WWE Superstars
February 11, 2010
Lafayette/Baton Rouge, LA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Superstars video plays and we?re brought into the show with some pyro. Michael Cole and Jerry ?The King? Lawler welcome us to the show. The main event of the evening will come from Smackdown. It’s JTG taking on Dolph Ziggler. Our first match was set up on Raw by its Guest Host Carl Edwards.

Santino Marella’s music hits and he comes out with his ?Beware the Cobra? shirt. Marella has a message for Jack Swagger. What gets him anger is Swagger taking him out of the Royal Rumble match. He’s going to teach him a lesson so good he?ll be calling him professore.

Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger

The match begins and they lock up. Swagger quickly gets a side headlock applied. Marella tries to get out but Swagger keeps the headlock on. Marella whips him off but takes a shoulder block that takes him down. Marella angrily gets up as Swagger does some push-ups. Marella screams to not do that again. He’s so funny. Swagger gets a side headlock again. Marella tries to get out so Swagger hits a takeover. Marella fights up and counters the headlock. Swagger whips him off but Marella ducks two clotheslines, hits a shoulder block, and a dropkick. Swagger gets out of the ring as Marella mocks him with push-ups.

Swagger angrily runs in and takes a drop-toe-hold. Marella wrenches the arm and Swagger punches him right in the face. Swagger stomps him and taunts the crowd. Swagger hits a belly to belly and puts him in the corner. Swagger whips him hard into the corner and hits the slingshot splash for a near fall. Swagger destroys him in the corner and backs up to taunt the crowd. Swagger pushes him back and throws him into the corner.

Swagger bounces his face off the corner and Marella gets angry. Marella no sells and hits some punches. Marella splits under a clothesline and hits a hip toss. Marella hits a diving head-butt for a near fall. Marella brings out the Cobra and Swagger clotheslines him. Swagger hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Jack Swagger
Match Rating: * ?

An Ask the Divas Valentine’s Day edition airs.

-Commercial Break-

Zack Ryder’s music hits and this can only mean one thing ? this will be my final ECW match I?ll ever call. Josh Mathews and Byron Saxton welcome us back to the show.

Zack Ryder vs. Christian

This match is a non-title bout. My favorite referee in the whole world Charles Robinson will be calling this one. They circle the ring and lock up. They jockey for position and Ryder gets it by putting Christian in the corner. Ryder pushes so Christian slaps him in the face. Christian sidesteps him and gets a school boy for a two count. Christian slaps him down and gets a side headlock. Ryder tries to whip him off but can?t. Ryder then gets out with a back suplex for a two count. Ryder does the ground and pound before taunting him.

Ryder goes into the ropes, over and under Christian, before getting dropped by a flapjack for a near fall. Christian clotheslines him onto the apron so Christian dropkicks him off. Christian then goes for a springboard splash but stopped when he noticed Ryder walking away. Christian stopped him and put him on the apron. Ryder the stuns him with a kick and hits a DDT on the apron.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Christian trapped in a side headlock. Christian fights up and Ryder sweeps the legs for a near fall. Ryder digs a knee into the back and pulls back on the chin. Christian tries to fight up so Ryder knees him in the back of the head. Ryder drops a leg for a two count. Christian fights back with a springboard sunset flip but Ryder counters into a guillotine catapult for a near fall on the ECW Champ. Ryder goes to the second rope and jumps into a boot to the jaw.

Christian ducks a clothesline and hits some punches. Ryder counters a whip but Christian comes back with a forearm smash. Christian stands on him as he hangs on the second rope. Christian springboards to the outside and slaps him before coming off the top rope with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Ryder hits a kick but Christian counters the leg lariat with a powerbomb for a near fall. Ryder is on the apron and he hits Christian. He tries for a suplex to the outside but Christian back body drops him into the ring. Christian comes off the top but Ryder avoids the cross-body block. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder for a near fall!

Ryder picks Christian up but it’s countered into a Kill Switch attempt. Ryder counters into a school boy for a near fall. Ryder approaches Christian in the corner but gets the shins in the face. Christian comes off the top rope with a back elbow and gets the crowd into it. The Kill Switch is engaged and Christian wins the final ECW match on Superstars!

