WWE NXT Results – 9/21/10

September 21, 2010
Bloomington, IL
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Obstacle Course Challenge is recapped from last week’s episode. It shows Vickie Guerrero running the course but falling at the end. She went nuts. After the “competition” was over Michael Cole walked out on the show. The video ended with Michael Cole saying, “Somebody please end this!” WWE is admitting this show is a terrible concept.

The NXT video plays and we’re brought into the arena with some fireworks. Josh Mathews is the only one at the announcer’s table so I guess he’ll be calling the show himself. No, HOLD ON! CM Punk’s music hits and he comes out with a suit jacket over his ring gear! He’ll be calling the show with Josh Mathews! Oh my good god, thank you so much! Josh Mathews hands him an 8×10 of himself and Punk tears it up. Punk says NXT is like a car crash or being arrested. It’s not fun when it’s happening to you but it’s a lot of fun watching other people do it. Amen, Punk.

Matt Striker welcomes the NXT Rookie Divas to the ring. Punk mistook Jamie for Kaval. That was hilarious. Punk also thought two of them were previously bartenders. Striker says in two weeks there will be an elimination. Wait… I thought they said in the first episode that it would come at week four. That’s next week, not two weeks. Liars!

EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero comes to the ring. Vickie says her rookie Kaitlyn was impressive last week but that’s only because she showed her how to run the obstacle course challenge. It’s her leadership that has made her successful. Tonight Kaitlyn will be in a match to face Jamie. To make sure she doesn’t mess it up she’s invited her close friends to coach her.

Lay-Cool’s music hits and they come to the ring with their Unified Diva’s Championship. Michelle McCool says Kaitlyn should be thanking her lucky stars that Vickie is her pro. She can trust in the two of them because they are the first ever Undisputed Diva’s Champions. They’re also the sole reason Kaval won Season Two. Layla says if Jamie’s Pros, the Bella Twins, were there, they wouldn’t win. McCool mocks all the rookies saying they have nothing. Lay-Cool makes fun of all the divas until…

Kelly Kelly comes to the ring. She says Jamie’s pros may not be here tonight but she is. Kelly says she thinks Lay-Cool and Kaitlyn should take on her, Jamie, and Naomi tonight. Lay-Cool says it’s on.

-Commercial Break-

Holy $hit… they’re doing Musical Chairs… Screw this, I’m not recapping it. Ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t wrestling. This is a joke. They played clown music just to further the stupidity. CM Punk hilariously said he did this in 1998 when he was training to be a wrestler. Anyway, AJ won. AJ jumps around celebrating the win. The garbage that happens on this show never ceases to amaze me. The best part of it is the announcing.

-Commercial Break-

They play a video for Aksana.

Aksana is backstage when Goldust walks up to her. She looks concerned and Goldust asks her what’s wrong. She says she got a letter from the US Immigration Office and there’s a problem with her Visa. She could be deported and she doesn’t want that. Goldust says they’ll fix this and tells her to stay focused. She’s lost her first two matches and that needs to be fixed. She can still win NXT. Back at ringside CM Punk looks dumbfounded.

The Raw Rebound plays. They then run down the Hell in a Cell card which is in less than two weeks. What the hell is wrong with WWE?

-Commercial Break-

Maxine (0-1) vs. AJ (1-1)

The Goose is the official for this match. Maxine takes AJ down and bashes her head off the mat. AJ gets sent into the ropes and hits a shoulder block. AJ cartwheels over her and executes an arm drag. AJ nearly whiffs a roundhouse kick. Maxine fights back and sends her into the ropes but AJ knees her in the face. Maxine hits a drop-toe-hold into the ropes and chokes AJ. Maxine applies a chin lock. AJ tries to fight up but Maxine powers her down. Maxine hits a rookie suplex and gets a one count. Punk sarcastically says this is the greatest TV show on earth.

AJ starts fighting back with clotheslines and a dropkick. Maxine hits a Brain-Buster but AJ floats over for the win. What just happened?

Winner by Pinfall: AJ (2-1)
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Michael Cole comes out and says the majority of the people actually want him on this show. I have to agree. Oh my god I never thought I’d write that. Michael Cole says he’s gotten letter and phone calls asking him to return. He had an epiphany: NXT without him is unwatchable. It’s like Bristol Palin trying to dance. NXT without Michael Cole is just simply bad. What a character he could be. He calls his loyal fans the “Cole-Miners”. Cole says he’s back for CM Punk and Josh Mathews. Michael Cole is back on NXT!

-Commercial Break-

Matt Striker is in the ring with the rookie divas again. This is the “Talk the Talk” Challenge. They’ll be given a random topic to talk about and the audience will judge them. Jamie is given the topic of “teeth”. Michael Cole and CM Punk hilariously rip on her during that. Cole asks for his gong and Punk wonders what her promo has to do with molars. Naomi has nothing to say about “toupees” and just wants to wrestle.

AJ is given the topic of “caffeine”. She cuts a solid promo about passion and love of the business. Michael Cole gives her a standing ovation. Aksana’s topic is “llama”. She says “First of all…” and Punk hilariously thought she said “Constable”. She has no idea what a llama is. She doesn’t even know what a camel is. They just buzz her.

Maxine cuts a terrible promo about a “foot”. Michael Cole says it was horrendous. She says she could squash AJ with her thought. Kaitlyn then cuts the worst promo of the night on the topic of “ignition”. She talks about people’s underwear and says nothing. The commentators were hilarious throughout. They’re singlehandedly making this show watchable.

