From the Desk of Mr. V #99
December 9, 2010
By: Anthony J. Valvo of


I have two of them this week. Both very good introductions in my opinion.

Here is the first one from Mr. McNeill.

V……… (From: John Young McNeill)

The other is from Luke Bartlett.

In a Dean Douglas style – Word – Introduction. Definition – see below

1. The act of introducing or fact of being introduced
2. a presentation of one person to another or others
3. a means of presenting a person to another person, group, etc., such as a letter of introduction or reference
4. a preliminary part, as of a book, speech, etc.
5. (Music / Classical Music) Music
a. an instrumental passage preceding the entry of a soloist, choir, etc.
b. an opening passage in a movement or composition that precedes the main material
6. Something that has been or is introduced, esp something that is not native to an area, country, etc.
7. (Communication Arts / Journalism & Publishing) a basic or elementary work of instruction, reference, etc.
8. (Philosophy / Logic) Logic (qualified by the name of an operation) a syntactic rule specifying the conditions under which a formula or statement containing the specified operator may be derived from others conjunction-introduction negation-introduction
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

Now presenting the penultimate edition before the big one….your host and educator alike Anthony J. Valvo aka I.R.S oops I mean Mr. V. (From Luke Bartlett)

Thanks, John and Luke. Two of my favorite wrestlers also in Shane Douglas and Road Dogg. What a way to start off the Final Countdown to Mr. V #100.

Welcome to the latest edition of “From the Desk of Mr. V”. I am Anthony “Mr. V” Valvo, your WrestleView resident teacher with the same material as last time, but different names, matches, and articles.

So sit back and grab some coffee, a hot cup of cocoa (Hey! It is cold outside), or whatever your choice of beverage may be this week. Relax as you read the 99th Installment of “From the Desk of Mr. V”.

Countdown to Mr. V #100…NEXT WEEK!

Quote of the Week

This won’t be a quote, more like a video of a speech. In the American sports world, this week (12/9 being the last day) of Jimmy V Week. The week is in honor of Former North Carolina State Head Basketball Coach Jim Valvano. Valvano died of bone cancer in April of 1993 and this speech below is what he said when he was presented an ESPY Award (The Arthur Ashe Award) just weeks before his death. Sure, his career as a coach ended in a bit of turmoil, but who hasn’t anymore? Just watch the video and truly enjoy every day you live. Valvano sure did.

“Take time every day to laugh, to think, to cry.” – Jim Valvano

Teacher’s Lecture

1) MVP released from the WWE.

Thoughts: I know MVP has been released over a week ago, but since I work on my columns a day prior to press release I did not get a chance to discuss the release of WWE Smackdown Superstar MVP.

Am I shocked by the release? Yes, I was somewhat shocked with the event. I can’t say I am entirely shocked about his departure. From what he posted on Twitter, he “requested his release” and that is a shame. It is a shame that at times he would be pushed as a big star in the WWE and then there are moments where it appeared that the WWE did not know what to do. If you could ask what his biggest highlight was in the WWE, it would probably be holding the WWE United States Championship longer than almost anyone in the history of WCW/WWE (longest since the WWE adopted the US Title, 3rd-longest all-time). After that title loss, it appeared that MVP was suffering an incredible low. Losses amounted and whether anyone says that it means nothing or not, you could see it in MVP’s emotions. It even came to a point where the WWE fans were pulling for MVP (remember his loss to Kizarny anyone?). After his losing streak, he won the US Championship again. Think of the two men that MVP defeated to win the WWE United States Championship. His first reign was after defeating Chris Benoit in a 2-out-of-3 falls match, who would be in many wrestling halls of fame if he did not do what he did. The other reign started when he defeated Shelton Benjamin, who was regarded as one of the most underrated talents over the course of his career.

I think one of the worst things that the WWE did for MVP was draft him to Raw in 2009. He had an incredible start (calling out Randy Orton), but nothing really amounted after that huge moment. MVP teamed up with Mark Henry for a bit and his matches have been forgettable. I think the damage was done after his run on Raw. He was drafted back to Smackdown and had his share of wins and losses, but he was never able to unlock the potential that was provided to him in 2006.

