From the Desk of Mr. V #78
July 15, 2010
By: Anthony J. Valvo of


My readers stepped up with a couple fantastic introductions this week. One introduction was from a consistent contributor and one that is dedicated to LeBron James.

Ladies and gentlemen put away your fireworks and cool off with another refreshing edition of the column that’s sure to educate and entertain, From the desk of Mr. V. with your knowledgeable wrestling mentor, Anthony J. Valvo!!!! (From Rocky Dominguez)

He may the LeBron James of Wrestleview, but we will never let him become a free agent! Ladies and gentlemen, become a witness to the MVP of the internet wrestling community: King Valvo! (From Antonio De Gaetano)

Thank You Rocky and Antonio for the wonderful introduction. And never worry, for I will never leave WrestleView!

Welcome to the latest edition of “From the Desk of Mr. V”. I am Anthony “Mr. V” Valvo, your WrestleView resident teacher with the same material as last time, but different names, matches, and articles.

If this is not my best efforts this week, I will say sorry in advance. I am preparing for the 4th ever Unofficial Miniature Golf Tournament of Champions! Ever go mini golfing and ask yourself “Should we make up our own tournament?” Well, this year the participants will compete in four miniature golf courses for the glass vase trophy. So sit back and grab some iced coffee. Relax as you read the 78th Installment of “From the Desk of Mr. V”.

Quote of the Week

“Every individual has a place to fill in the world and is important in some respect whether he chooses to be so or not.”
– Nathaniel Hawthorne

Classroom Rule

This rule is from Michael Woodward. He actually requested this rule a few weeks ago and I finally got time to add it to my 100 Rules from last year.

101) If you are in Creative and you want to set up an edgy invasion angle, ensure that your superstars know the limitations that would be placed on them in order to maintain a PG rating, before you send them out. (From Michael Woodward).

I think this is a great rule because perhaps if this was discussed to The Nexus faction Bryan Danielson would still have a job with one of the best stories going in the WWE today. We all remember the story of how Danielson was fired because of “The Tie Choke Heard Around the World”. I don’t know if the creative team said to “keep it PG”, but if they did not it was a mistake not only for Danielson but for that Raw team as well.

Since the Nexus invasion weeks ago, Danielson has been booked for many independent shows while Nexus appears a bit weaker from all the past drama. In the end, it was a mistake (if there was one) from the creative team for not letting the Nexus know the guidelines for PG Programming.

Teacher’s Lecture

1) Kurt Angle is retiring soon?

Mr. V’s Opinion: In a recent interview on “The Busted Open Radio Show”, Kurt Angle hinted retirement. Angle said the last year and a half have been really difficult on the body and it is taking him longer to recuperate. He mentioned that the TNA schedule has been brutal and that the schedule got heavy quickly. Though I am a huge fan of Kurt Angle, I say that if he is truly considering retirement it may be a good thing for him.

He is 41 right now that tries to wrestle like he is 10 to 15 years younger every night on TV. He is now being involved in movies, television, and has his own gourmet food line. He is very active in charity work now in the Pittsburgh area. The past year and a half had to be rough on him because of his divorce, the lawsuit against him, and the injuries. He said he is find physically, but in my opinion the mental aspect is what is damaging Angle.

Angle reminds me of someone that wants to either be 100% on something or he won’t try it. Sometimes, going 100% in everything burns out the best in all of us. Maybe it was fatigue that made him say that or maybe he is correct on saying he wants out of professional wrestling in the next year or two. If he retires next year, it would be good for his body and the many projects he is trying to pull out of the ground.

His contract is up in a year for TNA. Arguably he was the best hire TNA has ever done. I always said that TNA did the right thing by hiring Christian Cage and Angle a few years ago. They both did their best to help TNA, but TNA is still a product that is getting poor ratings and even poor PPV buys. Once Christian was interested in the WWE, WWE brought him back and made him a champion on ECW and Christian still is being used regularly on Smackdown. Will Angle go for one more round in the WWE? If he truly does retire and truly leaves TNA I would say he would be done. If he can’t handle the TNA schedule, how can he handle the demands of the WWE workload?

2) WWE nags about the “small things”.

