Wrestling Rumblings #75

Wrestling Rumblings #75
June 25, 2010
By: Jose Marrero of Wrestleview.com

A while back I did a piece on things that I thought those of us who are wrestling media should try to abide by. One of the things I touched upon was putting personal feuds out in our forums. I’m probably going to break that rule this week as I have something that has been burning inside me all week and while some would classify it as a personal beef and they are entitled to do so, this in my opinion is just as much a professional issue as well which is why I am choosing this forum to air it. I am going to caution any parent out there who lets their kids read my column that I am probably going to be using some rather savory language in this column as to say I am a bit upset is probably an understatement. So who has me upset? That fraud bastard Ryan Clark…you’re reading “Wrestling Rumblings.”

For those of you who don’t know because you refuse to go on his websites and deal with all the pop ups Ryan Clark is a guy from Troy, New York who writes for various news boards and owns and operates prowrestlingscoops.com. Didn’t know that? Relax neither did I as I don’t go on that site or really any others these days but I’m getting off topic this isn’t about my web browsing habits but about Ryan Clark. Apparently Ryan also tends to plagiarize other peoples stories, now I want you all to keep this in mind news isn’t copyrighted and to simply report the same news as someone else isn’t an act of plagiarism, lord knows if that was the case there would be no internet or newspapers by now but to copy and paste exactly what was written from someone else and put your name on it as if you wrote it? Well that is a different story altogether and that is plagiarism. Apparently one of Ryan’s favorite sites to steal items off of is wrestleview.com.

As mentioned last week I went to both the WWE MSG Supershow and the Fatal 4 Way PPV as both were held in my backyard here in NYC and did a sort of mini report on the MSG show for the website which can be read here (http://www.wrestleview.com/viewnews.php?id=1277044707) now those of you that read the site regularly know that there was a NXT invasion during the MSG show and that I was fortunate enough to get some pictures of it. One of which was posted at the aforementioned report. Other than a YouTube video which I have been made aware of that was posted by “NoMatch4Me” which you can see here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCESaK1ZPRc ) there was no other evidence on the internet that such an angle took place. Now I am not saying no one else took pictures but those are the only video/photographs that have surfaced online for this angle and after I found out what I found out about Ryan Clark believe me I searched.

I’m going to be honest with you people, I take my camera as a fan but after awhile there is only so many pictures you can get of Randy Orton posing or John Cena hitting an attitude adjustment so the main reason I take my camera with me these days is because you never know what is going to happen on a show, especially a house show and well if something happens it is a good reporting opportunity for yours truly. My brother Manny used to always travel around with a camera and I used to ask him why he did it? His response was you never know? He has an album full of pictures with him and celebrities that he just so happened to bump into in the city and had his camera with him. This is how I approach wrestling events over the last couple of years. Now I am not trying to say I am an expert photographer or anything like that, in actuality I use a very cheap camera but it gets the job done which is all I am really trying to accomplish. If I catch something I will send it in and if not well it just goes into the scrapbook of really nice pictures. Wrestlemania weekend I took over 2000 photos between shots of ROH, DGUSA, and WWE and probably only kept 1000. Some shots are really horrible due to bad camera quality, bad timing and well other variable circumstances but of course there were some really great money shots that were taken to the point where other places asked if they could use my photos and compensated me for it (which is always awesome). Now those pictures you won’t even see my name associated with because I honestly didn’t care enough to negotiate my name into the deal and you know what I don’t care because like I said I was fairly compensated for the photos as far as I am concerned it is theirs to do with as they please. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I think it is important that you all understand that I look at certain things as a business opportunity. This means I am looking to do more things and well make some money. Sure this is a labor of love but why can’t you make money doing it?