If MVP did ask to leave, I wish him the best. I think there is a market for him in Mexico, Japan, and even Ring of Honor. If he goes to TNA, and I am not bashing them in anyways, I think it would not be a good business decision for MVP. MVP will have that three-month spark (or less), and then be right where he was in the WWE in front of a smaller audience. If I could pick any place that MVP could thrive it would be in Japan. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems like his style would mesh well with the professional wrestlers overseas. Heck, maybe MVP can do a couple appearances in Ring of Honor (for some reason I could see him feud or have an exclusive match with Kenny King). There are so many options for MVP once his no-compete clause expires, and I just hope that he makes the correct decision.

So, in conclusion I think the WWE treated him well. Though he was a big part of Smackdown most of his career, he just did not scream World Champion in my opinion. Being a Former Two-Time United States Champion and a Tag Team Champion for the WWE? That is not a bad career anyway you put it.

2) Goldust to have surgery and is out five to six months.

Thoughts: This is not a big of a loss for the WWE as many think. Though he is one of more “over” talents on the Raw roster, was he going to really go anywhere? I don’t think so. He was a feel-good story. He had a bit of a push with the Million Dollar title and NXT. It was not bad, but I think some think this is a bigger loss than anything.

It will be great to see him back and healthy in a few months. He is good for the WWE in the role that he is in right now. Goldust is that veteran that I think is happy to be a part of the WWE and work with the younger talents on the roster. That is the only role where Goldust should be in the WWE.

3) Samoa Joe’s Contract Expires.

Thoughts: Well, it looks like for weeks that Samoa Joe’s contract expired in TNA. But no fear, as Joe signed a short-term deal and there are talks of a long-term deal in the future for him.

Joe’s history is a good one. Joe had the ROH World Championship longer than anyone else in the company and had an impressive run a few years ago in TNA. And before I joined WrestleView, I heard that Joe was talked about in the WWE as well. Now it just seems like TNA brings in so much talent that the guys they brought in at the start of their Spike TV run are mostly being pushed away or gone altogether. So what should Joe do? Re-sign with TNA and hope for something to come along his way, possibly consider an offer to wrestle for the WWE (more than likely FCW), or does he go back to ROH like Daniels and Homicide?

Now this may shock some of my readers, but Joe’s best fit is right where he is at. He had his chance to go to the WWE years ago, but decided to stay in TNA and who could blame him? Joe was at the top of his game (He was in the TNA World Title mix at the time to my belief). The WWE would have an idea on when to bring him up, but I don’t know how long he would be in FCW. The WWE has a type of wrestler they look for. I don’t think right now Joe fits in today’s WWE product. Had Joe consider going back to ROH, it would be a step backwards. Joe pretty much accomplished everything needed in that company and if he joins ROH I don’t know if he could re-capture those great moments that made him “The Samoan Submission Machine”.

My hope is for Joe to get a deal like Eric Young’s in TNA. Joe can still be a part of the TNA Roster and he still has a good value (but not great) with the company, but he could also take independent bookings as well. That may be the best deal. But if TNA does offer about the same (maybe less) than Joe’s previous contract, I say he will stay in TNA and perhaps be back in the shuffle of the World Title picture in a few months.

If you have any comments on what I lectured about, send them to me at

Any Questions?

If anyone has a question for me and would like to be a part of the column, this is the piece for you! Since I no longer recap ROH on HDNet, I decided to answer some questions from my wonderful “students”. Wow, only one hand up (that is ok, if any more comes up I will answer it on The Teacher’s Lounge)…

Yes, WWE NXT Recapper Enzo Mendicino! (He has two questions).

It has been almost 1 year in the Hogan/Bischoff era in TNA. How would you rate their performance so far?

Thanks for the first question Enzo.

This is a very tough question because I don’t want to upset the TNA fans that really enjoy the product, but I am a strong critic of WWE, TNA, and ROH and from what I am seeing in TNA I am not enjoying. I liked some of the moves TNA has done, but there are others that were very questionable.

