Wrestling Rumblings #99
November 26, 2010
By: Jose Marrero of Wrestleview.com

As I write this it is still Thanksgiving and even though you will read this on a Friday I thought it would be a good idea to sort of give my wrestling version of thanks for this column. Hope you enjoy…this is “Wrestling Rumblings.”

I’m thankful that I’m a big man, because it takes one to say when you are wrong and I like many other fans were wrong about Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. From day one I didn’t believe in this guy and well he has done an “awesome” job of making me and many others into a fan. As much as fans tend to criticize guys like The Rock and others for not having passion, no one can doubt The Miz’s and well in my opinion he is the best kind of star you can be in wrestling: The star that makes him. He deserves all the respect in the world whether his reign is one month, one year or one week. He did it and well no one can take it away from him.

I’m thankful that I have a big DVD collection, because it makes it easier for me to stomach some of the crap we’ve dealt with this year in wrestling and I’m not just talking about TNA but WWE as well. Unlike some others I can honestly say I have watched every wrestling show down the pike over the last year including ROH, Dragongate Infinity, FCW, WWC, AAA, CMLL, DGUSA and others. It’s been a struggle to find things I enjoy but I do find it from time to time and I can say I don’t watch these shows because of what I do at Wrestleview but because I love this business. I still think it is a great business and although 2010 wasn’t going to be a banner year for any company I still look forward to all that 2011 has to offer and well if it’s a repeat thank god for that DVD collection.

I’m thankful for the many friends and acquaintances I have made in the industry this past year, as well as the continued relationships that I have spent the better part of 6 years establishing. One of the things you learn with the wrestling industry are that you never stop learning and I truly enjoy being under the learning tree of those that have taken time out of their schedules to enlighten me. Every so often I like to go back and re read some of my early work from before Wrestleview when I was just cutting my teeth as a writer and I can see the difference in both my writing style and just my attitude towards the business in general and I can attribute it to that education. I don’t care who you are in the business or what level of success you have attained I salute you all and those of you that have stepped up and given me insight just know that it is more than appreciated.

I’m thankful for David Miranda being the “Robin to my Batman” the past 2 years while I have made the pilgrimage to Wrestlemania and German Velez for giving me the idea to go my first year. David has come a long way in his fanhood and I think has really learned what it is that I do and the amount of work and emotion that gets put into my work, especially Wrestlemania weekend. 2011 makes my 4th year and of course it would be David’s 3rd. I’m thankful to be able to go to a PPV yearly that I dreamed my whole life of going to just once and having so many people help out to make it as enjoyable as possible. I hope that this next year is the best trip yet and rest assured FYB Radio will be back and better than ever.

I’m thankful to Adam Martin, Hunter Golden. Sometimes I feel that they are truly out there with their opinions but then again aren’t we all? I don’t know what their true opinions are of me or this column but I truly appreciate the fact that they both have given me this forum and others as well to pretty much do as I please. It’s been nearly 2 years that I have been on this site and while it has been rocky at times on my end it really has been a positive experience on my end watching the site grow and contributing to that growth. I hope that the feeling is mutual with those two and that 2011 will have even more growth for this site and that we can all continue to provide the readers and listeners with content that is reliable and more enjoyable than anything else out there.

I’m thankful to every IWC personality out there not just those on Wrestleview for giving me competition. I don’t care who you are and what you write about if you do something, you strive to be the absolute best at it and you can’t be the best without competition and while I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly a fan of anyone I do sneak peeks at others works to keep myself sharp and unique and well some of these guys push me to be better. Even the guys that I find laughable I thank for showing me that I could always be worse. Most of all I thank them for doing their best to positively contribute to the wrestling business. While there efforts may not always have positive results I can honestly say that I don’t believe anyone tries to purposely sabotage wrestling. We all love this business and have different ways of showing it.

I’m thankful to Vince McMahon, Cary Silkin and Dixie Carter for doing their best to keep this industry going. I may not be a fan of everything I see but I am always going to be a wrestling fan. Whether I agree with things creatively or not these people and others like them throughout the world do their best to keep this industry alive and I thank them for it.

Most of all I’m thankful to you the readers. My next column will be my 100th on Wrestleview but truthfully honest I’ve probably typed over 350 columns at this point and some have been good, some great, others would make good material for wiping if you catch my drift but you all have continued to read every week. It’s truly the most humbling experience in the world for me to have done legitimate radio stations because of this column, be acknowledged by other wrestling groups because of this column, and have my name known in parts of the globe I’ll probably never visit because of this column. That’s all because of you the reader. Whether you’re here in my backyard of New York City or Melbourne, Australia or East Germany know that I truly appreciate you all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m personally not a fan myself of columns like mine. I’ve never been one to want to read opinions on wrestling from other fans and make no mistake about it I’m just a fan but well you guys are different and you validate me every week when you click my column and you’re all the best.

On that note it’s time to wrap up this week’s column but of course I have to give you all something to do. I’ve actually just watched the X-Pac YouShoot video and well I really enjoyed it so maybe you will too and want to give that a chance. Of course I am always looking for feedback and opinions and you can give it at wrestlingrumblings@hotmail.com and well that’s it, next week I’ll try to do better and until then I am out.