July 6, 2010
Atlanta, GA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

They recap last week’s episode. They started off with the keg carry that Lucky Cannon won so he had immunity from elimination for the night. The NXT Poll, voted on by fans and WWE Pros, revealed that Titus O’Neil was the first one of the season to go home. He cut a nice promo before he left.

The NXT video plays and we’re brought into the arena with fireworks. Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to the show and send it to Matt Striker in the ring. Striker says the winner will earn a title match on PPV. Striker reiterates that it’s important to know what the WWE Universe thinks of the rookies. It’s also important to know how the WWE Pro’s feel and he introduces them to the stage. Striker asks Ryder how he feels about Titus O’Neil being eliminated. Ryder says he was robbed and we all know it. John Morrison is asked what he would have done differently in the NXT Pro. Morrison thinks it’s cool that the WWE Universe gets to vote as well. He doesn’t think O’Neil should have been eliminated, though. He’d have rather The Miz been eliminated. Hilarious…

The NXT Rookies are introduced now and they come out to the ring. Percy Watson reminds me of Eddie Murphy. Striker asks Husky Harris, who ranked 7th last week, what he needs to do to stay in the competition. Harris threatens Striker by saying he knows how dangerous he is. Harris asks the crowd if they think he’s seventh and he says he doesn’t think so.

Alex Riley is asked if he thought he should be ranked fourth. Riley says that was a joke. He thought they were looking for champions. Vince McMahon, his boss and someone he respects, gives us the opportunity to pick and we picked a guy who isn’t tall enough to ride the bumper cars in Six Flags. Kaval is asked about him being ranked first being a fluke. Kaval tells Riley to listen to the WWE Universe if he thinks it’s a fluke. Lay-Cool liked that one.

Striker says it takes extreme physicality to be a WWE Superstar but it also takes charisma. You have to connect with the WWE Universe. They walked the walk with the Keg Carry Challenge, which Lucky Cannon won. Now it’s time to talk the talk with the Talk the Talk Challenge. They’ll be given a topic. They’ll have ten seconds to think and thirty seconds to speak. Striker tells them to stand out and connect because the judges are the crowd. Whoever wins will have an opportunity to show their personality next week. The winner will host their own talk show next week on NXT.

“Showtime” Percy Watson’s topic is “glasses”. He says he wears these glasses because he wants to see where he’s going. It wasn’t a bad promo but not a great one either.

Kaval’s subject is “chicken”. Kaval says he’s not a chicken because that’s something that can’t exist in WWE. Kaval says he and the WWE Universe will ride to the end and win NXT.

Eli Cottonwood’s subject is “mustache”. Cottonwood says he doesn’t have one and neither does anyone else. Then he says that he does in fact have a mustache and in a few days it’ll be full and manly. None of the other “boys” will have one. That was absolutely brutal.

Michael McGillicutty’s topic is “breath”. McGillicutty says his grandfather was a legend and his dad was a Hall of Famer. He says by the end of NXT he’ll take our breath away.

Husky Harris’s topic is “doorknob”. He used a doorknob to get in here and now he’s here on the grandest stage of them all yet he got voted seventh. We don’t deserve to hear him speak.

Lucky Cannon’s topic is “deodorant”. Cannon says people use deodorant to not smell. People need it. He’s the deodorant and the WWE is the smelly guy. He needs WWE and WWE needs him.

Alex Riley’s topic is “pigeon”. Riley says he’s come into contact with a lot of animals in his life. He’s the rooster in the henhouse. It started with seven dorks and now it’s six pigeons. Michael Cole loved that for some reason.

“Showtime” Percy Watson is voted the winner and MVP seems very happy with that. I’ll give it to Watson. He sure does have a lot of energy. He’s really starting to grow on me. He’ll have a talk show next week on NXT.

Mark Henry will team with his rookie Lucky Cannon to take on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and his rookie Husky Harris.

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“Showtime” Percy Watson (1-1) vs. Michael McGillicutty (3-0)

Their WWE Pro’s are going to be on the apron to coach. They circle the ring and lock up. McGillicutty gets a quick headlock but Watson whips him off and dropkicks him down. Watson hits a headlock takeover and keeps him grounded. McGillicutty fights up and gets out. Watson reverses a whip but misses a clothesline and takes a dropkick for a two count. McGillicutty elbows him in the corner and hits a snapmare for a one count. McGillicutty applies a chin lock but Watson quickly gets to his feet. Watson ducks a clothesline but McGillicutty takes him down with a clothesline to the back of the head for a near fall.

McGillicutty hits a backbreaker for a two count. McGillicutty puts the chin lock back on. The crowd gets behind Watson and he fights up. Watson hits a nice dropkick and then another. Watson whips him but lowers his head and gets pinned by a weak sunset flip. I hate when guys get pinned by moves people kick out of all the time. It makes the loser look even weaker.