I am not a fan of the booking of some of the shows either, it just seems like it goes everywhere and it does not tell a good story. While many do trash Immortal and Fortune, those may be the best things going for the company right now.

Who has thrived with the Hogan/Bischoff era of TNA? Now I am looking at this in the most unbiased way.

Kazarian – Think about this. Last year or so he was in a bodysuit as a video game character. Since then he won an X Division Title and is part of Ric Flair’s faction. If any “TNA Original” benefitted from this it was Kaz.

Motor City Machineguns – As much as they are athletic, they are the TNA World Tag Team Champions and were not before 2010. I think TNA indentifies that they have a very high-octane team that can possibly attract some fans.

Madison Rayne – What can you say about her. She now has character and is a solid contributor to the show.

Mr. Anderson – Say what you will about his WWE run, but since joining TNA he has been a major focal point with that World Title. What he did not get in the WWE he is getting in TNA.

I can think of a couple other, but I will leave it at that.

Now, the ones that did not thrive in the Hogan/Bischoff era.

Samoa Joe – His stock was huge, then it came crashing down in the middle of 2009. In 2010, it got worse and now he is on a short-term deal where as two years ago he was a star in TNA.

Daniels and Homicide – Daniels was main eventing the last two PPVs of TNA in 2009. In 2010, he loses to Val Venis (Sean Morley). Homicide had a hard time climbing a cage in January (the first week of the Hogan/Bischoff era), and then fell out with TNA and left. Both are benefitting with some decent pushes in ROH at this time.

Hulk Hogan – Yes, I will go on a limb and say that Hogan did not benefit one bit since he went on board in TNA. He does not appear in half the shows and now I think wrestling fans are getting tired of his act. Years ago, I believe he said that he would never appear in TNA. Now with his divorce and money issues, he had no choice. I think this just hurt the Hulkamania name a bit.

Desmond Wolfe – Yes, he is still employed by TNA.

The Knockout’s Division and X Division – What TNA did was beef up their top card, but it sacrificed what made TNA a successful alternative to professional wrestling with their X Division and Women’s wrestling. The X Division lost a lot of steam, but the Hogan/Bischoff era sucked the life out of the Knockout’s Division. Sure, they brought in Mickie James and Katie Lea Birchill. But they lost Hamada, Melissa Anderson, Awesome Kong, and others. What made them different years ago have now been forgotten by this company.

So, what do I overall give this era? I think it is below average. I will say D+ because there were some highlights and a couple good stories. But the decisions made by this company have not been for the better.

Enzo Mendicino has another question.

What are your thoughts on what Hurricane Helms said about Shawn Michaels?

Again, thank you for the question.

I don’t know anything at all what happened between Helms and Michaels that made Helms react the way he did, but we all know of Shawn Michaels’ past. He was a jerk. He admitted to that. He moved on. However, some people can’t let it go. Helms may have some valid points, but it was nothing but a rant in my opinion.

The way Helms reacted was that of an immature adult. Instead of just letting it go, he just wanted to spit out this “f” bomb rant on Michaels. I am not supporting what Helms did, because I think some of it was a farce. But I do believe some things that Helms mentioned in his rant. But his points are in a way slurred because of the way he would talk. It’s what alcohol does to you when you are in front of a camera I guess. That was one of the reasons why I gave up drinking in the first place.

So what did I get out of all this? Well, I look at Helms the way I do with Jeff and Matt Hardy and call them the “Crack Pack” of professional wrestling. I am not going to be doing any more insults because I don’t know the story that happened. All I can really say is that Helms should have worded it better and should have shut up while he was ahead.


Not too many detentions this week, as there was a lot of decent things going on in professional wrestling and my Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins kept doing well. So pardon my enthusiasm. Oh wait, I just read WrestleView news stories and now I am a bit angry. Here are those that deserve to be here.

Cole Miners trying to make Mr. V a “Cole Miner” – To those people, I say that I am not interested in becoming one of Cole’s fans. Sure, I like the character but I will not follow it.

