July 13, 2010
Louisville, KY
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video plays hyping up the return of the Nexus to NXT. We’re left wondering if the WWE Pros or Rookies will be in trouble. It’s a homecoming for the Nexus.

The NXT video plays. I heard this theme song on the radio today and almost drove off the road. I hate this song. This band should be in detention. The pyro goes off as Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to the show. They talk about the uneasy feeling as they await the Nexus to show up. They send it to Matt Striker in the ring.

Matt Striker welcomes the crowd to NXT as Ashley Valence asks us to welcome the WWE Pros. They take turns saying the wrestler’s names. Mark Henry needed to be held back as The Miz comes out. I thought he was the World’s Strongest Man? A few guys can hold him back?

The Nexus is introduced next. They come out and sit by the WWE Pros on the stage. This should be interesting. The WWE Pros and the Nexus will all be sitting on the stage. Darren Young is still not with the group, still selling the beating given by John Cena last week. Wade Barrett says it’s a privilege to be on the show tonight. He wonders what better way to celebrate their win over John Cena last night than to return to the show where they got their start. Barrett wishes the Season Two Rookies luck and they’re looking forward to seeing them in action. Barrett also says to the WWE Pros to not instigate anything as they’re just here to kick back and watch.

The Miz & Alex Riley (2-1) vs. Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon (1-3)

Alex Riley starts out against Mark Henry. Riley says if he wants the Miz then he has to go through him. Henry scares the Miz off the apron and locks up with Riley before quickly shoving him down. Riley tries to broker peace but Henry catches the double cross with a clothesline. Henry takes him down and kicks him in the ribs. Henry throws him out of the ring and yells at the Miz to get in the ring. Henry is really fired up over that Rubbermaid Trash Can to the head…

The Miz yells at Riley to get back in. Riley comes in and is pummeled by Henry. Henry clubs him and yells at the Miz to tag him. The Miz cowers so Lucky Cannon is tagged in. Cannon hits an arm drag and wrenches the arm, turning it to an arm bar. Cannon loses his grip and Riley takes him down with a shoulder block. Cannon quickly comes back with a back elbow and a clothesline. Cannon then clotheslines him over the top rope. Cannon waits for Riley to get up. Cannon goes for a plancha but Riley pushes him face first into the steel steps! He was too close to the steps and Riley capitalized!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Riley get a near fall over Cannon. Riley keeps him away from Henry and tags in The Miz. The Miz talks some trash and punches him in the corner. The Miz knees him in the corner and continues to assault him. The Miz backs up to talk trash to Henry before hitting his patented running clothesline in the corner for a near fall. Cannon tries to fight back but is laid out with a straight right hand. The Miz hits a running kick to the face for a near fall. Riley is tagged in and applies a chin lock. Cannon tries to fight back but Riley hits a nice hip toss/neckbreaker combo for a near fall. That was a nice move. Riley gets a cheap shot on Henry and tags The Miz back in. Miz kicks and tags back out. Riley picks up another near fall. Riley applies another chin lock. Riley finally releases, goes into the ropes, and gets taken down with a powerslam.

The Miz is tagged in and Cannon kicks him away to tag in Mark Henry! Henry comes in with some clotheslines and a big splash in the corner. Henry then hits a gorilla press slam Warrior-style. The Miz hangs on to the ropes and cowardly tags his rookie in before leaving the ring. Riley gets a cheap shot from the apron that only angers him. Henry pulls him in and hits the World’s Strongest Slam for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon (2-3)
Match Rating: * 1/4

Mark Henry pulls a Rubbermaid trash can into the ring and pours the contents all over Alex Riley. The Miz looks on angrily. Those ring announcers sure do compile a lot of trash.

A video plays with the WWE Pros talking about Alex Riley. They think he’s talented on the microphone but thinks his high school bully character is outdated and lame. I agree with that. Riley looks like he’s been out of high school for a while now. This isn’t Grease.

The Showtime Percy Watson Show comes at us tonight.

-Commercial Break-

We take a look back at the Money in the Bank Ladder Match from this year’s WrestleMania. I love how they edited out Swagger’s thirty second struggle with the briefcase in the DVD (not). They then show Swagger cashing in the contract on the following Smackdown. The announcers then run down the Money in the Bank card.

The Nexus is shown and we see footage from their first match against John Cena last night. Sheamus helped John Cena at the end of the show.

The Showtime Percy Watson Show is up next.

-Commercial Break-

Some cheesy music plays and we see Percy Watson in the ring, decorated with a red carpet and some couches. Watson says a whole bunch of things in a few seconds and says “Oh yeah!” Watson is dancing and moving around. This is pretty funny. Watson then introduces his WWE Pro Montel Vontavious Porter: MVP. MVP makes his way to the ring looking proud of his rookie.

Watson asks if he can borrow $20 and MVP says they’ll talk about that later. Watson thanks him and says he’s learned so much from him. MVP appreciates that but says he can give all the advice in the world but if he doesn’t execute then it doesn’t work. MVP says he’s done a good job at seizing the moment and says he’s happy to be the first guest on the show. Watson says he’s going to seize the opportunity and grab the moment right now. Watson stands up as the rest of the NXT Season Two Rookies come to the ring. It looks like MVP is going to be ambushed… That’s a strange turn.

