Notes from the Nosebleeds #90
November 6, 2010
By: Matt O’Brien of

Have you ever been told that there are two sides to every story? Of course you have. It was one for those cliché phrases that is done to death yet is it is all too true. The irony of it all is that usually neither story tells the whole truth. It is typically somewhere in the middle. There are extreme opinions on all issues out there, even in wrestling. Actually, especially in wrestling. But like other topics, issues, and debates out there, the middle ground is typically where the true nature of these issues are. This week I thought I would do something different. Instead of taking one point and arguing for it, I thought I would give you my best and worst feelings on different topics. There is a pessimist and an optimist in me on each of these topics. Without wasting any more time, I give you my take, both positive and negative, on three topics in wrestling.

Matt Morgan will headline Turning Point

The Pessimist: What the heck is TNA thinking? With Mr. Anderson injured TNA was in a tough spot to fill the main event slot. There were several choices they could have used to fill the slot. They had Samoa Joe, who has been a part of this program for months. They have Rob Van Dam who should probably get his title shot being that he never lost the title. They have all the guys from ECW they brought in but they chose one of the most overrated wrestlers on the roster and ran a tasteless angle to turn the guy baby face. As if running a rape angle wasn’t bad enough earlier this year, they ran an angle which hinted that if Mr. Anderson was forced to wrestle with a concussion he could go the way of Chris Benoit. Nice. Oh and not to mention that they did this with one of the least sympathetic characters on the roster. What a load of crap. This Sunday will be a complete disaster.

The Optimist: What a great idea! If TNA is unable to deliver on the main event due to an injury then they need to have a way to pull the people in otherwise. Running a provocative angle like they did with Matt Morgan was just the way to do it. Let’s face it, the only other guy who could have drawn enough interest to save the match was Kurt Angle, but TNA was smart and hesitated to jump the gun on bringing Angle back after his retirement angle. With the angle they ran they had to have someone out of left field to make it work. Morgan is a good fit. He has always been a rising star and this Sunday he gets his chance. Here’s hoping he can rise to the occasion.

Eric Bischoff says there is no plan with Jeff Hardy

The Pessimist: For those of you who may not have heard, Bischoff said in an interview this week with Monday Night Mayhem that here is no plan with the Jeff Hardy heel character. Here is what Bischoff had to say.

“It’s uncharted territory in many respects. I know this is going to sound unconventional, but there is no plan with Jeff. Jeff is a free spirit. Jeff is a very unique guy. He’s a unique human being. He’s a unique character. He’s a professional. I think we’re just going to let it flow and see where it goes. I think if Eric Bischoff sat down with a piece of paper & a pen and tried to write that story, we’d probably get it wrong, because we’re not in Jeff Hardy’s head the way Jeff Hardy is. I think what want to do is provide him with Jeff Hardy a platform, and a direction, & an inspiration and see where Jeff Hardy can take it.”

They are just letting him go and see what happens. That’s a cool idea. You know what else is a good idea? Giving the keys of a school bus full of children to a drunk guy. As if it’s not bad enough they just strapped their biggest program to the back of a guy who could go to prison soon, they really don’t have a plan for him. They’re just going to let Jeff be Jeff. Great idea, TNA. You have just set shattered the limits of booking stupidity.

The Optimist: A heel Jeff Hardy is very intriguing. It can also be very tricky to do properly since it is so new. Letting go and letting Hardy do his thing is the best way to go about this. It also helps to not have any long term plans for hardy should the worst case scenario come true and he go to prison. At this point, it is best to let Jeff Hardy go and work his magic.

The Future of Nexus Revealed *Spoiler*

The Pessimist: Rumored plans for Nexus involve Barrett winning the title at Survivor Series, Nexus getting all the Raw championships, and Cena taking the strap from Barrett at Royal Rumble, which will lead to Barrett vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania and the split of Nexus following the draft. This Nexus stuff is getting gold. Months ago when they first showed up we were supposed to believe that a bunch of rookies could take the WWE by storm. They have continued to get the best of the top star in the business. If that wasn’t insufferable enough, at Bragging Rights they unnecessarily inserted themselves into the Kane-Undertaker program. Now WWE want to give them all the belts? Not only that but they plan to give their leader the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. The rise of Nexus has been the most unbelievable ascension of any star to the main event in years. Matt Morgan is a more believable main event star than these guys.

The Optimist: The Nexus program has been done to near perfection since its inception. Their rumored future should be fantastic to watch should it come true. It is time to give Barrett the title and giving Nexus all the titles is a great way to really push over their dominance over the Raw brand. It would be ideal to hold off on Barrett-Cena until Wrestlemania but it may not have the legs to do so. A match with Taker at Mania is the perfect way to put Barrett on the Wrestlemania card and, dare I say, end the streak.

There you have it. Two very different looks at three different news items in wrestling. Some of you may fall on the side of one of these extremes, but more than likely you are in the middle. Regardless of the feelings out there I do believe most wrestling fans can see both the good and the bad out there. That’s because no wrestling storyline is perfect, and no storyline is complete trash.

As always, thanks for reading

Matt O’Brien