrestlemania
Cause apparently they were supposed to?

– Wrestlemania is still not sold out
See last year’s falling pyro

– Brian Danielson now training at Xtreme Couture, but has no plans to wrestle MMA
Mark Henry was spotted in a KFC but had no plans to eat

– Cena’s FU officially renamed the ?Attitude Adjustment?, decision was made by Cena himself
Cena has also renamed the STFU the PBQITTS [Please Be Quiet I?m Trying To Sleep]

– THQ [responsible for the Smackdown v. RAW series] posts $191.8 million net loss in last three months
This can?t possibly be true. Anyone who has played the Smackdown v. RAW series knows you make thousands of dollars just by winning matches. Clearly they need to play their game more to offset the deficit.

– Jeff Hardy will return to Smackdown on Feb. 13th
Matt Hardy will likewise return to relevance as he starts a feud with his brother.

– RVD appears on Fox News to discuss the Michael Phelps marijuana controversy
Geraldo can?t figure out why RVD continuously shouts his name while pointing his thumbs at himself.

– Linda McMahon approved for spot on the CT Board of Education
?Cause raising one son to get suplexed through glass wasn?t enough

– Jericho attacks/is attacked by fan while leaving a WWE event
What can I say? He’s Canadian

Paul London on My Radio Dial

One thing that must be made clear right from the start is that I am a huge Paul London fan. I?ve liked him since his ROH days and could probably tell you all of his feuds in the WWE as well as which matches I?ve watched more than five times. This weekend I re-watched his Streetfight versus Michael Shane and his 2/3 Falls Match with Brian Danielson. Just an incredible talent. Over the weekend London appeared on not one, but two radio programs. The high flyer was not at all afraid to speak his mind on his time in the WWE.

For starters you can?t help but laugh at the fact that when asked if he was surprised he got fired, he responded that he was actually shocked he was still getting paid. It became clear that his willingness to speak freely on his time in the ?E was a result of little interest in ever working for them again. Go check out False Count Radio and listen to the nearly 2 hour interview. It’s epic.

Must Read WrestleView Column

From the Desk of Mr. V #1
Brilliantly done piece that will leave you wanting more. He far surpasses Matt Striker’s Teacher gimmick. Also has given me a new life long quest as I?m going to try and get a gold star.

Ratings Data for Last Week
RAW ? 3.6
ECW ? 1.4
Impact ? 1.0

-Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall def. Women’s Champion Melina & Kelly Kelly
-Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase def. Cryme Tyme
-Chris Jericho, Kane & Mike Knox def. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston
-Mark Henry def. Shawn Michaels (disqualification)
-Intercontinental Champion CM Punk def. William Regal
-Undertaker vs. Randy Orton (no contest)

-Paul Burchill def. Tommy Dreamer
-Boogeyman def. Jamie Noble
-Finlay def. ECW Champion Jack Swagger (non-title)

-Jay Lethal & Eric Young def. Motor City Machine Guns
-Sheik Abdul Bashir v. Shane Sewell (No Contest)
-The Beautiful People def. Taylor Wilde & Roxxi
-Brutus Magnus def. Shark Boy
-Matt Morgan v. Rhino (No Contest)
-Team 3D def. Sting & Angle (DQ)

-Vladimir Kozlov wins SmackDown Battle Royal (Kozlov qualifies for final spot in WWE Championship Elimination Chamber)
-Montel Vontavious Porter def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin (Non-title)
-The Brian Kendrick & World Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison def. R-Truth & -WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo
-Michelle McCool def. Eve??
-Umaga def.? Kung Fu Naki
-Undertaker & Triple H?def. Edge & Big Show

Loose Ends

-Ashley is hinting at a return
-Mickey Rourke probably doesn?t even know what his Wrestlemania plans are
-Same goes for Austin
-Odds of Katie Lea/Burchill turning into an incest angle is 1:25
-I?m going to chant ?Ram Jam? every time someone goes to the top rope at Indy shows for the rest of my life
-The WrestleView chatroom at 4am is one of the strangest places on the web?

?till next time, that’s a wrap!
-David Stephens