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October 5, 2010
Topeka, Kansas
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of Wrestleview.com

We are live on a stream and your announcers are Michael ‘I hate the internet and here I am on the net’ Cole and Josh ‘I have a 28.8 connection’ Mathews. Your host is Matt ‘Max Headroom’ Striker.

Matt is on the stage and he brings out the six rookies. Matt reminds them that this is the biggest night of their careers because the WWE Universe and the pros will determine which one of them will no longer be a part of the competition. Matt reminds AJ that she has won three competitions and is closer to immunity. Kaitlyn, Naomi, and Jamie can still get immunity.

It is time for the first challenge and it is time to get the mechanical bull out for a Mechanical Bull Riding Competition. The person who stays on the bull the longest will win the competition. Matt wants someone to demonstrate so the Bellas volunteer. They ride first and it is on super slow. Then it speeds up and they are finally thrown from the mechanical bull.

Mechanical Bull Riding Competition

-Naomi is first and her time is 12.5 seconds.
-The next rookie is Aksana and her time 17.9 seconds so she in lead.
-AJ is the next to mount the mechanical monster and after commiserating with Kaitlyn before donning Kurt Angle’s cowboy hat. AJ with a time of 9.6 seconds.
-Jamie is the next one to go and her time is 10.9 seconds.
-Maxine gets to be on top . . . of the bull and she lasts 9.8 seconds.
-Kaitlyn is the final one to challenge the bull and she ends up with 10 seconds.

WINNER: Aksana

Aksana get her first win in competition and then she will face Maxine in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We are back and Did You Know that a lot of children are going to do the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge?

We see footage from last night when Goldust was revealed as the one who left the messages for Ted DiBiase and Maryse because he wants the Million Dollar Belt.

Match #1: Aksana vs. Maxine

They lock up and Aksana with a hammer lock and Maxine with an elbow and forearms. Maxine with a kick and she misses a charge into the corner. Aksana takes Maxine down and gets a near fall. Aksana works on the arm but Maxine with a neck breaker for a near fall. Maxine with a side head lock into a submission hold but Aksana gets a near fall. Aksana with a clothesline followed by a boot to the head for a near fall. Aksana with an Irish whip but Maxine with a clothesline and Aksana floats over and gets the three count.

Winner: Aksana

Michael Cole wants to talk about last night’s Raw when he saw John Cena working with Nexus. Who wants a Raw Rebound?

We are told that there is going to be a Talent Show when we come back from commercial.

-Commerical Break-

We are back and the rookies are in the ring with Matt Striker. Matt reminds us that Aksana rode the bull the best. Matt also reminds us that AJ is in the immunity lead now but Naomi and Kaitlyn can tie her.

Talent Show Competition

-Aksana is the first to show her talent and her talent is push ups. Aksana does some unorthodox push ups.
-Naomi is next and her talent is rap and she goes freestyle.
-AJ says that she is going to give Michael Cole some personality and then she says that her talent is flexibility. AJ does some stretching on the mat.
-Jamie is next and her talent is turning men on. Jamie tells Matt that since the first time she saw him, she thought he was hot and then Jamie kisses Matt.
-Kaitlyn is next and her talent is art. She has Striker assisting her with her easel. She shows a stick figure drawing of Vickie Guerrero. Kaitlyn says that she can’t wait to get Vickie on the canvas after putting Vickie on her canvas.
-Maxine is next and her talent is . . . Maxine says that she wants to apologize to Hornswoggle. She says that they had a little mishap and we see Hornswoggle go down and go down hard. Maxine has a pie and she made it just for Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle stops to hug AJ before going to Maxine and her special pie. She says that she is truly sorry and she gives him the pie she specially made for him. She puts some of the pie in Hornswoggle’s face and then he gives the rest of it to Maxine.

It is time to find out who Topeka liked the most. The winner is Kaitlyn and she has tied AJ with three wins.

Winner: Kaitlyn

It is now up to the WWE Universe to decide who gets immunity. The people of Kansas like Kaitlyn and she has immunity.

