WWE Superstars
December 2, 2010
Commentators: Scott Stanford & CM Punk/Matt Striker & Todd Grisham
Report by: Enzo Mendicino of Wrestleview.com

For posterity’s sake, Superstars was up against the return of noted WWE fan LeBron James to Cleveland on TNT. Attitude Era chants in Cleveland will not be heard on tonight’s PG Superstars episode. To begin Superstars, Todd Grisham introduced the show and plugged Tyson Kidd vs. D.H. Smith “for the first time ever” in the main event later on.

Tyler Reks’ music hit to bring out Reks for the opening match on the show. Matt Striker said he’s poised to “break out” in WWE. Grisham and Striker were shown on-camera to plug the upcoming TLC PPV. Trent Barreta then came out to face Reks. Before the match started, more generic music hit to bring out Curt Hawkins in street clothes. Hawkins walked to the announce table to join the Smackdown announcers.


Reks took control early on as Hawkins said his beef with Barreta is he just doesn’t like the guy and he keeps copying him. Hawkins said he’s a future main-eventer, a future “top guy.” Equating it to Attitude Era, Hawkins said he’s The Rock and Barreta is Headbanger Mosh. Barreta came back with a dropkick before Reks landed a headbutt to the mid-section. Barreta then knocked Reks to the outside and nailed a springboard Asai moonsault on the floor. Back in the ring, Barreta scored a nearfall after beating a ten count back in the ring. They cut to break.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Reks was in control as Hawkins continued getting over his talking points about wanting to shake Barreta from his spotlight. Reks slapped on a bearhug to slow down the pace before transitioning into a gutbuster. Barreta came back with a kick strike before landing an elbow and running knee to the face for a two count. Barreta followed with a top rope missile dropkick to the back of the head, but only scored a two count. Reks then avoided a corner attack and caught Barreta with the Burning Hammer (torture rack into a facebuster) for the pin and the win. Hawkins said that’s just a shame. Afterward, Reks did his Neanderthal pose as Hawkins continued to express contempt for Barreta.

Winner: Reks in 10:00

Striker fed to a video recap of the NXT Season 3 finale where Kaitlyn won the contest over Naomi. … After the video aired, Striker plugged Season 4 of NXT beginning next week.

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Slammy Awards show in two weeks.

The string of generic music on this show brought out Darren Young for the Raw brand’s first match of the show. On commentary were Scott Stanford and C.M. Punk. Stanford said Hart Dynasty is ready to explode tonight. William Regal then came out to face Young in a re-match from Superstars several weeks ago.


Punk noted he was Young’s Pro on NXT Season 1 before complementing Young on cutting his hair. Stanford said Young was the first member of Nexus to be excommunicated, which would be ignoring Daniel Bryan’s storyline write-off when he was fired. Regal and Young battled back and forth while Stanford provided a soundtrack of nervous laughter trying to sell Punk’s material. Young scored a nearfall, then Regal backed off to the corner to lure Young into a trap of eating the ringpost. Regal followed with the Regal Stretch and the crowd popped. Young submitted, giving Regal a third victory over Young on Superstars. Regal looked down at Punk while Stanford suggested Punk should help out Young.

Winner: Regal via submission in 5:00

-Commercial Break-

Big Show. They focused on his size, big hands, and warm, inviting smile to sell “Knucklehead.”

They re-visited Raw when The Miz used Michael Cole’s help to defeat Jerry Lawler and retain the WWE Title in his first title defense.

Tyson Kidd came to the ring for the main event and Punk said it’s time for a crash course on “pro wrestling.” Stanford recapped the Hart Dynasty’s recent issues before sending the show to a commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Match #3: TYSON KIDD vs. D.H. SMITH

After a few opening moves, Kidd and Smith had a verbal joust, shouting at each other about their tag team split. Smith then kicked Kidd to the outside and followed him around on the floor. Smith rammed Kidd into the ring apron before press-slamming him back into the ring. Smith was too aggressive looking for a clothesline and Kidd ducked before nailing an enziguiri to the back of the head. Smith rolled to the floor as they cut to break.

-Commercial Break-

Back from break, Kidd was in control of the action trying to wear down the larger Smith. Kidd went into his trademark chinlock while shouting at the ref, “Ask him!” Stanford noted Natalya isn’t ringside showing support for either man, prompting a round of sexist remarks by Punk. Stanford then name-dropped Bret Hart and wondered where he is while this is going on. Punk said he’s letting them sort out their issues. Smith made a comeback and executed a Northern Lights suplex for a two count.

Smith teased the Sharpshooter, but he took too long setting up the move, allowing Kidd to escape. Kidd then snapped off a spinning Fisherman Suplex for a two count. Kidd tried to follow with a Sharpshooter of his own and he executed the hold center ring. Smith fought the hold and teased a tap-out before making a final gasp for the bottom rope to break the hold. Moments later, Kidd went for a springboard sunset flip, but Smith trapped Kidd’s body to the mat and scored a pinfall for the win.

Smith showed some enthusiasm shouting toward the hard camera to celebrate the win. Kidd sold despair before Smith started to leave the ring. Smith returned and wanted a handshake. Kidd the classic “hands-on-hips, what-should-I-do?” look before slapping Smith across the face. Kidd scampered out of the ring and told Smith he got lucky tonight. End show with Smith looking for revenge.

Winner: Smith in 12:00

Enzo’s Thoughts

The highlight of the match was Hawkins on commentary. WWE gave him an opening to show personality and he took advantage of it. Well done. Reks just isn’t connecting right now, which made it tough for Barreta to work from behind when the crowd wasn’t interested in the action. (*)

Good to see Regal back on TV looking dominant. WWE simply hasn’t done anything with Young post-Nexus. (*)

Match #3: TYSON KIDD vs. D.H. SMITH
Strong second-half of the match with Smith scoring an un-decisive victory to keep the issue going. We’ll see if the program advances to Raw for the next chapter of the feud. Kidd is developing nicely as a heel while Smith needs time to develop his face persona. (**)

Enzo’s Superstars Rankings:

1) Christian (-)
2) Jack Swagger (-)
3) Vladimir Kozlov (-)
4) Dolph Ziggler (-)
5) Zack Ryder (-)
6) Gail Kim (-)
7) Shad Gaspard (-)
8) Evan Bourne (-)
9) Kane (-)
10) Kofi Kingston (-)

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