WWE Superstars
November 11, 2010
Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Scott Stanford/Matt Striker & Todd Grisham
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of Wrestleview.com

This week’s episode of WWE Superstars on WGN opened with Raw announcer Michael Cole introducing the show alongside Josh Mathews. They plugged Smackdown’s main event of Kaval vs. Drew McIntyre coming up tonight.

Zack Ryder came out for the opening match from the Raw brand as Cole and Mathews were shown on-camera. Mathews wanted to know where Scott Stanford is. “Who?” Cole retorted. Yoshi Tatsu made his TV return out next to face Ryder.


Mathews decided to give Yoshi the advantage because Japan is closer to the U.K. than Long Island is, according to his Google search. Upon further review, Tokyo is about 6,000 miles away from the U.K. and New York is about 3,300 miles away. Ryder dominated early on as the announcers suggested both Ryder and Yoshi will be big-time players on the Raw brand in the near future. The announcers began arguing with each other over their broadcasting history as Ryder nailed a superplex and floated over into a pin attempt for a nearfall. Ryder in control going to break.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Yoshi was still on the defensive as Ryder cut off Yoshi’s comebacks. Ryder then went for a move from the second rope, but Yoshi blocked with a sit-out powerbomb. Mathews plugged the Old School Raw and Cole wanted to know if Vince (McMahon) would be doing commentary. Mathews said he’s still in a coma. Well, actually…nevermind. Cole said he doesn’t want to wear the powder blue or yellow announcer jackets. Meanwhile, Yoshi kind of botched a back elbow smash on Ryder for a two count. Mathews kind of started to feed to a commercial, but they stayed with the action as Ryder missed with the Rough Ryder. Yoshi then hit the Shining Wizard for the pin and the win. Cole woke himself up to try to sound excited for Yoshi’s win.

Winner: Yoshi in 13:00

Cole fed to a video package on Tuesday’s NXT episode featuring more contests and meaningless matches.

-Commercial Break-

Ezekiel Jackson’s music hit to bring out Jackson looking to dominate someone. They cut to a few shots of fans applauding to try to get over Jackson as a babyface. Cole and Mathews talked him up as the “real deal” Monday nights on Raw. Primo then came out, accompanied by A.J., who tried to talk up Primo ahead of his impending doom.

Match #2: EZEKIEL JACKSON vs. PRIMO (w/A.J.)

The bell sounded and Primo started flexing. Jackson shoved him down, then posed for Primo, who sold concern over this situation. Cole said he likes Zeke because he’s “always having fun in the ring.” Zeke proceeded to toss Primo across the ring, which drew some serious concern from A.J. Cole noted Jackson was the final ECW champion “before that brand went defunct.” Primo went the traditional route of going after Jackson’s knee to try to cut him down to size. Jackson eventually made it back to his feet, then growled and ran over Primo. He smiled. Then, a dominator. Three count and it’s over as Jackson marches through the Raw roster.

Winner: Jackson in 4:00

Still to come: McIntyre vs. Kaval in the TV main event.

-Commercial Break-

Smackdown’s Todd Grisham and Matt Striker plugged Survivor Series to start their portion of the show. On-camera, Grisham and Striker fed to a video package on World Hvt. champion Kane for the “Superstars” Video of the Week.

Straight from Kane to Drew McIntyre’s music video entrance bringing out Mr. McIntyre for the main event of the show. McIntyre, from Scotland, had a big mixed reaction from the crowd in nearby England. Grisham noted the mixed reaction as the cameras picked up various reactions in the crowd. They cut to break with McIntyre posing in the ring.

-Commercial Break-


Grisham noted Kaval has yet to win a match since becoming a full-time WWE wrestler post-NXT. He also noted it’s a re-match from Kaval’s first Smackdown match, which gave McIntyre a 1-0 lead in the series. Solid commentary from Grisham and Striker early on talking about wins and losses being what matters in WWE. Kaval and McIntyre went through an early feeling out process before Kaval landed a kick strike to the gut. McIntyre came back with a round of flying fists in the corner before drawing a reprimand from the ref. The ref-Mac exchange gave Kaval an opening to land a high-flying move followed by a leaping splash on the outside that floored McIntyre. Back in the ring, Kaval scored a one count. McIntyre and Kaval then bumped mid-sections mid-ring and sold on the mat as they cut to break.

-Commercial Break-

Kaval and McIntyre went back and forth coming back from break. McIntyre then dropped to the outside and got that crazy look in his eyes before wrapping Kaval’s left shoulder around the ringpost. Back in the ring, McIntyre continued to work over Kaval with power offense before landing a short-arm clothesline. McIntyre, in control of the action, slowly raised his arm in the air before delivering a knee drop. Mac missed with a corner attack, which gave Kaval an opening to begin landing signature kick strikes.

Kaval called for his full comeback and landed a leaping enziguiri in the corner for a two count. McIntyre cut him off again, though, and dropped Kaval with a rib-breaker, as Grisham called it, for a two count. Kaval blocked another corner attack before nailing a handspring kick strike to the head for a nearfall. Kaval then went up top, but Mac rolled to the apron. Mac then caught Kaval on the apron and teased the Future Shock DDT onto the ring steps, but Kaval escaped and smashed Mac with a rolling kick to the head using the ring steps. Nice sequence.

Back in the ring, Kaval wanted the Warrior’s Way double foot stomp, but McIntyre missed. McIntyre then followed right up with the Future Shock DDT. Mac was slow to make a cover, but he eventually made a cover for the three count and the win.

Winner: McIntyre in 15:00

Enzo’s Thoughts

The announcers sound so disingenuous, even on Superstars. Yoshi looked a bit rusty at times, but it was overall a decent match. (*1/2)

Match #2: EZEKIEL JACKSON vs. PRIMO (w/A.J.)
A bit long for a squash match, but Primo was entertaining as a lower-card heel with no chance of advancing up the ladder anytime soon. (*)

Good match. It didn’t quite reach that third gear with rapid-fire counters, nearfalls, and exchanges, but McIntyre presented his character very well and Kaval was able to get in some quality offense that showed off his unique moveset. McIntyre has improved dramatically with his character presentation in the ring and setting a good pace calling the match as the heel. (**3/4)

Enzo’s Superstars Power Rankings:

1) Zack Ryder (-)
2) Christian (-)
3) Jack Swagger (-)
4) Dolph Ziggler (-)
5) Kofi Kingston (-)
6) Evan Bourne (-)
7) Chris Masters (-)
8) Montel Vontavious Porter (-)
9) Yoshi Tatsu (+2)
10) Primo Colon (-1)

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