WWE Superstars
June 24th, 2010
Manchester, NH/Bridgeport, CT
Report by: Jeff Springer of Wrestleview.com

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

The pyro goes off as Todd Grisham welcomes us to Superstars. The music that once belonged to Cryme Tyme starts to play as JTG makes his way to the ring. The Dudebusters come out second as it will be Caylen Croft taking on JTG in the opener from Smackdown.

JTG vs. Caylen Croft W/Trent Baretta

The bell rings and the two lock up, Croft gains control with some shots to the body but when he sends JTG into the ropes he is outsmarted and hit with a legdrop to the back. JTG follows up with a flapjack which backs Croft up into a corner, JTG attempts to throw Croft into the corner but Caylen reverses but is hit with a boot when he runs into the corner. JTG goes up to the top rope, he is distracted by Baretta which allows Croft to knock him to the outside of the ring. While on the outside Trent Baretta attacks JTG, Croft comes and retrieves JTG and throws him back into the ring for a cover and a one count. Caylen keeps control with a choke on the middle rope. He follows that up with a European headlock on the ground.

JTG starts to make a comeback throwing punches to the gut of Croft, Caylen lands a kick to stop the comeback but is caught with a neckbreaker by JTG. JTG goes on the attack with a flurry of maneuvers. He follows that up with the Mug shot on Croft and a baseball slide to Trent Baretta. JTG hits a gut shot from the apron and goes over the back of Croft and hits Da Shout Out for the win!

Winner via Da Shout Out: JTG

Matt Striker announces the main event from the Raw brand as R-Truth takes on William Regal!


The Smackdown announcers hype getting all your post Fatal Four Way information on WWE.com

Luke Gallows makes his way to the ring with Serena for the second match from Smackdown. Chris Masters makes his way to the ring as he will be Gallows opponent for the evening.

Luke Gallows w/ Serena vs. Chris Masters

The bell rings and the two big men lock up, Chris powers Gallows into the corner and backs off but is hit with a big uppercut on his way back to the attack. Gallows hits an elbow to the back of the head. He follows up with a kick and a shot into the corner but Masters moves before the attack. Masters gains control of Luke’s arm, Luke lands a knee to the gut and is able to break free and hit a slam. Gallows hits the rope and goes for an elbow but Masters moves. He follows it up with a big superplex. Gallows rolls to the outside as we go to commercial.


As we return from commercial Masters is going for the Master Lock but Gallows is able to throw him to the outside. Chris attempts to get back into the ring but is hit by a big shot that knocks him back to the outside. Gallows slams Masters into the guard rail. He throws him back into the ring and hits a big splash to the back for a cover and a kickout. Gallows follows up with a sleeper. Masters begins to break free but is too hurt to hit the big slam and Gallows lands on top for a cover and a kickout. Gallows hits a big suplex for another cover and another kick out. Gallows keeps control working on the back of Masters.

Masters is able to break out and throw Gallows, Luke goes for a boot but misses and Chris hits a series of attacks. He hits a big shoulder tackle off the top rope for a cover and a kickout by Gallows. Masters goes to send Luke into the rope but is stopped and is hit with a big boot to the face for a cover and another kickout. Gallows goes for his finisher but Masters powers out. He sets up the Master Lock but is sent into the rope. Gallows goes for an attack but is hit with a boot but a distraction from Serena gives Luke a chance to hit the Gallows Pole form the top rope for the win!

Winner via Gallows Pole: Luke Gallows

*NXT Recap*

Backstage: The Bella’s are on their way to the ring for the first match from Raw.


Did You Know: WWE has won numerous awards for its support of the U. S. Military-including “USO’s Legacy of Hope”, “Corporate Patriot Award” and “Secretary of Defense Exceptional Public Service Award.”

Jillian’s horrible voice is heard throughout of the arena as she is on her way to the ring. She takes the mic and does one of her annoying singing numbers before being cut off by her opponent.

Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella vs. Jillian

The bell rings and the girls lock up quickly, Brie starts in control but is taken down by Jillian who gives her a smack on the butt to taunt her. Brie does take too kindly to the taunt and end up in a tussle. They get up and Brie lands a kick. She attempts to send Jillian into the rope but is reversed. Jillian runs at Brie but Brie hooks the head but is dropped onto the mat, Jillian continues her attack on Brie choking her on the rope followed by a snapmare and a kick to the back for a cover and a kickout. Jillian continues to wear Brie down. She lands a slam and goes for a strange cartwheel maneuver but Brie gets the knees up.

Brie uses her momentum to land a series of dropkicks followed by a bulldog for a pin cover and a kickout by Jillian. Brie is reversed into the rope by Jillian who goes for an attack but is hit with an elbow. Brie goes for a roll but is countered for a pin by Jillian but is able to kickout. Brie is able to block a punch and go on the attack but is thrown over the top rope. The Bella’s attempt to make the switch but the ref catches it, Jillian clotheslines Brie and sends her back into the ring. Jillian lands some vicious kicks that makes the ref break it up. The Bella’s finally make the switch during this and Nikki easily covers Jillian for the win!

Winner via The Switcharoo: The Bella’s

Jerry Lawler hypes the main event R-Truth Vs William Regal!


Hype Video: Sheamus

Recap: NXT 7 beatdown Vince McMahon

What’s Up! R-Truth makes his way to the ring to the delight of the WWE Universe as he does his entrance before his main event match with William Regal!


R-Truth vs. William Regal

The bell rings and my signal goes out. When it returns R-Truth had just landed a dropkick on Regal than injured his knee. Regal takes advantage of the injury and goes on the attack of the knee. My signal went out again. When it returns Truth is on the attack having just hit a huge monkey flip on Regal. Regal is able to hook Truth’s leg into the rope and go back on the attack of the leg. Regal goes for a running attack in corner but is hit with an elbow by Truth, Truth lands multiple strikes followed by a DDT for a cover and a kickout at 2.

Truth goes for a suplex but is countered and hit with a big suplex, Regal goes to run at Truth but is hit with the Lie Detector for a cover and a three count for the win in a shocking finish.

Winner Via Lie Detector: R-Truth

-End of Show-

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