Of course you don’t make money with everything but if you can do things to get your name and reputation out there it potentially opens more doors for you and that’s just as good. It’s all in the name of business, so what does that have to do with Ryan Clark? Well Ryan to his credit didn’t plagiarize my MSG report he did one of his own even though I am willing to wager he wasn’t even at the show so he probably just rewrote my report or someone else’s and used my photograph of the invasion that was run in Wrestleview. It’s funny because again, I don’t read wrestling sites but I get so much email and I had a reader who emailed me who thought I stole Ryan’s photo and sent me the link to where he posted the story. So readers of Prowrestlingscoops.com who are late probably think that I stole from him and actually it is the other way around which is a bit upsetting because I have never plagiarized anything in my life. After doing some research on this piece of shit I saw that he put the link to the picture up just about everywhere he reported without my name of course and well I think it is embarrassing that Ryan can’t do his own legwork and get his own stuff and has to steal mine and not credit me for it.

So what do you do? I actually wrote Ryan at webmaster@prowrestlingscoops.com and didn’t tear him a new one as most would think but simply said how much of a scumbag move I thought it was to take someone else’s property without their permission and use it and not even give them credit while you are advertising it all throughout the internet and said how he could at least make it right if he gave the proper photographer (me) credit for the photograph. Needless to say I haven’t heard from Ryan since, nor do I expect to. That would be the responsible thing to do and well if Ryan Clark was responsible he wouldn’t have stolen the photo and claimed it as his own in the first place. Before anyone emails me about being petty I just want to say if it is petty for me to write a column complaining about my work being used without my permission or proper credit than isn’t it more petty to troll websites and plagiarize peoples work and steal their photos? I mean what kind of pathetic person does that? At least the other 10 plus websites who steal this column weekly use my name when they repost it giving credit to the source. Ryan you’re just a no good .ing hack and when properly confronted just a pussy who would rather act like I don’t exist than to even acknowledge the weasel that you are. I’ve been involved with doing internet work for wrestling for over 5 years now and have never had an issue with anyone and always figured I’d be able to skate on by since there would be nothing worth getting upset over…until now. I’m sure readers would love to hear me say that I am going to kick your ass or something of the sort but I don’t even know who the . you are and to say something along those lines is just me talking a lot of junk behind a computer and well I am more of a man than that, more of a man than you will ever be. If I ever did meet you I’d probably just shake my head in disgust and keep moving because you aren’t worth getting my hands dirty over. In the meantime since you like to steal photos so much I’ve decided to post the rest of the NXT photos from MSG that Wrestleview chose not to run with the report maybe you could steal those too. Ryan, tell me how my ass tastes you piece of shit.

I would just like to apologize for wasting everyone’s time on that piece of shit Ryan Clark but I felt it was important to inform anyone who may have thought just like the reader who emailed me that I didn’t steal from Ryan, he stole from me. For those of you who want to let Ryan know what a scumbag he is for plagiarizing not just my photo but other items from other sites including this one as well feel free to tell the jerk off at webmaster@prowrestlingscoops.com let him know that you appreciate originality, not outright thievery.

Of course I have to still give you people something to do and that’s very easy with all the talk about women in wrestling there is a WSU show this Saturday taking place in Union City NJ at the ACE Arena. It’s a big show for WSU as they hold their 3rd Annual Uncensored Rumble which will be headlined by of course the Uncensored Battle Royal and a match of WSU’s past vs. WSU’s present as reigning WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez takes on the first ever WSU Champion Alicia in what is sure to be an epic clash of female titans. Other women appearing on the card that may be familiar to casual fans will be Nikki Roxx (Former Roxxi in TNA), Amazing Kong (formerly Awesome Kong in TNA), Jazz (former WWE Womens Champion), Mickie Knuckles (formerly Moose Knuckles in TNA), Daizee Haze, Rain (who some fans may recognize from AAA) and Becky Bayless. I myself may also be on hand to check the show out (as of this writing I am still uncertain to my attendance) and well for those of you who would like to meet the ladies of WSU there will be a two hour meet and greet at the arena for only 5 bucks. For more information go to wsuwrestling.com and find out more.

Time to take this one home but because I wasted a column on a waste I will be back later on this weekend with at least one, if not two more columns as my way of saying I’m sorry. So until then you guys can hit me up at wrestlingrumblings@hotmail.com and well next time I will try to do better and until then, I am out.