MVP says he never rides solo and the rest of the Pros (minus Lay-Cool, who aren’t there) come in the ring. Matt Striker then comes out and says it looks like the Rookies are testing the Pros. Matt Striker proposes an over-the-top-rope-battle royal.

Wade Barrett says the main focus is on them and they want in the battle royal. Barrett promises one winner… the same winner from season one: him. We’ll have a 20 man Battle Royal next!

-Commercial Break-

WWE Pros vs. Rookies vs. Nexus Battle Royal

The bell rings and everyone starts fighting except for the Nexus, who go out under the bottom rope to watch. Mark Henry is the first one eliminated by a whole group of guys. The Nexus immediately pounce on him outside and stomp him into oblivion. They’re working together so this isn’t every man for himself. They send Henry into the steel post. Eli Cottonwood is eliminated next off screen and the Nexus destroy him as well. They whip him into a clothesline from Skip Sheffield. That was a good bump.

Three pros try to eliminate Percy Watson but he stays in. MVP is eliminated by Rhodes and The Miz. MVP gets ready for a fight. Morrison and Kingston make things even and MVP escapes unharmed. The Nexus yells at Morrison and Kingston as they get in the ring with the rest of the pros and rookies.

-Commercial Break-

The Nexus enters the ring now and stomp away at some downed opponents. Percy Watson takes a trip over the top rope and is eliminated. During the break the heels stabbed the faces in the back in the fight against the Nexus. This is a mess. There’s a lot going on. Lucky Cannon was eliminated and not a word was said by our trusted wrestling announcers. Michael McGillicutty is eliminated and no mention is made of the end of his undefeated streak. Alex Riley is bleeding from the back of the head as he’s eliminated. Kaval goes soon as does Husky Harris.

The WWE Pros are now left against the Nexus. I bet they wish they didn’t eliminate Mark Henry now… Zack Ryder tries to intimidate the Nexus so The Miz eliminates him. Morrison, Kingston, and Rhodes complain that there are only four of them now. The Miz tries to get friendly with the Nexus but they don’t budge. The Miz feels threatened as they circle him and he jumps over the top rope, eliminating himself.

It’s now six on three. They all go to fight but Rhodes backs off and watches as Kingston and Morrison are demolished. Rhodes sits back as this goes on. Morrison and Kingston mount a comeback but it is short lived. The Nexus overpowers them easily. Morrison tries to skin the cat but they catch him. Morrison is soon eliminated from there. Kingston is that last pro that’s fighting at least. Rhodes is still hiding. They pummel Kingston down and eliminate him.

The Nexus stand in the ring and finally see “Dashing” Cody Rhodes hiding in the corner. Rhodes tries to beg them off and smooth talk them. Rhodes goes for a handshake but they don’t want it. Rhodes puts his head down and they pummel him. The Nexus then eliminates him and that’s the end.

Winners: The Nexus
Match Rating: **

The Nexus stands tall in the NXT ring where they found their first successes. They then beat on Morrison, Kingston, and Rhodes at ringside. Barrett hits his finisher on Kingston and he gets set up in the corner. Otunga hits Rhodes with his Ron Simmons Spinebuster. Justin Gabriel then finishes him with a picture perfect 450 Splash.

Matt Striker gets in the ring (idiot) and asks for Wade Barrett’s reaction to what the WWE Universe thinks of the Nexus. Barrett takes the microphone and says he’s never had a problem with him before but standing in their ring isn’t the smartest thing. Barrett warns him to back out. Barrett says they came back as the Nexus to prove they can make a difference in WWE regardless of the fact that they’re rookies. What they’re doing is something we can’t understand because it’s part of a bigger picture. Striker asks if he’s proud of what they did to John Cena. Barrett says he’s proud of everything he’s done. Barrett then closes with “You’re either Nexus or against us.” What next? A black and white entrance?

Quick Match Results
Mark Henry* & Lucky Cannon (2-3) def. The Miz & Alex Riley* (2-2)
The Nexus wins a 20 Man Battle Royal

Bump of the Night: Cannon’s plancha face first into the steps!
Match of the Night: Battle Royal **

Mike’s Thoughts

Before I start this I’d just like to pay respects to George Steinbrenner and Bob Sheppard, two pieces of Yankee legend that left the world this week. I love the Yankees and it’s a sad week. Those are two men whom can never be replaced.

This hour of NXT flew by in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. The focus was obviously on the Nexus but we had some good stuff besides them. I really liked the opening tag match. This little mini-feud between the Miz and Mark Henry heading into the PPV this Sunday isn’t bad at all. Henry wrestled with a lot of intensity tonight and I have to say I enjoyed it. The rookies were just there. The rookies all do the same basic moves. Do they do anything else other than wrench arms, do hip tosses, and apply chin locks? Sometimes they’re too basic. If the fans are voting they need to have guys wow them with the versatility of their move sets and such.

The Nexus are seeming more and more like the nWo as the days go by. Now their catchphrase is a rip off of the legendary stable. There’s no problem with that: I just feel it’s a little uncreative. That’s the same way I feel about Jack Swagger’s character right now. It’s a total rip off of Kurt Angle, right down to the finisher. Oh well… I do like the way the Nexus were picking guys off after they were eliminated. That was fun to watch.

It was a good show regardless. There will be an elimination in two weeks so that’s what we’re working towards. Nothing has been announced for next week.

Final Rating: ** 3/4

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