From the Desk of Mr. V #64
April 15, 2010
By: Anthony J. Valvo of


This week, I did not get an introduction from my loyal students. So I guess I can start off by saying this. If you want create an introduction, offer a gold star or detention, or want me to discuss anything involving pro wrestling as well as anything for that matter you can e-mail Mr. V at or

Welcome once again class to “From the Desk of Mr. V”. I am your resident teacher of WrestleView and I will provide you with the good and bad of pro wrestling. Each week I will keep the predictions records up. Inside today will be a lecture on a few buzz worthy wrestling stories, detentions, Honor Rolls, and of course some freshly painted Gold Stars. Also, I would like some more takes on your thoughts from WrestleMania a few days ago. So students, have a seat and grab a beverage of your choosing. School is in session for the 64rd time “From the Desk of Mr. V”.

Quote of the Week

Ok, I don’t have a quote. But as soon as I was going to provide my readers with a good quote, I realized something. My column will be posted on:

April 15, 2010. Then I thought, what happens that the news covers here on April 15th? Oh yeah, TAX DAY!! So, I found a great YouTube Clip with some Tax Tips from The I.R.S.

Oh my, I can’t pass up an opportunity to use a promo by Irwin R. Schyster. Seriously, to my United States students don’t forget to pay your taxes or do your returns. Oh, #1 and #10 are my personal favorites from I.R.S. I can’t believe no one ever showed this before.

Teacher’s Lecture

Do you know how HDNet pre-empted ROH Programming? Well, Mr. V decided to pre-empt the Lecture because today marks the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. My Pittsburgh Penguins continue their defense as they play the Ottawa Senators. My prediction? PAIN!!

Also, I really want to watch ROH’s Big Bang Pay-Per-View. I purchased it on and I only got through half of it. It is not because I found it dull (far from it) but because I have other things to do outside of watching pro wrestling that I enjoy doing as well. I am not going to lie to my students here, this is the honest truth.

Most of you all know that I am a family first individual. I encourage my older readers to spend time with your kids and your family. That is what I have been doing the past couple weeks. Next week, I will come up with some topics that I will provide a lecture on. Also, I will finally come out with a review of ROH’s Big Bang (if I don’t make a topic on that alone). Plus, I might as well save you the reading so you all can enjoy this week. If you really want to hear me discuss topics, then please listen to The Teacher’s Lounge this week. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Who am I kidding? I must address one quick thing since we are near my 2nd Annual Summer Vacation Festival since being hired by WrestleView.

Students, I need your help.

If you are new, I am a substitute teacher by day and a wrestling fan by night. During the months of June, July, and August I usually make my column student friendly as I embark on the finest things in life over the summer. Last year, dozens of students provided some of the following.

1) Classroom Rules
2) Detentions
3) Gold Stars
4) Mid-Year Student Choice Awards
5) Headlines
6) Trade Deadline (in which WrestleView columnists pick a wrestling company and provide trades with the other ones. The rosters are from ROH, TNA, and WWE).
7) Others

Let me know what you would like and I will do my best to accommodate it.

Students, I strive to make the column as reader-friendly as possible to an extent. Please offer me some suggestions and I will try my best over the summer to meet the needs. I am hoping for at least ten responses over this (which I usually get most of the time, but the mail has been dry recently).


Eric Bischoff – He lost complete faith in Christopher Daniels and just flat-out released him. I am disappointed in that and I wish Daniels the best in ROH.

Michael Cole – He is still an absolute tool.

Dancing with the Stars and the fans that vote for the stars – For not eliminating the obvious. I really hope that either that Pussycat Doll or that Figure Skater win that event. Still, would be rather watching this than American Idol.

American Idol – This competition is on this list because of everything David Stephens said about this.

The Dude Busters – What kind of a name is The Dude Busters?

The Ottawa Senators – For holding on to a 3-1 lead over my Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals as I am typing this column.

Praxis and the ETS Series – It looks like I am going to have to fork over $155.00 to take yet another test in which I don’t know what I got incorrect. DETENTION FOREVER!!!!

