WWE NXT on WWE.com
October 19, 2010
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of Wrestleview.com

We are on the internet and your announcers are Josh ‘wwe.ca’ Mathews and Michael ‘Grand Slam of WWE Announcing’ Cole. Your host is Matt ‘Hornswoggle is my new hero’ Striker.

Matt Striker is in the ring and he brings out the five remaining rookies.

We see all seven pros on the stage to watch the rookies.

Matt says that we are now half way through the season and Matt congratulates AJ and Naomi on their victories last week in the competitions. We are two weeks from our next elimination, but we are interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole’s inappropriate comments. Vickie says that she cannot sit around and listen to the way that Matt talks about the rookies because it strikes a nerve in her. She throws out a few excuse mes. She asks Kaitlyn what is she thinking wearing what she is wearing in the ring tonight. She says that she agreed to be the better person and let bygones be bygones. Vickie says that she is recommitted to being Kaitlyn’s pro to help her win NXT. Vickie says that she is going to help with her outfit. She mentions that she has a gift for Kaitlyn. Vickie wonders what is right about Kaitlyn’s look and save her from this disaster.

Vickie gives Kaitlyn a sweatshirt for her to put on but she refuses. Maxine tells Kaitlyn to show her some respect. Maxine says that she would like to have Vickie as her pro.

Alicia wants to know what Maxine meant by saying that she would rather have Vickie as her pro.

Maxine says that she did not mean to disrespect Alicia and she says that she thinks that Kaitlyn should appreciate her pro.

Vickie says that Maxine appreciates her accomplishments, talents, and charisma.

Alicia says that she can coach her rookie to beat Vickie’s rookie’s butt any time one on one.

Alicia says that this challenge should take place right now. Vickie begrudgingly accepts the challenge and we will have a match.

We go to e-commercial, including a reminder that Rey will be returning to the ring two weeks ago on Smackdown.

-Commercial Break-

We are back with a look back at what happened two weeks ago when Kaitlyn defeated Vickie in a match.

Match #1: Maxine with Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn with Vickie Guerrero

Kaitlyn will be wrestling the match in her sweatshirt. They lock up and Kaitlyn throws Maxine to the mat while Vickie is on a live mic as well as Alicia. Kaitlyn with a waist lock take down. They get to their feet and Kaitlyn with a waist lock. Kaitlyn with a shoulder tackle. Kaitlyn with an Irish whip and she runs into a knee. Maxine with a clothesline for a near fall. Maxine sends Kaitlyn into the turnbuckles and then she connects with shoulders. Maxine kicks Kaitlyn and then tosses her to the mat. Maxine uses the sweatshirt to her advantage and then she kicks Kaitlyn. Maxine with a snap mare like maneuver and gets a near fall. Maxine with a reverse chin lock while Michael Cole is on a phone call as he ignores his role as an actual announcer. Kaitlyn sends Maxine into the turnbuckles and hits a side slam and gets a near fall. Kaitlyn with a clothesline followed by the female version of the World’s Most Dangerous Spinebuster. Kaitlyn knocks Vickie off the apron and Kaitlyn with an inside cradle. Maxine with a sunset flip for the three count.

Winner: Maxine

While Michael Cole doesn’t care about NXT, he takes enough time to tell us that WWE is not properly depicted by the media. It is time for the Stand Up for WWE video package.

-Commercial Break-

We are back and Did You Know that WWE is matching Battlestar Galactica’s ratings from 5 years ago on Friday nights?

It is time for the Who’s That Body Challenge. We will see a photo of a WWE superstar from the neck down on the TitanTron.

WWE Who’s That Body Competition

-Naomi guesses Cody Rhodes correctly before choices are given by Matt Striker.
-It is time for the next body and Naomi guesses wrong, but Kaitlyn correctly guesses Kelly Kelly.
-Kaitlyn correctly guesses John Morrison as she takes the lead.
-The next body is shown and AJ is wrong. Kaitlyn guesses wrong as well. Matt gives options and Naomi guesses Maryse and she ties Kaitlyn.
-The next body is shown and AJ guesses John Cena and is correct.
-The next body is given and Matt actually gives choices and Maxine is wrong with a guess of Rosa Mendes. Aksana guesses Michelle and that wasn’t even an option. AJ guesses Gail Kim and they tie.
-Naomi guesses William Regal but is wrong. Kaitlyn guess Great Khali and she is wrong. Matt gives options and Maxine guesses Vladimir Kozlov.
-We have our final body and Naomi guesses Melina and she is correct.
That means that Naomi is your winner.


We have an airhorn battle as Matt sends it to the guys at the announce table.

-Commercial Break-

We are back and it is time to talk about the Raw versus Smackdown seven on seven match and the WWE Title match.

Now we take a look at the way that John Cena became a member of Nexus.

Cole and Mathews talk about Bragging Rights, but now it is time to talk about the upcoming marriage between Aksana and Goldust.

Goldust admires the Million Dollar Title. He says that it was a bit out of the blue to ask her to marry him, but all of her immigration problems will go away. Now Aksana can stay in the country. Goldust says that they will be married in two years. Goldust says that there is one thing left to make it official and he gives her a ring. Aksana love ring. Goldust says that Aksana will do well in the next competition.

-Commerical Break-

We are back in the ring and it is time for the second rookie competition. Now it is time for the rookies to test their flexibility in the physical challenge. It is time for the limbo challenge.

Limbo Challenge

-We have our first elimination in the competition and it is Kaitlyn.
-AJ is the next person to be eliminated.
-Aksana is the next person to be eliminated and they are down to the final two, Naomi and Maxine.
-Maxine is eliminated and Naomi is the winner.

Winner: Naomi

Josh wonders if Naomi should have had to participate in the final round after Maxine was eliminated and Cole talks about how he isn’t even watching.

Josh then talks about our main event and how Naomi is the only rookie in the match. Then Cole says something and Josh clams up as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Match #2: Naomi and Kelly Kelly vs. The Bellas

Kelly and Nikki shake hands before locking up. Kelly with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors but Nikki with a drop toe hold and forearm to the back followed by a sunset flip for a near fall. Brie tags in and they roll through and take Kelly down with Brie getting a near fall. Kelly with a kick to the back but Brie works on the arm and wrist.

Kelly uses the ropes to escape with an arm drag. Naomi tags in and she works on Brie’s arm with an arm bar. Naomi with an arm wringer but Brie with a flying mare. Naomi with an enzuigiri and Nikki checks on Brie and then Nikki with a Thesz Press. Brie pulls Nikki off and Naomi goes after Nikki. Brie and Naomi shake hands and Naomi with a punch. Nikki comes in and she goes after Naomi. Nikki charges into an elbow but Nikki sends Naomi to the apron. Nikki with a kick to the back and midsection. Nikki stretches Naomi. Naomi with a jawbreaker and then Nikki knocks Kelly off the apron and follows that with a shoulder tackle on Naomi. Brie tags in and Naomi fights out of the corner. Nikki trips Naomi and then she sends Brie to the floor and Nikki gets the three count.

Winners: The Bellas

Enzo’s Thoughts

I knew it was too good to be true for this show to start getting better.

This has got to be the worst episode of NXT since I recapped; the competitions were useless and pointless.

The Main event had no reasoning at all 1 rookie and 3 pros, like what was the point of that? Maybe if you had 2 rookies against the bellas or have a rookie/pro vs rookie/pro but for me that main even did nothing and it was pointless

See you all next week.

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