Alberto Del Rio – He gets one for not allowing his NXT Rookie to be in the car with him. Some WWE Pro he is…

Derrick Bateman – For saying Justin Bieber is a hot celebrity. I disagree.

John Cena – For ruining CM Punk’s Diet Soda on Raw last week.

Whoever designed Sheamus’ King Attire – The throne was awesome, but I saw a little bit of Jeff Hardy World Title in the King’s clothing.

TNA – They earn one for the Fist-Bump Challenge. If I want to watch crap like that I would watch reality programming on MTV.

Hornswoggle – I know Dave Stephens will not be happy. But let’s show you an excrept of Mike Tedesco’s Latest Smackdown Recap.

“Beth Pheonix drops him with the Glam Slam! Hornswoggle then hits the Tadpole Splash and I can hear a groan all the way from Pittsburgh, PA.”

Isn’t that the truth, Mr. Tedesco! Hornswoggle goes to detention until he leaves the poor Eagle alone. As for Beth Phoenix, she gets a demerit for the Glam Slam. On a serious note, I am happy to see her back into the ring again.

Jeff Hardy – I have to do this now…but Eternal Detention. Yes folks! We finally have this so-called “Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling” at a spot where he truly belongs. If the rumors were true about him almost losing the TNA World Championship, then it is a sad chapter in his life. Jeff, please clean yourself up and represent your company well. And if you can’t and TNA still has you as champion, then shame on TNA. This will be under consideration on The Teacher’s Lounge this week.

Hurricane Helms – I have to place you in detention for the way you acted on in regards to Shawn Michaels. I am sure you are a good person, but it could have been worded better.

Kane vs. Edge Storyline – As OneManX said “KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE”…that was how we could sum up Smackdown last week.

The Eternal Detention Rundown

Praxis and the ETS Series
Teachers that get arrested
Ryan Clark
Bubba The Love Sponge
Jeff Hardy
“Undefined” Alicia Fox
Mike Tenay
Matt Hardy (yes, even YOU “Matthew”!)
Mark Cuban and/or HDNet
Hulk Hogan

Mr. V’s Weekly Honor Roll for November 29, 2010 – December 5, 2010

11/29 – Graded WWE Monday Night Raw Matches
11/30 – Graded WWE NXT Matches
12/01 – Column Writing. After that, I watched ROH…somehow. I have to do favors.
12/02 – Graded WWE Superstars and TNA Impact Matches.
12/03 – Graded Smackdown Matches
12/04 – OFF DAY
12/05 – OFF DAY

A friend of mine told me to keep this segment simple. So unless my column lacks substance, I will not add a detailed reason as to why I liked each match. But right now, I will give you a simple top three of the matches this past week.

Keep in mind when you read this portion, I go strictly by wrestling and rarely go with storylines. Though it is called “sports entertainment”, they are trained and are famous by wrestling.

Overall this week, there was a lot of decent action in the ring from all six shows that I watched. However, my honor roll this week will be dominated by one show. The show was Raw. Raw featured a great King of the Ring Tournament (two of the matches made my honor roll) and I was really interested in the TLC main event as well. Good stories were told and I must applaud the staff on Monday Night Raw for a fantastic 3-Hour show back on November 29, 2010.

Distinguished Honors – Sheamus vs. John Morrison, Monday Night Raw, November 29.

How it ended – John Morrison was in control near the finish until Sheamus got his knees up to prevent the Starship Pain finish. Sheamus got up and connected with the Brouge Kick and finished off Morrison to become the 2010 King of the Ring.

Grade: B+ (leaned towards a B).

High Honors – The Miz vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler, Monday Night Raw, November 29.

How it ended – In a main event that I did not expect much from, I got a lot out of it in return. Almost to a point where there was a moment of doubt for The Miz. We know the already talked about finish in which Michael Cole prevented Jerry Lawler from climbing up on the ladder to get the title. While Lawler punched away on Cole, The Miz climbed up and, after a bit of a struggle, took his WWE Championship Belt and officially retained the title.

