WWE Superstars
September 2nd, 2010
Boston, MA/Albany, NY
Report by: Jeff Springer of Wrestleview.com

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

Ted DiBiase def. Goldust Via Pinfall
This weeks show opened with the self proclaimed “Million Dollar Champion” taking on the veteran Goldust. Goldust started off the match in control taking his opponent all over the ring and outside area. Thanks to interference from Maryse DiBiase was able to break Goldust’s roll and wear him down. Goldust attempted a comeback and was cut off but was able to complete it with his trademark bulldog but DiBiase kicked out. In the end the 3rd generation superstar was able to counter into a slingshot suplex that set up Dream Street for the win.

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Santino Marella def. Jimmy Uso Via Pinfall
The Uso’s have been unhappy with Tamina’s attraction to Santino which set up the second match of the evening. Santino started off the match playing games with Jimmy who was none too pleased. Jimmy went on the offensive but Santino got fired up and got control but was unable to get the 3 count. Jimmy made a comeback and went for a big splash off the top but Santino got his knees up. The knees were strong enough to take out Jimmy and let Santino score the cover for the win.

Main Event: Kofi Kingston def. Chavo Guerrero Via Pinfall
The main event of the evening came from the Smackdown brand as Former IC champion Kofi Kingston went head to head with Chavo Guerrero. Kofi started off the match on the offensive with his high flying technique. Chavo was able to come back injuring and then continuing to work on the leg of Kofi. They continued back and forth both attempting to hit their finishing maneuver. In the end Kofi was able to stop Chavo on the top rope and hit the Trouble in Paradise to knock him to the mat a score the win.

-End of Show-

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