WWE NXT Results – 8/17/10

August 17, 2010
Bakersfield, CA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video shows us Lucky Cannon being eliminated from the NXT competition last week. Tonight we’ll see a double elimination.

The NXT video plays and we’re brought into the arena. Michael Cole and Josh Mathews welcome us to the show. They then send it to Jamie Keyes in the ring who introduces the remaining NXT rookies. They are Husky Harris, Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley, and “Showtime” Percy Watson.

Matt Striker is in the ring and talks about the double elimination tonight. We’ll have the final three going into the NXT Season Finale in two weeks. Tonight they’ll have an opportunity to speak their minds. They’ll have one minute to talk about anything other than why they shouldn’t be eliminated.

Percy Watson is first and his topic is 3D. Watson says he lives his life by the 3Ds: desire, determination, and dedication. He has all three of those to win NXT Season Two. Oh yeah! That received a lukewarm reception.

Alex Riley is next and his topic is himself. Riley says his behavior during this competition hasn’t been what the WWE Universe has wanted. Riley thinks that maybe he made a mistake on the way he approached this contest. Maybe he shouldn’t have picked on Kaval the whole season. Riley says he can barely defend himself in real life. Maybe he shouldn’t have been mean to Lucky Cannon. Riley says the world needs bartenders, referencing Cannon not having a job. Riley says he doesn’t regret calling Matt Striker a nerd but that was pretty funny. Riley says if he didn’t do those things then he wouldn’t be Alex Riley.

Michael McGillicutty will talk about his competition. McGillicutty asks if Percy Watson is smiling or is scared. He makes fun of Kaval’s deep voice and asks if we’ve ever seen a chewawa in a fight. McGillicutty tells Husky Harris that he’s winning this thing. He then moves on to Alex Riley, the David Otunga of season two. He talks a lot but can’t wrestle a lick. McGillicutty says he’s the most talented wrestler in the competition and he’s a future WWE Heavyweight Champion. That was really good.

Kaval says his topic is NXT. Kaval does a little rap that wasn’t all that bad. He tripped up a little bit but it was good. Kaval says he’s the reason for total non-stop action. Bam!

Husky Harris talks about his cowboy boots. These happen to be Barry Windham’s championship boots. Harris says the devil wears cowboy boots and so does he.

Matt Striker says he forgot to mention that the first elimination will happen right now! Some of the WWE Pros are on a tour of Asia right now but they sent in their absentee ballots.

“Showtime” Percy Watson has been eliminated from the NXT Competition.

Percy Watson thanks everyone out in the WWE Universe for the support and votes. Watson also thanks his WWE Pro MVP. Watson says he isn’t angry or bitter because he worked hard and will continue to do so. Watson says he’ll get better and he’ll continue to have fun and have a good time. Watson says oh yeah and he’s done. The crowd gives him a nice applause.

We’ve got another elimination coming later tonight.

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Michael McGillicutty (6-2) vs. Zack Ryder

The Goose is the official for this match. They lock up and Ryder gets a side headlock. Ryder turns it to a hammerlock and clubs him in the back of the head. McGillicutty angrily knocks him down and Ryder quickly gets to the ropes. They lock up again and McGillicutty works on the arm. McGillicutty puts him in a hammerlock and drives him into the corner. Ryder whips him off and McGillicutty hits him with a nice dropkick. McGillicutty hits a second dropkick and clotheslines him out of the ring. McGillicutty is showing great intensity here.

McGillicutty misses a baseball slide and Ryder big boots him down. Ryder punches him and puts him back in the ring. Ryder kicks him in the ribs and drops a knee for a two count. Ryder covers again for the same result. Ryder puts him in the corner and hits a running kick to the face for another near fall. Ryder applies a chin lock. McGillicutty tries to fight back but Ryder keeps him down.

McGillicutty eventually comes back and hits a clothesline. McGillicutty hits some back elbows and beats on him in the corner. The referee backs him up and he sends Ryder to the ropes for a back body drop. Ryder snaps him off the top rope out of nowhere and hits the Rough Ryder for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Zack Ryder
Match Rating: * 1/4

Kofi Kingston, who was coaching on the apron, talks with his rookie who is bleeding from the mouth. Zack Ryder looks happy picking up a rare win for himself.

Still photos are shown from the ending of the Rey Mysterio vs. Kane match at Summerslam. The Undertaker returned after the match. Undertaker went for a Chokeslam but his powers aren’t what they were and Kane wound up giving him a Tombstone Piledriver. On this Friday’s Smackdown Kane will explain why he did what he did.

