Superstars Results – 4/8/10

WWE Superstars
April 8th, 2010
Chicago, IL/East Rutherford, NJ
Report by: Jeff Springer of

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

“Your Not Enough For Me” is playing throughout the arena as Simply Flawless make their way down to the ring with Vickie Guerrero, Todd Grisham uses this time to welcome us to tonight’s episode of WWE Superstars!

Matt Striker also uses the entrance to hype tonight’s main event from the Raw Brand, MVP taking on Carlito!

After getting into the ring Vickie Guerrero (“Excuse Me!” Excuse Me!”) gets on the microphone and introduces the WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool.

Michelle McCool gets on the mic and she, Layla and Vickie accuse Beth Phoenix of being a man, Vickie gets back on the mic and announces the opener as Layla Vs. Beth Phoenix in a “Intergender Match.”

Beth Phoenix vs. Layla

The bell rings and Beth charges at Layla who runs to the outside of the ring, She goes over to her teammate Michelle for a little pep talk before returning to the ring. Beth charges at Layla again but she backs up into the ropes which prompts the ref to back Beth up, Beth goes after her again and she goes into the rope again and the ref backs her up. Beth goes after Layla a third time but is hit with a kick by Layla, Layla follows up with two kicks and a forearm before being unable to send Beth into the ropes. Beth reverses and goes after Layla and is hit with a kick, She is unfazed by the kick and follows it up with a big polish hammer.

Beth picks Layla off the mat and lifts her into the air with a choke, Beth takes her to the top turnbuckle before slamming her off. Layla attempts to run from Beth and hangs onto the ropes, Beth grabs Layla by the legs and pulls her off the ropes and slams her to the ground. Beth hits a forearm on Layla before being grabbed at the leg by Michelle, Beth gets out of the ring and chases Vickie around the ring until she falls to the ground. Layla capitalizes on the distraction and hits a dropkicking keeping Beth on the outside, Layla attempts to keep Beth out with some kicks but allows her back in to choke her with her foot on the bottom rope.

The ref backs Layla off the attack as Michelle comes around the corner and starts to attack Beth, Layla puts a sleeper on Beth but Beth is too strong and is able to break it in the corner. Beth runs at Layla and is hit with an elbow to the face, Layla goes to the top rope but is caught by Beth and countered into a backbreaker. Beth follows up by lifting Layla up and hitting the Glam Slam for the 1,2,3 for the win!

Winner Via Glam Slam: Beth Phoenix

Post Match: Michelle get into the ring and attacks Beth with a flurry of attacks, Michelle goes to check on Layla and give Beth a chance to throw her over the top rope. Beth chases Layla out of the ring before going back into the ring to pose for the crowd as Todd hypes NXT on Tuesday Nights!

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Todd Grisham hypes the Main Event from the Raw Brand MVP Vs. Carlito!


Don’t Try This At Home Video

As we return from commercial Evan Bourne is on his way down to the ring, He is followed by his partner the Japanese superstar Yoshi Tatsu.Chavo Guerrero comes out third for the opposing team , (OH RADIO!) Zack Ryder is out with Rosa Mendes to round out the second team to start the Raw portion of Superstars!

Evan Bourne and Yoshi Tatsu vs. Chavo Guerrero and Zack Ryder W/Rosa Mendes

The bell rings and it is Yoshi and Ryder starting things off, Zack lands a kick to the gut and follows it up with two forearms to the back and hip to the gut before ramming his head in the turnbuckle. Yoshi throws and elbow at Ryder but is hit right back with a forearm, Zack sends Yoshi into the rope who ducks the clothesline and counters into the abdominal stretch. Yoshi counters his on abdominal stretch into a pinfall that only results in a two. Yoshi makes the tag to Evan who go for a double team trip dropkick combination that connects and Evan is able to get a one count.

Evan throws a kick but is countered into a jawbreaker by Ryder, Ryder tags in Chavo who end up in multiple counters that Evan ends up winning a landing an arm drag. Chavo backs up into the corner where Evan throws kicks, Evan goes for an enziguri but is caught but is able to counter it into a hurricanrana that sends Chavo to the outside. Evan slides to the apron and runs off the apron and hits Chavo with double knees, Ryder attempts to attack Bourne after but is also hit with a dropkick as we go to commercial.


When we return from commercial Chavo is in control in the corner landing punches on Evan in the corner, Evan kicks his way out and counters into a hurricanrana faceplant. Evan slides to the apron and jumps over the back of Chavo, He hits the ropes but is hit with double legs by Chavo who goes for the cover and only gets a two count. Chavo takes Bourne to his corner and hits a back body drop before tagging in Zack, Zack goes right on the attack and lands a neckbreaker on Bourne and goes for a pin but only gets another two count.