Grade: B.

Honors – Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan, Monday Night Raw, November 29.

How it ended – In a very spirited back and forth match, it ended when Daniel Bryan burned a bit on the Suicide Dive. Alberto Del Rio got Bryan back into the ring and applied the Cross Arm Breaker. Bryan tapped out and that win helped Del Rio move to the Semi-Finals of the King of the Ring Tournament, where he would lose that match to John Morrison.

Grade: B (leaned toward a B-).

Mr. V’s Grade Book for the past week

A+, A, or A-: None to Report.

B+: Sheamus vs. John Morrison (RAW).

B: Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan (RAW) and The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler (RAW).

B-: Homicide vs. The Necro Butcher (ROH); Tyler Reks vs. Trent Barreta (Superstars); and Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger (Smackdown).

C+: Rhett Titus vs. Jon Davis (ROH); Douglas Williams vs. Kazarian (TNA); Abyss and Jeff Jarrett vs. D’Angelo Dinero and Samoa Joe (TNA); and Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre vs. MVP and Kaval (Smackdown).

C: John Morrison vs. Cody Rhodes (RAW); Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston (RAW); John Morrison vs. Alberto Del Rio (RAW); David Hart Smith vs. Tyson Kidd (Superstars); Sarita vs. Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love (TNA); Matt Morgan vs. Rhino (TNA); and Edge vs. Kane (Smackdown).

C-: Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Grizzly Redwood and Mike Sydal (ROH); Ezekiel Jackson vs. Drew McIntyre (RAW); Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu vs. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (RAW); Nikkie Bella/Brie Bella/AJ vs. Alicia Fox/Maxine/Aksana (NXT); William Regal vs. Darren Young (Superstars); Jesse Neal/Shannon Moore vs. James Storm/Robert Roode vs. Chris Sabin/Alex Shelley vs. Max Buck/Jeremy Buck (TNA); and Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Masters (Smackdown).

D+, D, or D-: Natalya/Melina/Gail Kim vs. Maryse/Alicia Fox/Tamina (RAW); Kaitlyn vs. Naomi (NXT); and Layla vs. Rosa Mendes (Smackdown).

F or INC: El Generico vs. Steve Corino (ROH).

Current Predictions from the Faculty Standings

Here is the latest update. All records and rankings are finalized.

2010-2011 Season (As of TNA’s Final Resolution 2010)

Standings are reset after Royal Rumble 2010. The 2011-2012 Season will begin with TNA’s Against All Odds for those wondering.

1) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and RAW Recapper)………….94-55 (7-2)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)……………….91-58 (5-4)
3) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V)…………………………….87-62 (5-4)
4) Students of the Week (The Best from Prev. PPV)………………86-63 (5-4)*
5) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)………………………..86-63 (5-4)**
6) Daniel Browne (For Queen and Country)…………………………….86-63 (6-3)
7) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)……………………………………85-64 (2-7)
8) Matt O’Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)…………………………85-64 (6-3)
9) Jeff Springer (WWE Superstars Recapper)……………………………73-50 (6-3)
10) Mike Tedesco (Friday Night Smackdown Recapper)……………59-43 (0-0)
11) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…………………………………..52-42 (0-0)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)………………………………………..37-39 (5-4)
13) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa/2009 WV Champ)………24-20 (0-0)
14) Enzo Mendicino (WWE NXT Recapper)………………………………….21-15 (6-3)
15) Ryan Rivera (ROH on HDNet Recapper)……………………………….16-7 (5-4)
16) Clinton Bowman (Velvet Room Co-Host)……………………………….6-1 (6-1) ***
17) Nicholas Gray (Velvet Room Co-Host)……………………………………4-5 (4-5)

The next PPV will be WWE’s TLC PPV on December 19, 2010.

We will have two NEW Students of the Week. Ken Konarzewski and Tim Marshall had the best records for Final Resolution with a 6-3 record.

*The reigning Student of the Week did not retain. Brian Czygan posted a 5-4 record.

Among the Faculty, the best score went to David Stephens with a 7-2 score.

