WWE Superstars
November 25, 2010
Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Scott Stanford/Matt Striker & Todd Grisham
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of Wrestleview.com

The Thanksgiving edition of WWE Superstars on WGN opened with Smackdown announcer Todd Grisham introducing the show and bringing in Matt Striker. A Thanksgiving-themed graphic indicated tonight’s show will feature Mark Henry vs. the Usos in a re-match from Superstars three weeks ago.

To start the show from Smackdown, Curt Hawkins came to the ring to a scream-and-yell theme song. Ashley Valence from NXT Season 2 was the ring announcer. Trent Barreta was out next for a re-match from last week after Barreta picked up the win. Striker also used the same lines from last week establishing the background of the competitors.


Hawkins toyed with and taunted Barreta early on, so Barreta struck him with right hands to the mid-section. Hawkins regained control then asked Jacksonville who the man is. No one replied. Barreta then replied by knocking Hawkins to the outside before hitting a big flip dive. Barreta sold an injury, then slowly walked over to Hawkins, who sent him flying into the guardrail. The referee reached a six count…and they cut to commercial in the middle of a key situation with the mach hanging in the balance. That’s sheer laziness from WWE only focusing on count-outs when the finish is a convenient excuse to get out of a clear winner and loser. It should be consistent across the board in every match on every show.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, both men apparently re-entered the ring before the ten count considering the match was still ongoing with Barreta locked in a headlock. The match moved to the ring apron where Barreta kicked Hawkins in the gut and nailed a sort of leaping leg scissors that knocked Hawkins to the floor. They worked the ten count again, then re-entered the ring where Barreta mounted some offense. Barreta scored with a high-impact springboard missile dropkick for a two count, then Hawkins escaped a roll-up attempt.

Hawkins followed up with a top rope elbow drop attempt, but Barreta moved out of the way and motivated himself to reach his feet. Barreta then hit a big flying knee smash, but Hawkins kicked out. Barretta tried to hit a springboard DDT for the finish, like last week, but Hawkins blocked and immediately hit a facebuster. It was good for a three count to even the recent series. Tye-Dye Guy stood up on the second row to express his approval.

Winner: Hawkins at 12:00

Raw Rebound: John Cena’s Farewell Address set to dramatic piano music.

-Commercial Break-

Santino & Kozlov came to the ring for the first match from the Raw brand. Scott Stanford and Jerry Lawler were on the call and Ashley Valence was ring announcing for this match taped on Monday. The announcers had to talk in vague terms about Raw events this week considering the show was taped after Survivor Series and prior to Miz cashing in MITB to become new WWE champion.


Also of note from the timing here was Primo’s NXT Rookie, A.J., not accompanying Primo to the ring for the match taped Monday, which seemed to give away her elimination the next night on NXT. Kozlov and Ryder began the match. After a stalemate, Primo and Santino entered the ring. Santino tried to show a more serious in-ring arsenal before tagging in Kozlov, who rammed Primo with multiple shoulder blocks. Santino re-entered and took down Ryder, who also re-entered. Santino knocked Ryder to the outside before Lawler offered an interesting comment that stood out beyond the usual announcer fare. “Zack Ryder might want to get used to disappointment in his career if he stays around WWE much longer,” Lawler said. On that note, they cut to break with the international duo in control.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, the crowd was rallying behind Santino, who broke free of a submission hold and attempted the Sailor’s Salute fist drop, but Primo blocked with his knees. Ryder then entered the ring and pounded on Santino with right hands. Back to Primo, who taunted Kozlov. Santino eventually made the hot tag to Kozlov, who punted a man before the action broke down. Kozlov proceeded to clothesline Ryder over the top rope to the floor and also made a tag to Santino in the process. Santino entered the ring and dropped Primo with the Cobra, which was good for a three count.

Winners: Santino & Kozlov in 12:00

Still to come: Mark Henry vs. the Usos in a re-match from three weeks.

-Commercial Break-

NXT plug: Season Finale of NXT this Tuesday on WWE’s website. It’s Kaitlyn vs. Naomi.

Raw Rebound II: Randy Orton beat Wade Barrett to retain the WWE Title before The Miz cashed in to become new WWE champion for the first time. This was a really well-done video package selling the story of both title matches (given away on free TV).

Mark Henry came to the ring for the main event as Stanford had a voice-over recapping what was shown in the Rebound. As Henry completed his entrance, Stanford and Lawler sent it to commercial.

King of the Ring plug: They aired another video promoting the King of the Ring on Monday. It’s a good video package identifying the history of the tournament and big names who have won leading to an opportunity for a new star to have a standout moment in the 2010 installment.

-Commercial Break-

Smackdown plug: Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio was plugged for tomorrow night’s show in a King of the Ring qualifier.

Match #3: MARK HENRY vs. USOS (JIMMY & JEY w/Tamina)

This was a re-match from the Usos winning the same handicap match three weeks ago. Henry started by flinging Jey halfway across the ring. Henry smiled, then ran over Jey with a shoulder block. Henry went for a corner splash moments later, but Jimmy moved and took Henry out at the knee. The Usos worked him for a few minutes before Henry dragged both Usos into the ring. Henry wanted a big double splash, teased it to the crowd, and connected. Jimmy was left alone in the ring and Henry nailed the World’s Strongest Slam for the win. After a replay of the finish, Henry smiled for the crowd and celebrated the win to close out the show.

Winner: Henry in 6:00

Enzo’s Thoughts

It looks like we’re in line for a rubber match after the two men split the first two matches. Barreta has stood out as a singles wrestler in these matches, which is good for him trying to avoid a pink slip, like his former tag partner, Caylen Croft. Hawkins has not done enough to distinguish himself yet, but that could come with more time and investment from WWE. (*3/4)

Fine tag match. Primo and Ryder just seem to be hanging onto roster spots at this point as enhancement talent for babyfaces. It’s unfortunate when both could be better utilized, but their roles right now are to make others look better and seem as non-threatening as possible. (*1/4)

Match #3: MARK HENRY vs. USOS (JIMMY & JEY w/Tamina)
Dominating victory for Henry, who evened the recent series to 1-1. More even-steven booking with an opportunity for another rubber match. (*)

Enzo’s 2010 Superstars Power Rankings:

1) Yoshi Tatsu (-)
2) Gail Kim (-)
3) Zack Ryder (-)
4) Christian (-)
5) Chris Masters (-)
6) Kofi Kingston (-)
7) Montel Vontavious Porter (-)
8) Primo Colon (-)
9) Chavo Guerrero (-)
10) Curt Hawkins (+7)

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