Here is what the WWE is so uptight about these days…

– Jim Ross was in photos with The Rock, Austin, Goldberg, and more.
– The Undertaker is in a vegetative state, yet was all smiles when he was married to Michelle McCool.
– They are mad at a baseball player because he Tweeted about HHH and his recent surgery.

I am speechless of how stupid this all sounds. I mean, this is a world where you can get a celebrity picture, a message, even coffee with a snap of a finger. Here is my quick take on all that transpired here.

JR – Since his photo has been leaked, his voice is now replaced in the intro by Michael Cole and John Cena. If this is the WWE’s punishment to Ross, then it is childish. So what if Ross wants to go out and have a good time? It’s not like he grabbed a picture of Vince McMahon and smothered it with JR’s BBQ Sauce. Or maybe the WWE wanted to update their intro. Who knows, but Jim Ross will still be the voice of professional wrestling whether the powers-that-be like it or not.

The Undertaker – Also missing in the video intro is The Undertaker’s “Rest in Peace” line. Here is the example

You know what the WWE should have done in tounge-and-cheek humor? They should have said this:

“The Undertaker truly is in a vegetative state! He married Michelle McCool”

I am here all column long, enjoy the veal.

But to be truly upset about this is ridiculous. Let Mark Callaway and Michelle McCool enjoy themselves without the public eye and the WWE’s scorn. Who wants to bet now that McCool was in that picture Kelly Kelly wins the Women’s Championship? Anyone?

Dirk Hayhurst – The Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher who tweeted the news now deleted all that was mentioned about HHH. I do feel bad that Hayhurst was caught in the wrestling circus because I am sure he is a nice guy trying to make it to the Major Leagues full time. So what that he met HHH at a hospital moments after HHH had surgery? Why am I even discussing this? This shows how uptight people can be.

My only advice is just relax. The WWE is not going to be dethroned from the top wrestling company in the world anytime soon (or ever). Enough is enough already.

3) The Invasions are coming!

It happened in WWE with the NXT Season 1 grads and now they are The Nexus. In TNA, we have a reunion of ECW wrestlers led by Tommy Dreamer.

I am sorry, but when I think of what TNA is doing right now with this invasion it reminds me of former Boston Celtics coach Rick Pitino said in a press conference a long time ago.

“If you expect them to walk out that door they are going to be gray and old”.

I think the WWE is doing the right thing for Nexus right now. Nexus are a faction that appears to be solid for weeks to come. When Nexus comes in, they take charge and take out everyone in their way. And sure, there will be sacrifices (Darren Young) along the way, but Nexus still works well as a team and it is still a fresh invasion. Before NXT the average (not diehard) wrestling fans did not know any of them. Now, they all are attacking main event guys on the most popular show in pro wrestling. Every wrestler in that Nexus faction are living a dream, and that is truly refreshing. We saw these guys blossom from seeds to Venus Fly Traps and it is a great thing to witness.

Now, let’s look at what TNA is doing. After weeks of speculation with the ECW faction, Abyss saying “they” are coming, and the Paul Heyman rumors they finally did the ECW Invasion without Paul Heyman.

On one website, they said that the ECW Invasion was better than anything the WWE and Nexus has ever done. I can’t say that is true or not because I have yet to see it, but I am not getting my hopes up. However, TNA has to realize that they need to change it up. The WWE did this ECW Invasion once and it failed. ECW had their own show on TNN and it failed. The only time in my opinion that ECW had a great showing since their company folded was ECW One Night Stand from 2005.

Also, TNA’s ratings since Hogan and Bischoff debuted had one good rating for them and then it sank afterwards. Even a couple of their show did the same or worse than Half Pint Brawlers. TNA really…REALLY needs to give the keys to Paul Heyman and let him drive the company full speed. Heyman has a terrific mind and I know he would make the right decisions. Look what he did with lightweight wrestlers in ECW? He could do the same, intense style that the X Division had before. But with Brock Lesnar the UFC Champion and a marketing machine, Heyman is going to stay where the money is at, and who could blame him? Lesnar will make Heyman a lot of cash. TNA will make Heyman absolutely nothing. Heyman is doing what is best for him and his name, and professional wrestling would not give that additional income. Unless Heyman gets complete control from TNA he will not to that company…pure and simple.