HDNet – For not letting me see ROH TV for 2 weeks for a basketball tournament.

TNA – for making Christy Hemme the highest-paid TNA Knockout on the roster.

Fireballs – Need I say more?

WWE’s booking for the divas – Seriously some wrestling would be nice.

E. Stanley Kronke – Remember when he kicked the WWE out of the building last year and Vince took the show to L.A.? Well, now he wants to buy the St. Louis Rams. I am just sending the information out now.

Domino’s Pizza – For those stupid commercials.

5-Hour Energy – Ditto. And for your drink tasting like Children’s Tylenol.

People that want to ban fights in the NHL – They just say that because their favorite players can’t fight on the ice.

Darren Young – For the hairstyle.

Vince McMahon (by: Carter Johns) – For allowing Michael Cole as a commentator.

Dunce Cap of DOOM goes to…Bubba The Love Sponge! I am sure he is enjoying this publicity right now as we speak because he probably kisses himself in front of a mirror when he is not on camera or partying with the Nasty Boys. Seriously how he is still employed by TNA for doing nothing but giving them bad press is beyond me. To Dixie Carter: I really want to see your company succeed. However, letting go people that did not deserve it and people still on the roster now is unacceptable. The only time I enjoyed him on my TV was when Mick Foley punched him stiff in the face. Mick Foley, I thank you for bringing that joy into my heart.

Past Dunces in Mr. V’s classroom: Kate Gosselin, Bubba the Love Sponge, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Michael Cole (who got this twice already).

Mr. V’s Honor Roll for the week of April 5, 2010 – April 11, 2010

Here was Mr. V’s schedule in regards to grading these matches.

4/05 – Graded WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA Impact matches
4/06 – Graded WWE NXT Matches
4/07 – Column Writing. After that, I watched ROH on YouTube and recap the show.
4/08 – Graded WWE Superstars.
4/09 – Graded Smackdown Matches
4/10 – OFF DAY
4/11 – Graded FCW Matches (If I ever find a stream for it). It not, it is an OFF DAY.

Once again, I don’t know if they don’t post them online anymore but I did not get FCW. If I ever get them I will post the grade on this column.

I will be honest here. Overall, the wrestling was very subpar and all I have to say is…THANK YOU SMACKDOWN!! I thought from a wrestling standpoint each show really missed the mark. However, Friday Night Smackdown had a tremendous show last night from start to finish.

Distinguished Honors – Chris Jericho vs. Edge, Friday Night Smackdown, April 9.

How did the match end? The matched ended in a Double Countout Draw.

Grade: B+ (leaned towards an A-).

Thoughts: The overall showing was pretty good from start to finish. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two at the start of this match and throughout the contest it was really well-paced. There were fast moments and slow moments, when one sees the balance it not only told a great story, but a showed a great wrestling match as well. Edge still appeared to be less than 100%, but was very consistent with his offense. He moved around the ring well for someone coming off a serious injury. He also hit his DDTs and Flapjack moves very well. I loved the emotion from Edge over the course of the match as well, as he carried it on until well after the bell rang. The Spear at the end was predictable, but efficient.

What can one say about Jericho right now? Clearly he is a top three talent in the WWE right now and he kept getting better tonight. Jericho was the one that controlled the match throughout the contest and did it perfectly. Jericho also is a great storyteller in that ring with his submission holds and countered kicks. I thought it could have been over with the Codebreaker at the end of the contest, but man when Edge left the ring it all but said it would end in a draw. We must observe that Edge is still hurt, and one must give Jericho a ton of credit for keeping not only him, but Edge safe in that ring as well.

It is overall a great feud between two of the best on the Smackdown roster. The storyline is still hot right now and continues to develop steam well after their WrestleMania encounter. Great show by both men!

High Honors – Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger, Monday Night Raw, April 5.

How did the match end: Randy Orton his the RKO and defeated the World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger, in a non-title match.

