Wrestling Rumblings #70

Wrestling Rumblings #70
May 30, 2010
By: Jose Marrero of Wrestleview.com

So why am I doing another column this week? It’s really simple after looking around I noticed that Anthony “Mr. V” Valvo has 1 more installment of his column than I do (although I might add that if you count “Outside Interference” I have written more columns on Wrestleview than Anthony) So just to tweak Anthony a bit and for that matter inspire anyone else to throw out some content I thought I would do an extra column this week. We are going to call this the “How come” edition of “Wrestling Rumblings”.

How come TNA had their producer Steve Smalls ask fans just a few months ago not to curse at the Impact Zone only to have Ken Anderson repeatedly call himself an “asshole” and encourage fans to chant “asshole”?

Does anyone remember that incident where Steve Smalls mentioned how difficult it was to edit out foul language on TV and felt that because kids were watching the show that the crowd at the Impact Zone, whom he referred to as “cast members”, should refrain from using foul language? Sure you do that was the time where he told everyone to chant “BS” instead of “Bullshit”. Well Mr. Smalls now you know why no one took you seriously when you made that statement. Here is an idea, the next time you want fans to not chant foul language how about you start with your wrestlers.

How come Drew McIntyre seems to get all these letters from Vince McMahon and it seems as if Teddy Long doesn’t even talk to his boss?

Think about it, we have had two occasions now where a significant amount of time has passed between incidents and Drew McIntyre has hand delivered letters to Teddy Long that pretty much ordered him to perform administrative actions. I know wrestling is “sports entertainment” and well a work but at the same time I like to suspend my belief watching the product. How can I do that when I have the General Manager of a show seemingly unaware of anything that the boss wants and an employee being the one to constantly inform him? I know the product is PG and geared towards children but I have even seen some children question how does anyone even know the letter is from Vince if Long never calls to verify?

How come Hulk Hogan decided to have back surgery now?

You know I am very hard on Hulk Hogan, some would even say I am too hard on Hulk Hogan but it would seem like this was a very odd time to get back surgery for him. Especially at a time where TNA is getting pummeled now more than ever. Could it be that Hulk is planning his bailout early? I really hope not as while TNA is hurting they are not dead yet and if they are going to die than Hulk should be out front and center and take some responsibility for the mess he wrought and do his best to fix things.

How come Kurt Angle took himself out of the top 10 rankings if only the number one ranked wrestler gets a title shot?

Was I missing something last week when Kurt took himself out of the top 10 rankings and TNA was scrambling (is an X Division battle royal really scrambling?) to replace him? I thought only the number one ranked guy received a title shot and that the rankings don’t really change until the next PPV anyway. In other words Kurt took himself out of the rankings for one month because after the next PPV there will be another top 10 ranking which may have different superstars present and may again include Kurt Angle. I didn’t understand the point of Angle removing himself from the rankings at all when you put it in that context.

How come Daniel Bryan is on NXT even though he was already “future endeavored”?

I guess I could also add “How come he referred to himself as Bryan Danielson one week and then it was forgotten” to this also but I’ll stick to the previous question. I know most fans love the whole interaction between Bryan and Micheal Cole and I will readily admit that it’s been interesting. I still find myself questioning why he is even on the show. I mean the first week he came out I got it, they were trying to have him there to interview and follow up but this past week where Micheal Cole announced he was going to call the guy out. That went over my head. Why would you call someone out who really shouldn’t even be present in the building? In storyline why would you even let that guy in the building? Think about it can you picture the backstage skit where Bryan comes to the building and Security says “Oh you’re being called out tonight, yeah you can get in”. It’s unbelievable, I could have tolerated this more if Bryan was in the audience and some of this stuff was being done. Then you could have went at it from the standpoint of he is trying so much to be a part of it that he is paying for a ticket in the hopes that he will be given another shot on the roster but this way? It just doesn’t vibe with me.

How come TNA is contemplating signing Reid Flair?

For those who are unaware Ric Flair recently did an interview where he said TNA was going to sign Reid Flair. I don’t know how close this is to happening but Ric Flair is not Hulk Hogan who tends to exaggerate things and I expect that Ric is telling the truth. I have seen Reid perform and I can attest that he is not David Flair as he has much more potential than David did, but with that being said he is not ready for TV and who knows how much this would cost TNA. Does TNA really need another guy that they are going to have to feature on TV because of his relationships in the back who can’t perform?

How come Kofi Kingston didn’t get a chance to qualify for the Fatal Fourway main event?

Think about it people, The Big Show was automatically qualified for the Smackdown Fatal Fourway match due to his disqualification victory over Jack Swagger at Over The Limit yet Kofi who scored a pinfall victory over the champion which aired 2 days before Over The Limit never even received a chance to qualify. Where was the logic in that? I can see giving Undertaker a opportunity to qualify given that he scored a pinfall victory over Swagger a month ago but did Kane really do anything compared to Kofi to be given the chance to qualify over him? Don’t misunderstand me people, I don’t want to see Kofi in the match but when you tell me that The Big Show is in because he beat the champion via disqualification than shouldn’t Kofi be in also because he pinned the champion? I’m just saying.

How come WWE is still doing the Guest Host gimmick?

Maybe I should rephrase that since I get the fact that WWE is doing the Guest Host spot as a way to increase viewership to Raw but maybe WWE should call it something else since the Guest Host at this point really doesn’t do anything other than a cheesy skit. I mean what is the point of it now that the Guest Host doesn’t have any power in storyline at all and only seems to integrate themselves with mid card wrestlers. I know this will never happen but maybe they should move the Guest Host concept to NXT and give the new guys on that show a rub and a chance to be further exposed to the audience

OK I’m going to keep this little bonus column a bit shorter than usual. You all know the email wrestlingrumblings@hotmail.com, of course I answer any and all questions, comments, etc. Basically if you take the time out to write I will at the very least take the time out to say thank you. So go ahead and give me a shout, tell me what you think, what you want to hear, etc. I’ll be back this Friday and of course I will try to do better, until then though, I am out.