So, when it comes to the differences from WWE and TNA’s invasions it is this. WWE used 7 guys from developmental, put them on TV on a different show for months, and built them up the right way. TNA got a ragtag team of ECW guys from the late 90s and hope that will give them a boost.

WWE is doing the right thing for business, while sadly TNA is doing the wrong thing once again. This is 2010 and you need some younger wrestlers in that lineup, not guys that reached their wrestling prime almost a decade ago. If TNA wants to be a better company, they will have to make some very hard decisions. That means right now if they want Heyman, they give him what he wants. I hope TNA makes the right decision.


**If you have any nominations for detention, send them my way at I will post them next week**.

Charlie Manuel – I am so fed up that this is the second straight year a Pittsburgh Pirate did not play in the All-Star game. Last year, it was Freddy Sanchez and Zack Duke. This year, Evan Meek. I know they are not household names in baseball but at least Meek deserved to pitch to one batter. Speaking of pitchers…

Pittsburgh Pirates – For letting go of Matt Capps in the offseason for nothing. Now he ended up winning the All-Star game this year.

Alicia Fox – For botching more than half her moves in the last two weeks, yet is still the Divas’ Champion.

Dixie Carter – For being a very powerful woman in a pro wrestling company she seems to have a load of time tweeting and Facebookin’. Now only if she can be that committed to pro wrestling maybe it can be moderately successful.

Chris Berman – I could not watch 30 minutes of the Home Run Derby because he is a far worse commentator than even Mike Hogewood.

WWE – For being so persnickety. So what if JR went to a UFC show? So what if Undertaker got married and a picture leaked out? So what if a Blue Jays minor league pitcher reported on Twitter that HHH had surgery? Stop being so uptight and run the most popular wrestling promotion (I mean entertainment industry) in the world today. I will however give you credit for taking Alex Riley out of that Battle Royal on NXT because he was bleeding from what looked like the back of his head.

LeBron James – I got many of my readers give me good reasons to place him here that may be grounds for Eternal Detention. I will give him one because he completely deserted his former employers (Cleveland Cavaliers) on Live National Television. I am sorry, but that is pretty shady.

Thanks to Rick Jackson for this:

Hulk Hogan – For commenting about the BP Oil Spill. I am sure he is concerned, but why over 80 days later?

The Eternal Detention List

The 2010 French Soccer Team
Praxis and the ETS Series
Teachers that get arrested
Ryan Clark
The Bee and Wasp family
Bubba The Love Sponge
The Pittsburgh Pirates Front Office
The dorky fan caught on YouTube yelling at The Miz at E3.

Mr. V’s Honor Roll for the Week of June 28 – July 4, 2010

7/05 – Graded WWE Monday Night Raw Matches
7/06 – Graded WWE NXT Matches
7/07 – Column Writing. After that, I watched ROH on YouTube and recap the show.
7/08 – Graded WWE Superstars and TNA Impact Matches.
7/09 – Graded Smackdown Matches
7/10 – OFF DAY (I was prepping delicious food for a birthday party. But Mrs. V does not trust me with the oven)
7/11 – OFF DAY (Celebrated a fantastic birthday)

So, after another week of watching every match that WWE, TNA, and ROH had to offer I finally open up my grade book and see who made the honors list. While most matches were just “average” or “below average”, I had four matches that got a “B” grade this week. Since I only have three spots and the stakes wer

After an hour of sitting in my replay booths (computer office and the living room DVR), I have made my decision. I have one match each on this list from each company. I took out the Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston match from the Honors list because there was more lack of chemistry (counted a few missed spots) than the other three. That is what I am sticking with.

Distinguished Honors – Evan Bourne and Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho and Edge, Monday Night Raw, July 5th

The Finish: When Jericho was about to do something to Bourne, Edge speared Jericho out of his boots. Bourne took the advantage and hit Air Bourne for the pinfall victory.

The Grade: B.