-Commercial Break-

Jamie (1-0), Naomi (1-0) & Kelly Kelly vs. Lay-Cool & Kaitlyn (1-0)

Kelly slaps Layla and takes her down with a Thesz Press. Jamie is tagged in and Layla laughs at her before ripping the flower out of her hair. Jamie powers her to the corner and Layla shoves her. Jamie kicks her and hits a body slam. Layla says she’s too good for this and tags in Kaitlyn. Jamie puts her in a headlock. Kaitlyn fights out and spears her down. Kaitlyn misses an elbow drop and Jamie wrenches the arm.

Naomi is tagged in and they fall… or something like that. Michelle McCool is tagged in and she stomps Naomi in the corner. Punk called her “Nadine”. He’s been getting their names wrong all night. Naomi rolls her up for a one count. Naomi hits some nice moves and a wheel kick in the corner. Naomi is the best rookie on the show. McCool eventually comes back with a belly to belly following a distraction from Layla. McCool tags in Kaitlyn to make the pin and Naomi counters for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Jamie (2-0), Naomi (2-0) & Kelly Kelly
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Kaitlyn pushes Michelle McCool after the match and she’s beat down by Lay-Cool. Vickie Guerrero says she’s sick of Kaitlyn. Punk signs off by saying he’ll be back next week. “This is NXT. For Michael Cole, I’m CM Punk. Shut up Josh!”

Quick Match Results
AJ (2-1) def. Maxine (0-2)
Jamie (2-0), Naomi (2-0) & Kelly Kelly def. Lay-Cool & Kaitlyn (1-1)

Bump of the Night: The Diva’s Division? I don’t know…
Match of the Night: The Six Diva Tag 1/2 *

Mike’s Thoughts

I’m not going to say a lot about this show except that the announcing is pure gold. These guys are given free rein to say and do whatever the hell they want and it’s making it enjoyable to watch. I must admit, though, that it’s strange to watch a show WWE clearly doesn’t give a crap about.

I’m sure some of the ladies out there are tired of a male ripping on women’s wrestling. Well, tonight I have a female’s perspective from my girlfriend Marianna. So for only the second time in Wrestleview.com history this is going to turn into Marianna’s Thoughts!

Marianna’s Thoughts

Hi everyone! I have to say that I’m thrilled to be writing the thoughts this week because I am absolutely sick and tired of what’s been going on with this so-called “Women’s Division” of wrestling. With that being said, here we go.

There used to be a time when being a part of the women’s division was actually an honor. This was a time when women were respected and pushed for their ability to WRESTLE. I’ll even go as far as saying that these were female wrestlers who were role models to other women and young girls. Well, those times have been flushed down the toilet like a snotty ball of Kleenex. Apparently, we now live in a time where the only way a woman can be successful in the world of wrestling is if she looks like she walked out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog and talks and acts like an idiot. It doesn’t matter whether she can wrestle or not! But that makes sense doesn’t it?? It doesn’t matter if they can WRESTLE on WRESTLING show. Hmm, I thought wrestling was the whole point!! Silly me, whatever was I thinking?? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like half of these women have actually wanted to become wrestlers. You know that Victoria’s Secret comment I made? Yeah, that was no joke. Most of these women were taken from modeling agencies! So basically I’m assuming it went a little like this – “Hi, are you a model?” “Yeah, I am.” “Great! How would you like to wrestle on a wrestling show?” “Ok, but I’ve never done anything like that before.” “That’s ok! IT DOESN’T MATTER! Just stand there and look pretty and act as dumb as you possibly can!” The ones who actually do have talent but don’t look like the typical model type are just pushed to the side most of the time. They have zero respect for any of these girls and don’t care in the slightest about wrestling. To make matters worse, these woman are referred to as “Divas”. That’s so degrading! Why can’t they just be called wrestlers or women wrestlers?? They make it seem like women should just be nothing more than a bunch of breathing fools with fake boobs who’ll do anything to reach success no matter how ridiculous it is.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, they came up with a new season of NXT featuring a bunch of rookie Divas. What were they thinking?? This was the worst idea ever! They’ve done nothing except humiliate these girls on television for three weeks in a row now. It’s been absolutely brutal to watch this nonsense take place week after week. Now, the last time I checked, NXT wasn’t the most popular show around but it’s still a WRESTLING show, or it’s supposed to be. You’d never know it though. How can you when they spend half the time walking over a balancing beam and playing musical chairs?! Now, you tell me, what does that have to do with wrestling??? If someone can figure it out, please email Mike and tell him because I have no idea. The best is how, just to give the illusion that it’s a wrestling show, they manage to add one match which takes about 30 seconds! In those 30 seconds, you’re guaranteed to see girls stumbling all over themselves, awkwardly moving around, and pretty much missing every move their supposed to hit. You’d find more talent coming from the dolphins at Sea World. Oh and let’s not forget the announcers talking about these girls like they’re pieces of meat instead of human beings. If that’s the case, why even call it women’s wrestling anymore? Why not just call it a deli and hang these girls up with the rest of the salamis?

I apologize for my thoughts being so long. It’s just that as a woman, I have a lot of respect for myself and I would not want to be in the same situation that these girls are in. They want to become successful in the wrestling industry which is awesome but at the same time, if they want to be successful they know that they have no choice but to do things that don’t even truly represent who they are. It’s disgusting and it’s setting a really horrible example for all the young girls who are wrestling fans. It’s bad enough that every single other thing in the media is doing this as well. I really hope they see the light at some point and make some much-needed changes in the future. Once again, I truly apologize for how long these thoughts are. I just needed to get some things off my chest!

Before I finally go, I’d like to thank my boyfriend, Mike, for turning his thoughts section over to me and for wanting me to give my own views on this subject. I appreciate that. Thanks for reading my thoughts and make sure to check out Mike’s Smackdown recap on Friday!

Final Rating: *

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Thanks for reading!