Ryder puts Evan in a head lock on the ground, Evan is cheered on and is able to get out and counter into a pin attempt that is only a two. Evan hits the ropes but is hit with the jumping legdrop of Zack Ryder who goes for a pin and only gets two. Ryder drags Evan to his corner and sets up the double team that connects and Chavo goes for the pin and only gets two. Chavo tags Ryder in again, Ryder chokes Evan in the corner with knee on his throat as the ref backs him off Evan gets caught in the rope and is catapulted under the bottom rope by Ryder. Ryder tags Chavo in again and holds him for a double team maneuver which is a drop kick to the face.

Chavo twists the arm and tags in Ryder who goes to the top rope, Evan is able to kick Chavo out of the ring and hurricanrana Ryder to the mat below. Evan makes the hot tag to Tatsu who hits a spinning heel kick on Ryder, He knocks Chavo off the ropes and lands multiple kicks. He sends Ryder to the corner and hits double knees, Chavo makes the blind tag and comes in and brakes Yoshi’s attack. Chavo hits the three amigos and goes for the frog splash but has to roll out, Yoshi kicks Ryder out and rolls Chavo to his corner where he holds him for Air Bourne by the tagged in Evan for the win!

Winners Via Air Bourne: Evan Bourne and Yoshi Tatsu

Big Show, R-Truth and The Bella Twins on Extreme Makeover This Sunday!

Jerry Lawler hypes the Raw Main Event: MVP Vs. Carlito!


Did you Know? More than 5,000 schools and libraries in the U.S., Canada and the UK were involved in the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge.

New World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger Hype Video!

Raw Rebound: David “A-List” Otunga hosts!

MVP makes his way down to the ring following the Raw rebound and Michael Cole hypes the main event while he poses for the crowd as we go to commercial.


We return from commercial and Carlito makes his way down to the ring with his NXT rookie Michael Tarver as it is time for the main event to officially begin!

MVP vs. Carlito W/ Michael Tarver

The bell rings and MVP looks to the outside and has words with Tarver, The fans chant as the two lock up and MVP takes control with a wrist lock. Carlito breaks the lock and send MVP in the turnbuckle, He sends MVP across to the opposite buckle who goes for the sling over but transitions into a big clothesline on Carlito when he realizes he isn’t there. MVP goes for the cover but only gets a two count, MVP lands several knees to the gut and than a hip toss followed by a knee to the midsection for another cover and another two count.

MVP follows up with an armlock on Carlito, MVP sends Carlito in the rope and sends him over his shoulder onto the mat before going for another pin and another nearfall. MVP goes back into the arm lock, Carlito turns the tide with a kick to the gut and a slam of the head into the turnbuckle. Carlito lands a punch in the corner that hurts his arm, He continues his attack and send him into the rope and is leap frogged and hit with a flying forearm by MVP. MVP starts to motion for “Ballin” but Carlito slides to the outside for a breather, MVP hits a baseball slide on Carlito as we go to commercial.


When we return from commercial Carlito is in control with a chinlock, MVP uses the crowd to get back onto his feet but Carlito hits him with a neck breaker and a legdrop for a two count. We see how Carlito gained control while Carlito has MVP in a chinlock. The crowd continues to cheer MVP on as he gets up and lands elbows to the gut. MVP throws punches and sends Carlito into the ropes and transitions into the fisherman’s suplex and goes for another cover and only gets another two count. MVP goes for the kick but is sent over the top rope by Carlito, Carlito sends MVP back into the ring and goes for the cover but only gets a two.Carlito lands punches to the face on MVP, Carlito hits the ropes but is countered into the overhead throw.

They both get to their feet and MVP takes controls with punches and some big clotheslines. MVP drops his face into his knee and hits “Ballin” and goes for the playmaker but is countered. Carlito sets MVP up for the backstabber but it is blocked, MVP gets the roll up and goes for the cover and is only able to get a two count. MVP sends Carlito into the rope but gets hit with a kick by Carlito when he ducks, Carlito runs at him but is thrown over the top rope but lands on the apron. Carlito lands a punch and jumps from the top rope but is hit with a big boot for a cover and another two count, MVP sends Carlito into the rope and due to a rookie mistake by Tarver misses a dropkick that allows MVP to hit the playmaker for the win!

Winner Via The Playmaker: MVP

-End of Show-

Jeff’s Thoughts

Tonight was a very boring episode of WWE Superstars.

The SD divas opener was a snorefest that I had a hard time getting through, I honestly have not interest in this storyline and couldn’t get into the match.

The tag match had it’s moments but it seemed like I had seen this match before with the same guys on all the time it didn’t seem fresh.

The Main Event was another case of lack of new faces on Superstars as they have met up before in tag competition twice since I started recapping, this match didn’t excite me at all and continued the boring trend for the evening.
Sorry for such a short and negative thoughts portion but this show just really got me down, Here’s hoping to a more exciting show next week.


See you next Thursday!