**Overall, we had 14 “WrestleView Students” and they averaged out 4.57 wins. Based on estimating their scores I have them at 5-4.

***To clear up confusion, the reason for Mr. Bowman’s 6-1 record was that he only predicted 7 out of the 9 matches. See the Staff Predictions to further understand from December 5th, 2010.

Past Students of the Week: Evan O’Brien, TJ Patton, Ricky Langston, Craig Alan Cope, Paul Lyons, SUPERSTARZZ, Jeremy Samples, Josh Logan, Eric Marin, David Sumroy, Crystal Mai, Michael Phillips, Sean Martin, Sam Newstone, Brian Czygan, Wade Bradford, Austen Allen, Paul Meade, Frank Contorno, Benjamin Phillips, Chad Robbins, Gregory “Grash” Walek, Rocky Junior, Pat Lorang, and Jason Bitzegaio.

Mr. V’s Gold Star Segment

Gold Stars brought to you by:! Take a look at Colt Cabana’s merchandise and you won’t be disappointed.

Also, while you are at it check out Jim Ross has some specials on all the BBQ Sauce you need. Look at his blog and maybe buy a product or two. I know I will when shipping is free.

So many Gold Stars, so little time. Here are people, places, things, or ideas that I thought earned a Gold Star this past week.

Dave Stephens – Consider this a double-Golden Star. Dave was able to score the best Final Resolution record among everyone (Students and Staff) and extended his lead in the Predictions article to three wins. Dave might paving his way to victory since there are only three more PPVs to pick before we reset the standings.

Ken Konarzewski and Tim Marshall – They will be the Students of the Week come WWE TLC thanks to scoring the best record out of the readers in the Predictions article. Both posted a 6-3 mark and defeated the previous Student of the Week Brian Czygan.

Brian Czygan – He was a good Student of the Week. Actually he was not a rookie at this game, as he appeared on there before. Thank you for your participation, Mr. Czygan.

Paul Reich – I hope I spelled his name right. He was the one to get a Gold Star in my “guess what my avatar was” when everyone was doing cartoon characters. Mine was James Bond Jr. Currently, it is Trogdor the Burninator!

Sean Martin – One of my readers and listeners of The Teacher’s Lounge and a very good interview with Kofi Kingston. It seemed like WWSU had a wonderful guest on their show.

Kofi Kingston – For shouting out Hunter Golden and the WrestleView Radio Network. The liner was hilarious.

Adam Martin – He gets one for the hilarious tweets on Monday night. Besides, he asked and I will give him one.

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov – They are your NEW WWE Tag Team Champions! Yes, I still can’t believe I am typing this out for all of you. But they did it!

Johnny Curtis – I am giving him a Gold Star because he is my pick to win NXT Season Four.

CM Punk – His commentary has been very good. I can’t think of diet soda the same again.

NXT – What a way to reload the series! I was very impressed with the season premiere of the show.

El Generico and Kevin Steen – This feud finally ends in a few days. Let me tell you, this may be the only Golden Yardstick selection that I find to be very easy as my choice of the 2010 Feud of the Year.

Jose Marrero – The man completed his 100th column last week and he has gotten some great feedback from his column. I for one took a look at it and am happy to see Bruno Sammartino at #2 on this list. Congrats to you, Jose. I knew that when you went one up on me a few months ago there was no way of coming back haha.

Tom Van Stone – He does our web layouts and he is a Brother Knight of Columbus. That is why he earns a star.

Douglas Williams – He is the TNA Television Champion after defeating AJ Styles. Nice to see Williams get a push in this company, as I have been a fan of his since he debuted in TNA.

Daniel Bryan – He may be the Most Outstanding Wrestler in the business today. Everything that he does is amazing.

Randy Orton – He earns one for RKOing Michael Cole, maybe more Gold Stars are in order.

Eddie Edwards – He recently retained the ROH Television Title on HDNet this week.

