WWE Superstars
June 10th, 2010
Report by: Jeff Springer of Wrestleview.com

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

The pryo goes off as Michael Cole welcomes us to Superstars by announcing a divas match, Alicia Fox enters the arena first followed by Gail Kim they will be in the opener.

Gail Kim Vvs. Alicia Fox

The bell rings and Alicia Fox takes control with a headlock takedown, Gail lands a couple of shots to break free but is pulled by her hair to the mat for a cover and a one count.Alica picks Gail up and puts on a headlock, She is sent into the rope and is able to hit her with a shoulder block and follows it up with a pose for the crowd. Alicia goes to head for the ropes but is tripped by Gail, She grabs her legs and rolls into a pin but Alicia is able to kickout. Gail follows up with some strikes and a takedown for another cover and a kickout Gail lands strikes on Alicia and sends her into the corner but is reversed, Alicia runs at Gail and is hit with a followed up by a hurrcanrata.

Gail continues her attack but Alicia is able to to tie herself up into the ropes, Gail goes for a move in the corner but Alicia moves. Gail goes to the tope rope and goes for a high risk move but is caught by Alicia, She follows it up by running her into the corner and hitting a suplex for a cover and a kickout. Alicia grabs Gail and slams her to the mat, Alicia poses for the crowd and is hit with comeback strikes. Gail hits the ropes for a hurrcanrata, But is caught and hit with a backbreaker for a cover and another kickout. Alicia sends Gail in the corner and snaps her so she falls to the mat, She follows that up with another cover but once again Gail is able to kickout.

Alicia Fox applies a chinlock on Gail, Gail begins to go on the comeback but is hit with another backbreaker for a cover and a kickout. Alicia follows that up with another cover but Gail kicks out, Alicia goes for a scissors kick but is hit with comeback attacks by Gail. Alicia lands a kick in the gut that stops Gail’s momentum, Alicia sends Gail into the corner but misses. Gail hits a powerslam for a cover and a kickout by Alicia, Gail hits an attack in the corner and goes to the top but is knocked off. Alicia follows up with a scissors kick while Gail is hanging on the top rope, Alicia goes for the cover and gets the 1,2,3 for the win!

Winner Via Scissors Kick: Alicia Fox

Michael Cole promises a replay of the NXT invasion from Monday Night RAW!


Michael Cole hypes Now and Then on WWE.com!

OH RADIO! Zack Ryder and Primo make their way to the ring for a tag team match from Monday Night Raw. Former ECW Tag Team YoshiDust makes their way to the ring as their opponents for the evening.

Zach Ryder and Primo Vs. YoshiDust

The bell rings and it’s Yoshi and Zach starting it off, They tie up and Zach maneuvers Yoshi into the corner. Zach pushes Yoshi , He is hit with a big strike to the face followed up by chops. Zach hits a shot to the gut and puts on the headlock, Yoshi pushes him off the ropes and is hit with a shoulder block. Zach and Yoshi trade positions on the ropes before Yoshi grabs Ryder and hits a hip toss. Yoshi follows up with an arm drag and grabs the arm and makes the tag to Goldust, Goldust goes to the top rope and hits an elbow.

Goldust grabs control with a headlock,Ryder is sends Goldust into the ropes but is hit with a shoulder block and a pin attempt. Goldust plays mind games with Ryder which makes him back up into the corner. Ryder lands a kick to the gut and goes on the attack, He comes off the rope but is grabbed by Goldust and reversed into a backside attack. Goldust goes for the follow up but is hit by Ryder who makes the tag, Primo enters the ring and immediately goes on the attack. Primo continues the attack and sends Goldust into the rope but is reversed into and unorthodox double team for a cover and a kickout.

Yoshi continues his team’s control of Primo off the double team,Primo breaks free and hits a kick to the face. Primo goes to send Yoshi over the top rope but is reversed and thrown over himself. Yoshi goes for a crossbody but misses as we go to commercial.