Grade: B (but leaned towards a B+).

Thoughts: In one of Swagger’s first tests as champion, he had to go one-on-one with a former multiple-time champion in Orton. I for one expected it to be a good one, but the two in the ring really exceeded my expectations.

Swagger has the attack thing down pat right now. He strikes well and he demonstrates the power of a champion. He was crisp with the power moves, including an impressive Overhead Belly-to-Back Suplex along with various other disciplines of the suplex. He positioned himself well with the abdominal stretch (which shows technical work as well). The Springboard Off-The-Corner Splash is his trademark move and he hit it perfect each time in this contest. Though Swagger lost this match, I thought he showcased himself very well here. I don’t think he will be a “one-trick pony” as a World Champion. With pure size and ability (as well as youth) on his side he will be a champion for years to come.

Randy Orton was great with his in-ring psychology in this match. He moved around well and positioned himself well in each segment of the match. He worked well with his ground tactics and hit all his trademark moves well (Power Scoop Slam and the DDT off the ropes). He countered some of Swagger’s offense well which led to the pinfall victory with the RKO. Orton in my opinion is a better chaser for the title than when he holds on to the title. I expect this feud to not be over and when Orton (which is possible) gets drafted to Smackdown, expect these feuds to lead Smackdown in becoming the best in-ring wrestling in the WWE today.

Overall, I liked how they made Swagger look strong in the first few minutes. Orton’s gimmick is perfect because he can still do the same tatics though he is a face character right now. I was impressed with Orton, but more impressed with Swagger and I think the WWE did the right thing when Swagger was awarded the Money in the Bank Case and the eventual championship. It was a very entertaining and hard fought contest which we inconsistently see on Monday Night Raw.

Honors – Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle, TNA Impact, April 5.

How did this match end? When Mr. Anderson choked out Angle with his dog tag and climbed up the ladder to get the Cage Key to end the contest.

Grade: B-.

Thoughts: TNA may have done a lot of wrongs recently, but this storyline is actually a storyline that really does consist of “blood, sweat, and tears”. In the long feud (which does not really happen a whole lot in TNA), both men kept it fresh and entertaining. I know I have been documented to “not enjoy blood”, but when it has a purpose in a storyline I find it acceptable. This rivalry is one of those cases.

Anderson played his part of the loudmouth/obnoxious heel very well. Inside the ring, he was not bad. Sure, he shoved the ladder which led Angle to take a terrible fall to the outside of the ring, but it was the ladder’s positioning and not Anderson’s fault. He used the ladder well on Angle and also hit a nice suplex to the ladder at well. I actually liked how they ended the match. Angle controlled this match over 50% of the time and had the best spots, but it was Anderson who used Angle’s dog tag to choke him out and grab the Key that Anderson said “will secure his victory at Lockdown”.

Angle…what can I say about him? I worry about him more than I do with any other wrestler because I really think Angle is a lot healthier now than where he was last year. He used the ladder very well on Anderson, thanks in part to an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Angle hit the missile dropkick very well, he was spot on with that. I think the most impressive move here was what happened after the spill that Angle took to the outside. Angle was visibly injured with that, yet right after the fall he got right back up and hit a perfect moonsault (I wish I can do that at his age).

Overall, the match told a great story. Sure, it was one of those “gimmick” matches, but I thought this match was much better than what TNA offered on the 4/5 edition of Impact. I gave Angle a lot of credit for toughing it out and I think the TNA fans should give Angle more credit than he deserves. And though Anderson won this contest, Angle proved to the wrestling fans that he still can do anything and everything to keep the fans entertained.

Mr. V’s Overall Grade book

A+, A, or A-: None To Report.

B+: Chris Jericho vs. Edge (Smackdown).

B: Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger (RAW).

