from Greg Burke:

TNA Wrestling – House Show Results 2/12/10 Norfolk VA
Venue: Ted Constant Convocation Center

First match Generation Me vs. Lethal Consequence. Generation ME me won via pin fall…This was actually my favorite match for the night

There is 600 to 900 people here now…

Homicide vs Jesse Neal. Jesse neal won.. Jeremy Borash let every one know Neal was in the Navy as he waved the U.S. flag.

TNA Knockout Match – the Beautiful People vs. Toronto Girl (Cant remember her name, they all look the same) and Tara. Toronto Girl and Tara won via pin fall
Jeremy Borash is trying to get the fans hyped for some backstage passes.

Christopher Daniels vs Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett got a decent pop/Daniels had some decent heat through out the match..Jarrett wins via pin.. Jarrett gets on the mic……

Intermission time

Beautiful people are signing autographs during this intermission.

British Invasion vs Beer Money..Beer Money is over. Beer Money won via pin.

Desmond wolf vs the pope. This was the most bs match for the night. Pope wins by pin…

Earl Hebner is the ref for the Angle vs. AJ Styles main event match,but Hebner found out thru a message that was brought to the ring by some guy that Hulk Hogan suspended him. He was dragged out the arena by He was replaced by Slick Johnson as the ref for this match.

TNA World Champion AJ Styles with Ric Flair in his corner vs Kurt Angle for the belt. Flair got a HUGE pop..AJ Styles won due to Flair interference.

On a scale of 1-5 I will give this show a 3…

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