Notes from the Nosebleeds #71
June 19, 2010
By: Matt O’Brien of

When I was a kid reading Pro Wrestling Illustrated I would compare their top ten rankings in each issue. I would take the top ten from WWF and compare them to WCW. Aside from the top ten, possible matches from all depths of the card intrigued me. I thought about how good the matches would be and how they would play out. I have thought about it every now and then with WWE and TNA. As TNA has recently celebrated their anniversary and drastically changed itself over the past year, I started thinking again about putting together dream matches from the two companies.

For this week’s column I racked my brain and picked out some of my favorite dream matches between the two rosters. The location of the show would have to be a neutral ground where both companies are known well but will not completely overshadow the other (though that is hard to given WWE’s status). Having it in Orlando or MSG would not be the best call, but somewhere like the Carolinas or Ohio or Illinois. Reuniting Jim Ross or Michael Cole with Tazz to do commentary would be a treat, but so would a fresh duo such as Mike Tenay and Jerry Lawler. What I have to say is not gospel, but what I have to offer on this subject. Hope you enjoy.

Knockout’s Champions Madison Rayne vs. Diva’s Champions Eve Torres

Believe it or not this is the only champions vs. champion match on my card. This would be a match booked by anyone with commons sense. Eve and Madison have flourished in their new roles with their perspective companies and are getting better every month. Eve’s fending off the Lacey and Velvet Sky would put her in a great hero-in-peril position as Rayne capitalizes to prove Knockout superiority over the Divas.

Jay Lethal vs. Miz for the U.S. Championship

Two of the most entertaining and promising stars going at it would be a treat. In a year’s time they may be champions of their rosters. Both play their respective roles very well and would put on a great show. Lethal could probably do a great Miz imitation as well.

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles

Styles reminds me very much of Jericho some years back. He is a great talent but still is searching for his niche. Jericho always found a way to be entertaining but he now has both character and ability maximized to the best of his ability. Granted they are both heels, one could play a baby face role for one night only, Styles being the best choice. Both would be able to show their best against one another. If I had to pick a winner here, I would have to give it to Styles. Jericho’s losses do not hurt him as much as Styles’ losses have.

Rey Mysterio & CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe & Desmond Wolfe

Probably the best match on the show. One heel and baby face from each company going up at it for the right to claim their organization is better. Getting Joe and Punk in the ring together again is no-brainer given their history and personal relationship. Having Wolfe in their gives him a chance to shine with the best, something he has not been given consistently since starting in TNA. Joe and Mysterio would put on a great display with Mysterio frustrating Joe, only the Samoan to finally get his hands on Rey and destroy him. The dissension between Punk and Mysterio adds a dynamic that questions their ability to coexist and defend the honor of their home team.

Angelina Love vs. Maryse

The most popular Knockout against the most despised Diva. Love-Maryse would be a dream match for any fan of women’s wrestling. In a matter of weeks these two could be the top two women in of their rosters.

Douglas Williams vs. Evan Bourne for the X Division Championship

Williams has been making a name for himself as a wrestler in a division of spot monkeys. If one had to name one WWE wrestler to go to TNA and join the X Division, Bourne would be that guy. He’s a guy that can come across as a spot monkey, but really he has more substance. A match with Williams would be engaging and tell a great story.

Abyss vs. Kane in a Monster’s Ball Match

The Monster and the Big Red Machine. They are two of the most disturbed characters in wrestling. Kane and Abyss would make for both a great team and a great match. An all out program between the two would be over the top dramatic yet fun. Kane can get just as violent as Abyss if he needs to be.

Undertaker vs. Sting

If you had to go back and pick some of the greatest dream matches wrestling missed out on (this would be guys who were around at the same time but for some reason or another never locked up), Undertaker vs. Sting would probably be on many top ten lists. Ever since his turn to a darker look mystique back in 1996 Sting has been a dream opponent for Taker. They are possibly the two greatest legends still wrestling today. Both are pretty beaten up, but they would still pull fans to their feet.

Triple H vs. Jeff Jarrett

When WCW was still around, Sting vs. someone such as Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels may have been the match you would put up as the two franchises going at it. While Jarrett and Triple H are not the THE faces of their company, their roles with their perspective organizations parallel one another more than anyone else.

Kurt Angle vs. Jack Swagger for the World Championship

If either man were to jump ship they would likely be each other’s first opponent. Swagger is a great heel champion and Angle has been making a tear through the top contenders lately. Challenging Swagger for the World Championship is a natural fit for the card, and a great match. Swagger has been a good champion but he also has lost his fair share during his reign. Angle’s challenge would pose a legitimate threat to WWE.

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian for the TNA Championship

The hardest thing about putting this together was not having any of the main champions fight each other. The reason was that RVD-Cena has been done and wouldn’t be as engaging as it was in an ECW setting. As for Swagger-RVD, Angle just seemed like a better opponent for Jack. I gave a lot of consideration on this one and after mulling it over came up with Christian. These two had very good matches with each other years ago in WWE for the Intercontinental title and Christian would be able to have a great match with RVD today. What really excited me about this match was the story of a guy like Christian saying that he has been there and done that. He’s held the TNA title and he is coming back to do it again. Van Dam could shoot back that he managed to stand on top both organizations, while Christian has not had as much luck. Fans would have a great time going back and forth over who they wanted to win.

Jeff Hardy & Ken Anderson vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

In what would have to be the night’s main event, the two most popular stars of each company would battle it out for bragging rights. We never got to see a big pay per view match between Cena and Hardy, and Orton-Anderson makes for an interesting matchup based on their personal history surrounding Anderson’s release from WWE. Depending on where the event would be held, crowd reaction would make this match. Cena and Orton could end up wildly unpopular against Hardy and Anderson.

Other matches that deserve honorable mention are as follows:

Beautiful People vs. Team Lay-Cool, Daffney vs. Jillian, Matt Morgan vs. Kozlov (you know you want to see it), Motor City Machineguns vs. Hart Dynasty, Beer Money vs. Morrison & Truth, Big Show vs. Hernandez, Rob Terry vs. Sheamus

There you have it. Those are the TNA vs. WWE matches I came up with. These could change at any time given the circumstances of the competitors at any given time. If you have some dream matches of your own, send them to me at

As always, thanks for reading.

Matt O’Brien