B-: Chris Hero vs. Jay Briscoe (ROH); Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle (TNA); Evan Bourne and Yoshi Tatsu vs. Zack Ryder and Chavo Guerrero (Superstars); Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison (Smackdown); Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy (Smackdown);

C+: Ted DiBiase, Jr. vs. Christian (RAW); Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm (TNA); Wade Barrett vs. David Otunga (NXT); Kane vs. Heath Slater (NXT);

C: Erick Stevens vs. Pelle Primeau (ROH); Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston (RAW); Miz and Big Show vs. John Cena and David Otunga (RAW); Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin vs. Brother Ray and Brother Devon (TNA); Darren Young vs. Daniel Bryan (NXT); Justin Gabriel vs. Michael Tarver (NXT); MVP vs. Carlito (Superstars); DH Smith and Tyson Kidd vs. Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta (Smackdown);

C-: Steve Corino vs. Bobby Shields (ROH); Douglas Williams vs. Jeremy Buck (TNA); Douglas Williams vs. Max Buck (TNA); D’Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe (TNA);

D+, D, or D-: Kory Chavis and Jon Davis vs. J-Sinn and Lance Lude (ROH); Divas’ Battle Royal (RAW); Miz and Big Show vs. John Cena and Batista (RAW); Rob Terry vs. Homicide (TNA); Tara/Angelina Love/Hamada/ODB vs. Madison Rayne/Velvet Sky/Lacey Von Erich/Daffney (TNA); Beth Phoenix vs. Layla El (Superstars);

F or INC: None To Report.


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8) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa/2009 WV Champ)………16-14 (6-4)
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Mr. V’s Gold Star Segment (Sponsored by: JR’s BBQ Sauce! There are still some great items for sale right now. Check out the site for further details at

Once again, Gold Stars from the desk of Mr. V are plenty. Here are the people or objects that deserved a Gold Star for their efforts.

Gene Kiniski – The Former NWA and AWA World Champion passed away due to cancer at the age of 81. My condolences go out to the family of the Late Mr. Kiniski. Though I never followed much of his career, when you beat Verne Gagne and Low Thesz for championships, you have had a heck of a wrestling career. Heaven now has Canada’s Greatest Athelete.

ShoMiz – For retaining the WWE Unified Tag Team Title both time during David Otunga’s run as Guest Host for Monday Night Raw.

David Hasselhoff – I really enjoyed his work as guest host. And for all my friends across the pond that enjoy his work…

Yes, I finally thought it was the right time to finally go for the Hoff-approved wrestling column.

Eve Torres – Your NEW Divas’ Champion on Monday Night Raw! Right now she is one of the best women wrestlers and definitely the most underrated until now. I am so happy to see her win her first WWE Title and hope that she can continue this momentum.

Douglas Williams – For his improved mic work and his wrestling ability. TNA does get hammered by many columnists and websites (I am included). However, Williams is an interesting character.

To all my “students” that listen to The Teacher’s Lounge – I know Dave thanks you many times and I will do the same. Thank you for your support in regards to our show.

Christian – He reminds us that you don’t need a championship to show that one has a good time in the ring.

Diva-Dirt – They are by far the best website to get information on women’s professional wrestling. Plus, Crystal Mai will be a guest on an upcoming Teacher’s Lounge that you do not want to miss.

Kurt Angle – I never see one man do so much to his body than Angle. If he wants a rest from professional wrestling after Lockdown than I think we all should give him that. We want to see this guy as healthy as he can be without the dependency of medication.

Duke Blue Devils – I did not acknowledge them as the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions last week. I am sorry, but congratulations.

Wade Barrett – We all talk about Justin Gabriel, Daniel Bryan, David Otunga, and Darren Young’s hair. But what about probably this guy? Not only is he great on the mic, but he is looking much better in the ring. I wish nothing but the best for this guy and I hope he has a great future in the WWE.

Prince Nana – For being the leader of my favorite faction in professional wrestling, The Embassy.

Daniels – I am going to enjoy recapping a match or two of his when he wrestles on HDNet. Again, ROH signs a strong, underrated talent.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk – In my opinion this is the quickly going to become a feud that wrestling fans should enjoy.

