Superstars Recap – 7/8/10

WWE Superstars
July 8th, 2010
Nashville, TN/Atlanta, GA
Report by: Jeff Springer of

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

The pyro goes off as Michael Cole welcomes us to WWE Superstars, The Bellas music hits as they come out first to be the guest referees for the opening contest from the Raw brand.

Primo and Jillian vs. Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim

The bell rings and divas start it off, Gail gets control with and arm lock before being hit with a very strong shot to face. Jillian grabs hold of the hair and swings Gail to the mat. She goes for a cover but Gail is able to kickout. Jillian grabs the hair again and throws Gail into the corner. She lands a strike before snapmaring her with the hold of the hair of Gail. Jillian land a kick to the back before sending Gail into the ropes, Gail is able to land a kick before hitting a clothesline on Jillian. Jillian makes the tag to Primo who tries to intimidate Gail before Yoshi gets in the ring.

Primo runs at Yoshi and is hit with multiple flips to the mat and a dropkick, Yoshi sends Primo into the rope but Primo reverses and Jillian grabs the leg. Primo runs at Yoshi and is hit with a kick, Primo turns around to walk into a huricanrana off the top rope by Gail. Yoshi lands multiple kicks and chops on Primo, Yoshi sends Primo into the ropes and lands another chop before going for the cover and a 2 count. Primo crawls to the rope and lands a kick to the gut when Yoshi attempts to grab him, Primo sends Yoshi to the corner and hits him with a drop as he stumbles out. Primo mounts Yoshi and lands multiple punches, Primo is warned by the Bella referee before turning around and landing a kick to the gut of Yoshi.

Primo grabs the head of Yoshi and snapmares him to the mat. He takes both his feet and grinds them into the face of Tatsu. Primo grabs the head and slaps on a sleeper hold, Yoshi is willed to his feet by the fans but his momentum is cut off by Primo. Primo continues his attack on Tatsu. He distracts the Bella ref while Jillian attacks Yoshi. Primo lands an uppercut that takes Yoshi to the ground and goes for a cover that Tatsu is able to get out off. Primo grabs Yoshi and and slams him to the mat going for another cover but Tatsu is able to kick out again.

Primo does a double stomp to the gut of Yoshi, Primo heads to the top rope and jumps but is hit with a boot on the way down. Primo makes the tag to Jillian while Yoshi is able to make the tag to Gail, Gail comes off the top rope with a huge crossbody on Jillian. Gail is fired up hitting multiple maneuvers on Jillian before going to the top rope, Jillian meets her on the rope and fights for position. Gail flips over the back of Jillian but is hit with punches when attempting the powerbomb, Jillian gets off the rope and they end up in a double clothesline. Yoshi enters the ring and eliminates Primo from the equation, Jillian gets into a fight with the Bella refs and is caught off guard by a school girl by Gail for the win!

Winners Via School Girl: Gail Kim and Yoshi Tatsu

Michael Cole announces a divas tag match from Smackdown for later tonight Kelly Kelly and Tiffany Vs. Laycool!


Michael Cole hypes the WWE Youtube Channel!

OH RADIO! Zack Ryder is on his way to the ring for the a one on one contest from the Raw brand. He is followed by WWE veteran Goldust who will be his opponent for the evening.

Zack Ryder Vs. Goldust

The bell rings and Goldust uses his strength to back Zack into the corner, Goldust follows up with a strong armdrag that makes Zack go through the rope for protection. They lock up again and Zack sends Goldust into the rope, Goldust is able to hit a shoulder block before hitting the ropes again and being able to counter into an armdrag. Goldust keeps control of the arm but it is broken due to strikes by Ryder, Zack sends him into the ropes and attempts a leap frog but is hit with a clothesline by Goldust. Goldust hits the rope and lands his hip attack that sends Ryder to the outside, Goldust is in control as we head to commercial.


As we return from commercial Goldust continues his control of Ryder, Goldust catapults Ryder into the ropes and lets him drop back down onto his knees. Goldust heads to the top rope but is met by Ryder who is able to stop him, Ryder begins his comeback as he clobbers Goldust in the corner and hits a running facewash. Ryder taunts the crowd before grabbing Goldust and dragging him to the center of the ring for a cover and a kickout by Goldust. Ryder puts Goldust in a sleeper, Goldust is able to get to his feet and elbow his way free before landing a clothesline to begin his comeback. Goldust sends Ryder into the ropes who reverses and ducks the head and walks right into the uppercut.