Winner by Pinfall: Christian
Match Rating: **

Christian kisses the ECW Championship and holds it up in the air. He?ll defend it this Tuesday on the final episode of ECW in an Extreme Rules match.

The video for Ted DiBiase airs. I?m so happy this guy is going into the Hall of Fame this year. It’s about time! Everybody has a price!

-Commercial Break-

A John Cena Superstars video plays. I?ve seen this one before.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us back to the show. They bring us into the Raw Rebound which highlights the great segment between Vince McMahon and Bret ?The Hitman? Hart. This angle is tremendous. In fact all the angles heading into WrestleMania have been tremendous. This is the most excited I?ve been about the build to WrestleMania since 2005.

Matt Striker thanks Cypress Hill for the use of the song ?Rise Up,? the official theme song of Elimination Chamber. They then run down the Elimination Chamber card.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He goes one on one with JTG next.

-Commercial Break-

WrestleMania is 45 days away!

Dolph Ziggler vs. JTG

Shad does not accompany JTG to ringside. The match begins and Ziggler puts himself through the ropes to back JTG up. They finally lock up and Ziggler hits a quick scoop slam. JTG quickly kicks him away and hits a scoop slam of his own. Ziggler kicks him away and they have a stare down. Ziggler puts himself through the ropes to stay away again. They lock up and Ziggler gets a side headlock. JTG quickly whips him off. They do some running around until they botch a spot. It looked like it could have been a failed back body drop. JTG covers with a back elbow and covers for a one count. Ziggler puts himself through the ropes again.

Ziggler pretends to do a test of strength before punching JTG. Ziggler whips him to the ropes and hits a back elbow for a one count. Ziggler rips off JTG’s doo rag and punches him down. Ziggler talks trash before having a whip reversed. JTG hits a flapjack and a flipping neckbreaker. Ziggler gets out of the ring as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see JTG locked in a chin lock. During the commercial Ziggler hip tossed JTG out of the ring and hit a neckbreaker on the outside! JTG fights up in the ring and punches but Ziggler pulls him down by the hair for a one count. Ziggler punches and drops some elbows. Ziggler puts his foot on him for a disrespectful cover and gets a one count. Ziggler drops a big elbow for a one count. Ziggler locks on a chin lock with a grapevine. JTG fights up but Ziggler ducks a clothesline and hits a leg bulldog for a one count. Ziggler stomps away and hits a snapmare. Ziggler hits a rolling neck snapper for another one count. What is it with the one counts?

Ziggler punches away at the ribs and locks on another chin lock. Ziggler has him grounded and JTG might be fading away. JTG eventually fights up and elbows out. Ziggler punches back and charges in the corner but JTG sidesteps him. JTG hits a neckbreaker over the knee, which he calls the Box Cutter. They go back and forth with punches until JTG takes him down. JTG hits a flipping shoulder block, a clothesline, and a dropkick before dancing for the crowd. JTG hits the Mug Shot for a near fall.

JTG attempts a back suplex but Ziggler lands on his feet and rolls him up with the tights for a near fall. JTG hits a second rope leg lariat but Ziggler gets a foot on the rope. Ziggler sidesteps JTG and hits the Zig-Zag for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: * ?

Dolph Ziggler arrogantly slicks his hair back as JTG looks on disappointed in the ring.

Quick Match Results
Jack Swagger def. Santino Marella
Christian def. Zack Ryder (non-title)
Dolph Ziggler def. JTG

Bump of the Night: Ziggler hitting a neckbreaker on the outside!
Match of the Night: Christian vs. Zack Ryder **

Mike’s Thoughts

This was about as average as an episode of WWE Superstars can get. The only thing of note was the final match of ECW on the show. I?ve never been a huge fan of WWE’s version of ECW so I?m not particularly sad to see it go. Now that the show is over the talent will be spread out for the brands so I?m excited to have some of them on Smackdown. I?m looking forward to the final episode. Then it’s on to NXT, which I?m really interested in.

Final Rating: * ?

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