Winner by Pinfall: Michael McGillicutty (4-0)
Match Rating: 3/4 *

They go over the guys who fell during the Keg Carry Competition. Titus O’Neil was one of those guys. They then run a package where the WWE Pro’s really run him down. It was almost cruel. They made fun of his yellow teeth, showed his botches in the matches, and made fun of his promos. At least they showed his nice promo from last week in full at the end of it.

The Miz’s music hits. He comes to the ring with his NXT Rookie Alex Riley. The Miz will take on Kaval next.

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The Miz vs. Kaval (1-2)

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee, is the official for this match. Kaval kicks Miz quickly a few times. Miz shakes it off and they lock up. Kaval puts him in the corner and is backed up. The Miz then explodes out of the corner with a big boot. Miz knees him in the back and elbows him in the neck. Lay-Cool stand on the apron rooting him on. The Miz kicks him in the face and gets a near fall. The Miz chokes him on the rope and talks some trash. Kaval fights but Miz kicks him down. Miz punches him in the corner and chokes him again. The Miz taunts and then hits his trademark clothesline for a near fall. The Miz applies a camel clutch variation but Kaval fights up. Miz goes for a back suplex but Kaval counters into a cross-body for a near fall. The Miz quickly kicks him and throws him out of the ring hard.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Kaval trapped in the camel clutch variation. During the break The Miz sent Kaval ribs first into the apron. Kaval fights up and goes for a sunset flip but quickly releases and double stomps The Miz! That was impressive! The Miz sends him into the ropes after a few seconds of recovery and gets taken down by a forearm. Kaval hits another and a spin kick to the midsection. Kaval drops a stiff kick on the back of the neck and hits a handspring roundhouse in the corner for a near fall!

Kaval goes up top but Miz cuts him off. The Miz goes for a superplex but Kaval head-butts him off. Kaval stands on the top rope and Miz sweeps his feet, landing him ribs first on the turnbuckle. The Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: The Miz
Match Rating: * 3/4

Alex Riley shouts that he should have been number one as they celebrate the win. Lay-Cool tries to console him but they are grossed out that he’s sweating.

A video airs for Eli Cottonwood. The WWE Pros say that he’s impressive but he’s clumsy in the ring and not all too intimidating for a guy who’s over 7’0.

-Commercial Break-

The Raw Rebound airs.

The announcers run down the Money in the Bank card. I’m excited about this PPV.

A video plays for Husky Harris. They mention that he’s made for wrestling but he’s fat. I love this guy: I’m not going to lie.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris come to the ring. They’ll be in action next against Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon.

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The Nexus will be on NXT next week. That’s some interesting news.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris (0-2) vs. Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon (1-2)

The Goose, Mr. V’s favorite ref, has this match. Husky Harris and Lucky Cannon start out with a lock up. Cannon wrenches the arm and gets punched in the face. Cannon hits a fireman’s carry takeover and tags in Mark Henry. Husky quickly backs away and tags in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes hits some punches that Henry no sells. Henry head-butts him and hits a gorilla press front slam. Henry goes for a sit-out splash but Rhodes moves. Husky is tagged in and they stomp Henry for a few. Harris gets a two count and tags in Rhodes. They tag in and out punching away at Henry. Harris hits a big splash on Henry in the corner and Henry explodes out with a HUGE clothesline!

Rhodes and Cannon are tagged in and Cannon hits some elbows. Cannon sends him to the corner and runs into an elbow. Rhodes goes into the ropes and takes a back body drop and the pin is broken up by Harris. Henry bulldozes Harris and Rhodes. The referee is distracted as Rhodes rakes the eyes and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris (1-2)
Match Rating: *

Lucky Cannon is upset that he cost his team the match. Henry consoles him as the show ends.

Quick Match Results
Michael McGillicutty (4-0) def. “Showtime” Percy Watson (1-2)
The Miz def. Kaval (1-3)
Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris (1-2) def. Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon (1-3)

Bump of the Night: Kaval being tossed out of the ring
Match of the Night: The Miz vs. Kaval * 3/4

Mike’s Thoughts

Before I begin my thoughts I’d just like to say Happy Birthday to my friend Gary! I hope you had a great day!

This was an average edition of NXT. There wasn’t anything too exciting about the show. We had the return of the lame Talk the Talk Challenge and some ok matches, with Kaval’s match being the obvious standout. The really exciting thing to come from tonight is that the Nexus will be on the show next week. They’re coming home to the place that made them. What are they coming for? It’s must see TV on NXT next week.

Final Rating: **

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