Goldust hits the rope and lands the facebuster before going for the cover but Ryder is able to roll the shoulder out before he can score the three count. Goldust heads into the corner when he attempts the mounted ten punches but is pushed off by Ryder. Ryder runs out of the corner and is hit with a powerslam by Goldust who goes for the cover but Ryder is able to kick out. Goldust grabs Ryder but he drops down trying to run away, Goldust goes after him and is tripped into the corner. A stunned Goldust comes out of the corner and walk right into the Rough Ryder for the cover and the three count.

Winner Via The Rough Ryder: Zack Ryder

NXT Recap: Talk the Talk Challenge

Michael Cole hypes the return of the Masterlock Challenge coming up after the break!


We return from commercial as Chris Masters makes his way to the ring for the return of the Masterlock Challenge. The Dudebustes accept the challenge of Chris Masters as they will be the first to take the Masterlock Challenge from the Smackdown brand.

Masterlock Challenge: Chris Masters vs. Caylen Croft

Caylen Croft will be the half of the Dudebusters to take the challenge, Masters goes for the Masterlock but Croft runs off the chair. Croft finally sits down and Masters slaps on the Masterlock and Croft is out in seconds and it is over.

Winner: Chris Masters

Trent Baretta yells at Chris Masters for submitting his friend, Masters challenges him to take the Masterlock challenge and he sits down and accepts!

Masterlock Challenge: Chris Masters vs. Trent Baretta

Masters goes right for the Masterlock but before he can tighten the hold he is attacked from behind by Caylen Croft. The Dudebusters go on the attack of Masters hitting a double team maneuver.

Result: No Contest

Todd Grisham hypes the Divas tag match between Kelly Kelly and Tiffany vs. Laycool!


Hype Video: Jack Swagger

Raw Rebound: The Truce

Money In The Bank: Sheamus Vs. John Cena, Raw Money In The Bank, Smackdown Money In The Bank, Rey Mysterio Vs. Jack Swagger

Team Laycool make their way to the ring for the Divas Tag that will Main Event of the evening from the Smackdown brand!


Team Laycool vs. Kelly Kelly and Tiffany

The bell rings and Tiffany and Michelle will start things off. They trade control of the lock up in the corner before the referee breaks it up. Michelle pie faces Tiffany and goes to gloat in her corner, Tiffany runs to Michelle and gains control with a waist lock. Tiffany gets an arm lock on Michelle but is reversed into an armlock by Michelle, Tiffany lands a strike to the face to break the hold. Michelle runs at Tiffany and is hit with a drop toe hold followed by an atomic drop, Tiffany lands multiple strikes before sending her to the corner for a monkey flip. Tiffany lands a clothesline for a cover and a kickout, Tiffany gets the front facelock on Michelle to get the tag to Kelly who sunset flips over Michelle for a cover and a kickout.

Michelle gets up and lands a kick to the gut of Kelly, Michelle lands a forearm to the back before picking her up and making the tag to Layla. Layla lands a kick to Kelly before picking her up, Kelly breaks free a throws a kick but is caught and flipped. Kelly runs at Layla and jumps on her and slams her head into the mat, She runs her head into the turnbuckle before making the tag to Tiffany. Tiffany grabs hold of the hair and swings Layla to the mat followed by a front dropkick, Layla rolls to the outside but Tiffany follows and throws her back into the ring. Tiffany climbs the rope but Layla kicks her shin to knock her off, Layla takes Tiffany to her corner to tag back in Michelle.

Michelle takes Tiffany to the rope and kicks her down before landing knees to the gut, Michelle grabs Tiffany and drags her to Kelly before knocking Kelly off the mat. She turns around and take Tiffany to her corner and tags in Layla, Layla chokes her in the corner with her foot but loses her in between her legs but is able to catch her and kick Kelly’s hand away. Michelle gets in the ring illegally and pulls Tiffany back to her corner before Layla officially tags her into the match. Michelle lands an uppercut before almost losing Tiffany but is able to stop her from making the tag. Michelle lands a forearm before tagging Layla in again, Michelle snapmares Tiffany followed by Layla landing a dropkick for a cover and a kickout.

Layla slams Tiffany’s head into the mat before missing a leg drop, Tiffany finally makes the tag to Kelly who gets a flurry of offensive maneuvers before going for a sunset flip and a kickout by Layla. Kelly kicks Layla in the gut and lands a facebuster for another cover and only a two count, Layla lands a spinning kick to the gut before sending her to the corner. Layla runs at Kelly but Kelly gets a boot up followed by a clothesline, Kelly kicks Michelle away before Layla goes for the attack and Kelly rolls her up for a pin that is stopped by the referee trying to remove Tiffany. Michelle gets in the ring and lands a big boot to the face before the ref turns around and Layla had the cover and it’s a 1,2,3 for the win!

Winners Via Interference Big Boot: Team Laycool

-End of Show-


See you next Thursday!

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