The reason for Distinguished Honors: Though I thought the start was not impressive, the picked it up right after that. I liked the storied lack of chemistry between Jericho and Edge. Both were very technical and desperate. They showed that they did not want to work together, but they did the best until Edge said “no more” and speared Jericho. Orton was very aware around his surroundings as well, and it was refreshing to see a face wrestler do the things he did that night. Though I would give the edge in control to Jericho, it was Bourne that was near perfect in all his moves. Bourne’s kicks were clean and his finish superb. Bourne was one of those underdogs that the fans can cheer for and I think this could lead to better things for Bourne. Overall, the pace was excellent after the 2 minute mark, all wrestlers looked strong and their chances to win Money in the Bank actually grew. Despite the swerve style finish, I enjoyed this from near start to finish.

High Honors – Rob Van Dam vs. Samoa Joe, TNA Impact, July 8th

The Finish: Samoa Joe applied his Triangle Choke style finisher, but did not grab complete control of Van Dam. Van Dam flip over a corner, over Joe, and while Joe still had the hold in place Van Dam brilliantly pinned Joe for the pinfall victory.

Grade: B.

The reason for High Honors: Sometimes I agree with what TNA did and other times I do not. However, after watching this match I can say that Joe has gotten much better in terms of endurance. The exchanges were pretty good to start and mainly all-around during the match. There was a good bit of spots and a bit of no-sells, but regardless when I watched this a second time I can have no doubt in saying this was Joe’s best contest since Turning Point. He still lacks his agility from the past, but he was able to move around quicker and his strikes were on for the most part. Van Dam was always accurate with his kicks, but I think Joe overreacted on some of this strikes by Van Dam. The pacing was just a tad bit off, as it just looked like at times there were not on the same page. I don’t know if it was scripted that way, but it the story looked wrong at times. Also, I hate distractions in a match and the camera cutting to the ECW guys was a bit annoying. Also, Mike Tenay was terrible in not calling this contest and interrogating Taz. My only question is this. The match was good, but why have this type of contest on Impact for Free? Other than my cable subscription this was clearly worthy of a PPV match.

Honors – Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards vs. Christopher Daniels and Roderick Strong, ROH on HDNet, April 5

The Finish: Daniels went up top to what should have been the Best Moonsault Ever on Richards. However, after a distraction by Edwards and some wasted time Richards got right up and hit the German Superplex! Richards pinned Daniels for the victory.

The Grade: B.

The reason for Honors: This would have been higher, it should have been higher given the fact that you have three Pick 6 Title contenders and the ROH TV Champ in the same ring. This was a good 20 minute match they had, but a lot was wrong about it. First off, can somebody tell Richards to sell? It seems like he is more like SuperCena (yes, I went there) after Strong or Daniels would do a signature move on him. I did not enjoy that. Also, the Wolves just entering the ring like they don’t care for 10 seconds, what is that all about? The Wolves do not need to do these tactics to be successful. In my opinion that made this team weaker after the match was over. Also, Daniels was spot on with his offense, but again after the Wolves attacked the knee and had him limping for a while he no-sold the injury. If you watch it near the end, you see Daniels running full force. I give most of the credit here to Roderick Strong. I hope someone in ROH relays the message that it was Strong’s offensive tactics and his selling after being attack that helped this match get a solid grade. It is Strong’s chapter in the book of ROH, as after this match was over he got into an argument with Daniels. Catch my ROH recap to see what happened to Strong the following week.

Mr. V’s Grade Book for this past week

A+, A, or A-: None to report.

B+: None to report.

B: Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards vs. Christopher Daniels and Roderick Strong (ROH); Evan Bourne and Randy Orton vs. Edge and Chris Jericho (RAW); Rob Van Dam vs. Samoa Joe (TNA); and Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston (Smackdown).

B-: Kory Chavis and Jon Davis vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero (ROH) and Kazarian vs. AJ Styles (TNA).

C+: Daizee Haze vs. Jamilia Craft (ROH); The Miz vs. Kaval (NXT); Michelle McCool and Layla vs. Kelly Kelly and Tiffany (Superstars); and Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero (Smackdown).