It is time for the Make a Wish Foundation video package.

-Commercial Break-

We are back and Goldust tells Aksana that he has longed to hold it so tight. Someone from Immigration stops by to talk to Aksana. He tells her that she has four weeks before her application is up for review. Goldust says that she has been here for a while. The agent says that it doesn’t matter if she is the Russian Trish Stratus. Goldust says that they will take care of things and then he comments on the agent’s hair.

It is time to take a look back at the decades long . . . well, weeks long rivalry between Kaitlyn and Vickie Guerrero.

Match #2: Vickie Guerrero with Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaitlyn

Vickie wants the referee to wait until she has warmed up. Vickie does some stretching and then it is time to wrestle . . . or is it because Vickie’s shoulder is a bit tight. Vickie does some meditation too.

Kaitlyn wants to know what is going on and Vickie pushes Kaitlyn but Kaitlyn with a drop toe hold and Vickie says that she is bleeding from her lip. Vickie yells at Kaitlyn and then she tries to slap Kaitlyn but Kaitlyn blocks it. Vickie connects but so does Kaitlyn. Vickie goes to the floor and Dolph kind of checks on her but Vickie pulls Kaitlyn to the floor and sends her into the ringside barrier a few times. Vickie kicks Kaitlyn as she tells Kaitlyn to get up.

They get back into the ring and Vickie kicks Kaitlyn and she taunts her rookie. Vickie sends Kaitlyn into the turnbuckles a few times. Vickie chokes Kaitlyn in the ropes. Vickie yells at Dolph and then she chokes Kaitlyn some more. Vickie works on Kaitlyn’s back but Vickie cannot get Kaitlyn up for a slam. Kaitlyn slams Vickie but can only get a near fall. Vickie sends Kaitlyn into the ropes and then she tells Dolph to help her but Vickie gets rolled up by Kaitlyn for the three count.

Winner: Kaitlyn

After the match, Kailtyn celebrates with Dolph right in front of Vickie and Dolph pushes her away. Vickie screeches at both of them and then she leaves the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We are back and Matt is at ringside with the rookies and one of them is going home, other than Kaitlyn who earned immunity.

It is time for the random Rookie Eliminator 2010 and the unlucky rookie is Jamie.

Jamie gets her last name back before she gives her exit promo. She thanks everyone so much. She says that the WWE has the best fans and the most supportive people. She thanks the Bellas. She tells the rookies that she wishes them the best of luck.

We go to credits.

Enzo’s Thoughts

Hello people,

My name is Enzo Mendicino a long time visitor at Wrestleview and this is my first ever recap, I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

Overall it was a good show the contests were entertaining for me.

The Aksana vs Maxine match was a good back and forth match that should have been given more time instead of having the Vickie Guerrero vs Kaitlyn match.

Honestly Vickie Guerrero has no business wrestling its just terrible really really terrible the ending for me was a big waste of time take away all the shenanigans before the match “started” and you got a 45 second match, and is it me or do they do the same story line with Vickie just with different wrestlers?

You had Edge-Vickie Guerrero ….then he cheated on her with Alicia Fox
You had Big Show-Vickie Guerrero
You had Edge-Vickie Guerrero Part 2 …before he insulted her and humiliated her on RAW
You had Eric Escobar-Vickie Guerrero …before he dumped her on Smackdown
And now you have Dolph Ziggler-Vickie Guerrero …..which looks like he’ll dump her for Kaitlyn

I’m fed up of seeing Vickie Guerrero …well I can’t use that word on here I think but “sell” herself to guys 2 times younger then her keep her as a general manager or a regular manager but please for the love of god keep her out of ring.

I’m very surprised Jamie got kicked off, I thought Maxine would have been the one eliminated, but my prediction is AJ winning it all.

I hope you all enjoyed my recap if you have any questions or comments or suggestions you can reach me at:

MSN/Hotmail: enzomendicino@hotmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/enzomendicino1