WWE Superstars Recap
September 30, 2010
Indianapolis, IN/Bloomington, IL
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler (Raw)/Todd Grisham and Matt Striker (SD!)
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of Wrestleview.com

This is no typo, WrestleView students! Mr. V is doing a one-time (ok, this is the second time) only WWE Recap as the substitute to Mr. Jeff Springer. I would like to thank Jeff for the opportunity and I hope that all of you enjoy it. In case you wanted to know a little more about me, I am the ROH on HDNet recapper along with writing the column “From the Desk of Mr. V”. Hope you enjoy the recap and I apologize for not sending it sooner. Also, my recaps will be that of the ROH recaps. That means instead of play-by-play, I will use the “scouting report” format. Hope you enjoy.

With that said, as Jeff would say whether you are on RAW or Smackdown on Thursday Nights we are all Superstars!

The theme played first, it is time to get “invincible”.

We start off with DIVAS!!!

Match #1
Divas Tag Team Match
Alicia Fox and Jillian Hall (w/Maxine) vs. The Bella Twins (Nikki Bella and Brie Bella w/Jamie)

Jillian addressed the latest rumors that she had laryngitis before the match began. Jillian said that she did not lose her voice and sang a very angelic tune that almost brought tears to my eyes. Or maybe because I was chopping onions for my beef stew moments before watching Superstars, I don’t know.

I don’t know which Bella was wrestling because Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler never said which one was which. Detention to the both of them!

Notes on Fox and Jillian: A-Fox bumped a lot to start, but man was she going everywhere. Moments later, Fox took down who I thought was Brie. A-Fox and Jillian both stomped on Brie for a moment and then A-Fox applied the abdominal stretch. Later on, to get a bit of an advantage Jillian hit the Samoan Drop on Nikki.

Notes on the Bellas: Nikki started the match off with a monkey flip and punches on Fox. The Bellas then did a double leg takedown on Fox that actually looked pretty good. When Brie was down for a moment, she regained momentum with a Chinbreaker. Brie then did a rolling snapmare on Jillian and the Twins did a move called “Double Trouble” (which is when they rammed their behinds on their opponent’s head). Later on, Nikki did a good job taking Jillian down with the head scissors move and hit a dropkick on Jillian.

Finish: Alicia Fox then distracted the referee for a moment and Jillian pinned Brie. However, Nikki did the “Switch-er-roo” on Jillian. Nikki (I think) executed the Sunset Flip and pinned Jillian for the pinfall victory.

Winners via Pinfall: The Bella Twins
Grade: C- (leaned toward a C)

The viewers then saw a highlight package from NXT (the last one ever on Syfy). The highlights were the Wheelbarrow Challenge (w/Hornswoggle in it) and the Diss the Diva Challenge. Kaitlyn won the wheelbarrow challenge, while AJ won the Diss the Diva challenge. For more on this, check out Mike Tedesco’s NXT Recap.

Next will be the Randy Orton/Chris Jericho match from Monday Night Raw.

DVD Plug: John Cena’s latest movie “Legendary”. You can pick up the DVD exclusively at Wal-Mart

Hype: Kane vs. The Undertaker for Hell in a Cell. It will be their first match in Hell in a Cell (the Kane run-in back in the 90s does not count).

Did you know that the WWE does too many meaningless Did you know bits? The more you know….

The show is back on and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talked about what happened on Raw, which led us to the main event from this past Monday night.

This was when the Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho match took place on Superstars.

I am not going to recap this because David Stephens recapped this already. You can read it on his latest recap. While you are at it, check out David’s radio show “The Teacher’s Lounge”. I hear it is pretty good.

In the end of the match, Orton made a statement by punting Jericho in the head with Sheamus looking as pale as Sheamus. In a WWE.com Exclusive, they showed Chris Jericho being taken out of the ring in a stretcher. Jericho started his comeback feuding with Orton as a face and his latest run in the WWE ends against Orton as a heel wrestler. The Circle of Life…

Later tonight: Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

Hype: This one was WWE’s Bragging Rights PPV. It will take play October 24th. Last year it was one of the best PPVs of the year in my opinion.

Smackdown on Syfy is coming. By the time you read this recap, it already passed. Sorry. If you did not see it, read Mike Tedesco’s latest Smackdown Recap. You like how I the WWE recaps to this report.

Matt Striker and Todd Grisham hyped up the debut of Smackdown to Syfy. I wish them all very well. Smackdown is usually a pretty good show.

