Predictions for Against All Odds

Predictions from the Faculty Lounge
PPV: TNA Against All Odds (February 8)

Hello once again class, take a seat, and pay attention to the screen (regardless if it is in the light or dark style on WrestleView). Here are some predictions from some of the faculty (AKA WrestleView columnists and recap crew) members in regard to the TNA “Against All Odds” pay per view this Sunday. Our faculty will provide predictions for each PPV this year and we will accumulate the win total to determine the “Dean of Wrestling Predictions.”

If you want to debate any of these predictions (or for a good laugh because it is a TNA PPV featuring the Team 3D in your main event, sorry Josh), you can e-mail me at

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Fatal 4-Way
Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon

Sean Hurley (Sean H.): Kurt Angle wins the 4-Way
Matt O?Brien (Matt O.): Angle wins TNA Title
Phil Chroniger (Phil C.): Sting wins after Kurt Angle turns on him; Team 3D assist Sting, getting the victory and Sting leaves Main Event Mafia.
Joe Baiamonte (Joe B.): Sting wins by pinning Devon
David Stephens (David S.): Sting
Jose Marrero (Jose M.): Kurt Angle wins the 4-Way
Josh Boutwell (Josh B.): Kurt Angle over Sting, Team 3D. (Sting is banged up and this is a way to have Kurt finally screw Sting over. When Sting comes back, he will go after the MEM).
Anthony Valvo (Anthony V.): Kurt Angle wins by pinning Sting

Consensus: In the closest call of the evening, we, the faculty, predict a new TNA champion, however Sting may retain the title. Kurt Angle receives 5 votes, Sting 3, and Team 3D a combined goose egg.

TNA Legend’s Championship
Booker T (c) vs. Shane Sewell

Sean H.: Booker T over Shane Sewell
Matt O.: Booker T wins?.my god he better win
Phil C.: Booker T wins
Joe B.: Booker T wins
David S.: Booker
Jose M.: Booker T over Shane Sewell
Josh B.: Booker T over Shane Sewell (Come on?)
Anthony V.: Booker T

Consensus: No-Brainer, Booker T sweeps the category (Hint: TNA will be getting a demerit for creating this match as a PPV match, details Wednesday)

TNA X Division Championship
Alex Shelley (c) vs. Eric Young

Sean H.: Alex Shelley over Eric Young
Matt O.: Alex Shelley
Phil C.: Shelley wins with Sabin’s help; retains X Division title
Joe B.: Shelley
David S.: Shelley will retain
Jose M.: Young wins by DQ, Sabin interferes and Shelley retains
Josh B.: Alex Shelley over Eric Young (Shelley wins with the help from his ?hetero-lifemate?)
Anthony V.: Shelley with interference help

Consensus: Alex Shelley wins this round by a score of 7 to Eric Young’s 1. However, the faculty predicts no title change.

TNA Tag Team Championship
Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm) (c) vs. Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed)

Sean H.: Lethal Consequences over Beer Money
Matt O.: Beer Money
Phil C.: Creed pins Storm, Lethal Consequences new tag champs
Joe B.: Roode pins Creed, Beer Money retains
David S.: Beer Money
Jose M.: Beer Money wins over Lethal Consequences
Josh B.: Beer Money over Lethal Consequences (Beer Money goes after Creed’s injured arm and eventually pins him)
Anthony V.: Roode pins Creed, Beer Money retains

Consensus: Beer Money retains the tag team belts by a score of 6-2. However, some of us won?t be surprised if Lethal and Creed will pull this match out and become two time TNA world tag champs.

TNA Knockout’s (Women’s) Championship
Awesome Kong (c) vs. ODB

Sean H.: ODB over Kong
Matt O.: Awesome Kong wins
Phil C.: ODB
Joe B.: Kong wins
David S.: ODB
Jose M.: ODB
Josh B.: ODB (Kong has an injured knee and ODB is still the most over face knockout)
Anthony V.: ODB

Consensus: ODB is our upset of the evening, taking 6 of our votes. Kong, who is to wrestle without her ?back-up? comes up with only 2 of our votes.

Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner

Sean H.: Steiner over Petey Williams
Matt O.: Steiner wins
Phil C.: Steiner via foreign object/outside interference
Joe B.: Steiner wins
David S.: Steiner
Jose M.: Petey Williams over Steiner
Josh B.: Petey Williams over Steiner (Little Petey Pump gets the upset)
Anthony V.: Steiner wins with MEM help

Consensus: Most of us believe the winner will be Scott Steiner with a vote of 6-2, either clean or with MEM/lead pipe help.

Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

**This is the match where it may change, due to Matt Morgan’s recent surgery. The faculty, however, will predict the outcome of this match in case Morgan is able to wrestle Sunday’s Pay-per-View. If this match does not take place, the pick will no go against our overall win total.**

Sean H.: Matt Morgan over Abyss
Matt O.: Abyss
Phil C.: Matt Morgan
Joe B.: Abyss wins
David S.: Matt Morgan
Jose M.: Matt Morgan over Abyss
Josh B.: Matt Morgan over Abyss by DQ (Abyss goes APE $H!T and breaks out the weapons)
Anthony V.: Matt Morgan

Consensus: Barring the limitation of Matt Morgan’s injury, we see the ?DNA of TNA? being the victorious one over the Monster, winning our vote with a 6-2 margin. But seriously, Abyss? promo on Thursday was by far better than any Main Event Mafia segment in 2009.

Well, class, there you have it. The Faculty has spoken. I personally want to thank TNA recap columnist Josh Boutwell, ECW recap columnist David Stephens, and columnists Sean Hurley, Matt O?Brien, Phil Chroniger, Joe Biamonte, and Jose Marerro for being a part of this piece. I could not have done it without all of you. This just proves that we are the best set of columnists the online wrestling business every assembled. If you want to make a prediction for the Against All Odds PPV tonight, send me an e-mail at Until then, enjoy this wonderful second week of February. Until next time class, you are DISMISSED!