C: Ted DiBiase, Jr. vs. John Morrison (RAW); Michael McGillicutty vs. Percy Watson (NXT); Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim vs. Primo and Jillian (Superstars); Zack Ryder vs. Goldust (Superstars); Robert Roode, James Storm, and Matt Morgan vs. Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Hernandez (TNA); Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins vs. Christian and Matt Hardy (Smackdown); and The Big Show vs. Jack Swagger (Smackdown)

C-: Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris vs. Lucky Cannon and Mark Henry (NXT); Angelina Love vs. Daffney (TNA); Jeremy Buck vs. Douglas Williams (TNA); Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson (TNA); and Cody Rhodes vs. JTG (Smackdown).

D+, D, or D-: Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella vs. William Regal and The Great Khali (RAW) and Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres (RAW)

F or INC: The Miz vs. R-Truth (RAW).

Current Predictions from the Faculty Standings

Since there was a PPV last weekend, I added some notes and stats on which students scored the highest and who is in the Dean’s Chair after this round of picks.

2010-2011 Season (As of TNA’s Victory Road 2010)

1) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and RAW Recapper)………….53-29 (7-1)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)……………….53-29 (8-0)
3) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)……………………………………53-29 (8-0)
4) Students of the Week (The Best from Prev. PPV)………………49-33 (6-2)*
5) Daniel Browne (For Queen and Country)……………………………..49-33 (7-1)
6) Matt O’Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)…………………………48-34 (7-1)
7) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)………………………..47-35 (6-2)
8) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)……….47-35 (6-2)
9) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…………………………………..45-37 (6-2)
10) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and NXT Recapper)…………………39-28 (NR)
11) Jeff Springer (WWE Superstars Recapper)……………………………35-27 (4-4)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)………………………………………..28-32 (NR)
13) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa/2009 WV Champ)………24-20 (NR)

We will have three students of the week this time around. Bryan Czygan, Paul Meade, and Austen Allen all scored a perfect 8-0 record for Victory Road.

*The student of the week for Victory Road, Luke (aka Bond7) failed to maintain his spot at the Student of the Week. Luke went 6-2.

Among the Faculty, Jose Marrero and Josh Boutwell scored perfect 8-0 records for Victory Road.

Overall, we had 19 “WV Students” outside the Students of the Week. They averaged a win total of 6.0. Since I estimate the predictions for the students, it will be 6-2.

Past Students of the Week: Evan O’Brien, TJ Patton, Ricky Langston, Craig Alan Cope, Paul Lyons, SUPERSTARZZ, Jeremy Samples, Josh Logan, Eric Marin, David Sumroy, Crystal Mai, Michael Phillips, Sean Martin, Sam Newstone, and Brian Czygan, and Luke (Bond7).

Mr. V’s Gold Star Segment (Sponsored by JR’s Bar-B-Q Sauce)

Many gold stars to present to this week. Here are the stars that earned them.

Rocky Dominguez and Antonio De Gaetano – Thank you for the introductions.

Michael Woodward – Thank you for the classroom rule.

To the Nation of Spain – They have won their First World Cup Championship! Hate to say I told you so, but read my column a few weeks back and I did predict that Spain would be the winners before that octopus did.

Paul Meade, Austen Allen, and Bryan Czygan – These three students will be Sunday’s Students of the Week because of their 8-0 record for the Victory Road PPV.

Jose Marrero and Josh Boutwell – They also posted 8-0 records for Victory Road.

David Stephens, Jose Marrero, and Josh Boutwell – We now have a three-way tie for the top spot in the standings. Who will be the one to be #1 after Money in the Bank?

Randy Orton and Evan Bourne – Evan earned one for attempting the shooting star press on Orton. Orton earned one for countering it into the best RKO in his career. I am sure you can watch it on YouTube.

Rick Jackson – Thank for bringing in the “Lebron is in the NWO bit”.

Austin Aries – I am giving him one because he was very impressive in recent weeks. Now that he is a manager, this could be a huge step for him.

Geico and R. Lee Emery – The insurance company recently had this hilarious commercial.

Jay Lethal – I heard that he was legitimately in tears after his victory over Ric Flair at Victory Road. Here is hoping the push still exists after this victory.

