Reality From Ringside #91
November 29, 2010
By: Doug Lackey of

Igniting the Firestorm

For the record, I must say that I truly never like talking about myself in these columns I prepare for I prefer talking about professional wrestling in all facets. Sometimes I bring my opinions to light through varying mediums. A tweet here, a status update there, a random text to a friend in between, I believe that conversations born from these opinions and one-liners make not just for great entertainment for all but a better understanding of the ‘wrestling community’ as a whole (internet or otherwise).

With this said I had apparently laid flint with timber and ignited a firestorm within the ‘internet wrestling community’ over a lone comment I made about the photo leaked involving John Cena’s assumed return as ‘Juan Cena.’

“If you are seriously angry &/or frustrated at ‘Juan Cena’, then you have no sense of humor and should not be watching professional wrestling of any kind… PERIOD…”

The fire has been burning for quite a while now in the lush forests and evergreens of Facebook and Twitter. It is a fire that has not as much burned or incinerated me, rather it has cleansed me. I have realized now that some people take this form of entertainment way too seriously. Some serious to the point to where they would let difference of opinion lead to the dismantling of a friendship.

I can understand some differing philosophical stances on life and happiness leading to quarrels between friends and loved ones… but professional wrestling? Really? Sometimes I wonder if the Cold War actually ended because Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev agreed that ‘Hulking Up’ was a necessity for the Hulk Hogan mega-babyface character.

All kidding aside, this entire day has been an eye-opening one for me. The discussions have been engaging and the commentary has been thoroughly enthusiastic. I’ll be honest, I am spent from it. With that said, I thought that I would bring to you the discussions that were ignited by my introductory comment. The providers’ names for all of the comments have been stricken in order to protect the innocent… or guilty… either one.

Commentator #1: “It has the potential to be great.”

Commentator #2: “Who the heck could hate it? It’s like hating Stagger Lee or Flame #2. People take things too seriously these days.”

ME: “You will see it everywhere. Pro wrestling ‘pundits’ decrying the illegitimacy of a stipulation. Pro wrestling ‘analysts’ claiming the industry has been reduced to a cartoon. Pro wrestling ‘purists’ claiming this is why WWE is beneath all other companies.

All the more reason to believe that ‘The Internet was the Worst Thing to Happen to Professional Wrestling’.her companies.

All the more reason to believe that ‘The Internet was the Worst Thing to Happen to Professional Wrestling’.”

Commentator #3: “If THE EXACT SAME THING hadn’t been done with Hogan I’d probably like it more, but it reeks of total a lack of originality.”

Commentator #4: “So wait, we can’t even watch TNA? Oh right, you said ‘professional wrestling’.”

ME: “Oh stop it! Are you comparing Hulk Hogan circa 2003 with today’s John Cena? Stop it! First off, no one enjoying wrestling should even consider the similarities; if they are then they are too busy making NWO-Nexus arguments in the process.

“Today’s professional wrestling fan is either too young to know ‘Mr. America’ or has the memory of a jar of peanut butter.’Originality’ be damned, sit back and laugh. And again, try not to take this too seriously or else you’ll end up just like DOUGLASS~!


Commentator #3: “I have no idea what you just said in the last post. Can you explain again why I’m not allowed to compare the Mr. America angle to this?”

Commentator #5: “Wrestling is a sport, and it should be treated as a sport. Honor~”

ME: “Was 2003 Hulk Hogan as big a face as what John Cena is right now?

“Was Hulk Hogan ‘fired’ from the WWF/E per stipulation of him being forced to follow someone’s marching orders?

“Is John Cena becoming ‘Juan Cena’ because it is the only thing WW…E Creative could think of to make him relevant to the audience currently watching pro wrestling?

“There are no similarities between either of these two angles. If the only similarities you can come up with are ‘mega-babyface dons Lucha mask’, then you should be making the argument of there being no difference between ‘The Road Warriors’ Hawk & Animal and ‘The Legion of Doom’ Animal & Heidenreich. I mean… they both had the same music, same tag partner, same outfits… they must be the same. How unoriginal. Yawn. *Tries connecting Lego piece to Lincoln log*”

Commentator #6: “‎Doug, maybe I’m expecting too much here, but after 20+ years as a loyal WWF/E fan, I have earned the right to bitch about what I want. And neither you nor anyone else is gonna’ tell me I shouldn’t watch whatever I want to watch. Too far my good sir, too far.”

ME: “I just find it amazing how something that hasn’t even aired yet… a picture being leaked on the interwebs… causes people to scramble for similarities or claim reneging on ‘stipulations’ just to shoot it down. The spot hasn’t even started yet and it’s being destroyed.

“The reason for my beginning status still rings true. Using ‘argumentum ad hominum’ fallacies or claims of superiority won’t hollow it out.

“I’ll make it even easier for you. Since this seems to be just a horribly insipid and absolutely unoriginal idea from WWE Creative, what would you do? I mean, since WWE has just been so stinky putrid dumb in their storylines, how would you make them the grand storytellers that they should be? I mean, after all, if they don’t do anything other than what you think, then it must be complete failure, right? Oh, by the way, you need to come up with something that hasn’t been done before.


Commentator #6: “Let’s see, something that’s never been done before? Easy, Cena stays gone. Match stipulations are actually enforced.”

ME: “LOL I like to dream too, my fine friend…”

It still fascinates me though how just one photo can start a complete outpouring of emotion from professional wrestling fans that are willing to destroy the idea before even giving it a chance. These were some of the comments left from the news item alone…

“Such a stupid angle. What is going to happen next? The lie detector test like they used on Hulk? Firing him again? At least if they made him a referee like Ron Garvin, it’d be slightly more original and not as recently of a used angle.”

“Who writes this crap?”


I have come to the conclusion that, in the world of the Internet, nothing is ever given a chance to play out. And if an angle is given the green light, it is expected to end as quickly as possible so that another angle can come and go just as quickly.

This whole ordeal reminds me of a segment we had discussed on ‘Wrestleview Radio’ nearly a month ago involving Monday Night Raw from England and the ‘Santino Tea-Time’ sketch. Watch, listen, and enjoy the similarities.

Until next time, mouth-breathers!

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