Baiamonte’s Casa #51

Baiamonte’s Casa #51
February 2, 2010
By: Joe Baiamonte of

Joe Baiamonte ? Dean of Wrestleview, got a nice ring to it don?t you think? Maybe so, but it’s far too academic for my liking. I?ve never been one for academics. Hence why I?ve chanced my arm at journalism. Therefore following my victory in the Wrestleview Faculty 2009-2010 Predictions Championship, I am hereby declaring myself the FIRST UNDISPUTED WRESTLEVIEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE!

See, success can do funny things to a young gentleman like myself. It can make you lose sight of your humble beginnings as a newbie forum dweller. It can cause you to forget those people who supported your columns from day one and emailed you their kind words of praise or in some cases their ?I?ve got sand in my vagina? wailing criticisms. Not this champ. I?ve always been a people person and I intend to maintain that agenda as Undisputed Wrestleview Heavyweight Champ.

It would also be remiss of me not to acknowledge my challengers. The Wrestleview faculty. Some of you ran me close and proved to be worthy adversaries in my year long quest for predictions domination (Jose Marrero, Josh Boutwell) and others, whilst falling miles short of my lofty standards, still provided the all important comic relief (Doug Lackey), much like The Bushwhackers in the Royal Rumble.

Whilst I?m on a thanking spree it gives me a rare moment to thank TNA’s creative team. That’s right, Russo and co have played their part in my ascent to greatness over the past 12 months. Without their booking decisions mirroring mine so often I wouldn?t have been in this position of power I currently find myself in. Of course the various WWE booking teams deserve a tip of the cap too but I am reserving special praise for TNA because it’s only once in a blue moon that they are cast in a positive light in the Casa. So kudos to them.

I feel proud and honoured to be the first Undisputed Wrestleview Heavyweight Champion and of course this honour would have been unattainable had it not been for the powers that be of Paul Nemer, Hunter Golden and Adam Martin. If it wasn?t for these three fine gentlemen bequeathing me a columnist position 51 weeks ago God only knows where I would be right now. Instead of sitting at the top of the glorious Wrestleview Predictions Mountain I?d probably be face down in a ditch somewhere, wondering what might have been. Instead, I?m sat here typing this as the Ric Flair of the site. In other words, I?m the man, and starting with TNA’s next PPV, when the Faculty Predictions Championship begins for it’s second term, the likes of Marrero, Boutwell and Stephens (but definitely not Lackey) will know that to be the man? well you know the rest.

But I?m being too humble. See, whilst I am 100% a people’s champion, I have the right to a bit of an ego, just like any great champion. It comes with the territory. So that is why I am requesting, nay demanding either a fellow faculty member or one of you lovely, loyal fans design me a Champion’s logo to adorn the Casa every week. Much like David Stephens? ?That’s A Wrap? logo, only grander and more befitting of a Champion. It has to be the Jerry Lawler second rope fist drop of column logos. In other words, it’s got to be ball breakingly awesome. Also if anyone wishes to go the extra mile and design and craft me a Title belt, I?d accept it with open arms.
So begins the year of Joe Baiamonte ? Undisputed Wrestleview Heavyweight Champion of the Universe. It’s sure to be a vintage year, on a par with Flair’s 1985, Cena’s 2007 and Steve Austin’s 2001. I hope you all enjoy the ride with me.

And remember , next week things are only getting grander as next Monday marks the 1 year Birthday of the Casa. It’s going to be as emotional as it is spectacular. It’s an epic tribute to all things 80’s with some added extra insight’s from my Wrestleview colleagues who are going to happily share their fondest memories of the Decade of Decadence. It’s going to be electric.

Until next time, this is YOUR Undisputed Wrestleview Heavyweight Champion signing off.

Baiamonte??? OUT!!


Baia (c)

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