When we return from commercial Zach Ryder is in control of Yoshi Tatsu in the ring with a maneuver on the ground. Yoshi breaks the hold with kicks to the legs, He runs at Ryder and is hit with a flapjack for a pin attempt.Ryder drags Yoshi to his corner for a tag, Primo continues the attack and goes for a pin attempt but is unsuccessful. Primo continues the attack and sends Yoshi into the corner, He hits a dropkick and goes for another pin that is unsuccessful. Primo makes the tag to Zach , Primo hits a suplex followed by a kneedrop by Ryder for a cover and a kickout.

Ryder puts a body lock on Yoshi, He is able to break out but is taken back over and hit with a double team. Ryder tags to Primo who continues to control Yoshi and goes for a cover but Yoshi is able to kick out. Yoshi turns the momentum and hits a spinning heel kick on Primo, Yoshi is able to make the tag to Goldust who goes on the attack. Goldust is on fire with a series of attacks but is stopped by Ryder, Ryder comes out of the corner and is hit with a powerslam for a cover and a two count. All four men battle in the ring and after several distractions Ryder hits the Rough Ryder for the pinfall and the win!

Winners Via Rough Ryder: Zach Ryder and Primo

Michael Cole hypes the main event from Smackdown Kofi Kingston Vs. Luke Gallows!


We return from commercial and are introduced to the Smackdown annoucers, Striker and Grisham talk about the NXT invasion from Monday Night!

NXT Invasion Replay (Editor’s Note: WOW!)

Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring with his NXT rookie Joe Hening(I refuse to call him his NXT name) as he will be in tonight’s main event!


We return from commercial and Luke Gallows is making his way to the ring with Serena to round out the main event from Smackdown.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston W/Joe Hening Vs. Luke Gallows W/Serena

The bell rings and the two lock up, Gallows powers Kingston into the corner and calls out Kofi. Kofi runs at Gallows who misses a clothesline and is hit with a drop toe hold. Kofi transitions into a front face lock, He pulls Gallows up to his feet and puts him in a headlock. Kofi is sent into the rope and ducks a clothesline but is unable to block the shoulder block. Luke goes for the scoop slam but Kofi gets out and uses multiple kicks and punches on Gallows.

Gallows lands a hip shot in the corner on Kofi, Gallows uses his momentum to continue his attack on Kingston. Luke sends Kofi into the rope but misses another clothesline and is hit with a dropkick. Gallows goes to the apron but is sent off by an another drop kick by Kofi, Gallows is hit with a crossbody on the outside as we go to commercial…….


When we return from commercial Kofi has Gallows in a pin attempt but Luke is able to kickout. Kofi hits some uppercuts but is pushed by Gallows and is countered into a back body drop and a pin attempt. Luke hits multiple elbows and goes for a cover, Gallows follows up with a cross armed choke on Kofi. Kofi breaks out and goes for a crossbody but is countered into a fallaway slam for a cover and a two count. Gallows continues his attack and hits a big suplex for a cover and another kickout.

Gallows goes back on the attack continue to assault Kofi with multiple maneuvers, Luke goes for a shot in the corner but misses and Kofi is able to start to make a comeback. Kofi continues to hit multiple chops before being able to hit the Boom Drop, Kofi jumps onto Luke in the corner but when he rolls out he is hit with a big boot for a cover and a kickout. Luke goes for another scoop slam but Kofi breaks out and goes for TIP but misses and hits a big clothesline for a cover and a two count. Luke goes for the Gallows pole but is countered into the S.O.S for a cover and a win!

Winner Via S.O.S: Kofi Kingston

Jeff’s Thoughts

A very interesting episode of WWE Superstars.

Tonight, regardless of what took place in the ring, had one thing – that was the backdrop for the whole show which was Monday night’s NXT invasion.

I did not see the invasion Monday night and as this was my first chance to see it I was very impressed by what took place and am extremely intrigued by it.

Now to the matches…

As always the Divas match bored me though I was surprised to see Alicia Fox win the contest.

The reunion of YoshiDust was a nice surprise and was a fun little tag team match that also had a very shocking finish.

The main event was also another shocker not for the victor, but for the sudden ending that seemed to come out of nowhere.

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See you next Thursday!