Pro’s from the Palace (#296)

WWE are the biggest hypocrites.

The movie comes out, “The Wrestler”. It gets rave reviews. All over Hollywood, they’re calling Mickey Rourke the comeback actor of the year, and he is nominated for umpteen amounts of awards. Wrestlers in the business talk about the movie, giving it their approval as well. WWE has a private screening of the movie, and Vince thinks it’s bigger crap than million dollar mania turned out to be.

Then comes the Golden Globes, and Mickey Rourke wins best actor for his portrayal of Randy “The Ram” Robinson. Now, WWE can’t seem to get enough out of promoting this film, showing vignettes of the film on their coveted time slots of programming to even hinting at the possibility of a storyline involving Chris Jericho and Mickey Rourke.
Chris Jericho vs. Mickey Rourke. Hrm. Think about that for a minute.

A former multiple time world champion, a former undisputed champion, the man who was the face of Raw for some time, being relegated to challenging what can only be described as the present day David Arquette. Remember, the farce when David Arquette held the big gold of WCW? Same thing can be said for this.

Like the movie, hate the movie, publicize it, whatever, WWE does what it wants, and the last thing it’s going to do is listen to a schlub like me, but the facts are the facts. The instant this movie began getting recognition from the Hollywood so called authorities, WWE did a complete 180 degree swerve and began treating this movie like it came out of their studios.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of hypocrisy. And it makes WWE as a whole look weak, and childish.

Speaking for myself, I have not seen the movie. I want to, and will try to at the first available opportunity. If I can’t, I DEFINITELY will add the movie to my DVD collection. Regardless of all that, I would think that WWE would be better suited to promoting other aspects of Wrestlemania than trying to cash in on the success of someone who needs to be in a Hollywood set rather than a Houston squared circle.

Why haven’t we heard anything about the band that has been rumored to be playing Wrestlemania 25? It’d be kind of a big deal to announce that, don’t you think? I mean, really, did the suits of WWE slip on a patch of black ice and cut their skulls open or something?? Come on, this is as dumb as dumb can be.

I did not see the Rumble, for two reasons. A) I’m not paying $40, when I can pay half that in a month, and B) my schedule doesn’t permit it. However, all that being said, it’s a major surprise to have seen Van Dam back in an WWE ring. For all intensive purposes, it appears to have been a one night stand, literally, and that’s sad, because RVD is a talent that WWE needed to treat a lot better. I know he made some major mistakes when he screwed up while wearing the ton of gold he was sporting back in the day, but with the depletion of main event talent that has occurred over the past few months, this could’ve been a coup that WWE would’ve been able to reap some rewards from. Who knows, maybe it will happen down the road, but somehow, I doubt it. Best of luck to Rob’s wife, who is battling some significant medical issues as well.
I read a comment on facebook where someone stated that they prayed WWE wouldn’t do a flub of a feud between Matt & Jeff like what they did back in ’91. All I can say is, if they have to go down this road, which I wish they didn’t, I hope that this statement that was said is 1000% correct. That feud back then was gross. This has the potential to be even worse. God knows where it’s going, but I’m gonna watch it, it’s the train wreck you have to wait and see what happens, and find out when it crashes.

If the one reason that the One Night Stand Pay Per View has had its name changed to Extreme Rules is to clean up the image of WWE in the hopes that Linda McMahon is elected to the Connecticut state school board, I have just one word to say.


I have to make one ROH comment before closing this piece out.

I am very skeptical about ROH signing a television deal. I know it’s the next logical step in the company’s evolution in to the mainstream, and maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I don’t see how this is going to bolster a product that is lacking star power, and lacking significant continuity when their pay per views are run SO far after the fact of them being completed that the storyline is almost impossible to keep track of, especially if you were to attend a non – pay per view ROH event. I’m also fearful that because of this deal, ROH may pull out, or lessen its relationships with Dragon Gate and NOAH, and that really saddens me if it does occur, because that is and was one of the things that drew me to ROH in the first place, that being the uniqueness of seeing international talent, and I mean true international talent. I am not saying guys from Canada and Mexico aren’t international, but when it’s Japan, it’s a bit of a different league. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I read a report that D’Lo Brown is set to debut with ROH. (Take that with a grain of salt, I read only one report on this). If it’s true, it’s a good signing, because it may be one of those calming veteran influences that a locker room full of young guys who think they’re better than they probably are who are trying to run the place. If Brown joins ROH, and if I were Cary Silkin, I’d give him a large piece of the management puzzle with regard to the locker room. It may save the product in the long term.

That’s it, for now.

Thanks for reading.

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