Baiamonte’s Casa #65
May 11, 2010
By: Joe Baiamonte of


It’s not the Baiamonte’s Casa this week! It’s Sheik Baiamonte’s Casa! Like it was supposed to be two weeks ago! Sheik Baiamonte is back and is demanding RESPACT!

Some of you may know that two weeks ago, the Baiamonte’s Casa was not posted on the wrestleview website. The Hunter Golden and the Adam Martin say it too ‘offensive’ to go on main page so the people cannot see it. . THE HUNTER GOLDEN AND THE ADAM MARTIN! When the Sheik types, people deserve to see what he has to say, and those jabronis call Sheiky baby offensive? They offensive for not letting the Sheik exercise his right of free speech!

The Baiamonte’s Casa number 63 was written by me, Sheik Baiamonte, the Iranian alter ego of the Joseph Baiamonte, the punk ass fag Italian from the not so Great Britain. In the Casa, Sheiky say some things that were ‘unprintable’ and the column was called “A lawsuit waiting to happen”. . THE LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN! Sheik put lawsuit in Camel Clutch, break it’s back and make it humble!!! Sheik Baiamonte been sued more times than the OJ Simpson, make no difference to me. I tell the Hunter Golden this, but he no listen. The Irish jabroni with the red hair tells Sheik the column go in VIP Area on the instead, but Sheik no happy with just VIP, even though very reasonable at only $4.95 a month for over 100 hours of original downloadable audio a month. Sheik want front page so the whole world can see what the Sheik thinks!

So it came time for me, Sheiky baby, to possess the lil’ fag Joe Baiamonte once again and give the people what they deserve. A Sheik Baiamonte’s Casa, and this time, the Powers That Be better RESPACT what Sheik has to say or I put double Camel Clutch on both their asses. They wake up humble and sore if they no publish this week.

I, the Sheik, spent EIGHT straight hours drinking the Heineken and the Vodka between episodes of the Jersey Shore, writing that column for YOU, the wrestleview fans, and it DISGUST The Sheik that the gay Adam Martin and punk son of a bitch Hunter Golden, both worse than the Michael Jackson and Mario Lopes put together, disRESPACT both the Sheik and his fans by taking the column away. The Sheik get angry erection size of Luna Vachon’s tongue when he find out the bad news. Somebody got made humble and I wrote this column to let the people know how no good the Golden and Martin punk ass jabroni sissy boys really are.

Never trust a man who has red beard like the Hunter Golden, and never trust man who has two first name like the ADAM MARTIN. He look like the Todd Grisham too. Never trust man who look like Todd Grisham! . THE TODD GRISHAM!

Anyway, the other reason the Sheik grace you with his presence this Monday night is to tell you punks sons of bitches that my sissy Italian alter ego with the long hair, Joe Baiamonte, is busy preparing the Baiamonte’s Casa Hall Of Fame. It big project and not give him no time to commit to regular columns as much as he like, so Sheiky take over this week to give the little jabroni some rest and to make the Hunter Golden and Verizon man look a like Adam Martin HUMMMMMBBBLLLE!!!

Baiamonte’s Casa Hall Of Fame will feature only the best sports entertainers, no TNA level BULLSHIT. The Hall Of Fame awards those like the Iron Sheik who know how to wrestle, entertain, grow big moustache and snort own body weight in coke whilst finger banging five women at same time. It three week project which begin next week with first four inductees, twelve inductees in the total. Inductees can be wrestler, match, promo, moment or whole event. Anything possible in Baiamonte Casa Hall Of Fame, which begins next Monday night, only on the! The Sheik can tell you who won’t be going into the Casa Hall of Fame, the two jabroni managing editors, sissy ass gays, the Irish Hunter Golden and the Adam Grish…. I mean Martin. Those two punks better not get in Sheiky Baiamonte’s way again or will be made HUMBLE!

So remember next week sees the beginning of the Baiamonte’s Casa Hall Of Fame. It three weeks, trilogy, like Godfather movies, only better.

Until next time,

Stay Humble!

Sheik Baiamonte