Superstars Recap – 10/7/10

WWE Superstars
October 7th, 2010
Topeka, KS/Wichita, KS
Report by: Jeff Springer of

Before I start I would like to thank Mr. V for covering for me last week he did a great job.

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

Chris Masters def. Vance Archer W/ Curt Hawkins Via Master Lock
Tonight’s show opens with a battle of the big men from Smackdown as Chris Masters took on Vance Archer. The match started off with a back and forth exchange between the two for control. Masters was able to get a little control hitting a spinebuster on Archer for a cover but only a two count. Archer was able to come back and sidestep a Master Lock attempt to land a big boot that took Masters to the outside. In the end though a miscommunication led to Archer clotheslining his tag partner Hawkins and giving Masters a chance to grab Archer and slap on the Master Lock for the submission victory!

Post Match: Curt Hawkins turns on Vance Archer

NXT Recap: Jamie Keyes eliminated

William Regal def. Darren Young Via Knee Trembler
The Raw brand opened up with a Rookie Vs. Veteran showdown between William Regal and former Nexus member Darren Young. Regal used his experience to get the early advantage on Young. Young was able to make a small comeback winning an exchange and hitting a boot for a near fall. In the end Young was hit with the Knee Trembler to the side of the head by Regal for the win.

Video Package: Alberto Del Rio

Raw Rebound: Cena’s First Night in Nexus

Main Event
The Uso’s W/ Tamina def. The Hart Dynasty Via Superfly Splash

The Main Event for the evening was a tag team contest between Former Tag Champs the Hart Dynasty and The Uso’s. The Harts gained the early control using the David Hart Smith to overpower the Uso’s. The Uso’s were able to gain control of a missed maneuver by Tyson Kidd before Tamina’s distraction was able to keep DH from making the comeback when he made the tag in. DH was able to make the tag back to Kidd who did his best to take on the Uso’s 2 on 1. In the end though the numbers were too much and Jimmy was able to land a Superkick followed by a Superfly Splash by for the win!

-End of Show-


See you next Thursday!

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