Striker and Grisham then ran down the card for Hell in a Cell.

Match #2
Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

While this match took place, the WWE plugged their “In Your Corner” public appearances, Chris Jericho’s DVD, and hyped up Cena vs. Barrett for Hell in a Cell.

Notes on Kingston: Kingston started his offense with a waistlock and leg strikes. Kingston then went up top with punches, then hit the uppercut on Swagger. Kingston avoided the Ankle Lock many times. I was actually surprised to see Kingston punch and kick around the ring (an element I am not used to seeing). When the Ankle Lock was attempted by Swagger again, Kingston kicked away from it. When Kingston finally got the advantage, he went to the corner and connected with a Pendulum Kick and followed it up with the Leaping top rope punch. After a few chops, Kingston connected crisp with a dropkick. He also laid Swagger out with a leaping clothesline. After the signature Boom Drop, Kingston went up and connected on the Crossbody. He reversed the Ankle Lock into a roll up that looked really good. He ended his offense by hitting the S.O.S., but it was countered (he never did hit Trouble in Paradise).

Notes on Swagger: Swagger started his offense off with an arm snap. Swagger then stomped the abdominal region and connected with a Shoulder Tackle on Kingston. When Kingston was about to connected with a top rope crossbody, Swagger countered it with a big boot across the chest. Swagger used the ropes very well to his advantage. Swagger choked Kingston on the ropes a couple of times. Swagger then worked the abdominal region when a front suplex that had Kingston land on the top rope. Swagger then applied the Abdominal Stretch to add more punishment. He kept Kingston grounded when needed and it made for a good segment. He avoided Trouble in Paradise to attempt the Ankle Lock. However, after a few attempts Swagger finally got a hold of the ankle.

Finish: After Kofi Kingston connected with the S.O.S., Jack Swagger rolled out and applied the Ankle Lock on Kingston. Though Kingston grabbed the ropes, Swagger refused to let go of the hold. The referee awarded Kingston the victory by disqualification.

Winner via Disqualification: Kofi Kingston
Grade: C+

After the match, Swagger went out and took out Kingston to voice his displeasure of the outcome. Swagger then applied the Ankle Lock once again until the referees finally broke the hold. Swagger walked away with a serious look on his face.

-End of Show-

Quick Results
* The Bella Twins def. Alicia Fox and Jillian via Pinfall
* Kofi Kingston def. Jack Swagger via Disqualification

If you want to hear a Porpoise get slapped, check out my ROH recap.

Thoughts on the Non-Wrestling Segments

Jillian’s signing – I guess all I could type is that I thought it was a good way to rile up the crowd, even though it has been done time and time again.

That was the only one that I thought was worth typing. The rest were pretty much video packages for the PPV and DVDs. If felt that I was watching an infomercial on the Magic Bullet and the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.

Thoughts on the Wrestling Matches

Bellas vs. Fox and Jillian – I thought the match went pretty well for a Divas match. I thought the Bella Twins worked better than they had been recently and did an adequate job when on offense. Honestly, Jillian and Fox had very minimal impact in this match, but they did bump well. I usually am not a fan of the Bella Twins switching all the time, but this one was original and I found it entertaining.

Kingston vs. Swagger – I liked the start of the match. It was pretty slow, but it was to get a feel of the opponent. For once, Kingston kept his moves on the ground at least half of the time (usually he is up in the air a lot) and I saw a bit of improvement on that end. Swagger was too dang focused on the Ankle Lock that suddenly he forgot the wrestling style that got him here. I thought the ending was alright. However, Swagger is sadly getting no reaction when he is in attack mode. Swagger is missing something and if he does not find “it” soon, I don’t expect him winning another World Championship in the future.

Overall Thoughts and Grade

I thought overall all the WWE could have done a better job with Superstars. There are so many names on that Raw roster that could have benefitted from a 5-7 minute match on Superstars. Names like Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu (what happened to him), Zack Ryder, Santino, Kozlov, Usos, etc. I just wished for a lot more than just two matches and a TON of hype for other things. Though I do understand that they wanted to hype their upcoming PPV and the DVDs, I just thought it was a little too much for a one hour show.

The matches on Thursday were ok, but still I felt that there could have been more…a LOT more!

Overall Grade: C- (leaned toward a D+)

Thanks for reading my only WWE Superstars Recap. Jeff Springer will be back next week with his own lesson plan.

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