Superstars Results – 11/4/10

WWE Superstars
November 4, 2010
Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Scott Stanford/Matt Striker & Todd Grisham
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of

This week’s episodeof WWE Superstars on WGN opened with Smackdownannouncers Todd Grisham and Matt Striker introducing the show as Jack Swagger made his entrance to the ring with the bald-headed eagle mascot in tow. Kaval then joined Swagger in the ring for a re-match from Smackdownas the mascot shadow-boxed ringside.

Match #1: JACK SWAGGER (w/Mascot) vs. KAVAL

Swagger dominated early on as Grisham noted Swagger being a former World Hvt. champion. Kaval popped Swagger in the chest with a kick then Swagger sent Kaval to the outside. Kaval played cat and mouse to set up Swagger for a kick to the shoulder before flying off the top rope with a splash on the floor. Back in the ring, Kaval landed kick strikes and scored a nearfall. Kaval tried to ground Swagger, who came back with a knee to the gut followed by a knee to the back that sent Kaval flying off the apron into the guardrail. The mascot was very pleased with this.

Back in the ring, Swagger settled into a modified Rings of Saturn before Kaval fought to his feet. Swagger cut him right off and knocked Kaval to the outside. Swagger then paraded around the ring while the eagle flapped its wings ringside. Once again back in the ring, Swagger dominated the action some more before nailing the big running Vader Bomb for a two count. Grisham then sent the action to a break with Swagger still in control.

-Commercial Break-

Swagger was still dominating back from break. Kaval then came back with a handspring double foot kick knocking Swagger to the outside. Swagger ran back into the ring, but took multiple kick strikes anyways. Kaval then called for the end and landed a running kick strike to the mid-section for a nearfall. Kaval tried to follow with a springboard smash, but Swagger ducked and followed with an overhead belly-to-back suplex for a two count. They went back and forth trading nearfalls as Striker dramatically built up to a description of Kaval as…exciting.

Kaval tried the Warrior’s Way from the top rope, but Swagger moved. The eagle then got involved by grabbing Kaval’s foot from the floor as the ref was preoccupied with Swagger. Swagger followed right up with the Anklelock and Kaval was forced to tap out, giving Swagger the win. The mascot hopped right into the ring and celebrated with mascot-like mannerisms while Swagger got his shine.

Winner: Swagger via submission in 12:00

NXT recap: NXT is back on TV. They ran a video package on the Goldsana wedding that turned into Aksana conning Goldust. Plus, Maxine eliminated from the competition.

Still to come: Mark Henry vs. the Usos in a handicap match.

-Commercial Break-

Luke Gallows re-appeared from obscurity and came to the ring for a big heavyweight battle. Grisham described him as a “blue collar worker type.” Striker said he’s a fun guy to hang out with. Oh goodness. Vance Archer then came out to face Gallows.


Striker did a gravely Vince McMahon voice saying he likes to see two big heavyweights just slug it out in the ring. Archer, as the heel, took control here. Grisham said Gallows has had a “lifestyle change” since leaving C.M. Punk’s SES. Archer continued to dominate before playing to the crowd. He took too long going up top, allowing Gallows to drop him off the turnbuckles to the mat.

Gallows made a comeback with successive clothesline before dropping the straps. Gallows looked like Gillberg with his eyes popping out of his head before he ran around Archer in circles and landed a flying splash for a two count. Striker noted an apathetic crowd reaction. Gallows then followed with the Gallows Pole for the pin and the win. To conclude the segment, Gallows smiled for the crowd to indicate he’s a babyface.

Winner: Gallows in 4:00

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Raw’s Superstars announcers Scott Stanford and Jerry Lawler introduced the Raw portion of the show. Alicia Fox, then Gail Kim came to the ring for a singles match-up.


Typical start with Alicia taking control with heel tactics. Gail then came off the top with a splash for a two count before Alicia regained control and cut off Gail’s attempted comebacks. Alicia tried to take a powder when Gail teased a stronger comeback, but Gail dragged her back into the ring. Gail then hit the Eat Defeat jawbreaker for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gail in 3:00

-Commercial Break-

Superstars profile: Edge. They included some “younger days” footage of Edge in a showcase off his offensive arsenal.

Announcers: Stanford and Lawler broke down the Survivor Series line-up heretofore after hyping Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown this Friday.

Mark Henry came to the ring looking for a fight as Stanford provided some insight that Henry wears red when he’s happy and black when he’s in a foul mood. Henry’s wearing black tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Match #4: MARK HENRY vs. USOS (JIMMY & JEY w/Tamina)

Jimmy was ready to start things off, but Henry wanted a piece of Jey, who kicked Henry in the face last week. Jey found himself in trouble until Jimmy blind-tagged into the match and took out Henry at the knees from behind to take control of the match. That was only momentary, as Henry made a comeback with successive clotheslines. He followed with a big splash attempt, but Jimmy rolled out of the way. Tamina then tagged Henry in the face with a kick from the outside as the ref was distracted. Jey then tagged in and landed a Superfly splash. He made a cover and that was good for a three count.

Winner: Usos in 4:00

Enzo’s Thoughts

Match #1: JACK SWAGGER (w/Mascot) vs. KAVAL
Good match. It felt like they were holding back a bit, but easily one of the better Superstars matches in a while breaking the mold of the generic WWE style. (**1/4)

Just weird. The crowd was about as indifferent as indifferent gets. It would help if WWE actually reintroduced Gallows’s character, but it looks like they’re not ready to invest that much time into his new babyface persona. (*)

Good showcase for Gail, who hasn’t been featured at all recently. Gail and Alicia have nice chemistry in the ring and could add something to Raw once in a while. (*)

Match #4: MARK HENRY vs. USOS (JIMMY & JEY w/Tamina)
Fine showcase for the Usos. Cheating was the only realistic way for the Usos to win the match and it kept the program going. Just the visual of one of the Usos pinning Henry was beneficial for their progression as a serious act. (*)

Enzo’s Superstars Power Rankings:

1) Zack Ryder (-)
2) Christian (-)
3) Jack Swagger (+1)
4) Dolph Ziggler (-1)
5) Kofi Kingston (-)
6) Evan Bourne (-)
7) Chris Masters (-)
8) Montel Vontavious Porter (-)
9) Primo Colon (-)
10) David Hart Smith (-)

As always, thanks for reading, never hesitate to hit me up with any comments questions or anything else and I hope to see everyone next week!


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