Alberto Del Rio – I don’t need to see him in a match because I find his cue carded promos kind of funny. Talking about how we are all liars? I enjoyed the intelligence one. Make me want to crack open War and Peace and talk like Peabody from those Bullwinkle cartoons.

Husky Harris – Even those “WWE Universe” fans do not like this guy, Harris is reported to be a guy that the WWE roster and brass really like. I agree with the roster and brass. Now if he can get rid of that name.

Florence Henderson – She was very good on Monday Night Raw. Why is it that the older celebrities have a much better time as the guest host for Monday Night Raw.

Bobby Eaton – I am praying that you have a speedy recovery.

Mikey Whipwreck – If the rumors are true, congrats on being a trainer for the WWE. I think he would be a good one.

Rob Van Dam – He retained his TNA World Championship last Sunday (though the fans appeared that they did not care).

Douglas Williams – He retained the TNA X Division Title. That is great, because Kendrick should not be the guy to dethrone Douglas.

Angelina Love – Well, she won the TNA Knockout’s Title in which she should not have. I don’t know but she won the title.

The Motor City Machineguns – Though many don’t like their style, the persevered for years on the TNA roster and finally are rewarded with the TNA Tag Team Championships.

Abe Lincoln – For being honest.

LeBron James – My readers mostly wanted him to be in detention for the way he acted. However, I will give him a gold star as well for not caring about stats and wanting to go to the team with the best chance to win a championship. One can’t blame him for that. Still, I feel very bad for the city of Cleveland.

Dan Gilbert – It is kind of refreshing to see a sports owner show raw emotion outside of Mark Cuban.

Matt O’Brien – I am sure Dave Stephens will give him one as well. Matt did a great job with the recap for Raw.

Finally a bright Gold Star goes out to George Steinbrenner. The owner of probably the most recognizable sports team in the world, The New York Yankees, passed away on the day of the 2010 MLB All-Star game at the age of 80. Although many people did not like the way he bought the biggest names, at least he was willing to spend billions of dollars to make his team win. “The Boss” craved winning and I think many owners should be like this. He was passionate and hard to work with, but yet he was loved by his fans and the city in which he spent his later years in Tampa. The people can say what they want, but he wanted to win.

Also, one more bright Gold Star to Bob Sheppard, who passed away at age 99. Sheppard was “The Voice of Yankee Stadium” and is still heard when Derek Jeter comes to bat. His voice was so booming you could tell whose it was the moment you heard it. RIP.

Homework Assignment

Last week, I decided not give you a due date to complete this assignment at this time. Why? Well, because I don’t have a due date for it yet. But I will share with you what the next assignment will be and I think the Students will like it.

Last year on WrestleView, columnists on the site came together and provided a Half-Year Awards article that spanned for a few days. After that I took all the Faculty’s selections and made a ballot. With that ballot, we had our first ever WrestleView Student Half-Year Awards. It turned out to be a pretty solid showing from the readers.

This year we will be doing it again. Dave Stephens and I started off on The Teacher’s Lounge and we will rundown our selections for another couple shows. I will have a few more columnists to provide their thoughts as well. Overall, it should be a pretty good article when completed.

So here is your homework that will be due sometime this month:

Think of your choices for the Best of the Half-Year 2010.

I am not sure how many categories there will be, but right now there are twenty four topics, but I may cut it down to twenty. I will give you a few of the categories so you can figure out what you would select.

Best Wrestler of the Half-Year
Most Outstanding (Pound-for-Pound) Wrestler of the Half-Year
Best Feud
Most Undeserved Push
Bold Prediction for the Second Half of 2010

Of course there will be more, so stay tuned and I will add more categories next week. For the next couple weeks, I ask my students to consider your selections wisely because some of your comments will be posted on the 2010 WrestleView Students Half-Year Awards. Good Luck!


Well, that does it for me this week. I thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this column as much as I typed it out. If you want to get a hold of me during the week, please e-mail me at or by leaving me a message on Facebook. I do get a lot of e-mails and may not reply in a timely fashion, but I will do my best to give you a quicker reply.

Now, students you are allowed to leave the classroom. Please push in your chairs, line up straight, and exit to the closest door around you. Until my latest ROH recap, you are all……DISMISSED!!!!

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