David Otunga – Not for his in-ring ability nor his A-list status. But for admitting to the world that he changes his baby’s diapers. It truly takes a real man to say that in front of a camera.

The Miz – He has worked his butt of to where he is at. Now he is more than likely the most hated wrestler on RAW because he is that awesome in his role.

The Akron Hammer – I am marking out for this nickname for Cleveland Cavaliers Guard LeBron James. I give this nickname that Michelle Beadle from ESPN’s SportsNation created for LeBron James Four Golden Yardsticks.

Mike Tedesco – Colt Cabana’s #1 Fan celebrated a birthday today! He also does Smackdown and NXT recaps that I am sure my students enjoy.

Jose Marrero – He gets one for being “The Gold Standard”. His recent column (Wrestling Rumblings) was excellent and must be read by my students here on WrestleView. You can click here after you are dismissed from this column.

David Stephens – He has to put up with my crappy headset when he records and edits “The Teacher’s Lounge”. Also, he earned a spot on the TNA Post Show in which he provided some great thoughts about what he watched. Everyone else should give him props as well.

Josh Mathews (from: Carter Johns) – For having to put up with Michael Cole on NXT. I for one feel bad that he can’t really say anything because Cole has to make fun (scripted, of course) of Daniel Bryan.

To all those who complete the Homework Assignments – Thank you all so much for your hard work you do to help my column to continue to be successful.

Mick Foley – For breaking Bubba the Love Sponge’s nose.

If I forgot anyone else, then I am sorry. If you have nominees for Gold Stars please send me an e-mail to

Homework Analysis

A couple weeks ago, I asked some students of my WrestleView classroom to provide thoughts about WrestleMania XXVI. I got three of them and I thanked each of them with a Gold Star. So, let’s hear from some reader’s perspectives about WrestleMania:

From Jeff (I did not get a last name):

I would give WrestleMania an A- for being exactly what it should be.

I have been to 45 live events, including 3 WrestleManias (Hartford, Boston, Orlando).

I feel that WrestleMania should have a grand-feeling. It should have a special aura leading up to it, and then deliver on it. When I went to WrestleMania 11 in Hartford, it was my first WrestleMania. My favorite wrestler – Bret Hart – was put in a match that had no chemistry, against Bob Backlund. HBK vs. Diesel was a solid effort, and LT vs Bam Bam gave WrestleMania a national feeling. But the event was lackluster in hindsight. Even though big actors – Pamela Anderson and JTT – showed up, it was Hartford CT. I think they said ‘in the shadows of NYC’ … but that’s a 2+ hour shadow!

WrestleMania 14 met the grand feeling, because Stone Cold Steve Austin beat HBK and started the attitude era. I have heard loud pops before, but the energy level in the Fleet Center is something I have not ever experienced again.

WrestleMania 24 though, proved to me how big WrestleMania had become. Every hotel door had a WrestleMania door hanger; every bus in Orlando was covered in WrestleMania advertisements. My brother and I met people from Boston, Indianapolis, California, and even the UK. THAT is what WrestleMania should feel like. The HBK vs. Flair match was history. The atmosphere was electric, almost picture perfect.

And this year’s WrestleMania 26 felt like that, even though I watched in on PPV with some friends over. Phoenix was hot. 72,000 people. Every match delivered, even the weakest ones. People can talk about fancy matches and TNA and ROH, but what WrestleMania 26 was … was a big “back to basics” PPV. Cena and Batista — they are not technical wrestlers. But they delivered a match that lived up to the hype. Randy Orton’s popularity stunned me. The RKO chants almost brought goose bumps to me! Even the Divas match … a “finisher fest” … was fun. HBK vs. Undertaker, it didn’t match the masterpiece of WM 25’s battle. But the streak vs. career still gave every pin, every submission, every move … you had to watch. And seeing Bret Hart get closure. To have his career finally end on a good note. When this storyline started in Dayton Ohio, those fans … some didn’t really know who he was. But Phoenix … they cheered for Bret. The WWE was able to take a 13 yr old storyline and character and reintroduce him in 3 months, and he got the send-off he deserved. WrestleMania was full of moments. It will always be THE event wrestling fans should be most proud about. Tell your friends, brag. Paid or not, 72,000 people showed up and nearly a million paid $55 to watch it on TV. 5 million people watch Monday Night Raw *52 weeks* a year. And WrestleMania was our shining moment.