Colt Cabana – After watching him battle Edwards in that match for fourteen minutes, it still makes me wonder why the WWE let him go. I am going to try to not mark out, but when it comes to “face” wrestlers he may be a top five to cheer for in pro wrestling. Also, give his podcasts a listen. Interesting stories with Armando Estrada this past week.

Claudio Castagnoli – He is very European and the only referee out there to call a match while drinking coffee. If the man ever comes by Pittsburgh, I would suggest him try some of the delicious holiday blends of coffee at The Coffee Beanery at the Beaver Valley Mall. Some of the choices are fantastic.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – They have a Pepperoni Pretzel that is awesome! I could live off of those.

And on a very serious note, a Gold Star to all my readers for being a part of my life for the past 99 columns. Seriously without any of you I may not have made it to #1 and I want to thank each and every one of you for the questions, the feedback, and everything else. Also, without you I may not have had the courage to do a weekly show on the WrestleView Radio Network with one of my favorite pro wrestling writers in David Stephens.

When Column #100 arrives, you can be a part of the column. Just e-mail me what you would like to do (Teacher’s Lecture, Gold Stars, Honor Roll, etc.) and I will do my best to accommodate. I have taught the WrestleView Students for over 90 consecutive weeks and I think it is about to time see what you have learned from me. Even if you want to thank me through an e-mail you can do so as well. Let me know what your favorite part of the column (and least favorite). I will read every e-mail and I will try to reply to each one of you.

Finally, I want to thank Adam Martin, Hunter Golden, and the many others on staff. They are all the nicest group of guys to work under and I feel honored to have been chosen to be a part of this team since December 2008. I hope for continued success by all of them and we shall take this site to new heights.

I will conclude by saying that coming soon will be the 2010 Golden Yardstick/Rotten Apple Awards. I will take a break from my weekly format in January to present each category and a brief reason of why they were nominated or won. I had a lot of constructive feedback with the first edition and I think this year’s will be even better.

Homework Assignment

Due the next few weeks. (optional)

Coming soon, I will present my 2nd Annual Golden Yardstick Awards. I pick the top three (or worst three) in each category and choose who I think deserves a Golden Yardstick or, worse, the Rotten Apple. I will do this while all of you work on Column #100.

Some of the categories will be announced, as well as last year’s winners, during the next few columns. I would like to hear from you. Who do you think deserve the awards? I may put it into consideration. We are definitely doing a “fans choice” this year. I will call the “fans choice” edition the…


I think we all can have a good bit of fun for this.


Also, I plan on a very reader-heavy themed Mr. V #100! Why? I am going to make this reader-themed because if not for my readers I probably would have been done after my 1st column. If not for all of you, I probably would never have made it this far on WrestleView. So, here is the question I would like to present to you.

What would you (whoever you are) like to type a paragraph about. You can be in charge of detentions, rules, gold stars, whatever you would like. Just pop me an e-mail and I will give you what I have available.

Already, I have someone working on the Introduction and the Rules (yep, I never forgot them). I have a couple more who I will assign to a topic as well. Overall, it should be very entertaining.

In other words, after 100 weeks I want to know what the students learned over the course of my column. I expect this to be entertaining because so many of you have great ideas.


Well, that does it for me this week. I thank you all for reading this column and I hope you enjoyed this column as much as I typed it out. If you want to get a hold of me during the week, please e-mail me at or at, or by leaving me a message on Facebook. I do get a lot of e-mails and may not reply in a timely fashion, but I will do my best to give you a quicker reply.

Now, students you are allowed to leave the classroom. Please push in your chairs, line up straight, and exit to the closest door around you. Until next week, you are all……DISMISSED!

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The Most Recent Guests: Clinton Bowman and OneManX, hosts of the newest show on the Wrestleview Radio Network “The Velvet Room”.

Already on the archives we interviewed Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings), Matt O’Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds), Crystal Mai from, and The YouTube Sensation who had choice words to CM Punk, ROH Wrestler Colt Cabana, and Former WWE Diva Aloisia! For $4.99 a month, you get all of this along with many other hours of content from the other shows on the WrestleView Radio Network. Soon, we will plan on more guests.

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