Lay-Cool is backstage giving Kaval a pep talk. Kaval walks off and McCool asks Layla if there’s something going on with Kaval. Husky Harris then walks up and pulls out one of those cheesy pick up lines. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” That’s brutal. McCool tells him to walk by again and leaves. Harris says once he beats her boy tonight she’ll see it his way. Harris is fighting the Undertaker?

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Husky Harris (4-3) vs. Kaval (2-5)

They lock up and Harris immediately takes him down. Harris goes for a suplex but Kaval knees him in mid-air and applies a dragon sleeper! Harris quickly gets to the ropes. Kaval hits some kicks but Harris reverses a whip and knocks Kaval down for a one count. Harris sends him hard into the corner and hits a big avalanche for a one count. Harris kicks Kaval and applies a bear hug. Kaval is bleeding from the mouth now. Kaval fights up and elbows out. Harris knees him and goes for a short-arm clothesline but Kaval counters into a rolling Liger kick! That was nasty!

Kaval comes back with some wild punches. Harris knees him and sends him to the ropes but Kaval hits some flying elbows. Kaval kicks him down and donkey kicks him in the neck. Kaval hits a springboard kick for a near fall. This is some good stuff. Kaval goes for the Warrior’s Way but Harris moves and hits a nasty looking Sambo Suplex for a near fall! Harris hits a kick and goes for another Sambo Suplex but Kaval counters into a DDT! Kaval hits a NASTY Warrior’s Way for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kaval (3-5)
Match Rating: * 3/4

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Alex Riley (4-3) vs. Kofi Kingston

They show footage of The Miz and Alex Riley attacking Daniel Bryan on Raw last night.

They lock up and Riley powers Kingston to the corner. Kingston comes back with some kick and sends him to the corner. Riley avoids Kingston and comes back with some kicks. Riley hits him with a DDT and gets a two count. Riley applies a chin lock but Kingston fights up. Riley powers him down and talks a little trash. Riley goes to the second rope and jumps into Kingston’s boots. Kingston fights back and beats him wildly in the corner. Kingston slaps him down and dropkicks him. Kingston hits a clothesline and the Boom Drop. Kingston waits for him to get up and hits Trouble in Paradise for the win. That was pretty much a squash match.

Winner by Pinfall: Kofi Kingston
Match Rating: 1/4 *

We’ll see the second rookie elimination tonight.

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They show a video showcasing all the things the WWE superstars did during Summerslam weekend. The Raw Rebound then plays.

Matt Striker is in the ring with Josh Mathews and Michael Cole. Striker asks who should win and be eliminated. Michael Cole says impact is important so the winner of the competition should be Alex Riley. The person who should be eliminated is the one with no charisma and the worst record in the competition. This person is an internet darling and he should be eliminated. Cole impersonates his face and says to take that with him when he’s eliminated.

Josh Mathews says it’s not the popular thing to do but he agrees with Cole in that Kaval should be eliminated and Alex Riley should win, even after what we saw tonight. What?

The second elimination is coming up next.

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The rookies are standing ringside.

Husky Harris has been eliminated from the NXT Competition.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes can’t believe it. Rhodes can’t believe the pros got him eliminated. Rhodes wishes Ryder the best of luck in his future endeavors. Rhodes then says Layla is too busy wanting to make out with every rookie. Harris tries to shut Rhodes up and says this is his time. Rhodes keeps going and goes up to Alex Riley to tell him that he’s awful. Rhodes goes to Michael McGillicutty and says he can’t go by his father’s name because he doesn’t deserve it. Rhodes then goes up to Kaval and kicks him!

Harris and Rhodes double team Kaval until MVP and Kofi Kingston run down to break it up. A big brawl breaks out and Rhodes winds up escaping while Kaval hits a top rope Warrior’s Way to the outside on Harris! Harris eventually recovers and walks off as Lay-Cool yells at him for messing with their rookie.

Quick Match Results
Zack Ryder def. Michael McGillicutty (6-3)
Kaval (3-5) def. Husky Harris (4-4)
Kofi Kingston def. Alex Riley (4-4)

Bump of the Night: Warrior’s Way to the outside!
Match of the Night: Kaval vs. Husky Harris * 3/4

Mike’s Thoughts

Before I start out I just want to send out some happy birthday wishes to my brother Mark! Hope you’re enjoying St. Louis and the Cardinals!

Well the final three rookies of NXT Season Two are all solid. It’s tough to pick a winner because they’re all so good. I wasn’t shocked to see Percy Watson go. He was good for the first two or three weeks but careened off since. I really like Husky Harris and I think he has a real old school look to himself. He also has an old school style that works really well. I definitely think there will be a spot on the main roster for him. He’s going to be around in some way. The show was really built around the eliminations so there’s not much else to say other than “Zack Ryder won a match?!”

Final Rating: ** 3/4

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