That’s why it’s an A-.

Thank You Jeff for a great review on your thoughts for WrestleMania.

From Jeremy Samples (the man that gave me my first positive e-mail over a year ago).

I thought WrestleMania ended up being a great PPV. I would give it a B-. While the Divas match did drag it down, there were more than enough great matches to make up for it. Shawn Michaels-Undertaker was a great re-match. I saw the original match live in Houston, TX, last year. So, I tried not to compare the two…since I knew I would be biased to the match I saw live. The match story was so perfect, and a great way for Shawn to go out. The rest of the PPV was what it was and was going to be. Nice surprise with Jack Swagger, though. Also, another pretty cool entrance for Cena. The fans that were booing the USAF Honor Guard Drill Team needed to go directly to detention.

Jeremy, I thank you as well for this review. I completely agree with what you typed on here and last week I put those fans in detention.

From Suzanne Abshire

R-Truth/John Morrison vs. ShoMiz – For the length of time they were given this was a really good match. I think you are wrong or could be wrong about the Tag Team Division because I think the Hart Dynasty angle could bring back the Tag Team Division.

Orton vs. Rhodes vs. DiBiase, Jr. – Good match but could have been and should have been better. The completely wrong person won this match.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Really good match not quite as good as it should have been and I am thinking because they weren’t giving enough time. I like that they shocked everyone by giving the victory to someone no one expected.

HHH vs. Sheamus – Good match but would have been great with the reverse outcome.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (w/Luke Gallows and Serena) – Good match but would have been great with a few more minutes.

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon – Right idea but didn’t come off very well.

Chris Jericho vs. Edge – Really good match. Considering what happened after WrestleMania it was the right outcome.

Divas’ Tag Team Match – This gave Vicky a WrestleMania moment and was short so that was good.

Batista vs. John Cena – This was way better than I thought it could be and was the best of the 2 World Championship Matches.

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels – This was the Match of the Year and the best WrestleMania match to ever take place at any WrestleMania.

This was a Top 4 WrestleMania. Grade: B+

As Always, I thank you Suzanne for your regular feedback (and for being one of my harshest critics at times).

Good Ideas/Bad Ideas

From: Jeremy Samples

Good Idea: Trying to develop new, cutting-edge ideas to grab new Impact viewers
Bad Idea: Having Orlando Jordan’s character be one of those ideas

Good Idea: Moving Impact to 8 on Monday nights
Bad Idea: Having a replay at 9 on Thursday nights

NEW Homework Assignments

1) The Good Ideas/Bad Ideas segment has been pretty good and if you have any good and bad ideas that you saw in professional wrestling let me know and I will usually post them. (This will be a regular assignment)

2) Provide a quick opinion on this please. Jack Swagger is your new World Heavyweight Champion. Do you think it was just right, too soon, or should never have happened. Your answers will be in the 65th Edition of From the Desk of Mr. V. (Due 4/21/10)

3) Finally, which show in professional wrestling do you believe is the best one so far. Summarize your reasoning as to why you believe it is the best show on television right now. The choices are Raw, Impact, NXT, Smackdown, Superstars, FCW, and Ring of Honor on HDNet. (Due 4/28/10)


Well, that does it for me this week. I thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this column as much as I typed it out. If you want to get a hold of me during the week, please e-mail me at or by leaving me a message on Facebook. I do get a lot of e-mails and may not reply in a timely fashion, but I will do my best to give you a quicker reply.

Now, students you are allowed to leave the classroom. Please push in your chairs, line up straight, and exit to the closest door around you. Until my next Ring of Honor on HDNet recap (which should arrive on Thursday), you are all……DISMISSED!

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